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August 14, 2008





Good morning Mr. Rove!


Michigan wants Romney, according to a blurb I read this morning. Romney brings Michigan and Colorado to McCain and maybe even Ohio.


Latter Day Saints in Colorado, Mamas and Papas in Michigan, Mass. voters in Virginia, and Diebold in Ohio.

Stop shaking that bottle and put it back on ice. Go, Baby Ice, Go!


And Romney would make McCain's already strong support in So. Calif. a lock. Can't speak to the People's Republic of No. Calif. however.


If Romney were running the Peking Olympics, Bush and Putin would come back for the closing ceremonies.


I take it yesterday's infestation has moved, as they say, on. Though if this post title was designed specifically to make their little heads explode, I approve, and can suggest several more:
"George W Bush, Magnificent Fighting Man"
"Dick Cheney, Best Vice President Ever"
"Oliver North '12"
"Rush Limbaugh: Voice of Reason, Voice of the People"
"George Clooney Sucked in 'Facts of Life', and he Hasn't Gotten Better"



That was my first thought too: TM is trying to make their heads explode.

For reasons I can't identify, I really hope it's not Ridge, and certainly not Lieberman. Mitt works for me.

Rick Ballard

"The GOP now has just 68,507 more voters on the rolls in Colorado than Democrats, down from a 176,572 edge four years ago."

Wherein lies the key to the 'mandatory volunteerism' for tickets to Barack X's acceptance speech. The ACORN/SEIU thugs must be having a difficult time muscling their way around the 'burbs.

I note that Florida isn't on the Rove map. I've been thinking that it's relatively safe. Nice to see it confirmed. I'm not sure PA is a write off yet. The spread in '04 was marginally tighter in PA than in MI and both Philly and Pittsburgh have had drops in the number of blacks. You can't knock and drag 'em if they aren't there.


I suspect that after all the democrat convention hoopla - protesters kept in cages, Howard Dean not paying the bills, the lack of limousines, torrential downpours at the stadium, PUMA protests, etc. Colorado will be firmly in the McCain column.


Fox is announcing that the Obama campaign wants to put Clinton's name in for the nomination. Quote: In their best interests.

Uh huh!


The Clinton nomination "deal" per Byron York.



Oh boy, I think this really stupid move is a risk they will live to regret. Call the printers, it will be Clinton's name on the ballot.


BTW, Hot Air has a post up about Obama refusing to back away from the Mayor of Detroit. That may solidify Obama with the African American vote in Detroit, but he already has that. It must be killing him with independents across the rest of the state.


Perhaps they didn't have a choice. Someone as narcissistic as BO aka BS doesn't willingly give up airtime to rivala. And yet he gave up nights two and three to RW and Bubba. But perhaps RW promised him on a stack of Bibles that her supporter just needed the gesture and then they'd behave. What BO aka BS needs to do is counter with a whizbang VP nominee. How about Caroline Kennedy? They look so pretty together.


The Kennedy dynasty blood ran thin some generations ago. THE MSM keeps trying to breathe more life into it. Fantasy sells.


What BO aka BS needs to do is counter with a whizbang VP nominee. How about Caroline Kennedy?
Oh, sure, have a white woman stand next to the black guy. RACIST!

Thomas Collins

Linda K wondered:

"How about Caroline Kennedy"

She would probably make a decent Veep. However, if there is a woman in the Veep slot on the Dem ticket and her name isn't Hillary, it is guaranteed that The National Enquirer will do whatever is necessary to sink Barry O's ship.


bgates, Caroline would be a perfect Camelot redux, post-racial pick. Caroline Kennedy may be marginally more qualified than Capitan Zero to be president, having actually lived in the WH like RW.

TC, hopefully, the NE is already loaded for bear.


I'd like to see them try to really push the envelope with the Kennedy mystique. Nominate George Kennedy.


<I>It must be killing him with independents across the rest of the state.</I>

 Well yes but more than that it is killing him with the bitter clingers in Macomb and Oakland counties.  These are Reagan democrats who are sick to the gills of Kwame Kilpatrick, Mrs John Conyers etc and the rest of the Democrat establishment of Detroit that has basically turn Detroit into something quite resembling the cartoonish depiction the screenwriters thought was fiction when they wrote RoboCop.  Funny how fiction is becoming reality.  And the drag on the whole state is apparent even to these normally reliable Democrat voters.


Detroit Free Press quoting Obama's Michigan campaign spokesman on Kilpatrick coming to Denver:

“Many Michigan families are struggling as a result of the failed policies and old politics that John McCain wants to continue. The focus of our convention to people back here in Michigan should be on Barack Obama and how the party intends to get America back on track, not a distraction involving the troubles of one individual,” Colburn said in a statement released this afternoon.


"One individual" = The Democrat mayor of the largest city in Michigan who is under multiple indictments. No discussion of the "failed policies" of the the imperial Mayor!


bgates. Go for it: George Clooney!

Seriously, the voters in Michigan elected a governor who has brought them among the highest taxes in the nation and the Captain Zero blames it on McCain?


I've heard of white flight and black flight, but Detroit is experiencing a wave of ... http://www.detnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080812/METRO08/808120367>living-challenged flight. That's a new one on me.


Rove doesn't mention Iowa, which I've assumed for a long time would go to Obama. If anyone sees it differently I'd be curious to hear your thoughts.


I'm sure I've heard Obama and Co. use that word "distraction" before. Kind of grates.

Danube of Thought

It's my understanding that the Detroit mayor has been dis-invited.


Great post DebinNC, 'Detroit is experiencing the flight of the dead....Detroit has lost half its population since its heyday of the 1950s, and every year the city hemorrhages an estimated 5,000 people more...then with the city's continued spiral into poverty and violence, blacks began to flee to those same suburbs...


Grandmother by law walked the floor of Hudson's china and sterling department.

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