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August 03, 2008




On a more musical note, "Sweet Home of Obama."


Perhaps we should have a Bush/Obama blind quote quiz. I'd call it "The One or The Chimperor?" but that would be racist.


I watched Gergen on tape. He said if you are from the south you know it is code.

Danube of Thought

I continue to think that this kind of unwarranted racial sensitivity does not play well at all with the electorate in general. Most people with common sense would be shocked by what Gergen said. In effect, he's saying that because Obama is black, no one can make fun of him. But he's a guy very much in need of being made fun of.




More Gergin:

***When McCain comes out and starts talking
about affirmative action, 'I'm against quotas,' we get what that's about."***



You are being too hard on Obama. He WANTS to have the conversation on affirmative action but people like Gergen won't let him.


OT, but I hope TM visits the Anthrax story a bit...I couldn't make it through GGreenwald and Co's 958,000 screed on the media's "horrible" reporting or whatever reporting on the matter (he's only on update 5) and pretending the Saddam/anthrax meme was perpetuated by them yada yada

But NOT ONE WORD about the one columnist that probably did more damage to an innocent human being and was the journo catalyst for sending the FBI down the wrong trail for so long-- Nic Kristof - how this ass remains in polite company and is revered after all the BS he prints is a mystery to me

Here is Kristof surly McCarthyesque article that started the "person of interest" mess

Kristof sure seems real proud of himself mocking the FBI for failing to find the anthrax suspect like smarty pants Kristof did

and in hindsight I am APPALLED at the inferences Kristof was so comfortable sliming Hatfill with info from his past and equally appalled Hatfill was unable to sue him for liable

Kristof should be ashamed.

Danube of Thought

It couldn't possibly be that he's simply against quotas, could it? No, the likes of Gergen do not allow for that possibility. Opposition to quotas absolutely must be a "code" for racism.

To think the guy once served in a Republican administration.


Actually, the link above the second one Kristof wrote pushing Hatfill as the suspect...his article 2 months earlier didn't work apparently



I know I am on a Kristof jag - but it's just incredible that he isn't being more vilified for his role in pursuing Hatfill - and innocent man

These experts point, for example, to one middle-aged American who has worked for the United States military bio-defense program and had access to the labs at Fort Detrick, Md. His anthrax vaccinations are up to date, he unquestionably had the ability to make first-rate anthrax, and he was upset at the United States government in the period preceding the anthrax attack.

I say all this to prod the authorities, for although the F.B.I. has known about this handful of people since October, it has been painstakingly slow in its investigation. Let's hope it will pick up the pace, for solving the case would reduce our vulnerability to another attack.

and GG has his g-string in a bunch because the Saddam sent the Anthrax meme that DID NOT prod the authorities was aired. Did the NYT's ever issue a retraction and a review of Kristof's slanderous, irresponsible reporting ala Judy Miller?



I was just thinking last night when Obama would do this, had a feeling it was coming, just not like the next day after I thought it.

Hillary supporters heads explode alert.


On Fox News Sunday Daschle declared, with a straight face, that Obama supports drilling. I thought the Clinton races were the absolute zenith of talking outside both sides of your mouth. Obama puts Clinton to shame.

Top, the Michigan and Fl thing didn't surprise me at all. By the time people are paying attention Obama will be the most moderate person on the planet.


The MI and FL thing doesn't surprise me at all, but I do think the delegates he wants to count in full are still based on that phony rules committee decision.
The one that gave Obama some of Clinton's MI delegates and made up FL numbers altogether.


Gergen last week said that McCain was attacking Obama because Obama "was looking Presidential".....Gergen has passed up too many good chances to retire, the "uppity" reference is ridiculous, pretty soon he will be saying that waffle references are code for watermelon.


Maureen Dowd and her cutesy literary references (remember her comment about Judy Miller being the fourth-estate's Becky Sharp?) really grate on me. Now she's compared Obama with Mr. Darcy in P&P: Obama's Pride versus America's Prejudice (against blacks). She even called John McCain "Mr. Wickham." Feh. Clever, but superficial comparisons.

According to Dowd: "Can America overcome its prejudice to elect the first black president? And can it move past its biases to figure out if Obama’s supposed conceit is really just the protective shield and defense mechanism of someone who grew up half white and half black, a perpetual outsider whose father deserted him and whose mother, while loving, sometimes did so as well?" Maureen Dowd, NYT, "Mr. Darcy Comes Courting" Aug 3, 2008.

Maureen Dowd's projections, with her complimentary psycho-babble, is a prejudice worthy of Elizabeth Bennett. How about comparing Maureen Dowd to the empty-headed Lydia and Obama to the unscrupulous Wickham?

Literary snark is equal opportunity.


gee, i go out for the day and y'all jest start right in again.....this is fun.....

what amazes me is that every morning when I wake up there's another O'Flip. Offshore drilling bad...no, drilling good, or maybe sometimes, but only in red states.....use the race card...naw, don't use it.....and on and on..... the dude is amazing...maybe we just call him Flipper from now on....the man should debate himself before he debates with McCain just for practice..Perhaps this explains why more people are getting more and more nervous about the Anointed One....


P,S, isn't Obama half white too?

Rick Ballard


I vote for Seth Pecksniff. Wickham doesn't ooze enough haughty self righteousness (although I must say that his lack of character makes for an exemplary comparison).



Obama flipped on the Constellation Program in front of a Florida audience-not so surprised. He even worked his scrub team overtime to eliminate the NASA cuts from his website. Pretty sure once he gets in front of an education audience he'll be talking about the money he'll re-direct from NASA to his pre-K for eveyone initiative.


The WAPO on dollabill bama: LUN

Mr. Obama is entitled to inoculate himself against the discomfort and even hostility that are, unfortunately but inevitably, evoked among a minority of Americans by the fact of his race. Indeed, he would be foolish to pretend that race plays no role in this historic campaign. But Mr. Obama is not entitled to pin responsibility for this reaction on the McCain campaign, as he did on Thursday in saying that President Bush and Mr. McCain would try to scare voters...

Defence of the McCain campaign from the WAPO but no defence of President Bush? They're willing to let this smear go unchallenged? Shocking....


How about Frank Churchill for Obama? Everyone is smitten with him, until it becomes obvious his character is sorely lacking. And didn't he travel to London for a haircut? Actually that's more Edwards.

Hmmm...Willoughby from Sense and Sensibility? Mr. Elliot from Persuasion? There's one in every novel. Wickham is the lowest of them all, though.


Obama reminds me of Hyacinth Bucket.


Obama reminds me of Pinky from Pinky and the Brain. Narf!


Rick -

Heh. Your Pecksniff comparison is apt and much better. I was sticking to P&P: however, I cannot think of a McCain-like character in that book. I'll put my thinking-cap on for additional literary snarkiness later. At the moment I'm dealing with a rather unpleasant fact of life up here in the northwoods: my youngest son hit a deer with my vehicle formerly known as a Jeep.

BTW my Tintoretto/Paradise reference was especially for you.

Waving at Bad, you sweet little "ruby" you.

Charlie (Colorado)

No, it's not true that "being a child of a career military person is necessary". I have two friends, one who went to the USAF Academy, and another to West Point.

AOG, you're making not one but two classic mistakes. First, you're misunderstanding the phrasing "necessary but not sufficient." Second, you're mistaking DoT to be speaking of Congressional appointments, for which a military background is neither necessary nor sufficient --- that is, it's neither a qualification, nor the sole qualification --- and a Presidential appointment, for which the military background is a necessary condition, in that these appointments are reserved for military brats, but not a sufficient qualification, in that you still must pass the entrance exam, physical, etc.

I know, I've been there: I qualified for a Presidential appointment, but couldn't pass the physical.



Re: the WaPo editorial

Both candidates would do well to keep in mind that voters, worried about gas prices and the economy, health care and Iraq, are likely to run quickly out of patience with some of the juvenile back-and-forth. Voters face a serious choice between two candidates who bring impressive qualities to the race. Those qualities weren't shining through last week.

I'm glad the deciders at the WaPo are letting us know that last week was juvenile campaigning. They too must be worried about last week or they wouldn't have brought out the cycle-of-negativity card and their OTOH crap.

Rick Ballard


Austen just didn'tdelve quite as deeply into that curious mix of unwonted pride and pure venality which is needed for a comparison with the Lightweight Vibrator. Brutus would work - I can hear "For Barrack is an honorable man" without flinching.

Still not quite right though - Brutus had some small courage coupled with his treachery. Barrack lacks that.



out-of-touch/into pop culture

missing the mark/hitting the mark too hard

Wish they'd make up their mind about whats wrong with Mccain.


howdy mis Leslie, thanky kinly fer thainkin bout me.


Obama reminds me of Hyacinth Bucket.

Eager to please the right people, relative kept out of sight, hmmm...

However, I'll stick with Henry Collingridge, the man of straw, from House of Cards.


from Ace LUN scroll down

In a dramatic reversal of policy, Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama on Saturday told supporters on the Space Coast he no longer favors slashing NASA's budget, declaring that the United States "cannot cede our leadership in space." … Until Saturday, Obama had said he wanted to delay the Constellation man-on-the-moon program for five years to free up money for education programs. … That position had been "reported" on Obama's official campaign Web site until it was removed Saturday. The campaign of Republican rival John McCain was quick to point that out, declaring in a news release, "Barack Obama once again demonstrated that his words really don't matter."

Another one for the list.



The deciders are sad about the tone of the campaign, the courseness of the discourse, etc. etc.

Its code for McCain sucks. Don't vote for him.


In P&P, McCain might be most like the father, Mr. Bennet, not because of his age, but as someone who can have a bit of fun at the expense of some of the phonies around him, and quite capable of scathing sarcasm.



My condolences to your jeep. I've had that experience, altho only as a passenger.

Obama is relying (for good reason) on the press. I suppose there is no risk there as evidenced by how they are handling the edwards love child.


"Barack Obama once again demonstrated that his words really don't matter."

Obamity of Obamities, all is Obamity (Equivocalis, 1:2).



I'm sure once he gets in front of another audience, not in Florida, the Constellation program will go back on the chopping block.


I thought about that, too, jimmyk. Mr. Bennet knows silliness when he sees it...and knows intelligence and integrity, too. But he is unable to see it in Darcy, although, in his defense, so is nearly everyone else.

There is also Captain Croft in Persuasion, whose weatherbeaten face the vain Sir Walter Elliot (Anne's father) mocks openly. But I think Mr. Bennet is a better match.


Oh my goodness, sorry, Admiral Croft, not Captain. Big difference.


how about the Jon Lovitz character from Saturday Night Live?

glenda waggoner

Re: Gergen and his "uppity" metaphor..In other words, he and his elitist literati?? consider the South racist but are too cowardly to come out and say it. He is so bitten by the O bug, as most of the liberal MSM, he cannot comprehend that HIS personal biases are the racist ones.
Actually, he believes anyone anywhere who cannot see the cape on Obama's back has got to be racist. Obama believes this also, evidenced by his "clinging to God and guns"


Unfortunately we don't have a Francis Urquart. The Sunday programs were exceedingly more ridiculous than usual. David Gergen, comparing Obama to Reagan, when a more presumptious Julian Bond,with
extra baggage, around the time he was appearing on Saturday Night Live; is more apt. That Pelosi isn't laughed out out of any studio,for her defiance of the laws of geology, chemistry and logic is a marvel.
Kerry's been wrong on every issue in the last forty years, yet Lieberman is treated as the oddity. Not unlike the reception, Sen. Jackson, received in the 70s, and why the modern neoconservative movement flourished in his shop, and migrated over to the Reagan administration. Wolfowitz, Feith,Perle, held no brief for the Soviets, and held the then modern Arab movements in contempt. A fact they considered when pursuing current policies. Wolfowitz in particular, saw the crumbling facade that
hid corruption in Indonesia; Barry's former
place of residence, back during the Suharto

It sticks in my craw, that Dowd would look down on Judith Miller, someone who had a rolodex of Middle East contacts, hadwritten books about European reactions to the Holocaust, about Islamist movements before
we heard of AQ, about chemical weapons practices and countermeasures. her ongoing work on the dismantling of the Libyan nuclear program, the NYPD's counterterrorism
unit. What has Dowd to show for herefforts, a collection of borderline BDS snits and a book about her dating trevails. Yes she won some Pulitzers for the scrawl some label political commentary, but they are as worthless as Walter Duranty's apologia for Stalin's terror, and Herbert Matthews unrequited love sonnets to Fidel.Remember
"I got my job, through the NY Times." It will go well with Kristof's initiation of the Hatfill witchhunt, Krugman, cry of recession, like "the boy who cried wolf", and Herbert's mau-mauing at the moon.

Barney Frank

At the moment I'm dealing with a rather unpleasant fact of life up here in the northwoods: my youngest son hit a deer with my vehicle formerly known as a Jeep.

Must have been a big northwoods white-tail.
We breed them a little smaller out here in CA. I've got seven notches on my steering wheel, including the last two in my wife's Jeep and only a couple of broken grills to show for it.

Thomas Jackson

Yeah I'm sure the Dalibama and his wife made it to the Ivies based on the content of their intellect. What a joke. I bet my dog's SAT scores beat both of theirs combined.

Rick Ballard

Bravo, Narciso. Best yet.


My second of three Jeeps was totaled by the people who stole it, joyriding in Bryan TX. I was quite attached to it, so I'm glad I never saw it in its death-throes - it was hauled off to the junkyard without so much as a photo crossing my desk. The insurance settlement on it was pleasantly surprising, though, and paid for the next (lightly used) Jeep.

Don Meaker

I have a friend who is a disabled veteran. I will see if his son is interested in one of the academies. Thanks all.


What has Dowd to show for her efforts...

Don't be too harsh narciso, she is lonely because men are so in awe of her beauty and talent. Too bad Obama is married, I'll bet he feels worthy...

Ralph L

Wiki says Gergen was born in Durham, NC, but fled to Yale & Hahvahd for school. No doubt he still thinks of us as we were in the 50's.


Sad news...

Solzhenitsyn is dead at 89. RIP, one of the greatest champions of freedom.


Wonder if he was ashamed of the south before he left home or "learned" to be ashamed after he got there.


there=Yale and hahvahd


there = yale and harvard


Don, that's a great name you've chosen for your blog.

Your suggestions for Obama are excellent as well:

So, some more dirt for the Obama campaign: In addition to not paying income tax for 5 years, John McCain also practiced medicine without a license.

Today would have been Louis Armstrong's 107th birthday. A song in celebration.

Uncle BigBad

Gateway has linked to an International Herald Tribune headline that says: "McCain Joins Obama on Offshore Drilling." LUN


Nick Kristof, is clueless, in so many ways,
re; Hatfill, Al Arian, our ultimate reception in Iraq, the context of
eschatological fiction like "Left Behind". He's kind of right about Darfur, but unclear on the solution; kill theJanjaweed! Now Laura Rozen, is something else again. By the logic of the last few posts,(which don't acknowledge the fundamental flaw in her theory, no surprise there) the late David Kelley (for his work with Porton Down, time as an inspector in Iraq) could just as well be the suspect. Meryl Nass's involvement in the
affair has been pointed out earlier. Now all we need is Barbara Hatch Rosemberg, to
poke her head out (she cribbed her scenarios
from episodes of "Millenium" the less cheerful X-files, and the Lone Gun Man spinoff that posited a remote control jet plot; pre-Trutherism revealed. No references
to Cthluthu or Zuul are indicated yet. Hat tip for the otherwise? ridiculous Mission Impossible sequel, whose villain; A Mr. McCloy engineers a super plague; in order to make money on the antidote. Something still stinks about this hypothesis; a quick googling of Ivins, shows a passel or papers
on all aspects of smallpox transmission, containment protocols, et al. It really does sound like bad warmed over Ludlum.



Nic Kridtof is more than clueless, he's a tool. The biggest tool in journalism. As long as whatever jackass is feeding fits his BDS criteria he just runs with it and there is NO accountability of Kristof at the NYTs.

Any other journa with so many libelous eff ups and lies would be shown the door long ago.

I hope he has nightmares and sweats every night for the rest of his life for what he did to Hatfill.


via memo --- Houston, we got a problem...

Associated Press: Poll finds little support for Obama — TULSA, Okla. (AP) - A new poll found little support among Oklahoma voters for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama. — The Oklahoma Poll found that Republican John McCain has broad support in the state to lead Obama by 32%age points, 56% to 24%.

uh oh

Detroit City Council member Monica Conyers, the wife of U.S. Rep. John Conyers, is under investigation by the FBI and could be indicted this month, several sources told BlackAmericaWeb.com.

“She may be indicted soon,” a source familiar with the process said. “It’s not if – but when.”


Good Morning and Happy Birthday to Mr. Uppity.

Wanna bet that by the end of the day he declares a national holiday?

I'm upset that he's a Leo. I have a long history with Leo's.


Good Morning to All!

From Jim @ 12:54 PM
"Obama is a reactionary"
That's where the "civilian Defense force"
talk comes from.

"Basically, what Obama is talking about is creating a Committee for the Defense of Liberal Ideology and Political correctness funded by a half trillion taxpayer dollars. National Security for this crowd is not about stopping terrorists from killing our children. National Security means to teach our children to understand the terrorists and their motivations so that our children can learn how to live their lives submissively so as not to offend the sensitivities of the very sensitive America haters"

The Cuban Americans many of whom have 1st hand knowledge of Castro's 'civilian defense force" have been telling us about Obama for a while now.

""Did you hear what Raúl said last night in Santiago?" an architect and contractor named José Gonzáles barks at me.

The Cuban leader had chosen the scene of the rebels' original assault for a major policy address and the annual festival of Socialism or Death.

"He said, ‘Compañeros, I have bad news for you - we all must sacrifice even more,' " Mr. Gonzáles reports. "Well, that is exactly the same thing that Obama says!

"The left only wants to bring you down," Mr. Gonzáles announces. "Obama doesn't want to make everybody rich. When he talks about ‘equality,' he means that everybody should be equally poor, not equally up."

"We don't need that kind of change," another man named Felipe Fontanills agrees. "Fidel Castro achieved that already!"

Remember Castro seemingly had no experience
or qualifications to run a nation either and look at the damage he has been able to do not only to Cuba, but to the world.

"Santiago is where Fidel and Raúl Castro and 160 other upstarts wearing stolen military uniforms began their revolution on el 26 de Julio, 1953. Almost all the insurgents were killed or captured as they attempted to overrun an army base at six o'clock in the morning. The Castro brothers escaped to the high sierra, only to be surrounded, arrested, tried, convicted, condemned to death, reprieved, imprisoned, pardoned, and freed by the same Cuban government they soon would overthrow."

IMO, Obama will make Castro look like a kindly old man if he is elected President.


Speaking of national holidays.

"Workers at Tyson Foods' poultry processing plant in Shelbyville will no longer have a paid day off on Labor Day, but will instead take the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr in the fall."


Note that the union is very pleased with themselves for getting Tyson to Surrender.
Once again we see the US Military putting their lives on the line to protect America overseas, while back in America there are Americans working to destroy this great nation.

Hat tip to Debbie Schlussel.com



That is simply stunning.

bio mom

If Conyers is indicted it will take only half a second for it to be called a political hit job by the "politicized" Bush justice system.


Wow! From Rasmussen:

*****A week ago today, Obama had a three-percentage point lead and the candidates were even among unaffiliated voters. Today, McCain leads 52% to 37% among unaffiliateds.*****

15 points with independents! That's stunning.


Uh Hum

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows the race for the White House is tied with Barack Obama and John McCain each attracting 44% of the vote. However, when "leaners" are included, it’s McCain 47% and Obama 46%.



Pagar, that's just the beginning of what awaits us if we don't fight back:

Can Britain Survive multiculturalism?

Fear Stalks Muslim Apostates in the West


How funny is this from Hot Air:

Update: According to Mark Halperin, the McCain campaign will distribute tire gauges to Obama’s Lansing audience and the media covering the event, with the words “Obama’s Energy Plan” on the side. It seems that the McCain campaign has begun to hit its stride.



bio mom

Obama is unqualified to be the president of this country. The presidency is not an Affirmative Action position.

Rick Ballard

M. Simon's Obama Be is really a must read. It's the best analysis of what happens when an Alinskyite "community organizer" meets a fighter pilot who understands just how effective the OODA can be that I've seen.

A really excellent piece.


Some how this reminded me of an old one-liner about Muskie ..
Hi .. I'm Muskie ... well, go take a bath

which can now be updated to ...
Hi .. I'm B.O. ... well, go take a bath


Obama is losing those most valued independents. He should have kept the race card in the deck, because now that he's played it and been caught, it can only be used against him.

I think McCain should hit Obama hard on this windfall profits tax idea. He should point out how stupid it is by comparing the profit margins of Oil Companies to other industries. People forget that the reason the oil companies' numbers are so large is because they are the foundation of the entire western industrial economy, which is staggeringly large. But their profit margin is still only around 10%.

Hot Air has a clip from a WSJ article that points out how computer makers make a 3% higher prifit margine than oil companies. And if you really want to see "windfall profits" take a look at Hollywood. even a bad movie can make more than a 10% return on investment when cable rights and DVD sales are included. So, McCain should argue that if Obama thinks more than 10% profit is a "windfall" he should support a bill that taxes Hollywood at the same rate as the oil companies.

I think most independets will get a little worried about their own employers' suseptability to being taxed for making 'windfall profits' if the oil companies profit margins are the benchmarks.


They are called the CDR, The committees for the defense of the revolution; Comites por la Defensa de La Revolucion, Orwell tagged them as 'the Spies' in '1984', Chavez calls
them the Bolivarian circles. Interestingly, this raises no objections among those who raged about the Patriot Act, the Total Information Awareness data mining system, even the totally voluntary "TIPS" system. That is because the goal is not defense of the nation, against foreign foes, but idenntifying 'counterrevolutionary, right-deviationist, consciousness denying, repressive tolerant,and authoritarian instances" in society, and all the other Frankfurt School, soft marxian jargon that permeates our 'intellectual betters. Scary stuff I tell you.
That seems to be the instinct behind the plague of IGs and Special Prosecutors at Govt. Departments. Fine at Justice, a last minute Clinton recess appointment
challenging every untoward policy; no examining of his assumptions. Helgerson, at CIA, willing to place the most proactive of our officials, under the threat of sanction.
Krongard, at State, actually had some understanding of the needs of security in our enterprises, so he had to go. Ditto, for Schmitz at Defense. It does seems that Special Prosecutors really only arise under Republican administrations (Cox, the Kennedy
retainer),Jaworski, Seymour and Stein; for Meese, to suggest that there is something
illegitimate about a conservative at Justice, Morrison for Olson, over some obscure opinion; that raises Scalia's hackles (a dissent liberals were first to trumpet without abandon, when their turn came about) Walsh, the Ahab of the Iran Contra affair, who missed his "Moby Dick"
and had to settle for other members of the Pequod; on the weekend before Election Day.
Yes, Carter had that silly matter about Hamilton Jordan and the Bell incident; but let's get real. Then there was that whole brouhaha over "Iraq-gate that went nowhere.
The signifier, has to be the whole Starr affair, where Fiske was applauded for concluding prematurely, whereas as Starr was caricatured as Javert, Comstock, Marshal
Girard, and ultimately Himmler in the Olbermann mind. The contempt shown against the investigators for Espy and Cisneros, is of a kind in this regard.Then the special prosecutor law lapses, and the Plame matter,
lets Ashcroft palm over the investigation to Comey "the Stewart slayer'to turn it over to Fitzgerald, who chose to undermine government deliberations in time of a very hot war! despite the fact that the actual target of the investigation (Armitage) was offlimits from the outset. Now the FISA, Justice department retention policies, other intelligence gathering and detention policies, are proferred to the next level of hyperbole, war crimes and truth reconciliation hearings. I'm not surprised if Holder or Gorelick, are seriously proposed as 'gatherer of facts' in such a
'impartial inquiry'.

Need I remind anyone, that the Moncada Barracks was a military facility, the perfect expression of the Kossack, Code Pink 'screw um,' attitude toward the military, where they attack ordinary soldiers, who they saw as instruments of the Bu...Batista regime. Did I read correctly in Kurtz's account that Mark Rudd, head of Columbia's SDS was part
of Obama's dialogue in Chicago?.

Eid al Fitr, over Labor Day, are you kidding me? "Islam over worker solidarity"
who are they getting to work those plants in Springdale and Little Rock? How is this
even remotely constitutional? Who am I kidding.


Informative story on the anthrax investigation:

Anthrax blend led FBI to Ivins

Its origins pointed to one conclusion: that only the government scientist could be behind the 2001 attacks.


During July, the number of people who considered themselves to be Democrats fell two percentage points to the lowest level since January.


I don't recall if someone said this already, (including me) but the McCain people are handing out tire air gauges at the big Obama energy speech.

Danube of Thought

Mornin', Jane et al.

Been waiting for this day for a long time: McCain creeps ahead at Ras. 'Scuse me while I dance the Eagle Rock.


Well, if Education Reform is gonna be the big McCain issue, here's a place to start: "No Real Solution".

bio mom

I take this story about changing the holiday with a grain of salt. Labor Day is a national holiday. I don't think a company can deny it to an employee. I am not a lawyer, but that is my understanding. This could be a hoax.


McCain creeps ahead at Ras.

Yippee! I was hoping this would be the day (or at least the week) he pulled ahead. Happy Birthday Barry. :)

Maybe Gallup will have a birthday treat in store as well.

M. Simon


Thank You!!!!

Danube of Thought

I dearly hope that McCain will play a joyful tune on Obama's "windfall" profits tax on big oil. I think it's a loser of an idea, and a sign of growing panic in the vile crowd surrounding this strange, eerie fellow.



I'm nervous about McCain creeping ahead. Either it will keep going in this direction in a slow creep or there will be a back and forth that will be painful. It would be better in October.

Rick Ballard

The Rep group showing some spine on drilling has driven oil down below $120 (where it hit heavy resistance). If it doesn't hold at $120 today it could get to $100 in days.

M. Simon - You're welcome. Camp ObamaBe needs a lot of exposure - it will be interesting to see if signups go beyoned the 13% no brain contingent.

Thomas Collins

Jane stated:

"I don't recall if someone said this already, (including me) but the McCain people are handing out tire air gauges at the big Obama energy speech."

I think that the 57ites are in the process of absorbing a lesson, namely, that The One can run a humorless, Messiah-like campaign in a Democrat nomination process, but in the general election, with a greater proportion of mirthful clingers in the electorate, humorlessness only begets effective humor from the other side.

Advice to the 57ites (not that they want any from me, but I'll give it to them anyway): when your candidate is running a campaign that makes John Kerry's campaign look positively homespun and friendly by comparison, you need to change course (whatever air pressure your tires are operating under).


Oil drops $4. I'm sure it has nothing to do with house republicans staging a protest.



While it would be great to see a late surge in October, I think morale would suffer between now and then if McCain doesn't take the lead. FWIW this is pretty much how it went in 2004 - Bush started to make gains in August, which were then fueled by his convention bounce.

I like the timing on this because the Obama camp has been increasingly panicky since the Grand Tour Bounce failed to materialize. It is only getting worse for him. A rough patch in August means that Obama's convention bounce will be needed for repair work, instead of building on success (as Bush did with his bounce).

So the way I see it, McCain has been lying low the last couple of months, which has worked for him, but now the chase is on. Every breath of wind that can be taken out of Obama's sails between now and the 25th is a positive.



Oil drops $4. I'm sure it has nothing to do with house republicans staging a protest.

I just turned on a tv and low-and-behold the major drop in oil prices had to do with Obama calling for the Administration selling 70 million bbls of oil from the SPR. Not a mention about the Republican's showing a bit of spine re: drilling.


Obama calling for the Administration selling 70 million bbls of oil from the SPR.

That might affect gasoline prices, it shouldn't affect oil prices. And, and, what in the hell are we doing drawing from the "strategic" reserve in the case of a price shock, which is reversing? There's a good reason to have that oil there given current global circumstances and drawing it down is just further stupidity.

Cecil Turner

Its origins pointed to one conclusion: that only the government scientist could be behind the 2001 attacks.

I'd take that with a grain of salt. There are conflicting expert opinions (from actual named experts):

"USAMRIID doesn't deal with powdered anthrax," said Richard O. Spertzel, a former biodefense scientist who worked with Ivins at the Army lab. "I don't think there's anyone there who would have the foggiest idea how to do it. You would need to have the opportunity, the capability and the motivation, and he didn't possess any of those."
Combined with the extremely convenient fact(s) of a new analysis showing the same thing the FBI profilers had already concluded (i.e., that it had to be a lone-wolf US scientist, probably from Ft Detrick)--and a subject who couldn't sue them for several million dollars (as Steven Hatfill had done) for defamation--and this smacks of an opportunistic closing of the unsolved case. (With a bunch of evidence they'll never have to show anyone.)

I'd also note the unnamed expert who claimed one could do the spore growing in a week had better be giving a conservative estimate . . . because even if they started on the morning of September 11th, they'd have to hustle to finish in time to make the mail pickup on the 18th (the date the first batch of anthrax mailings were postmarked). I've always thought the timeline was too tight to be unconnected, and concur with the biowar experts who claim nothing in the current round of FBI finger-pointing is persuasive otherwise.

Rick Ballard


The alternative argument is that speculators have noticed that VLCC spot rates are going right through the floor - driven by a sharp cutback in Asian demand. China and India have turned off the subsidy tap and China expecially, having completed construction of the Olympic Potemkin village, is not about to continue to spend a dime more than necessary to maintain the illusion of prosperity beyond the Olympics.

The action by the House Reps has had a -$4 impact (on top of Bush's -$20) but the amount of additional production scheduled to come on line within two years far exceeds (by about 2 mbd) anticipated demand growth. IOW - the Peakers have to show the same patience that the Warmers are now exhibting. The CO2 Monster has been caged (but he'll break out again - someday) and Peak Oil will definitely occur - someday.

Watching The One perform to the 'news' is going to be more fun than watching Olympic gymnasts.



I wonder how I knew that already? Probably because they tried spinning the earlier drop, after Bush announced he was suspending the executive order banning offshore drilling, to a bankruptcy of a speculating company out of Oklahoma. I never got around to looking the company up, and I had never heard of it, so I can't tell you which company it was supposed to be at this time.


humorlessness only begets effective humor from the other side.

The big O really is a humorless twit.

I listened to his energy speech. He called for sacrifice. He referred to T. Boone Pickens. Nothing else caught my ear except saying the oil companies were paying McCain off. Could someone please send O the definition of "windfall profit"?


On CNBC BHO's call for releasing oil from the SPR--which is light sweet--and replacing with sour.

Comments at that moment were "does that make any sense?". No was the resounding answer from the pundits on board.


The brave thing to do in Michigan would be to tell the unions they are keeping the state from attracting new employers.

North Carolina has grown substantially, and the right to work states are getting all the new manufacturing jobs from overseas companies like Toyota.


John Boehner is blogging the Republican energy revolt (which hasn't been reported from what I can tell.) You can leave comments. LUN


B.O. stinks


How about

Republicans want to Drill

Democrats have B.O.!

Nice bumper sticker?


There is DEFINITELY an event going on at the U.S. House. Members are continuing to hold forth this week. A report this morning from Pence is that House floor and galleries filled with John Q. Public applauding the effort.

Message to John McCain: GET THEE TO THE HOUSE!

This would be a winner for John McCain to join in solidarity with the demonstration going on by his compatriots in the House.
APPEAR IN PERSON and address all those common citizens packing the galleries and applauding the demand that we drill. PRICELESS!!!!!!


I agree SWarren. It would be a great statement on the heels of Obama's flat speech.

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