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August 23, 2008



Oh and Thanks Hit,

You are my sweetheart, always. I hope you win tomorrow!! Nite.

JM Hanes

Since events on the ground never figured in the Democrats' position in the first place, it's no surprise to hear them cast this a 1:1 proposition. They've always refused distinguish between "The boys are coming home; we've won" from "We've won; the boys are coming home" and they're certainly not about to start now, more's the pity.


Ok, I didn't mean to post that on a new thread, but I still meant it. Sorry!! Go Obama Biden.



The sad thing is they never ever wanted to say "We Won".


Correct for any rational thinking person. However, if your definition of "we" is something other than the USA, well, you knew that already.

There is no major policy debate in this country over the last 25 years where the dem's haven't tried to have it both ways. Iraq is no exception. They're always right, just ask them. Never waivering, either.

Cold War-they stood firm. Missile defense-a hoax, until it was proven to work. Then, deafening silence for the most part. Communist expansion-they stood with Reagan. Iraq-always wanted to get rid of Saddam, at least until Bush decided to actually do it. Voted for it but were tricked by the dunce and his cooked-up intel. Afghanistan-the good war.

Sure you've seen that video from after Gulf War I where Gore lambastes Bush 41 for not taking out Saddam. Basically a reverse "he betraaaayed his country!!!"

If Rep's are for it, they're against it, regardless of the actual efficacy of the policy. Same as it ever was.

JM Hanes

Too true, alas.

Pope Ratzo

Um, "JM Hanes",

The "boys" are coming home? What we're leaving all the female soldiers over there?

Nice to see that you all are still bigots and sexists.


Nice to see that you all are still bigots and sexists.

Yeah and you've got an Obama/Biden ticket. Funny how that worked out for you.

Cecil Turner

As the Iraqis stand up, we will stand down.

Precisely. In any event the primary difference is not in future conditions, but facts on the ground at present. There is a stark difference in setting a withdrawal timetable in the middle of a closely contested fight (a strategic blunder guaranteed to embolden the enemy) and after the conflict is over. And for all the doubtless correct caveats that the gains are "tenuous" or "fragile," it appears the fat lady is warming up in the background.

Claims from Obama supporters that "we were right all along" ignore the teensy bit about winning first.

JM Hanes

Pope Ratzo:

Oh my! As your typical white grandma type (still waiting for that first grandbaby, alas!) it's just so hard to keep up with what's in and what's out. I so appreciate your pointer, and will update my statement on your advice right away:

The Democrats have never been able to distinguish between "The children are coming home; we've won" from "We've won; the troops are coming home" and they're certainly not about to start now, more's the pity.

You're right, dear, I think that's so much better!

Cardinal Nutzo

The scary thing is that Obama still thinks we should have left Iraq in 2007!

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