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August 17, 2008


Danube of Thought

I don't know why Pejman thinks his theory might be called heresy. I think it's pretty much been the conventional wisdom for a long time.


Obama should pick that guy from New Mexico where Joe and Val live. The CIA will write off all the cash they paid his two brothers and the Columbia thing won't make the Governor look so stupid.

Obama really can't be President. He's gone insane and needs some help. Like; not everything is someone else's fault , when you choose lucifer, it's usually you.

Iran just tested it's satellite stuff, so, like; the poor Georgians etc. really need the missiles, so, like Iran is really N Korea and it's fireworks...............


Tell it to Thomas Eagleton. Now I doubt McGovern was going to do much better no matter who he picked, but it sure didn't help when photo's surfaced of his nominated running mate strapped to a gurney with a cloth in his mouth getting electroshock treatment for nervous breakdowns. Yeah, thats a guy we want a heartbeat away from the Presidency.



The mental image of McGovern when that picture surfaced caused me to laugh, though I'm sure you weren't trying to be funny.


Hey somewhere, someplace, perhaps unlocatable, I have a McGovern Eagleton button, which should be worth a fortune at this point.


Whatever happened to Kay Bailey?

JM Hanes


I suspect that's why the actual consensus on picking a VP appears to be "Do no harm."


Whatever happened to Kay Bailey?

She married Hutchinson?


Jim Geharty thinks Obama is going to announce tomorrow, and it's down to Biden, Sebelius and Kaine.


This is just a dream of mine but I always have wanted the Republican presidential nominee to pick Dick Cheney to be his veep.

Yes, I know, my dream ticket would go down in defeat, no matter who the top slot was, but the thought of all of the Dems and media grinding their teeth. Just a delightful thought.


Makes me smile.

JM Hanes


We should be so lucky! That roster looks like a triad of troubles to me. If Obama doesn't have a surprise up his sleeve, I think we can confidently cross political savvy off his meagre list of strengths.


Jim Geharty thinks Obama is going to announce tomorrow, and it's down to Biden, Sebelius and Kaine.

A whole lot of folks in Kansas would LOVE to get rid of Sebelius.


Jane--Just to keep company--I have a John Connally campaign button:-)

JM Hanes

Heh. (Does anybody else find that little word as annoying as I do?) I've got my mother's little rhinestone pin that spells I-K-E.


I've got my mother's little rhinestone pin that spells I-K-E.

I know someone who would kill for that pin:-)


Sebelius is a cipher, most famous recently for shutting down, by the hair on her chinny, chin, chin, a coal-fired electricity plant in Western Kansas. She got elected in Kansas because there are three political parties there, the Dems, the economically conservative moderate Republicans, and the socially conservative Republicans. When any two parties get together, they prevail, and usually it is the moderate Republicans in combo with either the Dems or the conservative Republicans. That's what happened with her. She is not an inspiring speaker, and is only being considered as a sop to the Hillary faithful. It won't work.

She's the daughter of a old Ohio governor, married to the son of a successful Western Kansas Democratic politician. Kansans grow up independent; what's the matter with them is that they use other criteria than merely economic rationales to determine their votes. Wouldn't you?

bio mom

I'm from Delaware. Believe me, you really don't want Joe Biden anywhere near the presidency.

M. Simon

I'm from Delaware. Believe me, you really don't want Joe Biden anywhere near the presidency.

I think you will be really fortunate in that respect. His running mate is Obama.


So did anyone sign up for the automatic text message from Obama announcing his VP choice? I figured he would make you pay a $100 donation for the privilege so sadly I won't be the first to know.

Thomas Collins

No text message for me, Jane. I'm going to learn the old fashioned way (sneaking looks at JOM over the next few days while at work).

I still think it's going to be Hillary as The Big Zero's choice. Especially after his "debate performance" (I can't wait for their performances to appear on the web in an "electronically spliced" version with them answering the same question one after the other). The Big Zero will want the comparisons between his performance and McCain's to stop, and picking Hillary will crowd out all other campaign news, at least for the next couple of weeks.


Gawd I hope it's not Hillary. I'm still as sick of the Clintons as always.


Let's see, Biden, Sebelius, Kaine, Clinton. The only one of that bunch whose political career won't be ruined by association with Obama is Clinton, hence she'll be the only one who'll take it. QED.

Thomas Collins

From Drudge:

"Obama has set an elaborate roll-out to announce his decision that will begin with an early morning e-mail to supporters, perhaps as early as Tuesday, Zeleny and Adam Nagourney have been told."

It's not too late, Jane and kim. The two of you could be the JOM text message reps and post the news here at 2 am tomorrow (or perhaps TM has already signed up for the text message).

JM Hanes

Did you guys see this about an accidental text message announcing Bayh as Obama's VP choice? Apparently it was reported and then pulled by CNN. Don't know anything about the blogger, just followed a link from the Corner.

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