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August 20, 2008



people should really read the LUN @ 12:34 because the comments are crazy interesting...I am reluctant to paste such a long comment, but I think it's interesting enough to warrant a REPRINT:

POSTED BY john, AT: 07/30/2008, AT 5:42 am Thank you your insightful and in my opinion rather calm analysis of the situation at ACORN.

I am a former Head Organizer of ACORN. I have some thoughts I would like to share on these matters. The main thrust of my point here is that ACORN unfortunately and according to people on the inside, cannot get rid of Rathke and feel as if they are merely rearranging the deckchairs on the titanic. The Captian moved to another seat but he is still on deck. Let me flush this out a little bit.

The basic premise is this, Wade is now head of World ACORN! A promotion. He keeps his office at Elysian Fields and the only person who is probably really gone is Dale. The staff who went along with the coverup are still (most) there. The way this went down how do we know Wade and Dale did not conspire to steal the money? Why aren’t they being indicted? Most importantly, Wade Rathke’s organizing from Chief Organizer down to the members instead of the other way around must also be addressed or ACORN’s habitual systems will lend themselves to the same conclusion.

Wade is not letting go of ACORN in the least. This is a lie and everyone at ACORN knows it. In fact, they are at a loss for what to do about it. Lets get some facts out before I continue.
A part of this story many may have missed is so crucial.
1) Rathke is staying in ACORN as Chief Organizer of “ACORN International” his contact info from ACORN International’s website?

Contact Wade Rathke
Wade Rathke
1024 Elysian Fields Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana 70117
(504) 943-0044

Now hope you will see what I see here:
Notice anything interesting about this?
SEIU 100 in New Orleans
1024 Elysian Fields Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70117
504-872-0480 ext 118
504-617-6045 FAX

Now here is the address for Citizens Consulting Inc: This was Dale’s for profit accounting and lobbying firm
1024 Elysian Fields Ave
New Orleans, LA , 70117-8402

Now Here is the address of ACORN National in New Orelans (Wade’s offie)
ACORN National Louisiana
1024 Elysian Fields Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70117
Phone: 504-943-0044
ACORN Housing Corp
1024 Elysian Fields Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70117
Phone: (504) 301-3112
Fax: (504) 218-7176

And his ACORN international office is in the same building.
Now the office ACORN members report to in New Orleans have as a resource is craftily at another site.

Still feel the winds of change blowing through ACORN?
It is fascinating to watch the transition. Wade started organizing a seperate entity with a seperate board with him as Chief Organizer shortly after people in ACORN (staff) became aware of the embezzlement. What a coincidence? Wow, wonder how hard it would be to extradite him from Argentina or India on embezzlement charges?

ACORN International is in place and Wade hasn’t missed a beat and he talked one of his rich friends into donating the 800,000 that hasn’t been paid by Dale. SO heck they can split the 800 grand and walk around like they own the joint?

So International ACORN is not part of ACORN? It is part of the ACORN famly but seprerated by Wade’s maze of legal firewalls.
Just as the American Institue FOr Justice and the ACORN Institute are seperate from ACORN but it is an intrinsic part of ACORN’s funding and structure giving them 501c3 coverage.

Where did the start up capital come from?

We know where it came from.

ACORN International reports at Head Organzer and Management meetings.

They come the Year Year Beginning yealry meetings.
Why is that if they are a seperate Organization?
Now this is a website I just went and what do you call this?
Now on this Acorn.org website I found this?
International Offices

ACORN International is building community organizations of low-income families, and partnering with grassroots organizations outside of the United States. ACORN International aims to strengthen democratic movements for social change, as well as build connections between community-based organizations across borders and cultures.

ACORN International has offices in Argentina, Canada, Peru, and Mexico, and facilitates the India FDI Watch Campaign. We are establishing direct membership chapters in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Kenya, and Nigeria and are exploring partnerships with established membership-based organizations in Indonesia, the Philippines, and South Korea.

> ACORN Argentina
> ACORN Peru
> ACORN Dominican Republic
> ACORN Canada
> ACORN Mexico

Now what is that. I searched the site and found that.
Now when I go to this site, the offices link? I find this

Now on this site the US offices, the national, and the international! I don’t know if you know it or not but that is pissing alot of people off. Especially since this is linked as well:
So Sorry, we ACORNISTAS aren’t buying it. Also why am I able to reach Wade’s Chief Organizer page form the ACORN page?
Either he is gone or not. If ACORN is a out control freight train that has already left the station. Then USA ACORN will sue them for all resources drained from our members and will demand they change their name!

Wade’s dream of a Walmart of Organizing is coming true on our sweat and dimes. Whether the members and staff like it or not.
Avery important read on ACORN will give us much insight into the problems at ACORN now. Gary Delgado’s “Organizing the Movement The Roots and Growth of ACORN”

Delgado spent 14 years from the beginning with ACORN. The analysis then was the same today.

His analysis that ACORN was structured so that an elite group of white folks would be the only people that could manage ACORN and that they acted upon Rathke’s and not the member’s orders meant that ACORN would be a toip down operation.

As a person of color. A former ACORN staff member, and as a radical, and in light recent revelations of Wade Rathke’s coverup of the theft of 1,000,000USD I just gotta say amen. Wade doesn’t allow dissent within ACORN.

Here is what I can tell you, you gotta read Gery DelGado’s ACORN: Growing the movement. DelGado, a founding organizer pushed out by Rathke detailed almost 30 years ago that ACORN had an all white management staff. Until Wade was pushed out of Chief Organizer USA by the board this month? Now Bertha Lewis is heading up the management team to clean up the mess?
Wade pushes her under the bus and into the drivers seat as it is teetering on the edge of a cliff? I have not published my real name and I hope you can appreciate why. I am just a lowly organizer who can be easily smashed by Wade’s long arms in the Democratic party.

The kicker for me is that in light of Wade’s racism towards CLU (Great Article about this http://hungryblues.net/2005/10/23/white-labor-leader-wade-rathke-attacks-black-led-cluphf/ ), the embezzlement of 1,000,00 and in my opinion more importantly the horrible treatment of ACORN staff who were from the working class? He is getting promoted to Chief Organizer of ACORN International? Chief Organizer of the World? Are people in LA going to stomach that?

I remember once at a staff of color caucus there were maybe 150 of us in a room. Bertha Lewis asked all staff who had been there over 5 years to stand. Only two people were standing. Then she asked everyone there over two years to stand and literally like 10 stood up. They then asked everyone over a year to stand and maybe 20 stood. The other 115 stood. I remember the resistance the management staff had to us even having a staff of color caucus and remember hovering outside the door nonchalantly. We all resolved to call Wade and others out on several issues. Wade never even acknowledged our resolve.

There are good people at ACORN. Unfortunately they are overshadowed by things like office riots when people who haven’t been paid in over a month from poor communities explode. They are overshadowed by staff directives that do not allow for true community organizing. The way it is set up working class staff can’t hang with the 60 to 100 hour weeks, the low mileage stipend, the ridiculous fund raising goals set etc..

If you have a kid? And you weren’t born from money you can forget about working for ACORN. The Democratic party and Unions are helping to feed this beast. The outsourcing to ACORN for low wage campaign workers at 7-8 bucks an hour to do VR and GOTV with no minimum standards that workers get paid the Living Wage ACORN has out fighting for? This just feeds the beast. PIRG is doing it, Move on does it and so do others. The only poeple who survive between campaigns are North East liberals from often times Ivy League or private liberal colleges that are using ACORN as a resume stuffer in their climb up the ladder to be an Exec Dir or Dem party operative. What about all those people from black, Latino and other communities of color that really could have excelled at ACORN had they been paid a living wage.

When I read the letter circulated about Community Labor Union by Wade Ratke shortly after the unrest that was a result of CLU organized actions in New Orleans by people of color. When I saw that Wade said “these people couldn’t organize a two car funeral”? HE compared them to the CIA mole Chalabi who falsely claimed to represent the Iraqi people (are we a little over the top Wade?). I couldn’t believe the white chauvinism that dripped from this hypocrite. DelGado has it right. A change has to come about in community organizing. Where people form directly affected communities control the work. It has to happen. This was the Ratke I knew, brow beating, condescending, demeaning, and yes racist. As if he deserved to talk to organizers of color (who had comparable experience) in the way that he did simply because he helped some black folks. Or becuase he had read some Alinsky. There was no excuse for the way he treated his staf.

Working for ACORN and watching some of the white folks in the field made me feel like we were putting poor communities in a skinner box to see how they would react if we gave this toy or that stimulus etc.. Or worse like some zoologist trying to get close to a lion or monkey in the jungle and acting proud if they were able to sit and eat with the animals. I am serious that is how it felt.

I hope the people of New Orleans LA take this opportunity to force ACORN to reverse the methods, tactics, and employment policies of ACORN. Save that other 115 organizers out there from souring on organizing for ever.

Also, SEIU you need to tell ACORN they have to pay a living wage or they can’t do SEIU work. Yes SEIU outsourced work to us often, if the Dems, SEIU, or any other progressive group is going to outsource any of their work to anyone. This business of not getting a contract that ensures the workers will be treated fairly has to stop. I have video I have never released of employees rioting in offices who were not paid for over a month. How embarrassing for them, for me, for the movement.

When I found out about the million? I wasn’t even one bit surprised. I have personally seen that much money thrown out the window on nothing in a week at ACORN. By the way, if you leave ACORN the standard line is “F—k them, they left”, you have to secretly leave. It is like a cult. If you do good you can’t get a reference, your supervisor will hint that you are a problem worker. I know it. It is hard to re-enter the field of organizing because you are burned out and you are white listed by ACORN.
The real problem now is changing the systems Wade put in place that allow for disempowerment of members, a failure to build minority leadership, and for he and his brother to steal from the people.

JM Hanes

"Is it possible for a group of foundations and charitable organizations to write grants to each other in a circular fashion so that the money appears to be disbursed but really isn't?"

My what a dirty (money) mind you have, bad! And a real instinct for the nitty gritty. I suspect that as long as there were more than two organizations in the circle, jerky trails could be disguised by a savvy operator with a complacent board of networking based appointments. That's part of why the separately chartered working group, headed by Ayers, which, IIRC, was set up to handle assessments and to forward worthy grant proposals to the CAC Board raises all kinds of red flags chez moi.

That kind of thing is big part of why I decided early on never to serve on a Board for any outfit which didn't facilitate Board contact with organizational personnel outside the immediate purview of its executive director. It's just too risky to operate without access to unfiltered information, and in my experience, a defensive executive is generally not a good sign. Performance is almost invariably harder to assess in non-profits than it is in the corporate world.



Thanks for the input. There is nothing I can link to conclusively yet. But there were far more than two organizations and public education money is part of the mix. Consultants were hired who were part of the original concept group. And none of the groups who received grants can point to anything the CAC money accomplished; just a "deepening" of what they were already doing.


Recreate 68, the moonbat sect that has been promising to celebrate the Dem convention by rioting in Denver next week, has released its activity schedule [PDF]. Highlights include:

  • "Confront the anti-abortionists" at Planned Parenthood
  • "Non-violence training"
  • "FUNK the WAR-Dance for peace-4 routes"
  • "Reclaim The Streets Party"
  • "March to Freedom Cage"
  • "Shake Your Money Maker (levitate the Mint and shake the money out!)"
  • "Everything for Everyone: anti-capitalist march & 6pm meet-up for Fundraiser Disruption"
  • "Code Pink Concert"
  • "Direct Actions against Polluters and Greenwashers" (Look out, Dems!)
  • "Critical Mass Bike Ride-'No War, No Warming'"
JM Hanes


That guy should put everything he knows into an affidavit and leave it with a lawyer, although I wouldn't be surprised if he can't afford one that he could trust. LA may actually be more corrupt than Chicago, and the folks who aren't corrupt are about as crazy as it gets (the latter being a plus in most cases to my mind, but that's another story). Jindal is just beginning to wield the shovel, and hopefully won't end up getting dirty in the process.



Sorry for the spoiler. Watch the Beach Volleyball match and you will understand my exuberance.

I am watching the USA womens volleyball team right now against Cuba and my fingers are numb and my lips are sealed.

I will say there is way to much hugging on both sides. ;) When did that start happening?


CAC Doc Drop: Obama Has More Than Ayers To Worry About Now


'English professor', who 'lives in the neighborhood'. Obama is going to regret those words; they are so revelatory.



I find it fascinating that the ACORN founder moved to LA and the correlations so multi-layered to no-profits being so inter-twinned and self-fulfilling


MoveOn doesn't pay well!?


Just as the American Institue FOr Justice and the ACORN Institute are seperate from ACORN but it is an intrinsic part of ACORN’s funding and structure giving them 501c3 coverage.

Didn't Obama and Ayers work on the "American Institue FOr Justice" or something like that?

JM Hanes


Don't know if you've already seen it, but TM posted links to a number of foundational documents in this earlier thread from May (although the reason for title may not be immediately apparent) as well as pointing to the collaborative group.


Maybe we could hire Sandy Berger to walk into that Library and come out with the files hidden in his underware.

JM Hanes


If it includes social and justice in its mission statement, I'd lay odds on an Ayers association. But then, if it strikes a chord with you, I'd lay odds on anything. Of course, I really have no idea.

JM Hanes

Daddy, I think it would be a real stretch, so to speak, even for Sandy.



I didn't ascertain what docs Rheil world was woking from - not that I didn't appreiate them

Reading through the documents gives the impression that as Chairman, Obama did little more than assist the most Leftist of activists in shuffling around millions of dollars, often to themselves in their own misguided initiatives, few if any of them producing real results. In fact, in many people's minds, they were never even designed to.

which ties into the above ACORN links -- of which Obama apparently learned the ways of the board and money laundry and bestow friends world apparently.


TSK9: The paragraph you quoted is the one that got my attention, but I was wondering the same thing as you about what docs.

JM Hanes

I think TM posted links to docs including similar assessments in his early threads on this -- maybe even in that post I just linked back to, although I didn't actually take the time to pull them up and check them out again tonight.


Hugh Hewitt's very frightening interview with David Freddoso: transcript

Dan Riehl

"didn't ascertain what docs Rheil(sic) world was woking from"

They are the program evaluations of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge - their mid-term and final report cards, if you will. And clearly, the group Obama chaired - failed ... but in magnificant style, as befitting a true messiah, I suppose! ; )


Dan Riehl


Shame on me, too. : (

JM Hanes

OK, I'm going to have to have to take my brain online shortly, because I can't remember whether I got this link to what Malkin calls the "Soros slush fund" from somebody right here. The initiative was apparently included in the Democratic Platform (PDF link) at Obama's direction, although I haven't checked it out for myself yet. Assuming the description is accurate, and the draft is ultimately finalized, I'd say the official imprimateur of the Democratic party confirms both the relevance and the critical importance of Obama's performance at CAC as virtually nothing else conceivably could! Can't imagine why, but you'd almost think he believes he headed up a successful venture. He clearly intends to expand those same horizons.

In other words, Obama, himself, has provided an indisputably compelling reason for the release of the CAC documents. The public now has a clear (and present!) interest in those records.

JM Hanes

Hello Dan! Typos don't count after midnight at JOM.

Jim Rhoads aka vnjagvet

Late to the party as usual. It took me from 12 to now to go through the 400 plus comments on this and the preceding thread.

This stuff (waste, incompetance and hubris on a monumental scale) is something all but the Obamaniacs will understand. Even better, it is aracial. Ayers and Obama were equal opportunity waster.

And the offhand "teacher who lived down the block" comment will bite him in the but because it was not offhand at all but intentional deception on the scale of Kerry, Edwards and Clinton.

No wonder the left is so invested in the "Bush lied" meme.


Tops- that was interesting!
I've long wondered about SEIU. It's interesting to see them in the same building as ACORN. The SEIU have been a big backer of Kos, who claimed just this week that "we" (his blog) got Dean the DNC chairmanship.
I keep trying to figure out what it means that two 'nobodies' were chosen to do the Democratic rebuttal to the 2006 and 2008 SOTU addresses, and are now on Obama's short list for VP (Kaine, Sebilius. 2007 was netroot fave Webb). It could be that someone just had an eye for future stars, except that these two are bores that are only stars because Obama might choose them.

Jim Rhoads aka vnjagvet

What I am beginning to wonder is whether there is "someone big" behind Obama.


At least when Clinton came out of 'nowhere', we knew/know that he had famous kingmaker Pamela Harriman behind him. Who is Obama's kingmaker?


At least when Clinton came out of 'nowhere', we knew/know that he had famous kingmaker Pamela Harriman behind him. Who is Obama's kingmaker?


Ha! I didn't see your post before I wrote that, JR.

JM Hanes

Hi Jim, Instanpundit put up a poll today asking (my wording here) which of the following issues Obama wanted to avoid talking about the most:

His relationship with Bill Ayers
His position on abortion
His childhood in Indonesia
His relationship with Jeremiah Wright
Progress in Iraq

In commenting on the poll, it struck me that the only issue on that list that Obama has not addressed in any way at all is the first one. We're just now discovering how badly the abortion issue is going to hurt him, (seriously compounded by his own falsifications), because even someone like me who is pro-choice within limits finds his controversial vote impossible to accept. Whether the Annenberg/Ayers story, or the secrecy surrounding it, will hurt him as badly, we don't yet know, though I think we may be looking at a Chicago Pandora's Box. Unlike the last three issues, however, which won't hurt him much with his base, these two could potentially cut into his Democratic support.


Posted by: Dan Riehl | August 21, 2008 at 02:01 AM

Thanks. I hope you didn't think I was being rude. I wasn't (as "appreciated" is what I said)...I was only not sure the particular documents you were referring to. Thanks for the response.


Oh, and Dan? sorry I misspelled your Name too.


What I am beginning to wonder is whether there is "someone big" behind Obama.

Posted by: Jim Rhoads aka vnjagvet | August 21, 2008 at 02:58 AM

My husband from day O! one has said this man has been backed. He says it so much I just can't be nice about the repetitiveness of his proclamation anymore even though I know he'll be proved right.

JM Hanes

He's either Forrest Gump or he's got patrons.


I say we let the press continue to ignore this issue until after the convention. We don't want to end up with HRC as the nominee.

As we saw with Edwards, much of the MSM seems to think it's not news unless they say it's news. I can't believe the Democrats are lead by people who think they can rely on this to protect them.


He's either Forrest Gump or he's got patrons.


Jen nay!

Tom Maguire

From Foo Bar:

As I've pointed out previously, Klonsky was
not a Weatherman and not a terrorist.

Cmon, TM, you're better than this.

Well, I may or may not be better but I couldn't be much busier.

However, Foo Bar is right (which makes a lot of other people wrong) - per "The Way The Wind Blows", Klonsky led RYM II in a loose coalition with the Weather Underground but split because of many disagreements.

That was the Revolutionary Youth Movement, BTW.

Get me rewrite!

Tom Maguire

I wonder if the ads on the site even pay for TM's bandwidth requirements.

They do - I pay Typepad a flat monthly rate and they claim to track my bandwidth but I have never been billed for excess; either my plan is unlimited or they just comp me, figuring most customers aren't going over.

But thanks for thinking of me, and feel free to click on an ad.

JM hanes

"OK, I'm going to have to have to take my brain online shortly.."

Hard to believe I actually wrote that. I won't even attempt to clarify. Pure-T bafflegab.

In case it's rolled off the board, HotAir's headlines included this amazing factoid from American Spectator:

According to several Democrat political consultants presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Barack Obama spent part of his Hawaiian vacation working on weaning himself from a heavy dependence on teleprompters. Even in what are staged as "town hall" events for Obama, remarks are scripted or formatted into bullet points that scroll on teleprompter screens. Obama has had several embarrassing events where the teleprompter either malfunctioned or the screens were not fully visible.

"He just locks down and can't get the words out," says one political consultant. "For such a fine speaker, it's really quite remarkable that he's had issues."

Teleprompted town halls? Jeez. At least I finally understand why the remarks I assumed were extemporaneous seemed so oddly stilted. I suggest frisking the candidates for wires at the debates.


"OK, I'm going to have to have to take my brain online shortly.."

Oh JMH...and here I was thinking we mellowed you out, cuz I write that like every other post mama in hip waders.


Teleprompted town halls?

Barack Hal 9000 Obama.


For such a fine speaker, it's really quite remarkable that he's had issues
Given the hypothesis that he is a fine speaker, and the observation that he has trouble speaking, we can conclude that...yeah, that sure is remarkable.

Soylent Red

Barack Hal 9000 Obama.

"I'm sorry Dave. That's beyond my paygrade."

Rick Ballard

His performance at Saddleback suggests that there are grounds for him asking for a refund on that crash course in Hawaii.

david still

when McCain tells us he does not know how many houses he owns I sayh he is senile, a liar, or has PTSD...and his wife's invollvement with the beer companuy? why will she not talk about this till "after the election"?
Universities do not reveal private information and stop blaming the press. They would print anything they could if they were able...

Captain Hate

It is interesting that those 1960's denouncers of the "establishment" find themselves sufficiently entrenched to siphon off millions of dollars from your ordinary taxpayer.

"Interesting" as in "making me vomit in my mouth a bit"? Any contemporary with an iota of insight could peg these losers as dweebs who never grew up with the intellectual depth of a wading pool. It's to academia's (and all their high-minded spin-off foundations) unadmitted shame that they've been infected with these viruses and lack the antibodies to reject them thanks to tenure.


I despise ACORN, and I despise Jay Nixon for not investigating OBVIOUS voter fraud in the MO election which brought Clair McCaskill to Washington D.C. Obvious, in that thier were folks who went to jail over it in K.C. Never mind that McCaskill's total margin of victory was in St. Louis and Kansas City, and was by about the margin of supposed Voter Fraud alleged to ACORN. Nothing to see here, move along. Oh, did I mention that Jay Nixon is a Democrat and running for Governor? Did I mention that I despise Jay Nixon?

Captain Hate

and stop blaming the press. They would print anything they could if they were able...

David Brock?



TM's links from May are part of the source docs I've been reading and linking to. Education-speak is challenging for "a bear of little brain."

I despise ACORN

Anybody who despises ACORN has strange priorities.

Captain Hate

Anybody who despises ACORN has strange priorities

Yeah, having elections run on the up-and-up is really a strange thing to care about.

Lawrence of Boston

Obama's "kingmaker" -- or one of them-- is Penny Pritzker. See the article about her from Bloomberg News posted at lucianne.com


I despise Acorn too. Actually I think most of those nuts (get it?) should be in jail.


I despise ACORN also--referring to what they did in King County in WA state and our governor's election in '04.
How that organization is getting Fed funding is beyond belief!! Congress should be hung for that travesty.


Hugh Hewitt has posted this link this morning:

Los Angeles Times picks up the story of the stonewalling going on about the terrorist's foundation which Obama led.

M. Simon

I suggest frisking the candidates for wires at the debates.

Too tacky. What you do is have a spectrum analyzer to look for signals. Then tune your jammer accordingly. Or better: feed in false info. "I only want to raise taxes on those making ten dollars a year".

"The surge worked. It got a lot of Americans killed" etc.


OT: Some crushing of free speech in the UK

Harry’s Place, a liberal hawk site, had its DNS disabled due to malicious complaints after they exposed a college email list for publishing links to a David Duke website as valid reference information.

More Info at:




Sir what a wonderful anaylsis and survey you have provided. Keep it up.


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