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September 04, 2008




John Wayne with Lipstick: The Axe Wielding Natural
I guess I have nothing useful to say today, just a rambling tribute to The Speech. I'm afraid I am reduced to the status of any other common bobbletator.

Well, that was only the best political feeling since.... I don't know, I guess since 1980. No, not Ronald Reagan. That's when I saw Barry Commoner speak at UCLA. That's how much of a liberal I was back then. Even Jimmy Carter wasn't a big enough moonbat. I wanted to vote for an eco-warrior socialist professor.

I can't say that I was crying my eyelashes off during Palin's speech, like the softhearted Skully. It was more like fist pumps when your favorite team is trouncing the opponent, and maybe after the opponent and the media have been badmouthing your team for.... eight years. For those of you who are capable of introspection -- which excludes liberals -- this is what it feels like to have a fantasy leader articulate your deepest unconscious longings, and why the experience is so powerful.

There is literally a kind of psychic resonance that occurs, which is amplified by the ability of the fantasy leader to put your deepest feelings into words; in turn, this conjures up deep unconscious recollections or yearnings for the (m)Other to do the same thing when we were in a helpless and pre-linguistic state. YESSSSSSSS!!!! MILK!!!!

To finally hear someone hammer away at these disgusting people feels very much the way it does in a movie, when the good guy is taking it to the villain. To hear someone finally go after the deeply corrupt MSM... oh my... it felt like a scene in The Sons of Katie Elder, when John Wayne swings an axe handle right into George Kennedy's teeth:

Admit it. Haven't you always wanted to see someone do that to a Kennedy? .....GO ENJOY IT ALL AT:


Godwin has even got VISUALS!!! LOVE IT AND LOVE HIM!!

Soylent Red

"Looks like St. Andy is fomenting the Meth Capital of Alaska meme."


"That's cool. South Chicago is the crack capitol of the universe. How did the Prom King organize that out of existence?

BTW, didn't the Obamessiah (PBUH)deal cocaine in his formative years?"

End of meme.

Captain Hate

listen to Riviera Paradise.....as good as anything I've heard in jazz..props to Clapton, but I think SR went farther faster and grew more over time.......

I'm not gonna question your tastes because people like what they like. I haven't heard Riviera Paradise; I'll look for it at the library. Have you heard "New York Stories" by Danny Gatton? I once heard from a reliable source that SRV couldn't read music, which if true means it's incredible that he could figure out those wigged out Hendrix songs from scratch. His brother Jimmy is one of the most boring lead guitarists ever.


and that is one mean pimple on the side of his nose.



Soylent - I so dearly want them to fan the drug meme....for exactly the reason you just stated.

Alternately I understand those classy Obama's want to keep family out of this etc....what exactly do they want off limits? Something lurking in the family closet I suspect.

Rick Ballard


You didn't know about the purulent boils? Makeup people work in HazMat suits and get double time to try and cover them up. Maybe it's a strike by the Fox makeup crew?


A good Holitstic Purge will take care of that pimpleish boil in no time.

Maybe he should just stop picking his nose - oily fingers etc.....


matt, I think your definition of holistic surge is hotter than mine, but I think mine would make a comedy classic--Klonsky and Ayres and Obama , their loins girded with Che T-shirts, patrolling in Anbar with fistfuls of pamphelets and betterment plans.


Apparently boils have outbreaks of liberals from time to time.




In fact, I'll believe it when I see him mounted on his unicorn.

Which is unlikely—I'll bet he sold it on ebay to pay for Rezko's legal defense to help families devastated by hurricane Katrina.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Did anyone see the full news report this afternoon that we have made our first military ground incursion into Pakistan?

I was in the other room and didn't get back to the TV until the tail end of the report.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Are going to do a convention thread somewhere because it has started on Cspan?

hit and run

Very OT, Rick -- thanks for that Free Kwame photoshop idea a few weeks ago. Good for more than a few google hits today. google Free Kwame ... heheheheheh ... both the flickr pic and my blog post on it are in the top 5.




Charlie (Colorado)

Are the Dems this stupid?

Sure beginning to look like it.


Gotta add this from Gagdad's essay yesterday:

[....)Perhaps it is fortuitous that John McCain is our candidate, since he has literally been to hell and back. No, not the Hanoi Hilton. Rather, he was once the darling of the barbaric media whordes. Now he is their demon. He, better than anyone else, should now understand that he was treated well so long as he served as a useful idiot for them. He capitulated to them in a way he never did to the Vietnamese, perhaps because they are more seductive and flattering. Does he understand what is going on? I mean, the lesson could not be more vivid. What does he need, a signed affidavit from the Father of Lies that he is under spiritual attack? What else do you call this frenzy? It is designed not just to counter the light, but to exhaust and demoralize. To make people say, Okay, I give up. It's just too much. We'll replace her with Tim Pawlenty.....THE LINK TO THAT ONE IS:

That one also included this from one of Godwin's readers:
....Reluxing Atmasphere of Omade Jehovial Witticisms
Wednesday, September 03, 2008
Spiritual Warfare at the Leading Fringe of Cosmic Evolution
Every once in awhile I write something that gets some attention. Yesterday was a case in point. We were linked to a number of big blogs, including NewsBusters. I don't think it had so much to do with the piece itself, which was pretty much your standard Raccoon porn, as the incredible storm of consciouness-energy and even agitation that has been unleashed by Hurricane Sarah. It is clear that people on both sides of reality are extraordinarily "energized" by her, but what does it mean? "Energy" is one of those words, like "time," which everyone uses but no one can really define.

Physicists have no idea what energy is, only what it does. The dictionary doesn't help, defining it as "the capacity of being active" or "the capacity for doing work." Transferred to the human plane, this doesn't make a lot of sense. For example, think of all the liberal "activists" who do not actually "work." In fact, if they worked, they wouldn't have the time or energy to be activists.

It seems that for humans, energy is value-neutral, in that it will only make the unredeemed man more of what he already is, so to speak. With the influx of energy, a deplorable rag such as the Enquirer or New York Times simply becomes more of one, if that is possible. Keith Olbermann only becomes more unglued. Chris Matthews only hurls more spittle at the back of your TV screen, which is impossible to clean. The MSMistry of Truth only burrows further into the Messiah's.... tank. In other words, the energy in no way "elevates" its recipient, although the person no doubt feels more alive when the energy is rushing along his keel and causing a tingle in his pasty and corpulent thigh.

I'm sure this is why so many people on the left are so addicted to anger and outrage, and the reason why I counsel my slavish clones not to get too caught up in the tempest of the day; or, at the very least, to do so with one eye on the Aion and another eye winking. What you do with your third eye is your business.

Our work is not political per se. For us, there can be no political solution. Rather, nothing short of a transformation of consciousness can alter the present course of history. History is not just a horizontal stream of time, being that it is composed of humans (and cultures) of differing developmental -- which is to say, vertical -- levels. I think about this all the time as it pertains to my three and a-half year old. I well remember that eternal, magical space that I lived in when I was his age -- about the natural mysticism of childhood -- and about how he is in that identical space, despite all the historical differences. They are all obliterated in the mystery of his pure consciousness, which is being and bliss. When he's getting his way, that is. When he's not, he suddenly transmogrifies into a whining and entitled liberal. Same conscious-energy. Different result.

History, like man himself, is just a middle term linking two ahistorical realities. If we think of history as the residue of, or the tracks laid down by, the Adventure of Consciousness, what is most important for us is not its horizontal meandering but its vertical ascent. In other words, profane history is merely the "stage," so to speak, on which the army of man makes forays into the vertical and slowly colonizes it -- just as some 40,000 years ago, proto-humans slowly began colonizing the a priori space of humanness and all its various "mansions," both high and low.

To put it another way -- and this is a critical point -- the acquisition of humanness was not merely an evolutionary ascent. Rather, it simultaneously -- and necessarily -- involved opening up a space which was lower than the beasts. This is why man and only man can be higher or lower than an animal, depending upon the choices he makes. This is also why history is so surreal and subreal.

Imagine an advancing army, only moving upward and inward; as Sri Aurobindo put it, it is like "a tide or mounding flux, the leading fringe of which touches the highest degrees of a cliff or hill while the rest is still below," or "an army advancing in columns which annexes new ground, while the main body is still behind in territory overrun but too large to be effectively occupied, so that there has to be a frequent halt and partial return to the traversed areas for consolidation and advance of the hold on the occupied country and assimilation of its people."

Think, for example, of the "Reagan Revolution" which was, more importantly, an evolution. Unfortunately, the evolution "didn't take," and we're almost back to where we started in Carterville. Why? First, because, as always, the evolution is embattled on all sides by the primitives and barbarians down below, who are animated by hostile cosmic forces they do not understand. But perhaps even more importantly, because we were not worthy of it. No one is more responsible for frittering away the progress of the Reagan Revolution than so-called conservatives themselves, who simply gave the game away to the barbarian hordes. Our foundation was not secure enough.

Thus we await another political "savior." Is Sarah Palin that One? On our side of things, I think that is the source of the energy, whether people are conscious of it or not. Could she be another powerful Reaganesque figure? If so, then that would also explain the roiling energy down below, since, if we look to mythology, all messiahs (again, I use the word in its psychoanalytic sense) must first face the challenge of being strangled in their crib. They must face down Death itself as a preparation for what they will face later, which will be like Death fractured into a million images in a hall of TV networks. One must be able to walk calmly through that vale of Death, because it is ultimately a maze of illusion.

It is quite literally a confrontation with Death, as described, for example, in the Tibetan Book of the Dead -- which is really a Book of Life and how to live it. There we are told that upon (ego) death we will be confronted with the apparitions of every wrathful demon and every seductive illusion. "If the soul is able to perceive the identity between its innate luminosity and the great light of reality, then liberation is achieved" (Perry). This is why the true conservative leader must be religious in the deepest sense, because only a religious person with the protection of grace will be able to walk calmly through this gauntlet. Could you do it? Face down the kind of hatred and viciousness we are seeing, while remaining in your Center?

Make no mistake about it: Sarah Palin is being tested, not just by the left, but by the demonic energy they embody. You will note that their energy is chaotic, disorganized, hysterical, shrill, bullying, harassing, disorienting, intoxicated, "over the top." The only way to make one's way through this storm of insanity is with divine assistance. There is no other way. One must surrender to the higher in order to master the lower.

As always, it all comes back to Batman, doesn't it? Remember his training with the League of Shadows, when he had to walk through the gauntlet of the ninjas, all poised to attack at any moment? At the end is a treasure chest overflowing with his worst fear. Only then, by calmly facing the fear, does he become more than a man. Thus, his fear really is a kind of priceless treasure. The demons serve an evolutionary purpose -- up to a point.

Bruce Wayne takes the primordial fear and chaos of the underworld -- represented by the bats -- and internalizes them to his benefit. The fear still exists, only now he contains it, rather than vice versa. In so doing, he not only masters these demonic forces, but marshals them to his advantage. I have no idea why conservatives do not do the same thing with the hellbats represented by the liberal media. When is someone going to aggressively, relentlessly, and unapologetically shove it back in their hideous faces? When is someone going to take those projections, which are vomited from hell like so many bats, and use the material to assemble an ontological atom bomb?

Perhaps it is fortuitous that John McCain is our candidate, since he has literally been to hell and back. No, not the Hanoi Hilton. Rather, he was once the darling of the barbaric media whordes. Now he is their demon. He, better than anyone else, should now understand that he was treated well so long as he served as a useful idiot for them. He capitulated to them in a way he never did to the Vietnamese, perhaps because they are more seductive and flattering. Does he understand what is going on? I mean, the lesson could not be more vivid. What does he need, a signed affidavit from the Father of Lies that he is under spiritual attack? What else do you call this frenzy? It is designed not just to counter the light, but to exhaust and demoralize. To make people say, Okay, I give up. It's just too much. We'll replace her with Tim Pawlenty.

It is no coincidence that Batman operates out of the subterranean cave beneath civilization, symbolized by Wayne Manor. Not only is he comfortable down in hell, but the very foundations of the mansion are plunged deep into the cavern below. This is a key point: your own evolution will continue to slide back down if you do not have your spiritual foundation planted deep beneath your "southeast corner." I don't care how beautiful your mansion, if it doesn't have a kind of continuity with what is below, it won't survive the coming earthquake.

Remember the image of the advancing army: you had better have the space below occupied by your army, before you try to advance above. Furthermore, you had better maintain a continuous line of communication. The last thing you want to happen is for your expeditionary force to get stranded above, cut off from the supply line. Your growth must be organic, which is to say, internally related on all levels, with no gaps.

Hmm, just received a delightfully over-the-top email from a curious reader. I think you know by now that I am not susceptible to flattery, so you will forgive its extravagant praise of the almighty B'ob. It's just his own energy externalized, anyway. As always, the real superhero is in the heart:

"What in the holy name of Creation are you doing, my good sir? I am sincerely perplexed at the nature of your blog, the complexity of your mind, and the tenacity of your wit, all of which far exceed my abilities of comprehension -- most of the time, anyway.

"Your book and blog have served me a great deal in letting go of my identification with the insanity of unadulterated liberalism, and, more importantly, helped me recognize the impersonal nature of all thought forms as they arise in the vast expanse of my awareness. Nonetheless, I can't seem to grasp from a larger perspective the purpose you serve by playing the role of 'Gagdad Bob,' which I can only assume leaves you with more hate mail than the Vatican after that glorious run of molestation charges earlier this decade.

"Please, let me in on the secret! What is it in my psyche that draws me back to a blog that is such a severe combination of consciousness-tones that it can only remind one of Rachmaninoff orchestrating a piece while under the influence of LSD after spending three months locked in a cell with J. Edgar Hoover, Molly Ringwald, Pat Buchanan, and Mother Theresa. The blog is funny, frightening, poetic, genius, and above all, ballsy. What drives it?"....

And just in case you didn't take my advise day before yesterday, here's the link to that one:
The Metaphysics of Envy and the Revenge of the Left


That's that got Vanderleun going on his, imho, classic:
Yearning for the Mud

Each is a post to enjoy while we bask in the PALIN LIGHT. (Hey, who is the REAL 'LIGHTWORKER" now!!)

PS - Never have I been so happy and in so much pain at same time. Please do not take this wrong, but thinking about the high signs and smiles that Mac gave to other POW's as he was dragged back to his cell after surviving more torture w/o breaking.

Sure I'd be even happier if I could see well enough to read for longer than 20 mins at a go.

Charlie (Colorado)

Do YOU attend?

Leo, for a really good time, go to an AME church.


Jim, I've believed since day one that surrounding Iran (Afghan, Iraq, fleet in the Indian Ocean, based in Central Asia) was a major part of the reason we went into Iraq. And I'll freely admit that at the time I thought it was brilliant. You may still judge that to be a success, but I submit that the jury should still be out on that. As the Georgia affair demonstrated, it led to over extension. Further, we handled it in a ham handed way--alienating two nations that made it possible: Russia (helping us with the Central Asian bases as well as with the Northern Alliance) and Iran itself (which helped us enormously with the Northern Alliance). We did a poor job of balancing some of our interests, thinking we could have our cake and still eat it. We're paying a price for that and McCain's mindless make-Russia-pay meme is simply foolish: 1) the Euros won't support us, and without them we can do next to nothing that won't amount to cutting our nose to spite our face, and 2) the obvious fact is that a weak Russia is not in our interest because we can't fill the strategic void--anyone who tells you different is a fool. I'm sure there'll be more than a few around here to tell you that, of course.


Didn't want to copy entire post - sorry. trusted that portion i copied was what would be pasted...sigh

Charlie (Colorado)

How many here are thrilled to have her associated with a church which encourages trance-like encounters with the 'HOLY SPIRIT'?

Dude, if there's anyone here who knows about trance, it'd be you.

Jim Rhoads aka Vnjagvet

Leo's comments make me think I am in a trance-like encounter from time to time.




Okay - God isi punishing me for my pimple remark. My cable is out. So can someone give me a link to some streaming coverage of the convention. I guess I will be forced to observe Sue's ban on O'Reilly.


I guess I will be forced to observe Sue's ban on O'Reilly.

Yeah. And sorry. That wasn't how I wanted you to observe my boycott!

Boycott O'Reily!




I wasn't going to watch til the pimple thing came up.


Via Hot Air, Nate Silver at the New Republic's blog had this to say:

I think some of you are underestimating the percentage of voters for whom Sarah Palin lacks the standing to make this critique of Barack Obama. To many voters, she is either entirely unknown, or is known as an US Weekly caricature of a woman who eats mooseburgers and has a pregnant daughter. To change someone's opinion, you have to do one of two things. Either, you have to be a trusted voice of authority, or you have to persuade them. Palin is not a trusted voice of authority -- she's much too new. But neither was this a persuasive speech. It was staccato, insistent, a little corny. It preached to the proverbial choir. It was also, as one of my commentors astutely noted, a speech written by a man and for a man, but delivered by a woman, which produces a certain amount of cognitive dissonance.

In exceedingly plain English, I think there's a pretty big who the f*** does she think she is? factor. And not just among us Daily Kos reading, merlot-drinking liberals. I think Palin's speech will be instinctively unappealing to other whole demographics of voters, including particuarly working-class men (among whom there may be a misogyny factor) and professional post-menopausal women. [Italics, but not asterisks, in original]

I propose that "WT*DYTYA?" be used to indicate approbation for any comment that contains reasoned, effective, original, or amusing criticism of The One.


Sensing - END OF TIMES:


TEOLAWKI still imminent

Let's go to the wayback machine and return to this warning from 2001: "Killer plasma ready to devour the Earth."

SCIENTISTS yesterday issued warnings of two new menaces to mankind that could either swallow up the Earth or turn the universe to jelly.

Particle scientists, who spend much of their time immersed in a theoretical world so arcane that anyone else struggles to understand it, warned yesterday of a wall of death expanding across the universe at the speed of light, obliterating everything in its path until no matter - anywhere - is left.

Dr Benjamin Allanach, a research associate at Cern, the European particle laboratory, said that a chance fluctuation of the "vacuum universe" would disintegrate all atoms.

he said: "The universe is perched on a terrible precipice. It could catastrophically tunnel to a new state, disintegrating every atom."

And if that does not wipe out all known life anywhere in the universe, Dr Allanach said so-called killer strangelets could "eat up the Earth from the inside out".

First there was the supernova and galaxy-attack scenarios. Then the predicted return of the comet Genondahwayanung, which pretty much annihilated most life in North America when it came here the first time. And then the massive gas cloud speeding toward a collision with the Milky Way! Then we learn that the earth's atmosphere may detonate. And then the asteroids. Then the black hole death stars! Then we'll be swallowed whole by the sun. Then the intense beam of gamma rays coming our way. Then there was the fear that "human society is very quickly headed to a violent and disturbing end." Then the earth began to kill people for changing its climate. Then there is the voracious, galactic Hoover in Switzerland that will suck the whole planet into a black hole. And the massive destruction along the coasts of countries like the USA, UK and many on the African continent, within a matter of hours.

I tell ya, I'm starting to think that sooner or later, every one of us is going to wind up dead.

By Donald Sensing

Categories: TEOLAWKI

PLENTY OF LINKS IN POST. Tk Vanderleun for the link.


Oh brother. Now the left is trying to say Palin stole her lipstick joke from - John Hagee. (He apparently had one similar in one of his books)

That joke or a simile thereof has been around for a very long time. Hagee did not invent that joke. Google it you thumbsuckers.

Desperation Overload.


GOP Convention


Suddenly, 'truth to power' isn't such a big deal.

Or as Jane Hamsher would say, 'how dare you criticize your betters??!!"


Thanks Deb, altho neither of those links are working for me, and Pajama's media won't let me register. I don't know what software I need to download.


"Yes, Joan, actually what we've seen for the past five days is the outpouring of that poisoned soul of the left. It is, in fact, demonic."

Told you,Omen III. The Obamites are desperate.


I am having big problems again with this site. Can we find a new thread? Can people pls forego posting huge hunks of articles in lieu of urls?

M. Simon

Jim Rhoads aka Vnjagvet,

Grant held Lee, Sherman kicked them in the pants.


I think Palin's speech will be instinctively unappealing to other whole demographics of voters, including particuarly working-class men (among whom there may be a misogyny factor) and professional post-menopausal women.

I don't know who this guy is, but beside
"Numbnuts" in the Webster's dictionary, there should be a picture.

Rick Ballard


Let's move on to Drugs.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

NARAL said Palin was like lipstick on a pig


O'Reilly just told NEWT that he asks O! about Ayers and all the rest. Says he 'ticks them off, one at a time". Also promises 'surprising answers" that segment on NEXT TUESDAY.

Tonight deals with NATIONAL SECURITY other segs will cover CULTURE WAR.

Think we should watch before we BOYCOTT.

Promise, if he doesn't show O! for who he is, I'll sit up and broadcast to every list I keep and hope those who get dupes won't be annoyed.


M. Simon

Hmmm. The Annette Benning "pillory" was kind of lame if you ask me - she merely stated she doesn't think alot of Hillary voters will turn to McCain/Palin.

Anecdotal evidence is better than "think". My limited sample shows Sarah is a big hit.

JM Hanes

"It was also, as one of my commentors astutely noted, a speech written by a man and for a man, but delivered by a woman, which produces a certain amount of cognitive dissonance."

And only such a short time ago, the left would have said that Palin gave a man's speech -- in heels, with a squirrely teleprompter.

"Oh brother. Now the left is trying to say Palin stole her lipstick joke from - John Hagee."

I bet it wasn't original with Hagee either. I'm not sure how you can be accused of stealing though, when you start out with "You know what they say...."

Alas, I'm not too sure about calling the left entirely down and out yet, no matter how desperate today's thrusts seem to be. While Camp McCain raised $1 million dollars during and after Palin's speech, the Obama Campaign claims to have raised $10 million from 130,000 donors today. Considering the mushrooming cost of attending Obama fundraisers, in a true flowering of the governing Obama philosophy, $9.95 million probably came from the top 5% of his richest donors. Too bad we won't be able to confirm this number till they release their final September stats -- at the end of October in what one might call a lagging indicator.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

BonJovi is giving a fund raiser for O at $38,000 a pop.


Operative word, JMH: Claimed....Dems lie with such ease its beyond troubling


Such morons

Jim Rhoads aka Vnjagvet

Yeah, MS. But that was after the 1863 change of command and of strategy. I was really trying to boil it down.


I cannot watch Obama on OReilly......I've gotten too hostile and lost objectivity.

JM Hanes

"Operative word, JMH: Claimed."

Apparently the $8 million reported at 4:25 PM had turned into $10 million by 7:20 PM, but it's not good news either way, I fear.


Some of these critics of Sarah Palin sound a little bath house.


"Some of these critics of Sarah Palin sound a little bath house."

Sounds more like 'Animal House'

Brutus GPA 0.0

- Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin attended five colleges in six years before graduating from the University of Idaho in 1987.

Federal privacy laws prohibit the schools from disclosing her grades,


E Tu Brutus.



JMH: lets just make it $20 million....a million here and million there and pretty soon we're talking about real money

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Convention thread = Drug thread.

M. Simon


Still not man enough to apologize?


I dropped out of college after 1 year. Through perseverance I became an aerospace engineer.

College don't mean shit. Ask that lawyer Zero.


That was so refreshing - bagging politics for college football (SC vs Vandy)


"Ask that lawyer Zero."

He's the nominee for President, and you are...............?


> 0


Anduril: Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Congratulations, Anduril, you have earned a spot on my Not Worth Responding To list, right next to Cleo.


"He's the nominee for President, and you are...............?"

A guy who has actually accomplished something in the jobs he has worked, I would presume.

Oh, this is too easy Miss Cleo.


"Congratulations, Anduril, you have earned a spot on my Not Worth Responding To list, right next to Cleo."

Thank the Gods for your good fortune, anduril.

Captain Hate

He's the nominee for President, and you are...............?

You're blowing trash movie iconic references (Bluto Blutarsky) and dumping on a self-made aero engineer as not being at the same level as somebody whose career accomplishments are increasingly revealed as completely threadbare?


I'll bet Obama is sorry he didn't keep the name Barry Soetoro; he could have a big red 'S' on his chest instead of the Zero. There's a reason some people are called 'ciphers'.

Jim Rhoads aka Vnjagvet

She graduated, didn't she?

Remember Al Gore dropped out of divinity school with failing grades, it was reported, and dropped out of Vanderbilt as well. Further GWB had higher grades than did Gore in school. But W was dumb, doncha know.

Adlai Stephenson dropped out of Havard Law, but, according to the press, he was supposed to be smarter than Ike, who was first in his class at the prestigious Command and General Staff College in Leavenworth, the equivalent of a PHd in Military Science and Tactics.


Questioning the intelligence of republicans is almost as old as identity politics that they are trotting out with Palin. In some ways Plain's candidacy and the left's hysteria reminds me of that of Clarence Thomas. They are so wedded to identity politics, they go bananas over someone they feel has to just agree with them because of their gender or the color of their skin. Now that kind of thinking is, well, stupid.

Jim Rhoads aka Vnjagvet

Wouldn't it be gutsy for her to make no appearances with the media and just appear with plain folks in Red states and and areas where congressional seats are at stake?

Boy, that would chap the MSM.

Why should she appear in hostile venues like ABC, CBS, MSNBC or CNN?


"Why should she appear in hostile venues like ABC, CBS, MSNBC or CNN?"

I agree.

She shouldn't be answering questions from the Press.

Let her speech stand alone as a testament to Republican vacuity.


Cleo, how about this:

For every press question Palin answers, Obama answers a question from us here at JOM?

I mean, it's not like the press is asking him anything hard.

I'd like to see the press extend the same scrutiny to his background, his friends, his family, and his belief system as we've seen the press do to Palin in the last four days.

Remind me again, how many times has Obama answered tough questions about the Annenberg Challenge boondoggle?

Michael McNeil

Sara said:
And at least Sarah took the time to travel to Landstuhl, Germany to visit with the wounded troops under her jurisdiction. Unlike Obama and Kerry, who look down their noses at the military as a bunch of dummies who can't cut it in the real world.

It hasn't been well reported for some reason, but Palin also visited the troops in Kuwait.


"Let her speech stand alone as a testament to Republican vacuity."

You cornered the market in vacuity Septic


I really doubt that military staff college is the equivalent of a Ph.D. Definitely not in the USN (which has no use for silly advanced degrees anyhow, what does that have to do with getting underway?)

M. Simon

Just voted. No long lines. Well organized. More efficient than usual.

Rockford, Illinois

M. Simon

Jim Rhoads aka Vnjagvet,

Grant held Lee, Sherman kicked them in the pants.

Posted by: M. Simon | September 04, 2008 at 08:05 PM

That is something I have posted before. I don't remember posting it today. Odd.

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