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September 04, 2008



We have a saying in Alaska: "Alaska Girls Kick Ass!"

Sarah kicked some sorry democratic butt tonight!

Danube of Thought

It was absolutely magnificent. Absolutely. She is formidable, and extremely engaging. I think the guy with the two autobiographies and no legislation has walked into the propellor blade.


If I were Biden I might start admitting to electroshock in the hope I get thrown off the ticket. This lady takes no prisoners. Gasbags are not likely to standup well to a stiletto.


She sliced and diced Obama, with wit, grace, and pinpoint accuracy. Loved it when the camera caught Piper spit-shining Trig's hair..


Juan Williams is impressed.


Well now we know why the Democrats went deep down the bench to find their candidate. Sometimes even in small towns, there are folks with incredible talents. I dont know yet if this lady can be a Maggie Thatcher, but I have lots of jack to bet that she will ultimately get the opportunity to try.


First thing on MSNBC after Palin's speech... the sound of Keith Olberman stammering... then Chris Mathews shocked at the speech and saying "a star is born"... then David Gregory looking gloomy and acknowledging that it looks like Mathews was right...

Most hilarious line of the MSNBC commentary after Palin's speech... "This was her chance to introduce herself to America. But parts of the speech were very pointed and strong and didn't sound like her... or, uh, what I think her to be."


"It's not clear to me that America is in a place where they want an angry ticket."

By that measure Palin should be hugely popular at MyDD.

Barry Dauphin

One of the laughers of the night came from Mark Shields, who glumly said that Palin was belittling of Obama. He says this, after what she went through for the last several days--if only the Dems were simply belittling of her. And folks like Shields make these kinds of remarks so unselfconsciously.


You know that six point lead Obama has right now?

It's the last lead he'll have. By this time next week McCain/Palin will be ahead by 5-10, and won't look back.

This woman just ended the Democratic Party. The backbiting after Obama's collapse will be the only thing history recalls about him.


I was so afraid for her and shouldn't have been. The line "grace under pressure" surely describes this courageous woman.


This was the Republican equivalent of the Obama 2004 rollout speech.

Only she did it with grace and familiarity mixed with cutting humor. She used Obama's charicature against Obama the man.

Through it all she maintained her insistent femininity.

Homerun. Out of the freaking park, over the wall at old Comiskey Park (before they tore it down) and into the well of the bar at McCuddy's!


I read something today that really struck me. According to Carly Fiorina, she is working with several people very highly placed in the Hillary organization to get Hillary supporters to vote for McCain-Obama. Again, according to Fiorina, some of those people will be in a box tomorrow night for McCain's acceptance speech.

I wouldn't put it past Hillary to sabotage Obama so she can run again in 2012.

So, could we see a Palin-Clinton contest in 2012?


Some of Palin's remarks were sharper (and totally on point) than I thought she'd dare, but I will say that she got a standing O from me for every one. I loved her before, but I "LURVE" her even more now.

I also dropped some additional coin in the Palin/McCain box for the election. Go Sarah!!!!


Here is the best comment of the night that I could find. From a commenter over at Ann Althouse:

From now on, when a Democrat says "But what if McCain drops dead on his first day in office?!?!?!" I'm going to say "dude -- don't tease me like that."

Patrick R. Sullivan

Ask yourself, if you had to walk through the toughest neighborhood in Chicago at midnight, would you rather have Sarah or Barack at your side?


Don't tease me either. I'm actually feeling warm to the old Anchor Man for a change. Still...a little duckhunt with Dick would not be evil woiuld it?


sarah is the new Chuck...


One of the best laughs I've had during this past week was listening to Glenn Beck discussing Palin and how the media was going crazy, dissing her, etc. Beck was outraged about the horrible comments. Then somehow there was a comment re her being a 'hottie', and he said, "I know I'm not supposed to say that, but it's true." Then the banter went on re the pictures of her hunting and being a member of the NRA, and he said, "I really like the one of her holding that AK47." He laughed real loud at himself, and then said, 'a picture of a woman holding a gun, I guess that's Republican porn.' He really cracked me up -- and, that's what I need with the big media and left being so vicious.

JM Hanes

It's hard to believe what picayune "avenues of attack" MSNBC is selling as the potential new Dem talking points over the next few days -- aside from worrying that she's too tough an act for McCain to follow. Winning over the "Republican base" is not enough to win an election. Disdaining community organizers is elitism. No, really, I'm not making this up.


Guess this will quiet the talk of Thomas Eagleton.

Bill in AZ

C-SPAN caller whining after the speech: "She was so Nasty!"

My poor ACME Irono-Meter spun wildy for a few minutes and melted into a puddle.

hit and run

OK, watched it twice now. Maybe once more.


As objectively as I love it so, love her so, love the speech so, and no matter how much I would no matter anything else -- the thought that Sarah Palin delivered this speech under this pressure with this amount of sickening vitriol from the left, the media and the Dems has given me a respect for her that cannot be shaken.

And the thought of the shaking going on among Obama, Biden and their teams means that tomorrow (hey, that's today, look at the time!) will be happy no matter how big the bags under my eyes.

From the tears.

Of joy.


Disdaining community organizers is elitism.

What if all three of them vote against her?

JM Hanes

Is it just me, or have the Democrat's talking points ever sounded more stale?


Ya know, I think that little gal just might have a future in politics.

Today's Democratic counter-programing: Democratic vice-presidential nominee Joe Biden said yesterday that he and running mate Barack Obama could pursue criminal charges against the Bush administration if they are elected in November. Oh, I hope they talk up that one. Wonder what's up--are they losing hold of their nutroot base?


I said earlier there were like 500 lines to take away from this speech -- but

• drag the columns back to Hollywood

And taxes

• tax small business, tax big business, tax your mother and father when they die, tax the consumer, tax you just because, tax, tax, and tax, the crap out of everyone

to pay for ACORN!


Is it just me, or have the Democrat's talking points ever sounded more stale?

Or stupid....


And Olberman's take on Sarah's speech weaknesses?
1. She mentioned son Track would be deploying for Iraq on 9/11. According to some liberal Vets for Obama source that is FORBIDDEN info (unto treason for instance).
2. Track may NOT be deployed on 9/11. SHE'S LYING!!!
I am not kidding.

JM Hanes

Hollywood squares without the Hollywood on Larry King.

Wasserman-Whatever thinks any high school kid could have delivered that speech.

Ed Schultz says, OK so she can read a teleprompter. He apparently has no idea that the teleprompter scroll went screwy.

Can I have any more fun tonight? Yes, I can!

Sara (Pal2Pal)

I'm still in awe that she lost the teleprompter and never missed a beat. Although someone in the other thread asked if she was using a paper copy.


The 9-11 deploymnet has been news for weeks. It is almost eerie though. Like Palin's dad literally being off hunting when his daughter was announced.


Is it just me, or have the Democrat's talking points ever sounded more stale?


They don't even sound stale, they sound clownish, they sound scripted, they sound vetted by the "respectable" press, they sound what Sally Quinn needs to hear.

remember when David Gregory had a shit fit because the Cheney c
amp went to the local paper vs have personal massage with the "dc press pool" They lost their shit over the slight?

Ha the flipping HA

Eat it Gregory. You are NOT our Proxy and Sally Quinn and Andrea Mitchell - eat my dirt sister. Cuz I am a WAAAAAy better judge than you Cocktail Mavens!

Ha the flipping HA

Bill in AZ

Hey, weren't the dems supposed to have a convention too?


Hey --- can we ALL give Meghan Kelley of Fox a way big shout out for being a BIG TIME PIT BULL WITH LIPSTICK for being pissed of and doing her job going after the big shots?

Give Meghan a PRIME TIME show FOX!


Meghan Kelley rocks!!


I guarantee that Joe Biden is telling the "Man of Steel" --- we're a little screwed here junior.


the thought that Sarah Palin delivered this speech under this pressure with this amount of sickening vitriol from the left, the media and the Dems has given me a respect for her that cannot be shaken.

Absolutely beautifully stated. I am slightly surprised, but quite pleased, to see that the speech has been received so well.

Now, time to make sure the Democrats can't get away with any "just words" framing.


Sarah's timing is just about perfect.


Just what I thought earlier - I saw a paper speech and wondered if she wasn't using a Obamaprompter

Palin & the Teleprompter [Rich Lowry]

I’m told by a McCain aide that the teleprompter operator mistakenly rolled through the applause lines throughout the speech. So he rolled over the first two lines of the next paragraph after applause. But she was unfazed by it.

09/04 12:58 AM


Hmmm. For the fashion mavens...There was a comment on the other thread about Sarah's glasses. I bet she wears them to make her look as serious and smart as she is. She is just so yummy looking that it would be a distraction just talking to her. As evidenced by comments here at JOM.


I agree: Megyn Kelly is awesome. If I may be allowed to revise and extend my remarks in that comment, I would say that after Alexander Britton Hume, Kelly and Bret Baier are the two best anchors Fox has.


Sarah might wear glasses to stave off the sexists...hmmmm


When Sarah said:

They are the ones who do some of the hardest work in America — who grow our food, run our factories, and fight our wars. They love their country, in good times and bad, and they’re always proud of America.

I think this was a moment when people in American households high fived - households Peggy Noonan, Mort Konderwhatever, Olbermann, Mathews, Campbell Brown et. al. have NO CLUE about but just pretend they do on Tee Vee.


The Democrats are Sarahfied!


the democrat/media plan for Palin, PRE- convention speech?

make the debate about her. keep her at the top of the fold-obama does poorly when the press actually has to report about him, and mccain will suffer if the stories are all about his less experienced veep.

media/dem plan POST convention? run as far and as fast as they can away from her.

That was the disappointment I was reading in their(msnbc) faces. She shot off enough comparisons of her experience v. obama, and they realized it is not a good debate to hold in public.

they might take another swipe at her over foreign policy, but if they gamble wrong, the whole 'she'-bang will collapse on them.

The media set up the match on experience, palin v. obama, and to borrow from zell miller, sent barry out with spitballs against an ar-15 wielding huntress.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Fight the Palin Smears

JM Hanes

This wins the prize as the lamest response to Palin of all:

The speech that Gov. Palin gave was well delivered, but it was written by George Bush's speechwriter and sounds like exactly the same divisive partisan attacks we've heard from George Bush for the last 8 years. If Governor Palin and John McCain want to define change as voting with George Bush 90% of the time, that's their choice, but we don't think the American people are ready to take a 10% chance on change.
Sent out by Bill Burton, Obama Campaign Spokesman.


I was flipping around, working the tivo in two rooms, in a desperate search for ANY media/obama supporter who could provide the eventual talking points for why palin is less experienced than obama...

I couldn't find one willing to offer argument.

The funniest dem?
Wolfson, with a sh*t eating grin on fox. He was a guy who lost to obama, despite making the very argument that obama has 'zero' experience for hillary's campaign. He had the look on his face that reeked of vindication.

simple demographics?
400k watch olberdud, 40 million plus just watched palin decimate a 'community coordinator'.

That's 100 to 1 in viewership.
40 to 1 versus the nyt, or wapo.

Limbaugh will slap another 20 million onto her 40+.

Obama better come up with 65 million votes if he wants to keep it close.

McCain/Palin will break 70 million.



weak tea...they are very, very, very nervous.

The media didn't nip it in the bud like hoped.

Hence the Fox interview.




weak tea...they are very, very, very nervous.

The media didn't nip it in the bud like hoped.

Hence the Fox interview.



Palin is the left's worst nightmare.


At Ace of Spades HQ they've been doing this for three hours running:




Palin = Duke of Wellington

Obama = Napoleon


and so on...

I've never seen anything like it...


• drag the columns back to Hollywood


Great choice, John McCain.

Greg Q

She had me in tears once. And had two lines that made me cheer.

I read Beldar, I expected her to be good. I wasn't disappointed.

I liked the way she trashed Obama, but I felt the last shot at Obama got in the way of the flow of her speech (your last paragraph should be up, with no down parts).

Now I wait to see how real Americans responded (not being sarcastic. I doubt I know a single "undecided voter." Tons of lefties, not nearly enough righties, but damn few if any of the people who go both ways).

Thomas Jackson

I love the nonsense from the Left about delivering a prepared speech. Ooooow I bet they think the Dalibama writes his own stuff. The joke is when cut loose from his teleprompter we all know the intelligence level and agility of this Havard grad.

I've got a dog that's smarter than stuttering Barry.


Ooooow I bet they think the Dalibama writes his own stuff.

You may have missed the TIME magazine and Politico articles about the process Obama was using to write his speech. There were pictures of him alone, and him with Axelrod, and him with his speechwriter Jon Favreau and a few other guys putting the finishing touches on it. It was a whole big publicly-reported thing, but I'm sure that isn't because Barack was trying to draw attention to it.

Leslie Brooks

Oh, please! Magnificent? From John Cole's Baloon Juice (www.balloonjoice.com) read this:
There was a flutter of attention when McCain campaign manager Rick Davis told a group of Post reporters and editors yesterday that his team was having to rework the vice presidential acceptance speech because the original draft, prepared before Gov. Sarah Palin was chosen, was too “masculine.” While we all wondered to ourselves what might make a speech masculine or feminine, no one batted an eye at the underlying revelation: that the campaign was writing the nominee’s speech before knowing who the nominee would be.


So when you watch Sarah Palin tonight, expect to learn something about how well she handles a Teleprompter. Expect to learn something about the McCain campaign’s assessment of its political standing with women, or working families, or social conservatives. Whether you’re learning what Sarah Palin really thinks or feels is anybody’s guess.

This is cynical manipulation of Americans least capable of understanding how they're being used to someone else's political advantage at their own expense. Of course we shouldn't look to Sarah Palin for leadership or inspiration, or to her McCain staff- manufactured persona. She's someone who won beauty pageants and worked as a sportscaster on TV (so can read her lines,) and then with just 600 votes she won on a right to life platform became a small town mayor and learned about lobbying for earmarks with Ted Stevens, which she did with great enthusiasm despite what she may say now, and then became Governor of Alaska which she's been for a couple of years, not without ethics issues still unrespolved, despite what she says about being a reformer now.

Take a deep breath and collect your senses!


Before anyone criticizes Leslie's post, I'd like to point out that the majority of it was written by somebody else, so there's no reason to think Leslie agrees with it.

JM Hanes

Why would Obama need to have a speech writer on board? He's been giving the same speech for months. Whether it's billed as a foreign policy speech or an economics speech depends on which parts he leaves out. I'm willing to believe he wrote the Best Speech on Racism Evah, himself, which is probably why people only remember the part about his typical white grandmother.

Irony Award of the night goes to Jeff Toobin, describing Palin's speech as smug, sarcastic and cutting.


Despite all of the justly indignant ladies taking issue with the sexist treatment of Palin by the liberal media, the Palin phenomenon is not a feminist one. The story is not that she is a woman.

This is a Reagan phenomenon. She communicates as effectively as the Gipper. The facial cues, the infectious happiness, the diction, pace and rhythm of the speech, the exemplary conservatism, the executive ability, and the absolute fearlessness. There is no word for it. Reagan was the first one of this kind, and Palin the second. With this limitation in the English language, I can only call her "another Reagan."

I've seen enough. I'm now willing to bet that the last two boxes on the checklist will be checked off:

That she knows the meaning of the Constitution and the Founding Fathers' philosophy.

That she has a command of national and international affairs (Madagascar, Laffer curve, etc.)

And by the way, Obama's oratorical power is not Reaganesque. It manipulates by playing on the resentments of the crowd. It puts the personality of the speaker at the focus. It is not uplifting with regard to what has been and what is in America but only about some new society that Obama wants to give to the resentful. Obama is a footnote to history. Palin is a chapter. Obama has a fascist cult of personality. There is no Reagan cult of personality and there will be none for Palin. Because what they're doing isn't about them or they're power.

M. Simon

I have some reaction from Hillary supporters.

The Orange Revolution.

Former Hillary supporters who are not just voting for McCain/Palin but who are also very much fired up about it. A few are even talking about enlisting in the McCain/Palin Army.

And you know what the sweetest thing is? Most of us knew it within hours of her selection.

And it only took 5 days for the rest of the nation to catch on.

I ♥ Sarah'cudda and Johnny Mac


GMax - still want to bet we won't take at least one house?

Cross posted from the previous thread.


The Thrilla from Wasilla

hit and run

It's Morning in America.

M. Simon


Love it!


PUK - We have Palin, the Dem's are flailin'!
If our voters turn out, it will sure be a rout.
Joe Biden? Obama? They can't beat this momma.

If you're at all libertarian, vote
this smokin-hot librarian.


It's Morning in America.

And a bright one indeed.

I'm still smiling. And the left is no doubt still sputtering. I hear Obama is going to quit on O'Reilly tonite.


Good Morning to All!
What a great night, had a 30 some year old niece call last night after the speech, she was just bouncing off the walls, so exciting about Palin. I've never before heard her say a word about politics. Palin is going to really bring out the votes, IMO.

M. Simon

Did a tour around various R sites. See a lot of comments similar to our TCO - I could never in a million years vote for McCain, but I'm voting for Palin.

Base support just went from 90% to 97%.

Cross posted.


And the left is no doubt still sputtering
Actual headline on Yahoo: "Palin never ordered the Alaska National Guard to do anything". Her Chief of Staff signed off on some stuff, and the service commander said she delegated a lot of authority to him, but apparently the DNC's media arm thinks it's important to let me know...something, I'm not sure what.
There's also a "fact check" article out that explains that Biden did get more votes for President than Palin got for mayor.
The article didn't challenge the idea that Obama is grossly unqualified to be President, so I'm assuming McClatchy takes that as fact.
That's probably the reason Obama is planning on dropping out on O'Reilly tonight.


You heard that, too, Jane? Is he supposed to quit the race entirely, or just switch positions with Biden?


Good morning!

You know she did well when the narrative suddenly shifts from "she can't hack it" to "she didn't write the speech," "it was too nasty," minor fact-checking, etc.

M. Simon, I think the link to the PUMA site on Power and Control is broken. If you have it, I'd love to read some of those comments on the home site. The PUMA orange story is new to me.


You heard that, too, Jane? Is he supposed to quit the race entirely, or just switch positions with Biden?


I hadn't heard the switching positions thing. But it wouldn't surprise me as Obama tries to salvage something after investing in all those styrofoam columns.

Captain Hate

Anybody think Howard Dean's prescription pad lost a little weight last night?

Or that a midnight call went out to BOB SHRUM??


What's with Typepad? Since last night it's been acting up.

M. Simon

Over here:


The Ds are already at each other's throats.

They think they still have a chance.


M. Simon

Over here:


The Ds are already at each other's throats.

They think they still have a chance.



Palin on Obama: the "The One" has no clothes

She did the press's job of vetting Obama

M. Simon


Thanks! Fixed.

M. Simon


Do you have a definite source or is it just a rumor I started being recycled?


No executive experience

Obama seems to have left out this job from his resume ..

"Recently [1995] he [Obama] was appointed president of the board of the Annenberg Challenge Grant, which will distribute some $50 million in grants to public-school reform efforts."

... I wonder why ... this would be an excellent comeback for Obama to all those complaints that he never had executive experience or handled a payroll.


M. Simon,

It's a joke. But don't tell anyone.


I'm still pretty concerned about all this talk that Obama is the Anti-Christ. I just hope that O'Reilly gives him the opportunity to clear his good name; allegations like these should be confronted head-on, and in detail.


Hey, have you guys heard Obama is going to drop out of the race on O'Reilly tonight? Apparently he wants to get in to recycling.

not bgates

The word on Obama is he's trying to drop weight to become a professional cyclist.


Did anyone else see Gloria Borger's reaction to the news that Harry Reid's spokesman had called Palin's speech "shrill?" She knew right away how big a mistake it was.


Thanks, M. Simon!


Great speech by Palin. Too bad she's at the bottom of the ticket.


Oh don't worry william, the left is planning on McCain dying immediately.



This may be why Obama doesn't wish to elaborate about the Annenberg Challenge -

"The “bottom line” according to the report was that the CAC did not achieve its goal of improvement in student academic achievement and nonacademic outcomes. While student test scores improved in the so-called Annenberg Schools that received some of the $150 million disbursed in the six years from 1995 to 2001."

“This was similar to improvement across the system….There were no statistically significant differences in student achievement between Annenberg schools and demographically similar non-Annenberg schools. This indicates that there was no Annenberg effect on achievement.”


It was a total failure.


It will be hard for McCain to top Palin's speech, but I hope he says something like this at some point:

"Senator Obama and the Democrats claim that if you elect me as your president, I'll just bring you 4 more years of President Bush's administration."

"After 9/11, President Bush had some tough choices to make. All of his critics and the pundits were certain Al Qaeda and Islamic terrorists would hit us again soon, and that it was just a matter of time before we suffered even more serious attacks here on US soil - perhaps even with WMDs obtained from state sponsors like Iraq, Iran, Syria, North Korea, and Libya."

"But President Bush chose to reject the "law enforcement" approach to terrorism - the same approach, by the way, that Senator Obama would take us back to - and chose to go on the offense, to take the fight to THEM. Radical Islam had declared war on us - not the other way around - and President Bush decided that if we must fight that war, let's fight it in on THEIR turf and in THEIR streets, not ours."

"By doing so, President Bush has ensured that we've enjoyed almost 7 full years since 9/11 without suffering another terrorist attack on American soil. Do I plan to repeat that success, and bring you more of that kind of peace and security? You're damn right I do."

"And so should they".


I haven't been watching the broadcast networks, but I haven't noticed any Obama advertising during the convention. I thought he had more money than he knew what to do with.

And didn't his campaign say he'd run a congratulatory ad tonight? Is he still going to do that or will he have a couple lines of approbation on O'Reilly instead?


Well, add Peggy Noonan to the list of failed overpaid oracles. She wasn't writing much of interest anyway lately but her open mike fiasco last night probably cost her the last of her readers.
Really, there ought to be term limits for pundits.


From The Page:

On “Fox and Friends,” Biden said Palin is wrong on Iraq, argued “no one ever doubted the surge would work in bringing down the violence,” they’re missing a political solution.

The attempt to rewrite history continues.


The unspoken dynamic this morning is that the conversation is the comparison between Palin and Obama -- with Palin the incontrovertible winner.

How clever, if planned; how fortunate if not. Palin is not George W. Bush and no level of campaigning will make it so.

Furthermore, in one stroke, McCain has demonstrated solid judgment about whom he chooses to associate with -- which Obama has not. This is the characteristic that sets presidents apart.

Finally, McCain and Palin have stolen hope and change from the party for whom the phrase meant only an avenue to power.


Steyn is back:

Credit where it's due

I would like to thank the US media for doing such a grand job this last week of lowering expectations by portraying Governor Palin - whoops, I mean Hick-Burg Mayor Palin - as a hillbilly know-nothing permapregnant ditz, half of whose 27 kids are the spawn of a stump-toothed uncle who hasn't worked since he was an extra in Deliverance.

How's that narrative holding up, geniuses? Almost as good as your "devoted husband John Edwards" routine?

I trust even now Maureen Dowd is working on a hilarious new column mocking proposed names for the Governor's first grandchild. Perhaps Richard Cohen can just take the week off and they can rerun his insightful analysis comparing the Palin nomination to Caligula making his horse a consul. Whereas we sophisticates all know that if McCain were as smart as Obama he'd have nominated a dead horse to be his consul. No wait...

Via the Corner

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Mornin' everyone. Patterico wants us to stop calling it Troopergate and rename to Tasergate. Good suggestion, if it has to be called a gate at all.


Here's what Obama said....

"The speech that Governor Palin gave was well delivered, but it was written by George Bush's speechwriter and sounds exactly like the same divisive, partisan attacks we've heard from George Bush for the last eight years. If Governor Palin and John McCain want to define 'change' as voting with George Bush 90% of the time, that's their choice, but we don't think the American people are ready to take a 10% chance on change."

It WAS a pretty speech, but to talk about
Washington being broken (by INSIDERS which could have no connection to McCain becasue he is such a 'maverick') so we're going to give you FOUR MORE YEARS of the Bushistic insider, is just too funny.

I can't wait until Palin finally gets 'vetted'. They have carefully dodged any interviews, until now. But after this loquacious speech, how can they resist?


" ... The attempt to rewrite history continues. ..."

And, unfortunately, it will for a long time to come. Because much of history will be written by the liberal, partisan hacks who still dominate the Ivory Towers of academia, the board rooms of mainstream media, the halls of the Federal bureaucracy, and the studios of Hollyweird.

Nigerian anti-graft investigators have seized money raised by the head of the Nigerian Stock Exchange to support US presidential candidate Barack Obama.

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