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September 14, 2008



The times editorial board also endorsed John McCain. Let's face it, they aren't the smartest bunch.

John Q. Public

I'm more concerned about America hatin' Michelle O. That is one angry spouse!


Sarah's husband like Bill's wife like all the other trash that works for the government. Families passing around influence and cash to son and daughters like private industry. Everyone who is running has been on the federal payroll for generations.


Well then stop hating her John.

John Q. Public

I think you mean stop concernin' about her. I ain't no playr hater. But no matter, she ain't no playr.


Ace has video of Obama touting his CAC experience


LUN baby LUN


oops, think I shot the LUN :)

baked alaska

Senator John McCain has drawn some of the biggest crowds of his presidential campaign since adding Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to his ticket on Aug. 29. Now officials say they can't substantiate the figures McCain's aides are claiming.

McCain aide Kimmie Lipscomb told reporters on Sept. 10 that an outdoor rally in Fairfax City, Virginia, drew 23,000 people, attributing the crowd estimate to a fire marshal.

Fairfax City Fire Marshal Andrew Wilson said his office did not supply that number to the campaign and could not confirm it. Wilson, in an interview, said the fire department does not monitor attendance at outdoor events.

In recent days, journalists attending the rallies have been raising questions about the crowd estimates with the campaign. In a story on Sept. 11 about Palin's attraction for some Virginia women voters, Washington Post reporter Marc Fisher estimated the crowd to be 8,000, not the 23,000 cited by the campaign.


Crown Control

"Washington Post reporter Marc Fisher"

Now there's an independent source. What? Was Marc counting on his fingers and toes instead of jotting notes on the speech?

Who cares about crowd counts? McCain/Palin have it won.

Now let's talk about 2012....

bio mom

So what is your point?

Danube of Thought

The Times is beyond parody.

How about the polls, Baked--you think they're phony, too?

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Half Baked: That is only half the article I read, where is the rest?

Danube of Thought

From the Politico"

"In the wake of Sarah Palin, John McCain has opened up a 15-point lead among independents, according to a new Gallup Poll — and Barack Obama has a real problem.

"Since the GOP convention and his selection of the Alaska governor as his running mate, McCain has changed a months-long tie among independents into a 52 to 37 percent advantage. Support for McCain among self-described "conservative Democrats" has jumped 10 points, to 25 percent, signaling the shift among swing voters to McCain."

It's not going to be close. What are they going to do when they awaken to the reality of defeat? What are they going to say?

My goodness, this is going to be fun...


Faked Alaska is certainly a phony.


When MP win,Obama will declare a fatwa on them.


Ace has video of Obama touting his CAC experience

Wow, could this be the '08 "throbbing memo"?

Where the hell has this been?


Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy


why don't the Lehman bankruptcy trustees sue the past recipients of those huge bonuses for their money back?



Its only started.


Who's the mole in Obama's campaign that released the footage of Obama touting his chairmanship of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge?

JM Hanes

Palin & Palin: Sounds like a twofer to me!

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Oh my. Has the O-man been outed?

Co-Worker: Obama Inflated His Resume


So what is Todd's approval rating? Is it as high as the Govenor's?


Yeah, let's start in with 'Behind every successful woman, there is a man'.


More: BoA buyout of Merrill



I know. Follow the money.....Wall Street made billions creating a market for securitized mortgage loans and then regulating it poorly.....Perhaps this is the opportunity to recover some of those outrageous bonuses.


Good heavens, he confesses the soul of a taqiyah adept. Is he true to anything but himself? If so, what is it? And if not, quelle sociopathy.


Todd is a secret weapon. I thought they might have been tempted to use him during Gustav, just have him down there with his worn Deadliest Catch rain gear helping out, but they've obviously decided to keep him in reserve, and save him for a better opportunity. Never once has he been quoted defending his wife or family, or stating an opinion on anything. Think of it, of all the possible women to make it in politics, none have a man who can rival Todd.

JM Hanes

For further amusement at the Times expense, John Harwood opines on how tricky it will be for McCain to separate himself from Bush. In a counterfactual flourish he actually tries to included Palin in on that:

"Ms. Palin displayed little familiarity with economic policy details in her interview last week with Charles Gibson of ABC News, but the instincts she articulated matched Mr. Bush’s preference for minimizing government’s role."
I won't bother stating the obvious about the Gibson interview. Harwood apparently didn't notice that Bush's lack of interest in minimizing government has been conservatives' chief complaint. I actually used to think that Harwood was a bright guy.


Actually, again from no personal experience, I believe First Dude Sebelius is a winner, too. I believe he's the son of a Republican Representative from Western Kansas. She, of course, is the daughter of a Democratic Ohio Governor.

JM Hanes

Sara: Someone was looking for that Business International quote just the other day. Wish I could remember who. I couldn't even remember where to look for it.


I'd bet Obama would more likely switch to her rather than Clinton. He's afraid of Bill.


Ok, something else on Todd. In the article on running, in which Sarah was quoted talking about her ultimate fantasy of running in shorts and a thin, sweat-wicking top, she also spoke of the upper-body workout associated with snowmachines. Here.

Todd's a world champion at this.


One of the reasons Sebelius is so pissy right now is she knows that if the Obama campaign had sighted Palin over the horizon, she'd have been the pick instead of Joe, the Madame Tussaud's exhibit. Worse, she knows she should have warned them.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

JMH: I just finished reading thru the comments. There are 3 others who worked at the same place and they pretty much all have the same opinion. They call it embellish, I call it lie.




clarice got an Instalanch on her ACORN blog post at American Thinker


Here is Stanley Kurtz' article at NRO from May On Obama and ACORN.

Link under name


Actually, again from no personal experience, I believe First Dude Sebelius is a winner, too.

Sebelius is toxic. She probably counldn't get reelected in Kansas right now. She's shut down crucial electrical generation projects and generally funded the cities while letting the rest of the state go to hell.


Inflated crowd figures?

Anyone remember the Obama Berlin Speech?

" Barely five minutes before the speech was supposed to start, ZDF Berlin studio chief Peter Frey added, "We do estimate that 20,000 [literally, "a couple of ten thousand"] people have turned out." Frey's tone, like that of Gelhard, reflected the gap between the relatively modest number cited and the lofty predictions that had preceded the event."

""Obama Addresses 200,000 in Berlin" -- thus ran the AP headline the day after Barack Obama's much-hyped speech in front of Berlin's Siegessäule or "Victory Column."

When you see an Obama crowd estimate quoted by AP, one can be sure one is seeing BS.


I just saw the video at Flopping Aces on Obama and the CAC.

The meat works. But I'd redo the video. It's too heavy handed to have a wide audience.

I haven't thought about it, but I think it needs to be casual conversational rather than heavy music and bold text.

"Obama as built this house of cards, and only a little solid reporting brings it down! The video's all there! Listen to him on O'Reilly..."

"Stop it there! That's not the truth. Here's the truth in his own words..."

and follow it on through.

"It's worse than "There is no 'there' there. ... It's that what IS there about Obama is not what Americans want for president."


*** Obama has built ***


Man, but would I hate (snort) to be an Alaskan legislator (giggle) pressured by (hee, hee) a world champion (ha, ha!) snowmobile racer...


Ah, the good old Times... always good for a laugh, ha, ha!


Well, thanks for telling me Rich. Wait until OODAman finds out-He'll be verklempt for sure. (Wink)


The numbers of absentee ballots are astonishing. This mushroom is ripe for, or is it rife with, fraud. Surely registrations are being, or is it could be and should be, verified; it were negligence, otherwise.


"Washington Post reporter Marc Fisher estimated the crowd to be 8,000, not the 23,000 cited by the campaign."

Ok half baked, let's split the difference and call it 15,000, ok? Are the smear sites weak on subject matter tonight, and that was the best you found sifting through the garbage?



Charlie is the man, he probably already let you know...I jumping around the different threads.


Boy I think that piece at Sweetness and Light is deadly. And I think we have pegged the big O perfectly.


Ironically, Lehman, thanks to Ed Morse, seems to have bet well on oil, not so well on subprime. About Greenspan's remarks, I'd say that he differs with George Strong (the fed chief during the 1920s bubble) mostly by the fact that he passed away before his
malfeasance was recognized. I've pointed out how the 18 consecutive months ofinterest
rate hikes! did a great deal to sow the seeds of this crisis. Apparently, coming up with material to justify that million dollar
advance (oil is important) and dealing with Andrea Mitchell; for which we can almost sympathize in light of her latest peregrinations to the shrine of Dunham.

Memeorandum I must admit, is like a 'box of chocolates, one has no idea what you're going to get' except the left side is solipsistically deranged, and the right is generally normal. Annenberg's work, one recalls that Kathleen Jameson's work almost invariably cast Bush Sr.s campaign in a bad light. The previous connection to Obama through the CAC may make them pull their punches. I say this because their take on Obama's 'not present' in that sex education
initiative, seems very shallow. If Lord Rove wills it, who am I to object
The 'outrage'over this ad, exhibited by the This Weak round table, was deflated by what was characterized as George Will's 'Who Cares' look. No outrage was exhibited for Obama's plea for relevance against McCain, which blew up on him like Wile E Coyote with an ACME kit; for the lack of decent google scan. In retrospect the SNL skit portraying Palin as Marge Gunderson, belies
the ending to Fargo; she was the only left standing versus the oily con man used car dealer (Obama, although Biden fits the mold) and the inept hitman (Axelrod. Burton. Plouffe, et al.

Charlie (Colorado)

Actually, I've been mostly away from the computer all day. Congratulations, Clarice!



I'm considering taking some sick days to go out to kick some ACORN butt. How about getting us a few Colorado locations? I know you are up to the task. What a great photo op! Oh do let your GF Michelle know!

JM Hanes

"Inflated crowd figures?"

A lot of officials have stopped provided crowd counts publicly. DC was one of the first places I remember hearing about it, in connection with something on the Mall. I can't remember whether it was a matter of liability or of the controversy that always ensures (although my impression is the latter). I wouldn't be surprised if some of those who wouldn't go on record with a reporter, might be willing to take an informed guess on the QT.

Sara: Yeah, it sounds just like everything we know or suspect about him, doesn't it?

JM Hanes


I bet a lot more folks have seen Fargo than the NYTimes, don't you? That's a brilliant association -- and I think the SNL skit may actually tend more to reinforce it rather than the reverse. Palin is the "character" everybody always misunderestimates.

Patrick R. Sullivan

Considering the investment portfolio Todd has put together for himself, I'd suggest he might make a good Sec'y of Treasury.


OODAMAN, Is responding to the rumor mill wearing you out? It must be like sweeping out the Augean stables.


Please make sure you all put "Contentions" blog on your favorites. Jennifer Rubin posts there. She's fabulous!



narciso, I forgot Ed Morse was with Lehamn Bros. He's an old friend. In fact, if it gets slow around here one night I might tell hoe the security guards at Heathrow once thought he had two wives one of whom was me.


I didn't see the SNL skit - does it explicitly potray her as Marge Gunderson? Marge (and her husband) are not only the last people standing but also the only characters in Fargo with any integrity. Marge is the moral center of the film. I would consider it quite a compliment to be compared to Marge.


It doesn't portray her that way..it's a joint appearance with Palin/Hillary decrying sexism--but Fey makes her seem somewhat rubish and Gunderson like. Who doesn;t like Marge anyway? And yes she was the damned hero of the movie.



The Rasmussen Daily



Obama says he worked at CAC


In case you missed this - Dan Collins at PW Pub finds this

about Palin and the Alaskan public safety official whom she fired, Walter Monegan.

In October 1994, Monegan's estranged wife, who had moved from Alaska to the Peninsula with the couple's two daughters after more than 10 years of marriage, sought a temporary restraining order against him - accusing Monegan of threatening to kill her, waving a gun at her and dislocating her shoulder, according to her declaration on file in Santa Clara County Superior Court.

In an interview last week, Georgene Moldovan said Monegan had threatened several times to throw her body in an Alaska river....Moldovan was an emergency room doctor and professor at Stanford

Dan's link under name.


Very interesting, TS.Sounds like he has a problem with women. Doesn't it?



Liberalism is morally bankrupt in general. Within their hysterics they end up making no sense


JM Hanes-

Instapundit links 2 articles about Freddie and Fannie that will interest you in regards to your public-private partnership article.


Open Secrets



as Dan says

"It will be fascinating to observe how the nutroots justify their belief in the one set of allegations but not the other."

seems just a bit worse than a pubic hair on a coke can, if you ask me, no?


BTW - the left is teeing Biden up for an Eagleton...

Andy Ostroy / The Huffington Post:NEW! Why Replacing Biden With Hillary Makes Perfect Sense for Obama — Sen. Joe Biden's a perfectly appropriate vice presidential running-mate for Sen. Barack Obama. He's got 36 years of Senate experience, is a true intellect, a foreign policy expert, and a genuinely nice guy.

link is a memorandum


Clair McCaskill today:

But women of America are going to kick the tires the next 55 days, George, and they’re going to going to find out that this is a ticket that wants to put women in prison for having an abortion after they have been raped.

Crazy, eh?


Jill Greenberg redux



I posted this on the other thread but to go with your link:

The thing about the Hillary Question is that the only difference she could make is if the DNC were to dump Obama? I just don't see Hillary or Bill willing to risk their political capital on a losing bet. Yea, Biden might want to go spend more time with his family, but Obama would have to scrap deep down in the barrel to find someone to replace him.

It comes down to a point I've hit over and over: Obama lost the PA primary by 20 points. His money, the "youth vote", his ACORN ground game were totally rejected in Western PA, in some counties, by 80%-20%. Those democrat voters were telling the DNC they aren't going to vote for Obama-period. In the general election he won't and can't make up those sorts of differences with an extra 2-3% in the urban areas. Gov. Rendell knows this too, and why would he take the risk of a vote fraud crack down looping into PA, putting his own future in 2012 at risk.

Its crazy talk about dropping Biden for Hillary or anyone else.

M. Simon


That is the usual panel at WTTW (PBS) Chicago.


The New Yorker's profile of Palin's Alaska, with illustrations by Barry Blitt:href //www.newyorker.com/reporting/2008/09/22/080922fa_fact_gourevitch>, that problematic illustrator; has kind of noirish twist, designed to only be written for those who never have seen Sarah Palin, kind of a valentine to Ted Stevens. Coming from Gourevitch, it's doubly disapointing since he came to notice for his harrowing
tale of the Rwandan genocide, so he's reduced to this hatchet job. it elides the
Wooten allegations, even more thoroughly than Newsweek even tried to. It goes to an almost Stalinist example, to misrepresent the whole Bristol/Mulray controversy, which has been two weeks of Sullivan, Kos, Huff Po doing their best impression of Ginzberg's
'Howl' "the finests mind of my generation, driven mad" It almost matches that faux PDS riven Atlantic cover, proposed by the folks of AoS. As a historical account, it's fairly useless, as fiction it rivals Michael Chabon's recent tale of Alaska as
a magical realist alternate Jewish settlement.

M. Simon

B. Clinton had bimbo eruptions.

∅bama has corruption eruptions.

You heard it here second. Classical Values was first.

GMax - I'm still going for the House and Senate. What say you?

Rick Ballard


Oil closed under $100 on the NYMEX electronic market this afternoon. Ginnie Mae is gone, Freddie Mac went with her, Lehman's gone, B of A is trying to figure out which parts of Merrill are actually edible, someone is standing on AIG's oxygen hose and JPM still has a bit of gas from the Bear Stearns snack.

One couldn't really fault hoi polloi for loading the financial aristoi on tumbrils and taking them for a short ride. They really have earned it and I'd certainly cheer should the Goldman Sachs $150 oil target boys roll by heading for a date in front of Madame Defarge at her knitting.

This is one hell of a roller coaster ride and we still have the probable Ford/GM bankruptcies ahead.


I actually used to think that Harwood was a bright guy.

Harwood is bright, but he's been busy this summer explaining how Obama having no stance on anything proves he's not an entrenched ideologue.
The fact that Obama is against the Iraq war, and will bring troops home now, yet leave some troops behind, yet will decide based on facts on the ground was, to Harwood, absolute brilliant proof of his readiness to lead.

J Verner

Speaking of the first dude--I just followed a link via a Lucianne comment to an article in the anchorage newspaper about Wooten, the psycho ex-brother-in -law of Sarah Palin.

Oh. MY. God. It is ever worse than I thought. And the reader comments are priceless. Seems many locals know ole Mike. And what they have on record is only the tip of the Alaskan iceberg! Multiple DUIs that people are ready to come forward on, married four times, or maybe five. Had an affair (why the marriage to Molly McCann broke up) with some skank named Angela Johnson who has been married three times, and left her five kids to be with Mike--until she left him because he beat her. And that's not half of it.

The locals are hot, love thier Sarah, and are ready to dish it on ole Mike.

Gosh I hope the dims make this an october surprise--a witch hunt lead by those three Obama supporters. Please Please Please.

Imagine how it's going to play in states like Pa. Many of us have sisters who we adore--who have horrible taste in men. Many will relate to the hell Wooten has put the Palin/Heath family through. Many will wonder why in the hell the union was protecting this monster, and why he was not immediately fired. Many will see it as just more democrat viciousness aimed at a great lady and her family. And the McCain camp is ready.

Oh, I read Michael Chabon's latest, and though it was great!! Alternate historical fiction at it's best--and such great language.

M. Simon

Corruption Eruption

Simple Simon

Why are you concerned about Obama switching to Hillary, do you not remeber theeir April debate on which she finally hit him on Ayers and he shut her up on the Susan Rosenberg pardon by Bill. Their leftist leanings would be completely exposed.And don't forget the FALN pardons. It would expose Clinton's true legacy.

In fact I am surprised that Palin or no one brought up the 1993 WTC attack regarding the Charles Gibson interview. I am sick of the moral relativism of the MSM and leftist. If you are religious you are acrusader and war monger while we have to be Politically correct about not calling it Islamofacism. That is why they wanted to say that Palin got the IraQ mission wrong.



Its crazy talk about dropping Biden for Hillary or anyone else.

I think so too. Hillary is in a good position right now and Palin is doing her loads of image enhancement..

I just think it to be very, very --shall we say schedenfreud-istic - to see nutroots now floating an Biden/Eagleton with a sunny smile on their face of an idea (aka - we're scared crapless and know Biden isn't an inspiring pick) after they were so cocksure snarky to start Palin/Eagleton meme right out of the gate.

Egg meet Face.


Question concerning Wooten. If Wooten did something on duty that resulted in a lawsuit against the state, wouldn’t his disciplinary record be used against him and make it more likely the state would be found liable? And also increase the amount of the judgment against the state. I would think only a completely irresponsible manager would not want to get rid of an employee like Wooten.



I haven't kept up on all the ins and out of CAC

CV says

∅bama and Ayers is going to break out big time now that there is video footage out there where ∅bama admits the connection.

Has he not admitted to the CAC connection?

And is the footage of him praising the likes of Phelger (or whatever his name is) new?



True. As far as targets go GS is about the only one left and I'm not sure how their BRIC theroy, de-coupling theory, and obviously the 150$/bbl oil plays are holding up. I think they have enough money they could take the firm private though. I heard JPM might try to get WUMU on the cheap for their deposit base.

M. Simon


I don't think there is video of him talking about CAC "educational" efforts.

There is lots of stuff on his corrupt dealings. If we can make it a tidal wave we can get the public interested. Then Shrinking Media will have to take notice. About 10 days is the usual lag.

If we can tag the Ds as the party of corrupt elections and uber dirty deals we take back the legislature.

JM Hanes


If you haven't seen the SNL Palin/Clinton video yet, you can watch it here at HotAir.

J Verner

ROA, of course. Wooten was an extreme danger to public safety, and believe me, if Palin had not complained about him as she did, the democrats would now be accusing her of sheltering a psycho just because he was her ex-brother in law.

As governor, she could not fire him, The union would not have let her do it for one, and then he could have also howled that she was doing it just to be vindictive because of the custody battle.

But of course, that's not the issue they are going to try and hang her with. They are going to try and say that she fired whats his name, who served at the governor's pleasure the way I understand it, because he wouldn't fire Wooten. Well, Palin says she had other problems with the guy, and if not having the guts to stand up to the union and get Wooten off the force is an example of his leadership skills, I would be astonished if there were not many other actionable issues.

Note to Camp Obama. If you have any brains left, you will find a way to end this quietly. At this point, Sarah Palin is not just Ronald Reagan grade teflon, she is RR grade teflon sprayed with PAM. The Obamamedia has already blown the wad where she is concerned. Anything they try to do to her will just hurt Obama.



Question concerning Wooten. If Wooten did something on duty that resulted in a lawsuit against the state, wouldn’t his disciplinary record be used against him and make it more likely the state would be found liable?

This was Gov. Palin and her staff's concern. It had happened a few times in her tenure in the state with other Troopers. She wanted to clean up and professionalize the Alaska State Troopers and she got push back from the union. How the democrats can spin this as a negative for Gov. Palin seems beyond me?

On another point with the "scandal"-that the Palin's had "access" to Wooten's personnel file-I think those documents were probably discovery for the divorce proceeding so I don't see how the Dem's could claim any sort of abuse from disclosures from the files.

"I personally feel that I have done nothing morally wrong." He explained that he didn't know how much income he received from the property because his Dominican business partners would "start speaking Spanish."

Plenty of Americans know how he feels since the IRS tax form might as well be in Spanish. The tax code now runs to some 67,000 pages, and Mr. Rangel has probably written a few thousand himself in his 38 years on Capitol Hill. If even the nation's top tax writer can't figure out what to declare as income, and what not to declare, how can the rest of us be expected to get it right?

Not that the IRS will show Joe Taxpayer any mercy. In most disputes over even honest mistakes, the tax collectors presume guilt. Mr. Rangel is also one of those who like to denounce corporations that shield income overseas. He'd better hope both the IRS and his House colleagues treat him with more forbearance than he and they treat private citizens or businesses.

You can say that agian. Combo with his trips with a bunch of other dems to the Caribbean who did not report it even though they are required to and the dems cushy mortgage loans via corrupt Fannie/countrywide duo Johnson and Motillo and you have a full robust Culture of Major Corruption overseen by Mz Nancy.

Where's CREW?




Oh and apparently there is a whole lot more -

Roll Call - subscription required

Rangel's Papers in Disarray

By Paul Singer
Roll Call Staff
September 15, 2008

In June 2007, Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) reported that he had sold a condominium in Sunny Isles, Fla., for between $250,001 and $500,000.


Rangel, could have had his fishing buddy, Fidel, explain the tax forms, at any time;
man, that is a powerfully weak excuse. And
the logic of putting him as Chairman of Ways & Means, was what again?

JP Dawson

Wasn't Edith Wilson the first female president?


From the video where Obama is discussing the CAC. A close approximation of what was said:

Moderator: One of the criticisms that arises in connection with your candidacy is you simply haven’t been in the senate very long, the state senate. You have a limited track record in terms of time. What, what is your argument based on the one term you have served in the senate so far that makes you prepared for the Congress.

Obama: I’m in my second term, but its true certainly that both Senator Trotter and Congressman Rush have been in elected office longer than I have. I can’t deny that. Uh, I would argue though that my experience previous to elected office, uh, equips me for the job. You know, I have a background as an attorney, I’ve represented affordable housing organizations to build affordable housing, something that’s a major issue in the district, I’ve chaired major philanthropic efforts in the city like the Chicago Annenberg Challenge that gave 50 million dollars to prompt school reform efforts throughout the city...


Well, I checked CREW and not a word on Rangel - they are busy wiping egg off their face for having accused a Republican of something that turns out they had a letter in their file that exonerated him and "accidentally" over looked it, even though they included him on some annual corrupt list.

Crackerjacks the CREW crew is.

JM Hanes

Thanks for the links, Rich! I'm hoping to finish up on the piece tomorrow -- although it's beginning to look like I'm going to need a Part Deux. The hardest part (esp. for me!) is condensing things down into digestible pieces for folks who are starting with blank slates.


I don't see how the Dem's could claim any sort of abuse from disclosures from the files.
Rich, you know that the Dems have considered divorce proceedings sacrosanct for over four years now.

Rick Ballard

"If you have any brains left, you will find a way to end this quietly."


I must say that I disagree strenuously with this advice to the Obama campaign. They should spend more money, every dime, if possible, in making sure that their candidate's concerns about Palin are given full voice. If it were possible to turn the volume to 15, then I firmly believe that they should do so. For the good of the country.

I don't think that they've been nearly tough enough and certainly not loud enough - they have to show all of America what they are willing to do in order to win. I have faith that the American electorate will reward them appropriately.

Cecil Turner

The hardest part (esp. for me!) is condensing things down into digestible pieces for folks who are starting with blank slates.

JMH: Usually agree with you, but not always. I can't remember the last time I wished you'd been more concise. Might be never. I suspect you can comfortably expand wherever you wish, and the vast majority of readers will stick with you.


Sorry if this long, but thought you might find this interesting



Here's a little info on Obama advisor Jim Johnson

In 1990, Johnson went to work for the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) and quickly became its $5 million-a-year chairman. His compensation rose to a reported $21 million by his final year, 1998.

But Johnson did more than make a lot of money at Fannie Mae. He increased his connections — and his access to power — by establishing Fannie Mae foundations that spread around millions of dollars. Homeless shelters, colleges, hospitals all benefited from Fannie Mae Foundation money.

Given Fannie Mae's largess, it's likely no coincidence that Johnson was chairman of the Kennedy Center and the Brookings Institution at the time he was heading Fannie Mae. During this period, he was known in D.C.'s inner circles as "chairman of the universe.''

In a 1997 article critical of Fannie Mae's lavish ways, Slate called Johnson "Washington D.C.'s Medici," a reference to the Italian family that, beginning in the 13th century, produced popes, prospered in banking and sponsored the arts throughout Europe.

"... .But he is not a philanthropist with his own money,'' the Slate article said. "The fount of Johnson's generosity is Fannie Mae's foundation... .What makes Fannie Mae special is that it is essentially the taxpayers' money that Johnson is giving away.''


Fannie Mae Foundation Grants $1,472,772 since 1992 to 1999 with only 1 in 2004

ACORN Housing Corporation - Dallas
Dallas, TX $20,000 approved in 1993
Support of a housing counseling program.

ACORN Housing Corporation - Little Rock
Little Rock, AR $1,000 approved in 1997
Ninth Maxwell Awards of Excellence honorable mention grant for a 9-unit affordable homeownership project using sweat equity.

ACORN Housing Corporation - Washington, DC
Washington, DC $3,386 approved in 1994
Support of computer equipment necessary to operate the Desktop Home Counselor.

ACORN Housing Corporation of Illinois
Chicago, IL $3,386 approved in 1994
Support of the purchase of computer equipment required to operate the Desktop Home Counselor.

ACORN Housing Corporation of Illinois
Chicago, IL $35,000 approved in 1994
Support of the placement of Americorps members with homeownership counseling programs.

ACORN Housing Corporation-National
Chicago, IL $100,000 approved in 2004
General operating support of an organization that helps families of limited means to secure and protect decent housing by providing housing counseling services, building homes, and educating policy makers in Chicago, IL; Phoenix, AZ; and Brooklyn, NY

ACORN Housing Corporation-Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA $75,000 approved in 1999
General operating support of a national organization that works to provide information about affordable housing and financial services to low- and moderate-income families and minority people.

ACORN Housing Corporation-Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA $80,000 approved in 1997
Support of home-buyer fairs in 43 cities across the country.

ACORN Housing Corporation-Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA $12,000 approved in 1996
Support of the Philadelphia ACORN and Friends Bank Fair 1996, a home-buyer fair that includes workshops on homeowner insurance programs, buying a house, refinancing mortgages, and credit issues.

ACORN Housing Corporation-Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA $100,000 approved in 1996
Support of the National Loan Counseling Training and Support Center and support of mortgage loan counseling programs in Phoenix, Denver, Oakland, and Los Angeles.

ACORN Housing Corporation-Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA $68,000 approved in 1996
Support of home-buyer fairs in 26 cities, which include workshops on homeowner insurance programs, buying a house, refinancing mortgages, and credit issues.

ACORN Housing Corporation-Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA $100,000 approved in 1995
Support of the Loan Counseling Program, which provides training, technical assistance, and financial assistance to local loan counseling programs.

ACORN Housing Corporation-Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA $100,000 approved in 1993
Support of the homeownership counseling component of the national program and local ACORN programs in Philadelphia, Bridgeport, Baltimore and Atlanta.

ACORN Housing Corporation-Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA $100,000 approved in 1992
Support of the National Homeownership Counseling Program.


Cecil Turner

For those who are interested, my AT article on Palin's "book banning" kerfuffle is up at AT. We've got a bit of an issue with links to supporting docs, but the gist is there. It's frankly amazing to me that the MSM never found (or perhaps never reported) the initial book challenge that kicked this all off, or the contemporary statement by Emmons that undercuts the whole case, but I guess that's par for the course.

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