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September 08, 2008



Now he'll really be insufferable. Thanks a lot, TM>

Charlie (Colorado)

I just want to thank all the little people.

Which, when you're my size, is pretty much everyone.

They really do look blue today, don't they? Weird, usually they're sort of dishwater gray.


Good work Mister Martin sir.

Pierce Wetter

Charlie gets the prize for best comment.


Yay Charlie!!!!!

hit and run

Attaboy, Charlie!

I'm a big fan!!! Unless I were to stand next to you withoug special effects.


Don't let them spoil you Charlie with blandishments of boodle and babes,fast cars and fancy living.

Danube of Thought

Simply great, Charlie--you can just imagine how proud we JOM regulars are of you.


Ooh! I didn't get to see it on the first go around. Was the Fox News anchor wearing a Darth Vader T-shirt, too?

JM Hanes

Shoot, I could have put my collected kudos all in one place. Major congrats, Charlie & big hugs. You done good.


Sorry, Charlie--that Meghan was out this am.
You were a pro. Congrats. Perfect example of the "little people" of America doing BIG things.


You were great, Charlie. Did you plan to single out Andrew Sullivan as a prime smearer or were you just momentarily inspired?


Charlie, you remind journalists that news is getting the simple things right.


...and yet Chris Matthews was on Hardball today, saying Palin doesn't believe in evolution and doesn't want it taught. And the Republican strategist didn't correct him.


Very well done, Charlie!


Well Chris Matthews is certainly evidence against the theory of intelligent design.

Charlie (Colorado)

Don't let them spoil you Charlie with blandishments of boodle and babes,fast cars and fancy living.

I'd like to see them try.


Barney Frank

Excellent job Charlie.
Glad you're math literate as I suspect your list will soon be into exponents.

Charlie (Colorado)

And thanks, seriously, everyone.



The republicans allowed to appear on MSNBC are clueless. They never know enough to counter the argument. It's like they get out of bed, read through their talking points and practice their smile or outrage for the camera.


new rumor?: She's an extremist!

"If the press is correct, and I'm not prepared to make a judgment, her views on everything from global warming to other things, if they are as presented, they're pretty far out there," Biden said.


Charlie, I said it this morning and I'll say it again tonite: You rock!


I broke my boycott of one against O'Reilly. He really is a tool. He isn't smart enough to challenge Obama. I was shouting counter-questions at him right and left and he just sat there and ignored me.


One good thing about the O'Reilly interview though, McCain's camp now has ammunition to work with and know where to hit him at the debates.

hit and run

The republicans allowed to appear on MSNBC are clueless.




8:35AM on Monday 9:15AM Sometime between 8 and 9 AM NOW!!!!!


I have a question, maybe someone can speculate with me or for me...do you think they are putting Palin through mock interviews? Is that why they are allowing Gibson 2 days access, nothing off bounds? She is doing good in her mock interviews?


"Chris Matthews was on Hardball today, saying Palin doesn't believe in evolution and doesn't want it taught. And the Republican strategist didn't correct him."

Those strategists better figure out what's going on, Palin never pushed for creationist or abstinence education while in office. She'll make that clear, though, when Biden calls her "extreme" in the debate.

I can't help but think that Obama is proving to be a non-inspirational candidate, after all, for Democrats. Regardless of the magnitude of Palin's star power (I think it's considerable), I can't imagine Jack or Bobby Kennedy, or Bill Clinton (or heck, even George McGovern) flailing quite so desperately and ineffectively while attempting to deflect it.


I'm afraid Charlie might need bail money if we allowed him near the nincompoops at MSNBC.

hit and run

new rumor?: She's an extremist!

"Well, when you are so firmly a part of the establishment, so utterly associated with the status quo, such as Joe Biden, then yeah, when someone who promises profound reform in government and who has a history of enacting that reform comes on the scene, I suppose it does seem a bit extreme. And threatening -- to Joe Biden's job security."

hit and run

I'm afraid Charlie might need bail money if we allowed him near the nincompoops at MSNBC.

I'm not afraid of that. What I failed to mention before is that I have secured exclusive Pay Per View rights to the broadcast.


Hey Charlie, http://www.factcheck.org/elections-2008/sliming_palin.html>factcheck is trying to steal your thunder.


Charlie's a Dukie, you know.


Nice job Charles.

We're not worthy

We're not worthy.


Charlie's a Dukie

- Coach K -- a plus.
- 88 professors who are not embarrassed for their behavior in the scandal -- a minus.

Charlie will decide properly what part of Duke he is proud of.


Charlie Rocks and is my Hero.

Little do you know it, but you solved a family problem. My daughter sent a link of the Palin Rumor list to my evil SIL. Evil SIL posted a comment but blocked my daughter from her evil myspace, FOREVER. :) Problem solved without me having to do a thing. Thank YOU!!!

Looking forward to Christmas this year. She now knows I was part of the reply and that I've seen her despicable myspace.

If McCain/Palin win in November, I might just have to go home for Thanksgiving,too.

Silly, MC Hammer - "U can't touch this" keeps playing in my head.


computer scientist???

the shrewd coherence of the arguments and the sophistication of the reasoning that manifests themselves in your posts now make perfect sense.



do you think they are putting Palin through mock interviews?

Probably,and with different levels of hostility, but I don't think that Gibson would be crappy enough to ask her "Who is the Prime Minister of Djibouti". I could imagine the nutroots making that "the gaffe heard round the world" though.


And great job Charlie!!!!

Barry Dauphin

Olberman out on MSNBC, as Charlie Martin makes his debut on Fox.. coincidence?


Finally got a chance to watch the video, Charlie. Excellent stuff. Good content.

The anchor tried to suggest that you were like Obama's stopthesmears, but you are different.

You wanted to discover the truth of the rumors, while stopthesmears wanted to sidestep any truth in the rumors. And where are they now.

Charlie (Colorado)




Good lookin out! And you'd make an excellent public speaker. Ever think about entering the political arena? This party needs people like you.


I'll bet your head feels significantly larger than it did before. Good show old chap.


Good show! You do, of course, have the benefit of having the truth on your side. So that helps. A bunch.

As a semi-regular commenter and frequent lurker around here, all I can say is that I'm in awe. One man (or woman-Sarah!) can truly make a difference. Please accept my humble and heartfelt thanks!


Ever think about entering the political arena?

Many people who would be good at it have the good sense not to run.


way to go Charlie

one small criticism

why the heck did you not mention JOM in the list of blogs that have picked you up?

is TM chopped liver?

just kidding, way to go!!!



I could not be happier for a goof fellow who just went out to be a blogger, and, well, Michelle Malkin's body gaurd. Congrats!


Excellent job, Charlie.

Thanks for stepping up to the plate and refuting the BS being hurled around out there in the 'sphere.

It's a dirty job and, unfortunately, the Nutroots will direct more of their wrath at you as they become more desperate.


Make that GOOD fellow....but maybe you were a bit of a Good Fella in Denver>


On that crap about Obama on MTV last night ..

"If you're listening to a rock star in order to get your information on who to vote for, you're a bigger moron than they are. Why are we rock stars? Because we're morons. We sleep all day, we play music at night and very rarely do we sit around reading the Washington Journal." -- Vincent Furnier AKA Alice Cooper


Remember when I was promoting Alice Cooper for President. Truly, no moron he.

Cecil Turner

Nicely done, Charlie.

And hey, that Alice Cooper guy sounds pretty smart. Wonder who he's voting for . . . (just kidding).


There's actually a couple of conservative rockers: Nugent, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of Kiss, Kid Rock, Dave Mason. Nevermind all the country stars.


And as Neo pointed out, Alice Cooper is a conservative


Isn't iunny about fuabout how rockers who are true capilalists are conservatives.

JM Hanes

Charlie Gibson is a good solid choice. Despite lefty outrage, I don't think he spends his time trying to come up with gotcha questions. He won't shy away from controversial subjects, but he'll also try to elicit actual information. In other words, he's a grown up journalist. I thought he hosted the best, even handed, presidential debate back in 2004. I'm really disappointed that ABC decided to go with Schiffer who is not so much biased as he is simply beltway obtuse when it comes to what Republicans are really about.


Democrats think they can use "extremist" the way Republicans use "liberal." Unfortunately for Dems, only one of them is true.


Msg for JMH & SUE
just put in PHANTOM thread.

Not fast enough to keep up with you guys. Think I like it better, even with slower downloads, when it's one of those 800+ comments threads.


Kim: I still have all the KISS, Alice Cooper and Ted Nugent vinyls in boxes at Mom's house.


"No more Mr, Nice Guy....No more Mr Cle-eee-ean."


"...no more pundits.....no more victims....no more mantras...try and reason"


" Schoooooolsssszzzz out for November.........Schoooooooooolszzzz out cause we said.........Schoooolszzzzzz out for our Dem friends"

JM Hanes


I know what you mean about multi-threading. It's a whole new kind of scatterbrained.

Love the Sarah Action Figures! Not sure whether they're gurl toys or boy toys though. :-)


no more segues.....no more talking points...no more blaming Bush.......scared them away.............Schoooooooooollllllzzzz out for OBAMA"


Did you get the shoe info sent?



Where ya been? I've missed you!



Thank you for the information.


(better link here Jmh: http://www.herobuilders.com/08.htm)


I'm always reading and learning

commenters here are so smart I rarely need to make a point.



I know what you mean about multi-threading. It's a whole new kind of scatterbrained.

Multiple threads here are handled nicely with multiple browser tabs. If you are talking about multiple CPU threads (and I have to believe that you are not) then contact you local computer nerd.


I always sucked at Karyoke. Nobody was listening and worse, nobody was buying drinks and tipping your waitresses.


Greta is in Wasilla.



I have been watching Greta. I keep comparing all Sarah's friends to the fact that Hillary had to have her mother tell us she was really nice.

It also says something that everyone just calls her Sarah, IMO.

Patrick R. Sullivan

Congratualtions, Charlie.

I think you've got some work cut out for you regarding the Bridge to Nowhere, though.

I've been trying to find some support for the idea that Sarah originally supported it, but such is pretty thin. There are some suggestions that when she campaigned in Ketchikan in 2006 she sympathized about the residents there being slandered as living in 'nowhere', but I can't find any news stories in the Alaska papers that document that.

Further, there is this NY Times piece in Sept 07 crediting her with squelching it.

Gov. Sarah Palin ordered state transportation officials to abandon the ''bridge to nowhere'' project that became a nationwide symbol of federal pork-barrel spending. The $398 million bridge would have connected Ketchikan, on one island in southeastern Alaska, to its airport on another nearby island. ''Ketchikan desires a better way to reach the airport,'' Ms. Palin, a Republican, said in a news release, ''but the $398 million bridge is not the answer.'' She directed the State Transportation Department to find the most ''fiscally responsible'' alternative for access to the airport. Ketchikan is Alaska's entry port for northbound cruise ships that bring more than one million visitors yearly. Flights into Gravina Island require a 15-minute ferry ride to reach the more densely populated Revillagigedo Island and Ketchikan.

Pretty clearly, the project was the baby of the Murkowski-Stevens-Young Machine, but I can't find any evidence she had anything to do with the original plans.

In this interview on Charlie Rose in Oct '07 Palin mentions that the funds were part of the formula that allocated federal gas tax revenues to the states. She just chose to allocate them differently than the good ol' boys' would have.

Jim Rhoads aka Vnjagvet

Now we have two nationally recognized bloggers commenting right here on JOM.

First, Clarice has frequent gigs on AT.

Now Chaco gets (get this) 4 minutes on the Monday morning after the Republican Convention.

That was one of the longer segments on the link. Even Rudy didn't get 4 minutes.

And Chaco really handled the delay like a pro.

Well done.

Great job.


Ann and Jane:

The Todd and Sarah Plain love story is so American and their own rise as a family of community leadership is a typical one of those kind of folks familes aroung here understand.


Fantastic job, Charlie! So glad to have the link. Sorry I am late to the thread. I guess my twenty minutes of catching up at JOM tonight are not going to be enough! ;)



Re: Bridge to No-Where.

I found this reference in the Ketchikan Daily News: Candidates discuss bridge
Alaska gubernatorial candidates Andrew Halcro, Tony Knowles and Sarah Palin aren't committing themselves to keep the $195 million recommended by Gov. Frank Murkowski for the Gravina Access bridge in the state's capital budget for fiscal year 2008


'Why I should be governor': Candidates make their pitches
All three candidates -- Sarah Palin, Tony Knowles and Andrew Halcro -- told the Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce and Southeast Conference luncheon audience that Alaska needs a fiscal plan


Bridges to growth
Republican Sarah Palin said it's her understanding that other options can be considered. But & quot;if there is no alternative, I'm not going to stand in the way of progress toward this project being funded. I support the project. & quot;

I'm not going to spring for the archives but I found these in the local paper. It seems that the "nuanced" take from the Anchorage DAily News and NYT is even a bit wide of the mark. She seemed to be leaning against the bridge even during her gubernatorial run.

JM Hanes


You don't even want to think about all the browser tabs I've got going. Every once in awhile I just trash 'em all, and start over with the ones I was interested in enough to remember. Terminal windows scare the bejeesus out of me, so I think we can safely assume I don't know squat about CPU threading! If I need a computer nerd, you'll be the first to know, though. :-)

Thanks, ex-democrat. Don't know how I screwed that one up. Must be all these threads.....

Sarah in Action


Lefty rumor: Palin wasn't Miss Congeniality

Truth: Yes, she was

JM Hanes


Alas, no shoe info yet. I don't think Sara has a current email address for me, so I'll pop over to P2P and see if I can get in touch.

JM Hanes


I've just sent most of my family to your site, along with possibly blind copying the entire liberal population of New York and Massachusetts combined, so if your server goes down again, I'll be happy to take the credit.



I didn't have the ideal views experience given a dodgy connection—load 10 seconds, play, stop, load 10 more seconds, play, stop, etc.—but I was quite impressed nonetheless. Nice job.

M. Simon

"If the press is correct, and I'm not prepared to make a judgment, her views on everything from global warming to other things, if they are as presented, they're pretty far out there," Biden said.

Wot a loser. It turns out that Americans are not global warming believers by at least 3:2. Doesn't Biden study poll results?

What a bunch of amateurs. They keep making the opposition's arguments against them.

BTW does any one remember a campaign where the VP was the sole target?


along with possibly blind copying the entire liberal population of New York and Massachusetts combined

Awesome, JMH. I'll upgrade that to "teh awesome" if you slipped in the fact that the candidate leading in Gallup's first post Labor Day poll has gone on to win 15 of 18 times.

M. Simon

They keep making the opposition's arguments for them.


I am currently practicing so that I can at a moment's notice assume a countenance verisimilitudinous to that of a reluctant messenger of ill tidings whenever my first liberal acquaintance should reply, "15 of 18, huh? Too bad for you Obama was ahead on Labor Day."

JM Hanes

No, Elliott. But I did tell 'em that Vice Presidential candidate Palin was more qualified than the other party's nominee for Prez. I'm not on their mailing lists because they think I'm a Dem, of course. Considering where they live though, there's no real percentage in trying to persuade them to vote for McCain. I just try to make the idea of Obama look generally depressing. :-)

M. Simon

The Hick Bitch Vote.

My P&C blog has attracted a vile little commenter. After all the trouble ∅ went through to get that demographic back his supporters are now driving them away again.

They just don't get the country music demographic. Or the women.

These guys are going down big time.



Remember: TM appeared on CNN (?) with Jeralyn Merritt.

Congrats Charlie: you spoke well and were dressed very nicely :)

M. Simon

Nice Interview Charlie.

I did a video post on it at The Man Behind Rumor Control


M Simon,
Remind 99% that if it changed places with SP Sarah would survive and 99% would not.
Remember leftism is a sexually transmitted disease.


Charlie, you might want to add this link to your #65-No, she's not a racist.

Charlie (Colorado)

Thanks again, everyone. Lesley, I'm glad you liked it.


Bravo, Charlie! from one of the "little people" who thinks you were great!

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