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September 13, 2008



The greater the need for anal CYA, the longer the post, eh Maguire?

I will say there is a fleck of courage, or is it a premature victory lap, which enables you to address McCaine AND immigration reform, within the same set of grafs.

Of course, the CONTEXT is missing......

" Doris Meissner, who is a senior fellow at the non-partisan Migration Policy Institute in Washington, D.C.

"I don't know that you can say 'poison pill' because things hadn't gotten far enough so that anything would actually rise to that level (of poisoning the bill's chances)," Meissner said.

"I know there were people who were disappointed by the amendment that Obama put in," Meissner said. "But it's disengenuous because at that point McCain had backed away from the bill, which he had sponsored the year before, and he was not to be found in the debate because it was dividing the Republican party in the Senate. It was the lack of Republican votes that sank the bill."

Indeed, McCain said at this GOP debate in January that he wouldn't vote for his own immigration bill: "


Ahab was FOR immigration reform, before he was against it.


Hilzoy has serious BDS, combined with PDS now. It's sad really.

I read something the other day over there about Palin and the Bridge to Nowhere. The conversation was really a Bridge to Nowhere.

They can't take off their blinders long enough to realize that both Obama and Biden voted for the Bridge to Nowhere and McCain voted against it.

And we all know what Palin did... she killed it completely.


So Obama shouldn't get any blame for poisoning a pill that wouldn't have been swallowed anyway. Gosh how unfair that must seem.

Danube of Thought

RCP Average: McCain +2.3


Does anyone have the CliffsNotes on this?

Rick Ballard


If Palin could just drop him from the ticket she'd jump to a 10+ lead. H & R highlighted a Steven Hayward's piece that should stay on top for a bit.

The important thing to remember about McCain and immigration is that he will have no more influence as President than he does as a Senator. He can and will exercise the veto rather vigorously but he will actually have less sway with promoting and passing legislation than he did while hugging Feingold and Kennedy.


The real CliffNotes say that the problem was exagerated from the beginning and that current strengthened enforcement is clearing it away with the exception of the SoCal illegal enclave that represented 30-40% of the problem in the first place, of course. That won't be solved until Arnie finds a backbone.


Very good, TM--Now write this in a couple of grafs in Spanish so McCain can use it.
My point is not to make fun of you but rather to show how hard it is to push back against lies especially when those lies involve legislative records and Senate shenanigans.
Persuading me you're right is child's play--persuading those McCain wants to influence may be another matter.


Does anyone have the CliffsNotes on this?

I thought the same thing.


That won't be solved until Arnie finds a backbone.

We'll see Obama's unicorn first.

Danube of Thought

Nice excerpt from the Hayward piece:

"The establishment is affronted by the idea that an ordinary hockey mom--a mere citizen--might be just as capable of running the country as a long-time member of the Council on Foreign Relations. This closed-shop attitude is exactly what both Jefferson and Adams set themselves against; they wanted a republic where talent and public spirit would find easy access to the establishment."

The people are going to elect an ordinary, public-spirited citizen as Vice President, and it's going to drive the elites absolutely nuts. And the nuttier they get, the more fun it is.

By the way, for you OODA freaks, Michael Barone has a column out today in which he details how McCain has got inside Obama's OODA loop. Not sure I buy all this stuff, but I'll go along with the gag.


why is a news service acting on behalf of Obama? If they're going to react, shouldn't they research the issue more deeply? Perhaps what they might do is to illustrate the games that get played with bills like this. Proposed for political purposes and then warped or morphed into something completely off message and unacceptable to just about everyone.

The workings of the Senate are as powerful as they are mysterious.....


Cliff's Notes: Leo's wrong and Tom's right. Quiz in the AM.


More notes for a quiz the Obama Team will flunk: McCain wouldn't dare approach the Latina vote in this fashion if he hadn't solidified the base with Palin. Take that, Axelrod.

J Verner

More notes for a quiz the Obama Team will flunk: McCain wouldn't dare approach the Latina vote in this fashion if he hadn't solidified the base with Palin. Take that, Axelrod.

Yep Kim, and they can kiss NM NV and CO goodbye...

As I recall, they were quite a few unhappy latino Hillary supporters who were not very fond of the O man. And I doubt Hillary will be phoning them to GOTV.

M. Simon

I have said for years that the only way to solve the illegal problem is to make it easier for our Southern friends to get in and get out.

Right now because of our laws we have a one way valve.

Of course none of my R friends like hearing that. Nor do they like hearing about supply and demand in the labor market. Or the illegal Drug market.

Tom Maguire

Does anyone have the CliffsNotes on this?

It seemed short and sweet until I hit "Post". Ooops.

ian cormac

Our local South American correspondent Mr. Oppenheimer, begs both running mates as negative; because Biden has a strongly protectionist record and Palin, doesn't have a record; but Laura Ingraham; the daughter of polish immigrants, does like
her. Solid logic there. The local political reporter Beth Reinhardt, insists on tying
Palin to the "Jews for Jesus" founder and
her former preacher whose church she left
years ago; who has apocalyptic sermons, unlike those nice men, Plueger and Wright.

JM Hanes

I'll I have to say is that I'm glad McCain did his immigration ad in Spanish. I'm enjoying myself immensely right now, and would rather hold off on remembering shamnesty just a little bit longer.

Ralph L

Obama killed immigration reform? Hey, a positive accomplishment! (for all the wrong reasons). I haven't noticed fewer Mexicans in NC, but there are too many to count.


Man, I never thought I'd be thanking Byron Dorgan!

I was kind of hoping the right side of the blogoshere helped.

Whoever wins this time, we're in for it. Welcome your new guest workers.

M. Simon


What we need to do is to deal with reality.

Let us turn them into Americans. Not Mexican Americans - Americans.

The world can always use more Americans.

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