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September 11, 2008



non-sean will get over his anger someday.
Then he'll turn 17 and learn that "girls aren't icky."

M. Simon


I have a couple of good ones up this morning

Steal this picture - Goddess of Democracy some one needs to photoshop it and add eyeglasses. :-)

Worried - Not Yet Panicked. I have another of our favorites - the OODA loop. And I don't even mention it. :-) Nice quote from Bill Whittle though.

M. Simon


I worked "caviar and ashes" into "Worried" enjoy.


they want Murtha's ass so bad they can taste it.
Most unfortunate image, ever.

And I get a reminder to toss NotSean onto the ash heap of commenting, aka the troll list. Bye, NotSean! Stay miserable!


Clarice is right on Obama's "pay equity for women" comment. This is not about requiring that a given job has the same pay regardless of whether it's a man or a woman. It's "comparable worth," which is the theory that pay needs to be equalized across different occupations. So (e.g.) if nurse's aides (mostly female) are determined to have roughly the equivalent skills to (e.g.) truck drivers (mostly male), and yet truck drivers make more, then the government decrees this to be gender discrimination and says that all nurse's aides must get paid more.

Obama's "Fair Pay Act" would require this. See here and here.


If anybody can say with a straight face that that isn't Communist, then.........

Gabriel Sutherland
If anybody can say with a straight face that that isn't Communist, then.........
I may be wrong, but I don't think the Communists even went this far to declare that all jobs should pay the same. There's always going to be the "for the motherland" mumbo jumbo, but taxi driver making the same as a neuro surgeon?

Even the Communists have limits.


bgates, you have a point there on images--

Did you see this?
http://www.gallup.com/poll/110263/Battle-Congress-Suddenly-Looks-Competitive.aspx>Bedtime for Pelosi?
Gallup says the Reps may lose the House.

M. Simon


Don't you mean "Donks may lose the House"?


I'd like Palin to go to a Representative's district every day from now on. Talk about stampeding the Dems.


Yes--I did M Simon--thanks for the catch..Isn't that amazing?


I just tried to go to Steve Diamond's site, Global Labor, and was denied access. What's going on over there?


Me too, bad. No idea what is going on.


Is it possible his site is swamped?


Doktor Marshall & Chafee the Younger: two Rhode Island embarrassments who often miss excellent opportunities to Shut Up. Too bad 'lil Linc doesn't march in our St Patty's parade anymore - I would have been ready.


clarice, that would be my preference to darker imaginings working their way through my thoughts.


I sent Diamond an email to his academic address. Let's see what comes back.



Proffessor Diamond is quoted in every article about Ayers/Obama/Chicago Annenberg Challenge, both in print and on the web. Hope he is okay.


We'll see, bad. I might give him a call later in the day if I don't hear back from him. He's just down the hill from me...


WARNING: John Batchelor at Human Events took Professor Steve Diamond's hypothetical quotes and used them as if they were actual quotes.

Steve Diamond's blog has been changed to "invitation only". I have not heard back from him on why it is this way.

This is what he posted today that is behind the access wall.

A story has been posted tonight on Real Barack Obama authored by John Batchelor. It alleges the existence of a Plumbers Unit inside the Obama campaign that is aimed at blocking public access to the records of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) at the University of Illinois and Brown University.

The story relies heavily on inaccurate and made up quotes from me. I never provided Real Barack Obama these quotes, I never spoke to John Batchelor for a story to be written for Real Barack Obama, I did not even know he was writing a piece for that website and I turned down an interview with him for the right wing magazine Human Events. (The email I sent to Batchelor is copied below.)

I have asked Batchelor to pull the story and remove the quotes and to only quote clearly and directly from Global Labor so that it is clear that I was not, in fact, interviewed by him.

If you see the Batchelor story referenced anywhere, PLEASE provide this correction. This is going to make the CAC story a non-story if this is profligated.

Posted by: Gabriel Sutherland | September 12, 2008 at 11:38 AM


I wrote to Lucianne explaining Diamond's position. Don't know if anyone will read it or act on that.


Gabriel Sutherland: I may not have been clear. "Comparable worth" advocates don't claim to want every job to pay the same, they want "comparable" jobs that usually employ women to pay the same as "comparable" jobs that usually employ men. Because they think any difference must be due to sexism.

It's not full-blown communism, but it's pretty heavy-duty socialism and would be lots of new work for trial lawyers.



"Your comment implies that an education career was a second choice to politics for Ayers. I do not believe that is the case."

Thanks for the comprehensive pointer! I've transfered your post whole to the notepad I've got going, and will (hopefully!) be reworking Radical Planks this weekend. I really appreciate the links and the assistance! I'm not crazy about distributive justice, but distributed intelligence is definitely a Big Leap Forward.



Glad that you located the post. I was afraid it might get lost.

Kudo's to M. Simon for showing me how to create links. I've often wondered how you guys did that. LOL

JM Hanes


Oops. Forgot to change back to my regular screen name. I use the other moniker over on the blog site, so that it's clear I'm blogging as the proprietor.

If you ever need a refresher, or want to pass your new skilz along, I posted a Hotlinks Cheat Sheet over at photobucket.

Thomas Jackson

Well when the JCS need Marshall or Gibson's opinions regarding our obligations in NATO I think ask for some help on my taxes from Charlie Rangel.

All these folks have the same honesty and integrity we have come to expect from the Left.


Thanks JMH,

I did see through your alias, and have added your sheet to my growing list of typedad hints.

Looking forward to reading your finished product.


Thanks for the response, Clarice.

My question was somewhat in jest. The more serious meaning in the question is to emphasize the degree to which new left socialism has undercut our critical institutions; media, the legal profession, and education. I have expounded on this theme in an earlier post. LUN



Posted on wrong thread.



Posted on wrong thread.

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