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September 23, 2008


hit and run

My guess is that Google probably is blocked, since Ambinder resolutely misspells "Ayers" as "Ayres".

And from this thread about that Ayers ad where Obama touts his CAC executive experience, we had this...

And a personal bete noire - on a slide mentioning the Woods Fund money that went to Barack's allies at mega-churches such as Jeremiah Wright's, Ayers is spelled "Ayres". Ahhhh!


By the time I met him, he was a professor of education at the University of Illinois.

Is Obama using "Professor" in the professorial sense here, or the way he referred to himself as "professor" while actually a lecturer? The difference is a timeline distinction.


Who gives a fuck about this?



Those interested in the truth.

Perfect Sense

Did Ayers select Obama because Ayers knew Obama was a useful idiot who would look the other way as Ayers lavishly funded his favorite lefties?


Who gives a fuck about this?

Apparently Obama does, or he would not have felt the need to lie about his relationship with Ayers and ignore his time as chair of the CAC.


Who gives a fuck about this?

He has a D after his name. He is immune to ties with unsavory characters.


lys probably said the same about the Swift Boat crew.

Buford Gooch

The most curious part of all of this to me is that, since Obama's resume is lacking in executive experience, he doesn't hype this *executive* experience of having been chairman of the board for several years. Having spent 15 years recruiting and training recruiters, I know how resumes are normally inflated. Unless there are some horrible things in there somewhere, that would have been listed far above "community organizer".

The Hardy Boys

Oh, Silent Running, eh. You mean the guy who places such emphasis on verified sources that he has the banner; "If you are offended by strong right-wing views and language, you should probably (his weasel word) fuck off
and go hug a tree".........

OK, let him run with what he's got;

" What “radical” ideas did Obama and Bill Ayres come up with to foist on the Chicago school system?

Hmm, well, channeling the 100 some million in OPM [Other People’s Money - ed] they got access to, Barry and Bill ‘foisted’ political organizers (leftists, to a fault) on the Chicago Public School system, in an attempt to indoctrinate the students and the teachers with the same claptrap that Billy Boy used as his rationale for trying to blow things up 40 years ago. Is that radical enough?"

Interesting thought, but what cites are offered?

Give him another try......................

" What specific projects — “radical” projects — did Obama work on with Ayres? Is there evidence that they collaborated and schemed to … do anything “radical” together? Ever?

Let’s see, reviewing which groups got funding, and what the overall agenda seems to be based upon their selection of acceptable programs, the whole collaboration pretty much qualifies. As far as the evidence - well, that would be the archives that they didn’t want Stanley Kurtz to look through and then write about. But your point is taken - sadly, a couple of leftoids burning through a big pile of someone else’s cash, and having nothing to show for it afterwards isn’t so much radical as it is commonplace, expected, predictable. . .well, you get the counterpoint."

Hmmmm. Sounds like he's pretty riled up over his own conjectures. Is there any meat in this pie.......?

Apparently there is enough red meat packed in SR's rant to displace the gray matter in his brain casing.

" Is the real story here that Obama once served on the board of a liberal education charity?

Oh, don’t you wish that was ‘the real story’. The real story is that Obama was right in the middle, as an active, hand-picked, hands-on participant, assisting an unrepentant domestic terrorist, who by his own admission switched tactics to accomplish his overall strategy and goal to bring down the entire American system and re-mold it along pretty blatantly Marxist ideological lines; and that he (and his fellow travelers) took active measures to try and ensure this information would never see the light of day by lying, obstructing, and then trying to shout it down once it did become public, but before the full story gained momentum."

Not sure he's the best ally for your suppositions, Maguire.


"AHH, YES: If you remember without looking that Fox News also mis-spelled "Ayres""

If FOX is out of this loop, our only hope is the National Enquirer.


Not sure he's the best ally for your suppositions, Maguire.

I would be more reticent and academic in my writing, but I think "Silent Running" largely has the story right.


Looks like the troll brigade is out again, complete with their usual command of facts and lack of invective.

Thus, in fact, the "radical" Bill Ayers and his ally Barack Obama, a Democratic political activist and lawyer on the rise in Chicago, were engaged in an anti-union effort to influence the direction and nature of the entire Chicago public school system. It would lead them into a battle with Mayor Daley himself.

OK. The obvious followup question is ...

When did Obama sell out to Mayor Daley, as the remainder of his career seems to have him working in cahoots with Mayor Daley's "Chicago machine" ?

... Or did he and Ayers decide to work the system from within ?

technical knock-out

"Or did he and Ayers decide to work the system from within ?"

shush....don't tell Rove, Cheney or Bush. They might get radical ideas about the power of the Executive Branch


STANLEY KURTZ: And later that year there was the famous fund-raiser and kickoff for the campaign of Barack Obama in the home of Ayers and Dohrn. That was Obama's first political campaign. That was late 1995. But whether they knew each other before 1995, we don't know. And someone ought to really ask Senator Obama that question.

O'REILLY: I did, but I didn't get that micro, and we'll get into that for myself.


It's too bad that O'Reilly is such a poor interviewer. He didn't see any point in getting that "micro."


I can't listen to this video of Obama in 2000, but apparently he touts his CAC experience as a reason Chicago voters should elect him over Rep. Bobby Rush.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Fox covered the Kurtz article today.


Too bad O'Reilly didn't prep better for his interview with Obama. Lots of unasked follow up questions in that interview that O'Reilly wasn't allowed to ask or was so poorly prepped for he didn't know to ask. You decide.


Just imagine you had an associate who had an ambition to be Ted Bundy ? He had done a few warm ups, but had got caught before he could do the big one.Your associate never regretted his peculiar ambition.
Just a guy who lived down the road?

JM Hanes

In accordance with the theory that a work of art is never finished, only abandoned, Radical Planks in the Democratic Platform, courtesy of Obama, is now up over at Quasiblog. On the excellent advice of an old friend, I'll resist the temptation to enumerate all its flaws myself.

I have also added Stanley & Steve's Excellent Venture v2.0 in response to the Kurtz & Diamond articles Tom pointed out earlier today.

Since I'm pulling pix from my wallet, I might as well plug Obama's Howdy Partner! Platform too.


This just takes too much boring exposition for the average voter and the only people who care aren't voting for Obama anyway.

hell, it's only got 20 comments here-and look at recent comments-they're all in older threads.

This issue is a yawner. Better to run with Limbaugh's trial balloon yesterday that Obama's not really black-he's an Arab!

Stupid, sure, but at least you can spit it out in 30 seconds.


Who gives a fuck about this?

Posted by: lysander | September 23, 2008 at 06:27 PM

I remember thinking the same thing when the MSM was going apeshit over a couple "missing" weeks in GWB's resume when he was on loan to the Alabama Air National Guard. And this was during his re-election after he'd already served 4 years. But the MSM made me see the light. Now I get it, but I guess they forgot.

JM Hanes


"When did Obama sell out to Mayor Daley, as the remainder of his career seems to have him working in cahoots with Mayor Daley's "Chicago machine" ?"

Unfortunately, we can't ask Tony Rezko about that part till the Prosecutor is through with him. Funny how that works, isn't it?

Charlie (Colorado)

I don't know why the real story can't be the ongoing Obama cover-up of his once-close relationship with an unrepentant domestic terrorist.

I bet you do so.

JM Hanes


"This issue is a yawner."

LOL! It certainly grabbed your attention sufficiently enough to bring you all the way over here from parts unknown.


Credit and Biden's loans. they don't understand the loan are forgiven every year. 80 billion since 96. These are just one part of the loan, grant and cash scams. If you saw America giving away billions in 'loans', what would you do?

Dr. Weevil

'The Hardy Boys' sneer at Silent Running as "the guy" who put a crude banner at the top of his website. In fact, it's a collective blog with three different posters on the front page and more in the archives. The post our host quotes is signed 'Wind Rider'. I believe it was 'Murray', not 'Wind Rider' or 'Major Scarlet' or any of the others, who started the site and (I think) put up the rude banner.


Free the captive-bred babies!! The clones were unrepentant terrorist pods!!!

Jim Rhoads aka Vnjagvet

Q. Who is Bill Ayers?

A. Terrorist, bomber, Maoist, radical left-wing sympathizer who just last year closed a speech in Venezuela before Hugo Chavez as follows:

"Viva Mission Sucre! Viva Presidente Chavez! Viva La Revolucion Bolivariana! Hasta La Victoria Siempre!"

Q. Where did Barack Obama's only "executive experience" come from?

A. Working as Chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge hand and glove with Bill Ayers from 1995-2001 to pay over 160 million dollars to various loosely structured organizations in the Chicago area, many with left-wing and Maoist leadership.

Q.What were the results of spending all that money?

A. According to the CAC's official evaluation in 2003:

There were no statistically
significant differences in student achievement between Annenberg schools and
demographically similar non-Annenberg schools. This indicates that there was no
Annenberg effect on achievement.

Translation ZERO effect.

Is that pithy enough Lysander?

JM Hanes

Hey DrJ!

Did you notice that Stanley Kurtz linked CAC Files in his extended remarks at NRO? Scroll to the paragraph on evaluations, midway down page 2. Kudos to you!


"unrepentant domestic terrorist".

I prefer unrepentant attempted mass murderer,the kind Obama dined with,oh yes and his attempted murdering wife.


The CAC education agenda was subversive and Marxist. Perhaps the Dem-Lefties whom post here desire to go the route of post-Czarist Russia? The indoctrination perscribed by Ayers and Obama and Mike Klonsky is right out of the Marx-Lenin playbook. Dashed with a bit of Saul Alinsky, and SHAZAM, you've got today's Dem Party!


Sorry, Gang. I've been with today's 14 year olds all day

Sara (Pal2Pal)

BobS: They are the products of the indoctrination of the last 30 years in American schools and colleges. They can't tell the difference.


Jim, that's more the full minute ad. Lysander wants 30 seconds:

Bill Ayers is a terrorist who wants to recreate Chavez' Venezuela in the US. He and Barack Obama got control of a $160 million charity that was supposed to improve Chicago's schools, and used it to politically indoctrinate children instead of teaching them how to read and write. The foundation that supplied the money concluded they wasted it all. Obama has been running away from this experience ever since it happened:
-giving misleading answers about how close he is to Ayers,
-having allies stonewall access to public records about the work they did,
-sending instructions to campaign supporters to shout down investigators who try to alert the public about the story,
-and threatening legal action against people who talk about it.


Jim, I like that--I'd add a rider showing Ayers praising Venezuela and saying he hoped to achieve a like revolution thru education and as a finale, Obama saying he had mainstream views on education.


The power of Labour is ONE. They fixed the roof.



Did you notice that Stanley Kurtz linked CAC Files in his extended remarks at NRO? ... Kudos to you!

Thanks, I did see it (and they got the link wrong the first time -- hit saw that and emailed Kurtz).

Kudos are to the group of us involved with this. bad provided the file, and I just posted it.

Also, check your (voluminous) email. You too, bad!


Congratulations to bad, JMH and DrJ and anyone else who worked on the CAC files I may have overlooked!!

Jim Rhoads aka Vnjagvet

bg and clarice:

You're both right, of course. But I love the quotes and Ayers' Chavez connection.

The last question could be:



Then have the evaluation quote in the background.

That would shorten it.


Thanks, Clarice. We work together very well. It is always a pleasure to work with good people.

technical knock-out

"Bill Ayers is a terrorist who wants to recreate Chavez' Venezuela in the US."

George Bush is a 'president' who seeks to
consolidate primary power to the Executive Branch, to the detriment of Judicial and legislative branches.

He has Nationalized a failed economic State, but has not continued the 'Chavez' model to it's logical absurdity, yet.

Is this an American we're talking about?
Or is he a white=collared terrorist?


Sheesh. New talking points must be out.


So, $160 million, that was intended to improve education in Chicago, was instead funneled to Community Organizers.
And that didn't work? Seems like a common sense solution.

How about that idea to funnel money for low cost housing to guys who package campaign donations? There's another idea that should have worked. Go figure!


"An economic state?" What's that?

Are there non-economic states?

Technical, take a time-out, dude.


Sheesh. New talking points must be out.

They should spend a few minutes and work on that. It would be better if they just go back to Bush will declare martial law and refuse to hold an election. Makes as much sense.


Pretty hysterical really, when you consider we've been functioning in effect without a Congress for 2 yers.


When Obama was done he turned it over to his wife, like Bill. How much federal money did Obama bring in? It will be allot less now.


DrJ - new talking bots, more like.


Is Bill Clinton's nose growing? Seriously. That bulbous nose is looking stranger and stranger. Is he drinking?


The cloning things can be difficult because of the luciferians, so don't say 'clone a terrorist' or it just clones a female, which reproduces and that, is, of course the problem.


That's a succinct 30-second overview, bgates; now somebody please tell me there's a 527 ready to start blanketing the airwaves with it. McCain is certainly not going to play it up, and someone like O'Reilly bends so far backwards cultivating a "fair and balanced" image that he's got little interest in pursuing the truth. Nevertheless, the Ayers/Annenberg story is central to where Obama has always been ideologically.

Terry Gain

"It's too bad that O'Reilly is such a poor interviewer. He didn't see any point in getting that "micro."

This is so true. O'Reilly is a legend. In his own mind. He conducts interviews like someone who does no research. He's like Biden. He loves to hear himself talk. His interviews are always about himself.

How much better his interview would have been if he had begun: Do you like William Ayers?

Followed by , you worked with him in Chicago. Tell me about that? Is it true you launched your first political campaign from his home?

And my favorite: why were you prepared to concede Iraq to al Qaeda and Iran? Were you not bothered by the strategic implications of that?

When you were deciding what position to take on the Surge, you of course talked to America's foremost counterinsurgency expert, General Petraeus, right? When did you become aware of the Anbar Awakening? Why do you persist in the fiction that al Qaeda is in Afghanistan, when everyone knows they are holed up in Pakistan? You do realize that if they had not been occupied fighting us in Iraq in the last 3 years al Qaeda would have been fighting us in Afghanistan?


Wow. Greta stumped Clinton. ::grin::


And right on time, the NYTs brings us an attack on Rick Davis and Fannie Mae.




I don't think he has been drinking. His nose turns red when he is lying talking.


If even Ben Stein didn't see this coming, then I don't feel so bad.


Read this and tell me if it doesn't give you nightmares tonight!



Maybe, Greta will do a better job on Ayers than Hannity and Colmes tonight. I guess we should just be happy Fox is covering it at all.

Stanley Kurtz is on now.


Here are a few hair raising paragraphs from Ben Stein--remember 65 trillion dollars worth are out there. If I was a conspiracy theorist, I might think it was a full frontal attack on global capitalism--or maybe the first moves anti-christ(just kidding there). It has the potential of being THAT big:

"This is what your humble servant, moi, missed. This is what all of the big investment banks and banks and insurance companies missed. This is what the federal government totally and utterly missed. This is what the truly brilliant speculators in these instruments did not miss. They could insure a liability they could also create and control. It is as if they could insure a Cadillac for its value upon theft - but they could control what the value the insurer had to pay off was. The insurer thought it might be fifty thousand dollars - but it was manipulated into being two million.

This is the whirlpool sucking down finance.

Now, we are about to have a similar phenomenon happen with commercial mortgage debt, debt from mergers and acquisitions, credit card debt, and car loan debt. Many trillions of dollars in Credit Default Swaps have been sold on all of this, and the prices of all of them have fallen and can be made to fall more.

As I said, the pit of loss is bottomless. Warren Buffett, the smartest man of all time in the world of finance, has called financial derivatives - of which Credit Default Swaps are a prime example - "weapons of financial mass destruction." And so they are. As with the hydrogen bomb, no one thought they would ever be used to end the world. But unless someone figures a way out - and maybe the new RTC is and maybe it isn't - we are in real peril. This should never have happened. Now that it did happen, should the taxpayer pay to make the billionaire speculators whole on their bets? What the heck is to be done?

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Kurtz doing better with Greta than I've heard him anywhere else.


I think he did a pretty good job. I learned some stuff I didn't know.

M. Simon

Ladies and gents. Some one boil it down to the 30 second spot you want and I'll pass it along to my contacts.

M. Simon


My mom lived through the crash of '29. She says (i talked to her about a half hour ago) that what we are going through reminds her of that and she is very scared.

The deal is: it is not just the USA. It is Europe. China. Even Russia.

One thing to keep in mind. The real value will not go away. The farm machinery. Production tools, computers, electrical generation eqpt., etc.

If the books get cleared and liquidity is restored to the system all that production machinery will operate.



I don't understand what Stein is saying. I don't understand credit default swaps. That could be a problem in my understanding the entire situation so I am going to go study up on them now. One question, is that what we, the taxpayer, is being asked to bailout? CDS's?


M Simon, I'd start with the tape Clip of BO saying that he was just a guy in the neighborhood...then prove what a liar he is.

List ALL the major contacts over the years!

1 Woods
2.CAC (and say Ayers got him the job--make BO prove that he didn't) wasted 100 million
3.Party that launched his career.

So then he changed his story:

Then play the clip where he says Ayers did those outrageous things when BO was eight.

Then include a little clip of some of the utterly outrageous things Ayers has said within the last year.

Barak Obama...do you believe him?

We don't either.

BO...not ready to lead.


Way to go DrJ. What a thrill to see the site referenced.

Thanks Clarice, I'm so glad this issue is getting some notice.

I missed Greta. Were there any new revelations? Dr. Kurtz seems to be working on a new article.

Charlie (Colorado)

It may seem a little odd for me to say this after the Great Depression scenarios (by he way, go look up the Argentine financial crisis if you want a hint of what 25 percent unemployment is like) but Ben is cutting his hair short nowadays because it catches fire so often.

Look, compare it to the Resolution Trust Corp. That ended up distributing $380-some BILLION in assets, which the handy inflation calculator tells me is worth $791 BILLION now.

That number ring any bells?

Yes, it's a big number. No it's not ridiculous and unprecendented. Yes, we seem to have avoided collapse and socialism then too.


Sue, Who the hell knows!

As far as Credit Default Swaps go--don't feel bad if you don't know what they are.

I don't know that ANYONE, including Paulson, Cox and Bernanke fully understand what they are.

They have a 64 trillion dollar market that is completely unregulated.

It is almost like a tsunami getting ready to hit shore.

And all of this has grown up in the last 10 years--from 144 billion to, as I said, 65 TRILLION today.

Who is holding these things? Who is speculating in them? Who is trading them? Does anyone even know?

I wonder if this is not a part of what the FBI is investigating.


****I don't know that ANYONE, including Paulson, Cox and Bernanke fully understand what they are.****

Charlie has it figured out, though, so why sweat it?

How about I opt out of kicking in my portion of the $700+++++ billion, and Charlie is taxed for his share and mine?



Dr. Kurtz seems to be working on a new article.

He said as much in an email to me earlier in the day. The WSJ is "CAC for beginners", the NRO is the backstory for the aficionados, and more is to come.


can someone post the direct link to CAC info the JOM sleuths have put together. I can't find it anywhere on the NRO Kurtz piece

M. Simon

Steve Diamond at No Quarter


You can't opt out if you couldn't opt in in the first place.

Pathetic little subprime obamabots don't have checkbooks in the first place.

Lat time I FTT



I'm not at my usual computer, so see the link under my name. Caution: the site contains the raw data only, and no interpretation. Have at it!

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Obama’s Harvard Years: Questions Swirl


I have a really stupid question. Go figure.

My husband and I have large 401Ks at Chase. Should I be worried about them? Does anyone have any info on Chase in this mess?

What questions should I be asking at the bank?



Ann, you might check here. It looks like Chase received the highest rating possible.


Look, either way the females have got to go. It's been obvious since they damned in the garden. The cloning can be done with regular doctors. When Satan clones the computers with laser beam fission eyeballs like cylons who want to destroy the humans, we'll say they're just like the females and they'll leave because we are no longer evil, not using, cause we got rid of all the females, which is what the cylons are, in effect, because they cloned.

The bank is just going to say they won't insure the damage from the bots.

Charlie (Colorado)

The bank is just going to say they won't insure the damage from the bots.

You know, I'm not sure what's up here, but this is getting kinda amusing.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Via Gateway Pundit:

David M N James made the trip to the Nigerian slum to meet with Barack Obama's younger brother in his foul slum hut.
Thaindian News reported:

Go read it, not a pretty picture.


Thanks, DebinNC


Now here's a commercial that McCain needs to make. Joe Biden in front of a bunch of trial lawyers:

"There are two people -- you've heard me say it before -- two groups that stand between us and the barbarians at the gate," Biden said. "It's you and organized labor. That's it. That is it. So, mark my words, mark my words, if we lose this election, you are going to continue to see a continuation of the onslaught on everything we care about. For real. For real. So, I'm not only thanking you for your help. I would think you're all absolutely brain-dead if you didn't help. And I mean it."

I mean, anybody who has ever been the victim of a frivilous lawsuit, or any worker who has been a victim of Organized Labor would love to hear that before they walk in to cast their vote! Give us more Joe!


A bitter Barbarian who clings to her guns.


They went hunting for cowpies at Camp Obama this morning Charlie--and haven't landed yet.


Ann, if the firms in danger of failing just manage your portfolio, you're fine. You personally own the stocks and mutual funds etc.

Now, if you own stocks in the banks etc., that's a different story.

The only thing I had was Citi, and I got rid of it a long time ago when it was still in the high forties.

JM Hanes

I think they all got a box of phrases on refrigerator magnets when they graduated from Camp Obama. They just rearrange 'em once a week for a brand "new" set of talking points.

Therese Daniels


Body count. In the last six months 292 killed (murdered) in Chicago , 221 killed in Iraq .

Sens. Barack Obama & Dick Durbin,

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.,

Gov. Rod Blogojevich,

House leader Mike Madigan,

Atty. Gen. Lisa Madigan (daughter of Mike),

Mayor Richard M. Daley (son of former Mayor Richard J. Daley).....the leadership in Illinois .....all Democrats.

Chicago is a combat zone. Of course they're all blaming each other.

Can't blame Republicans, they're aren't any!

State pension fund $44 Billion in debt, worst in country. Cook County ( Chicago ) sales tax 10.25% highest in country. (Look'em up if you want). Chicago school system one of the worst in country. This is the political culture that Obama comes from in Illinois .

He's gonna 'fix' Washington politics?


Kind of like putting "Change...Hope" through an anagram generator. Gotta keep em on message! How many words can we come up with?

The possibilities are endless

Sara (Pal2Pal)




Sara (Pal2Pal)




Okay I'll stop.



You're missing the forest for the trees.

The reason this is important is largely because of the double standard it demonstrates.

Suppose Sarah Palin (or John McCain) had once served on a board with David Duke ... or Timothy McVeigh. That fact would be in the first paragraph printed (and said) about them by every mainstream news organization - in every story. It would become like a middle name: John-McCain-who-once-served-on-a-board-with-[insert bad person's name]

So the bias of the mainstream press is very glaring here when they never ever have the time to mention Obama's long-term affiliation with left-wing terrorist Bill Ayers (or Biden's repeated plagiarism, for that matter).


It's relevant because:
(a) Due to a complicit press virtually all we know about Obama is thru his autobiographies which have left out critical periods of his life.
(b)This is one of those missing pieces\(c)When asked about it he lied repeatedly.
(c)Most voters would be appalled at the notion of voting for someone with such close ties to domestic terrorists and communists.
(d) Most Americans would be angry to learn thatabout 160 million $ meant to improve public school education was instead given to leftists to advance a radical school agenda which is anything but useful to the polity or the children.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Maybe not "most American," more like half the American voters, the other half aren't appalled or worried about anything in their "hit replay" world. They are angry, however, at the other half who keep trying to make them pay attention when all they really want to do is text, listen to their iPods and play video games, or write foul-mouthed screeds on lefty blogs.



Sara (Pal2Pal)









Sara (Pal2Pal)





Sara (Pal2Pal)





Hope and Change
Had Copenhagen.

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