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September 27, 2008



I have a Paul Newman story: Every year for my birthday I used to go to the same spa that Joanne Woodward went for her birthday, which is 3 days before mine. Over the years I got to know her a little. Newman used to come to pick her up so I'd met him once or twice.

At any rate, one day she and I were walking to the locker room together, chatting until we got to the message board where we both saw that we had messages. She went to one phone and I to another to retrieve our messages.

My name is a little like Joanne Woodward's name, in that people when they meet me always call me Joanne because that's what they identify with. At any rate, the message on my phone was from Paul Newman, who had been put thru to my extention instead of hers by the hotel staff. He was sweet and charming and lovely in the message, calling her "Joanna".

I was so excited I ran into the locker room and said: "Joanne, Joanne, your husband just called me".

Then I thought about it and said - sheesh do women act like that around you all the time - "for 35 years" was her reply.

I kept that message on my machine for the whole week.


A great man. Cool Hand Luke is my dad's favorite movie, which doesn't fit anything that I know about my dad; but most of the rest of him fit pretty well with how I was raised - figure out what you want to do and excel at it, give to people less fortunate, and at no time act like you're any kind of big deal.
RIP Paul Newman, the movie star who reminds me most of my dad.


Cool story, Jane.


Hollywood was just some guys on a stage. Now they're the richest people in the world. Why? It's just Celull' Art .


Nobodies fool is my favorite.


I love "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." Paul Newman and Elizabeth Taylor were beautiful.

M. Simon

Paul was a nice Jewish boy.

And something else I learned recently. So is Peter Coyote.

Bernie Schwartz still lives.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

When I was a teenager, my two "idols" were Paul Newman and Steve McQueen, but Paul Newman was really my true heartthrob. Since Elizabeth Taylor was my favorite actress at the same time, I think I'd say "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" was one of my favorite Newman films, but "Exodus" would be a near tie. "Somebody Up There Likes Me" also and "The Long Hot Summer." Coming in for ties at third would be "The Hustler" and "Hud" and then "Cool Hand Luke."

My sadness at his passing today is as much a sadness for the loss of that dewey-eyed pre-teen/teen girl who pinned pictures of Paul Newman around her room the way kids do today of their favorite rock stars. My room was papered with Paul Newman with those steely blue eyes watching over me and, of course, Elvis.


I love your story, Jane. When I was a teen we lived in the next town over from the Newmans in CT, and much to my excitement I would occasionally see him around town.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is my favorite, but in later years I liked The Verdict and Mr. and Mrs. Bridge and I loved Nobody's Fool.


Met him at a gas station in Westport,Ct. while in college. I was with my girl friend and we're both filling up our VW bugs. We respected his privacy by not engaging him, but what was really sweet is that he went out of his way to acknowledged us... He smiled and said hello. I can't even remember what we said... I was so stunned. I'll never forget that moment, since it really impressed me as to what a genuine person he was.

RIP Mr. Newman


What we have here is a failure to communicate ...

Barney Frank

Can't say I liked many of his movies or that he ever made one of the truly first rank but that's just personal taste.
He did seem like a truly humble and decent guy and was one heck of a race driver and team owner.
His charitable work, for which I never saw him take any personal credit, says more about him than anything.


He was incredibly sexy and seems to have been a really nice man as well.

bio mom

Reposting from the overcrowded thread about the debate.

To me Obama came across as a smug punk. Kept interrupting McCain's answers and talking over him. Kept smirking. Went on and on saying nothing but taking up time. Very rude. Very arrogant. Waved away a McCain comment in answer to some stupid thing Obama said and told Lehrer, let's move on. Like he was the in charge of the debate. I can barely contain my contempt for that man. And apparently afterward Biden claimed that Patreus achieved victory because he listened to Obama and Biden!! I cannot stand this. If the country is stupid enough to elect this pair of dodos, we will get what


Whenever he showed up at the spa, he would make a bee-line straight to the kitchen and he would hang out with the chef - he was so into his food business.

The two things I remember about him the last time I saw him which was at least 7 years ago - one was how short he was, and he seemed to get shorter with age, and how gracious he was to all the people who couldn't keep from accosting him.


Iron Curtain directed by Hitchcock.....a time when Hollywood made quality movies that made sense.


Anyone who hasn't seen "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" must get it today. Excruciatingly taut dialog.

And everyone needs to be able to recognize the powerful smell of mendacity.

The kind of smell like when Barney Frank blithers, Chuck Schumer smiles, Nancy Pelosi squints, Harry Reid equivocates, and Barack Obama raises his chin to repeat, yet again, "I have always said..."


And everyone needs to be able to recognize the powerful smell of mendacity.

You've created the case for "mendacity" as a visual cloud in addition to an odiferous one. Excellent.


A full and amazing life. Two of my favourites would have to be Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Sting. I haven't watched too many movies in the last few years and do occasionally miss being entertained like that.

Uncle BigBad

OT but important

This Gateway Pundit video should be copied to every blog on the internet.

The Maxine Waters segment alone should be enough to get her thrown out of office.


Butch and Sundance is in my top 5 of all movies Just pure entertainment. An outstanding actor, movie star, husband, driver, owner, philanthropist. R I P


Jane- great great story.
Which spa?

I love that he loved his marriage so much.
I also think he did a great job with the Newman's Own. The products are high quality, and what a way for him to brand himself rather than some generic cologne.


I wonder whatever became of Jackie Witte?

Sara (Pal2Pal)

I was just looking thru a list of Paul Newman's films and I'd forgotten one that is also a favorite. "From the Terrace" adapted from a John O'Hara novel.


Maybee =

Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires. I started going there in '89, at one point became a member and until about 6 or 7 years ago would go several times a year. Just about every famous person I know, I met at Canyon Ranch in the early days. On my second visit there were 40 guests, and I was the only person there who wasn't famous. It really was a spectacular jewel in the early days.


Sounds wonderful, Jane. I was born to spa, but have never gotten to go for more than a few day spa day outs. There is a famous spa not too far from me, but I fear it is too seriously healthy for me.



I have a hard time vacationing, so early on I would go to CR, off-season, mid week (and it was still expensive) and it would be as restful as a two-week vacation for me. back then it was almost a magical place - it wasn't all manicures and facials but some real interesting stuff - mind body and spirit. Now it's full of housewives from Long Island with too much time on their hands. But in the early days it was unbelievable.

I will say that much of the traveling I've done since, has been to visit CR friends - Australia, England, France - which has made it even more rewarding.

I really should have been born rich and famous. It would suit me.



Mike @ Naught Relevant

"Cool Hand Luke", "Butch Cassidy...". But what about "The Road to Perdition"?


Oh, BTW, Newman was a WW2 veteran. Take that Gearge Clooney.


I will say that much of the traveling I've done since, has been to visit CR friends - Australia, England, France - which has made it even more rewarding.


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