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September 28, 2008



Yes, we should move over to health issues and drinking (the same thing in the next four years). This will keep us ahead of the 0curve. Now where should I put my money?

Thomas Collins

Great article. We lovers of Merlot, Cabernet, etc. can now focus on the real health benefit of wine: legally getting a nice buzz on with one's favorite wine, if done prudently, makes life more enjoyable, financial tsunami or no financial tsunami! And I say that's a real benefit to one's emotional health!

And thanks for the article on exercise, TM. I'm glad to see that when I walk to the parking lot tonight to get to my car, I am helping myself as much as if I had done a triathlon and then pumped iron at the gym.

Now for the hat trick, TM. Find an article that confirms what we all know, namely, that pasta and meat sauce sprinkled liberally with blue cheese and Mexican cheese (in addition to the old standbys Parmesan and Romano) is the health food of all health foods! Especially if eaten while red wine is being sipped!


Pasta no es nessecita. I prefer bleu cheese on baked not fried sweet spuds, and it is better para usted and mi.

JM Hanes

Do people still eat pasta with meat sauce?


Who doesn't need pasta?

Ornamental grasses, needed in every garden or your just a loser.


Thomas Collins

I'll try it your way, StrawmanCometh, but the wine will still be sipped!

Well, JM Hanes, I still eat pasta with meat sauce. Depending on the day, it would be a close vote on whether my family and friends would confirm that I am a person. :-)))

By the way, brown rice spaghetti from Trader Joe's with the Trader's Joe's pasta sauces and ground beef, and Trader's Joe's green peppers, onions and mushrooms added while the beef is browning, makes a great meal.


So remember, kids, skip exercise, start drinking, but don't use cocaine if unless you want to become President someday. To be a big financial success, study hard and become a doctor or start a business make movies about your racist hellhole of a country or invent something useful "financial instruments" good for nothing but making you rich. If you just want a part of the American dream, save up to put a down payment on a nice house lie your way into a mansion and get some other sucker to pay for it by squealing to the government.


I just read some articles somewhere on studies on the Amish that contradicts that slightly. Apparently about 30% of whites have an obesity gene, but in societies, such as in the past or the Amish, where people get 3 to 4 hours of exercise a day, the gene doesn't translate. I think that is true. One hour of excercise a day is probably only 300, to at most, 600 calories burned. That's one or two doughnuts. Not enough. You have to devote hours to make a dent. Michael Phelps eats 12,000 caloroes a day for instance. But who has the time for that today?

Another thing I read recently is that people with the most arsenic in their water have the greatest chance of developing diabetes. The association seemed pretty strong. So maybe it's not the obesity per se that leads to diabetes, but that people who weigh the most, drink the most water, thereby getting the most intake of arsenic. Just a wild thought, but anyway, the point is, we could still be way off on exactly what factors causes what disease.


You know, blue cheese on baked sweet potatoes sounds truly disgusting to me..and I love blue cheese.




The page is getting jumpy on me. Half the comments are disappearing and then reappearing.


Happens to all of us, Sylvia. We don't know why--and it seems to come and go.


Clarice, It's not the sound we're going for. Slice the sweet spuds as if you were french frying 'em, but don't fry, put them on a cookie baking sheet, drizzle with olive oil and bake for 30? minutes (check with Giada). After you bring it out, put in a bowl and sprinkle generously with crubled bleu cheese (not dressing) It is great with a strip steak and zinfandel. Try it, you will thank me later.


Sylvia, reservatrol in a clinical dose will alleviate that pathology, and most others.


Jumping pages? Really?? Never has happened here. Ever. My computer system is decidedly non-traditional, but I've never seen jumping pages.

Anna Keppa

The story is, when Jackie Kennedy was on her deathbed, she jokingly complained to her husband how useless in retrospect "all that jogging" was.

Then again, take a look at the decrepit Neil Armstrong , who did not "believe in" exercise, versus the still-feisty Buzz Aldrin, who in 2002 expertly delivered a strong punch in the mouth to a "Capricorn One" truther.

Both Armstrong and Aldrin were born in 1930.

Buzz works out, and always has.


Yes, Anna, there it is. We work out not to live long, but to live well. Knocking an ass back on his own is certainly a part of living well.


I don't mean to be whining, but can we talk about Beer for a moment.

What with all this hollaring going on about mis-regulation or pseudo-regulation or not enough-regulation of the Financial Markets, I'd like to thank Bacchus for the honest to goodness real de-regulation of the American Beer Industry in about 1976. God Bless Microbrews! Why can't some of our political leaders stand up and use that as the finest example of how a free market is supposed to work? Remember what it was like back before that when it was all Bud and Miller and Pabst and Schlitz and all those other horrendous swilled canned beers "that made Milwaukee Infamous." Ughh.

A recent fun read "Ambitious Brew, The Story of American Beer", rounds up the usual suspects. Author says that some scientists back then determined that 3.2 was the proper alcohol content that should be allowed in a beer. Abetted by editorials from the New York Times, Congress agreed, and thus mandated the regulations of how American beer was to be made upon the repeal of Prohibition. That's supposedly why whatever we drank back then in our wayward youth as college miscreants all tasted like (as Royko said) "it had all been run through the digrestive system of a horse."

So while all you wine-bibbers are babblin' about Beaujolais take a moment to think how empty our lives would be if we couldn't grab a pint of Sam Adams or Sierra Nevada or Yingling or Pikes Kilt Lifter or Arogant Bastard or our local fav's at any of a thousand local microbrew pubs around this great, great nation. I'll drink to that.

P.S. Peter UK if he so chooses is exempt from commenting on this post as being from the UK I suspect he still thinks Royko is correct. And any German's out there as well.

Jim Ryan


And pick the American IPA's loaded with hoppy goodness to kick the crap out of oxidants that attack your cells.

Have a nice Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA, out of Lewes, DE.

Or hoist a pint of St. George's IPA, out of Norfolk.

Try Green Flash IPA if you're brave.

M. Simon

Happens to all of us, Sylvia. We don't know why--and it seems to come and go.

It is because you are not using Netscape. I have never seen the problem.


Well all the hype about how red wine is so good for you always fails to mention that while it may help some sedentary folks with cardiovascular issues, alcohol is an immune suppressant and increases the risk of cancer substantially. Speaking as a performing musician it also tends to bring out the inner asshole in an awful lot of folks too. I play a lot of events for the good liberal people out here in NorCal and they sure do drink a lot of wine. As neurotic and narcissistic as they are when sober it becomes a really interesting bit of anthropology after they've quaffed a few glasses of Merlot.


In honor of Sara Palin--when in Montana you've got to try Moose Drool beer:-)

Thomas Collins

Beer talk? OK. Do folks know that Narragansett Lager Beer, the beer of my misspent youth in North Providence and Providence, Rhode Island, is being sold again? I don't know if it is being sold outside of the New England area, but if you are in Mass.or Rhody, have a Gansett.


Plus beer is Patriotic. In a recent Ben Franklin Bio it says that when the Constitutional Convention was convened, George Washington arrived in Philly and the first guy he went to visit was the venerable Dr Franklin. For the occasion Ben opened a special cask of dark beer and the 2 talked long into the night. Try beating that moment of God Bless America with a Pinot Noir.

Jim Ryan

John Adams hoisted a pint of cider every morning at Harvard, with the rest of the students. For breakfast.


Try it, you will thank me later.

Posted by: StrawmanCometh | September 29, 2008 at 12:27 AM

I'll thank you NOW, it sounds heavenly.


I sprinkled "Gavender's All Purpose Greek Seasoning" on frozen Costo chicken breasts front and back, and when baked to doneness...took chix out of backing dish (set aside) and sauté'd chopped tomatoes and pitted kalamata olives in the juices, stuck back in the oven for a minute drizzled on a side of rice?

14 year old eating me out of house said it was"the most deliciously awesome chicken "breast" he's ever eaten"


--kalamata olives in the juices--

poured in a bit of the olive juice too in the sauté


"Gavender's All Purpose Greek Seasoning"

Packed In USA!


M. Simon

Hops is from the hemp family. Watch out you beer drinkers.

M. Simon

Acorn Research.

My blog post on Fannie/Freddie/ACORN is prominently featured.

Also this:

happening now:
NEW ACORN Voter Fraud Investigations have been launched in WI, OH, NC, & NM


Catsup(Ketchup) on Cottage Cheese sounds disgusting, until you try it. It's just a hackneyed tomato sauce, afterall. Yes, vegetable it is; it's certainly not animal or mineral.


Uh, Simon, those hops are primo sensemilla bud, too.


Kind of funny, huh, Bud?


Where's the obligatory 'This Bud's for You' joke?

And don't get me started on the one thut brung ya', Cracklin' Rosie.


I have a sweet potato, apple, and ham casserole that sounds, there's that word reverberating through the kitchen, like it could use a dusting of Roquefort or the cheese of the dog in 'Three Men in a Boat', was that a Stilton? There are kettles and pans banging around in water underground. Same as it ever was.


Stupid article.

All the people who have ever noticed the extraordinary changes in their health after undertaking a regimen of regular cardio and resistance training were just dreaming?!

BS. Men and women in their 80s in wheelchairs and walkers start lifting light weights and within a few weeks they can walk unassisted. Probably just smoke and mirrors I guess.


Catsup(Ketchup) on Cottage Cheese sounds disgusting, until you try it.

Richard Nixon's favorite lunch.


Orange County Lasagna; the po' folks.


It's not jumping pages exactly--it's just that I see names of posters on the right side but cannot access the last post and, in a minute or so, cann't even see their names on the right. It is sometimes okay, though, and sometimes, really bad.

Want good potatoes? This month's gourmet has a delicious recipe from Alice Waters.Slice fingerlings (I used small red boiling potatoes)them 1/8" thin and place in a 12" fry pan. Dot with butter , add salt pepper and a half cup of water.Place a sheet of buttered parchment paper on top (buttered side down). Bring to a swift simmer and cook for 30 minutes. Remove paper and top with chopped parsley..Really good/


the gene doesn't translate.

As I age I have found that not only does the gene translate, it does so in 7 languages and works at the UN!

Rick Ballard


If you want to see those comments which show on the sidebar but do not appear on the page - go to the thread containing the comment and hit "Preview" on the bottom (without writing anything in the comment box). When the page reloads, scroll to the bottom and viola! There they are.

You have to use your Back button to get out so it's kind of a pain - or you can add a comment while you're in Preview.


For example, I saw that Rick had posted something here--two or three shots at finding it with no success. Then he disappears from the righthand masthead altogether.


Thanks, Rick--And heh I can see you now (because I posted and moved yours up a notch.).What a bother but thanks for the fix.)

Soylent Red

For breakfast.

I went to OBC with a guy who swore by drinking a single beer right after PT. Claimed that it had all manner of positive health benefits.

Must remember to use mouthwash before reporting in for the morning though...


Boise has a brewpub with a potato based beer. Its pretty awful, but you get to say "This spuds for you."

I actually enjoy working out

I'm suddenly of a mind to demand more pictures of T.Mag.

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