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September 09, 2008



And an example of a Mike Klonsky Lesson Plan

In San Francisco, students meet weekly to discuss topics like "Art and Protest" and "Nonviolence and Direct Action." Chicago youth, upon passing a rigorous application process, are actually paid $1,200 to attend an intensive six-week program that highlights sociopolitical consciousness hand movement strategy.


J Verner

Hey Bad, I took the year and an half to mean that he would lie and say it was seven years, but he knows that somebody in Hillary's camp has a pic of himself and WA in a tete a tete at the 2006 Hyde Park Easter Egg Roll...LOL

I'd love to know what kind of stuff the McCain camp is getting over the transom these days. Bet it's GOOOOOD

I'm great Clarice. Almost an empty nester, so I'm trying to spend extra time with the last baby bird.


Oh, man that's a good idea, J.
It's sad for a while and then you have them and grandkids and that's absolute nirvsna.

J Verner

You got it girl! I'm going to be in DC right after the election. How about a big fat-cat republican champagne fueled four hour lunch if the Chosen One goes down. We'll invite Sally Quinn! LOL


No H & C for me...A Stevie Ray Vaughn concert is on my public access station

Jim Rhoads aka Vnjagvet

Here is some speculation:

1. Klonsky's Masters paper and Doctoral thesis (supervised and mentored by Ayers et al) became the "intellectual" foundation for the SSW project which was initially funded by Annenberg and now continues. This in turn gave rise to Klonsky's latest gig at UIC.

2) Ayers, Klonsky and crew are using these organizations which purport to voice the benign and uncontroversial "small schools" nostrums to indoctrinate educators in their notions of social justice in the classroom

3.) Over a 18 year period, they have laundered their lefty notions of education in respectablility. This respectable facade is a front for introduction of revolutionary educational principals touted by Ayers in Venezuela.

It might be fruitful to find out who has attended their workshops to get a handle on what is being taught there.

How would one go about doing that?


I always look forward to visits with you J.

Jim there's no doubt in my mind that those grifters are using these grants to indoctrinate teachers and students in their views.

Upthread someone said Tad Cochrane was pushing for a grant to Klonsky's outfit for Florida. Ask him to ind out what they are doing, offer your speculation, dare him to get a transcript or course outline for one of their programs.


In the article from the Nation, Social Justice is a theme for many of the lesson plans.

Jim Rhoads aka Vnjagvet

That lesson plan you quoted above is pretty much on point, isn't it Bob?


After reading links from Klonsky's own blog , its frightening what Klonsky has put together over the years. According to the tax returns above Small Schools Workshops received significant funding yearly for six years. Klonsky's lesson design is straight leftist indoctrination to create the idea in yound minds how evil America is.


Road Trip!! JOM undercover as a teacher group attending Small Schools Workshop sessions.

Can I be the Kindergarten sex ed teacher?

J Verner

Hey Jim,

I think that would be a difficult task, but you might be able to get some idea by using a search engine (JSTOR etc.) that could find Ayers and Klonsky cited in academic journals by others in the field.

But do we really need to go that far to make our point?

He appears pretty blatant about being an out and out marxist, it is still amazing to me how many in the academic world are.

You know how the far left operates.

Which is why I KNOW that BO would have never been given his position at the CAC if he was not completely in tune with Ayers et. al. Everything is revolution to these goof balls. Useful liberal idiots would have been OK on the board for show, or as "piggy bank" supporters, but NEVER in any position of authority.

Rick Ballard


I would think that the purpose is less to indoctrinate teachers and students than to speed the Gramscian takeover by creating more commissars administrative positions to be filled by commies trained by Ayers administrators with advanced degrees from MoscowU UIC.

Get the right commissar herding twenty teachers and you don't have to bother with indoctrination. Just line 'em up and start 'em marching. As far as the kids go - the dumber you keep 'em the easier they are to manipulate.

hit and run

I think J Verner is my favorite!

Very good to see you....


you might be able to get some idea by using a search engine (JSTOR etc.) that could find Ayers and Klonsky cited in academic journals by others in the field.

I do the search tomorrow. I don't know the JSTOR database and "its ins and outs" but I do have access. Usually they are more the same than they are different.


Well, you may be right, Rick..Set up a ratline as it were.
Hit, Rick is really MY favorite, I was just toying with you.Sorry.

hit and run

I know, I know, we'll throw them off our trail yet.

Barney Frank


It was a couple of other weatherman, both women IIRC. Ayers and Dohrn got off on charges of prosecutorial misconduct. Evidence against them was thrown out.

Clinton commuted the sentences of the two women, he didn't actually pardon them. Dohrn did plead guilty to, IIRC, battery and jumping bail, plus went to jail for refusing to testify later. Don't think she was ever pardoned. She is a felon and a terrorist, albeit a mainstream one according to Barry.


Here is Andy McCarthy on Clinton and the weatherman.


J Verner

Hey Hit!

DrJ, I wish that still had access to Lex/Nex, JSTOR etc., but I don't w/o driving 45 minutes to a local university Library.

Shouldn't be too hard. Just fish around and see what you come up with. I don't know much about education journals etc., or which ones are favoried by the Maoists, but IIRC, there are several data based that deal specificly with Soc. Sciences and Education (EPIC or ERIC I believe) that should also help you find what you need.

Also, I feel sure that they have some special "Progressive" journal or organization where they can review each others stuff and look more important that they actually are.

Hmmm...wonder if any of Ayer's former students are in leadership positions at the NEA? Would any of us be surprised

As an aside--I'm sure that we all noticed that Code Pink-er Evans, a major Obama bundler was the very same person who tried to rush the stage when Sarah Palin was addressing the RNC. And you know that Medea and her bunch just love Fidel and Hugo. Who does Ayers go down there with?

Watching a re-run of Obama and O'Reilley on all the RFOO (Radical Friends of Obama)...BO is squirming! Can't wait til BO'R gets the body language expert to analyse that!


J Verner,

I wish that still had access to Lex/Nex, JSTOR etc., but I don't w/o driving 45 minutes to a local university Library.

At the moment I have access to every database accessible to any CA faculty member. I'm most familiar with SciFinder (from Chemical Abstracts, of the ACS) but most of these are rather similar.

Like you, I have no idea about the journals in Education, or in the leftist areas. I'll see what I can do. Usually you can search on authors, and then use those publications to get the publications that cite them.

Since you have not been around for a while, some of us have put together a web site with a compilation of background information: look here.

J Verner

A little trick they use Dr. J....find one marxist and you'll find a whole nest of them, because as a rule, they only give, or use citations to their fellow group thinkers...truly, nothing more than an academic form of circle je...well, you know what I mean.

A good place to start might be that book Ayers co-wrote. Try a simple google on the names of some of the sources mentioned in his bibliography, and see what you come up with.

J Verner

Ya'll have been busy bees!!! Excellent work!


truly, nothing more than an academic form of circle je...

I saw this for the first time with Ward Churchill. I was shocked. The physical sciences are not like this at all.

I'll poke around tomorrow. Check back on this thread; I'll post some results as they come out. And of course, advice would be welcomed!


Ya'll have been busy bees!!! Excellent work!

If you are talking about the web site, thanks!! The info is all background stuff; the heavy lifting of sifting through it and drawing conclusions remains. "bad" has done quite some work on it and has found some interesting things.

The issue still remains that these are all pretty sanitized. Those documents examined by Kurtz will be the same. Still, they should paint a pretty clear picture of what the CAC was up to.

That is not a good picture for Obama.

J Verner

I'll be glad to help in any way. My research skills are a little rusty...but with the Wm. Ayers types--la plus ca change.

They are so bloody predictable. The MO is always the same.


You said you couldn't find any reports or even a DBA for SSW. Maybe it isn't an entity unto itself, it's just a cover for their slush fund.
I've been checking out Bill Ayers Blog the last couple of days.
My post upthread at 4:49 PM is the list of Grants for support of the SSW and/or CFSC.(co-director, principal investigator (who is that?)

Mostly from Foundations and private sources.
There are two hefty grants from the Chicago Public Schools in 1996 & 1997 totaling over $1M. Can Public schools make a grant? Is that taxpayers money?
Also the Annenberg Challenge donor from co-founder and grant writer $49,200,000. That whole amount went to Small Schools Workshop?

Take a look at LUN. That takes you to Ayres blog. Then click on Biography, scroll down to Curriculum Vitae. Click to open file.
Scroll past everything he has published to page 12.

I also noticed he was at Columbia getting a Degree in the mid 80's. Was that when Obama was there?(just a thought since O always liked to seek out radicals.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Verner!!!!!! Hi.

We are just begging for one of your great charts showing all the interconnections between Obama and his under the bus peeps. Ayers to Dohrn to Michelle to Barack, Rezko to Barack, Rezko to the Nation of Islam to Farrakhan to Rev Wright to Barack, etc, etc.

Steve Diamond

DrJ: Thank you! I put a link on my page.



I also noticed he was at Columbia getting a Degree in the mid 80's. Was that when Obama was there?

I tried to light a fire on that fuse without success. Obama and Ayers did not attend Columbia at the same time however. Ayers got his masters (82-84) from some boutique school in Morningside Heights, NYC, which is where Columbia is also located. Obama went to Columbia from 81-83 and seems to be have been an undistingished student, though IR and Poly Sci can attract the radicals. Obama would also have had some street cred since he knew Frank Marshall Davis. Ayers went to Columbia from 84-87. Obama worked for some firm editing reseach reports (83-85) then he went off to Chicago to "community organize" for the Developing Communities Project. In 1987, with the ink still wet on his EdD, Ayers goes back to Chicago and forms the ABC Coalition for education reform which taps the Developing Communities Project for services. It seems that the question "Did they meet in NYC?", which by the way, was when WUO terrorists were getting arrested for terrorist activity, might be worth exploring.


Obama files suit on a radio station for bias. LUN


OOPS not Obama, a democrat.


J Verner,

My searching skills are quite good, but the Ed field may be very different.


Thanks for the kind words, and the link. May I add the paper that you released a short while ago?

One other note: the reports were obtained from your site, but I massaged them so you can now search them, and cut and paste text chunks that are interesting. That's pretty useful.



I still haven't figured out how all of the grant stuff works but will keep plugging away. Thanks for the link.

Ayers is claiming credit for writing the original grant for the $49.2 million from Annenberg. Only about a million of it went to Small Schools Workshop.

J Verner


I didn't realize that Ayers and Obama were in NYC at the same time. Maybe they weren't at "Columbia" together, but we must remember the sociology (sociopathology?) of radical leftists.

Rule number one--there really aren't too many serious hard core types, so they are notorious for networking. If Obama was hanging with a radical crowd (as a young ambitious black man with a muslim name, and a far left pedigree from chere mama etc.) chances are very very high that they knew each other.

Didn't I read somewhere that Obama was a friend of Edward Said at Columbia? And I also believe that I read that Ayers knew Said.(I would be shocked if he did not) It would make sense of many thing about Obama. Ayers was and is a superstar in that crowd.He notices Obama, and puts him under his wing. Obama then moves to Chicago, cuts his teeth in the movement in the shaddow of Ayers, and somehow gets admitted to Harvard Law, and returns to Chicago his first summer to work at the firm where Bernadine Dorhn is shuffling papers without a law license.

Coincidence? Yeah right.

J Verner

Have Ya'll seen this 2006 piece in the City Journal by Sol Stern?


Might help. Stern sounds like someone who JOM might want to get in touch with.

J Verner

Here's a taste of Stern's piece--and Obama says he's just an educator! HAHAHAHAH:

For students who might get bored with the purely pedagogic approach to liberation, Ayers also offers a course on the real thing, called “Social Conflicts of the 1960’s.” For this class Ayers also posts his introduction to the soon-to-be-published collection of Weather Underground agitprop that he edited with Dohrn—called, with no intended parody, Sing a Battle Song: The Revolutionary Poetry, Statements and Communiqués of the Weather Underground, 1970-1974. “Once things were connected,” Ayers’s introduction recollects, “we saw a system at work, we were radicalized, we named that system—imperialism—and forged an idea of how to overthrow it. We were influenced by Marx, but we were formed more closely and precisely by Che, Ho, Malcolm X, Amílcar Cabral, Mandela—the Third World revolutionaries—and we called ourselves small ‘c’ communists to indicate our rejection of what had become of Marx in the Soviet Block [sic]. . . . We were anti-authoritarian, anti-orthodoxy, communist street fighters.”

Ayers makes clear that his political views haven’t changed much since those glory days. He cites a letter he recently wrote: “I’ve been told to grow up from the time I was ten until this morning. Bullshit. Anyone who salutes your ‘youthful idealism’ is a patronizing reactionary. Resist! Don’t grow up! I went to Camp Casey [Cindy Sheehan’s vigil at the Bush ranch in Crawford, Texas] in August precisely because I’m an agnostic about how and where the rebellion will break out, but I know I want to be there and I know it will break out.”


The City Journal article is great..Someone ought to send it to Tad Cochrane with a request that he explain seeking federal money for Klonsky's outfit.

This is seems to me is the great missing value in Diamond's work--exposing the pedagogical malpractice of these radicals

J Verner

Clarice, Just read on FR that Ayers knew Obama in 1987. If they can prove that--they've got him. Remember what Thomas Sowell said about Obama! not lies, but a lie.

If the American people are shown that O'Reilley interview, where he claims that he just worked with Ayers on education--then document what Ayers is actually spewing--along with a documented timeline of a close 20 year working relationship--I swear to goodness, I think that even California would be in play.

I feel very sure that Hillary's minions have the case made, they just didn't use it for fear of losing far left voters that they would have needed in the general election--who would have been given their marching orders to go to Nadar. But if the Clintons smell blood in the water, they may just carefully, with great stealth, leak it out.


Rich, those dates overlap nicely. Ayers at Bank Street College 82-84, then Columbia 84-87 Obama at neighboring Columbia 81-83, then hung around til 85. In his memoir he told of hanging out with his roommate doing whatever.
I'm sure he would have known the Weatherman Ayres lived in the neighborhood and would have gravitated to him.
He says he answered an ad for an 'organizer' in Chicago. I think maybe it wasn't an ad, it was Ayers who had the contacts to set him up with the $25,000 from the Woods Fund.
And I think read somewhere that Ayres loved Said and quoted him.


"Ayers got his masters (82-84) from some boutique school in Morningside Heights, NYC, which is where Columbia is also located. Obama went to Columbia from 81-83"

So there is a definite overlap,"birds of a feather flock together".Young people with similar interests tend to hang out in the same places.I would lay money that the left frequented the same bars,clubs cafes and the like.Certainly any aspiring leftist would seek out the rising stars of the movement.

Gabriel Sutherland

I did not know that Dr. Michael Klonsky was a member of the editorial board and a former reporter for Catalyst Magazine. This magazine was the primary cheerleader for the Local School Councils and the support they received from the CAC.

Recall that when the media wanted a response to the allegations and questions posited to Obama and Ayers about the direction of the CAC, it was none other than the publisher of Catalyst Magazine that authored the editorial which was subsequently published by the Chicago Sun-Times.

Linda Lenz, publisher of Catalyst, writes Annenberg Challenge a radical enclave? Gimme a break!


Heh..Great catch, Gabriel.

Gabriel Sutherland

Another Sidley Austin link to Team Obama.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported today about two private fund raisers held in homes in the Lincoln Park neighborhood on Chicago's near north side. Senator Biden was the featured guest.

The man that introduced Senator Biden was John Levi, partner at Sidley Austin LLP.

J Verner

Great find Gabriel! From the article:

Whatever one thinks of Ayers’ actions 40 years ago, there is nothing to condemn, and much to admire, about his leadership and commitment over the past 20 years in making schools better places to teach and learn. And there is nothing to condemn, and much to applaud, in Obama’s close association with those efforts.

Some of the reporters assigned to dig into the Annenberg archives felt a little silly about it all, I’m told. Their editors should too.

Linda Lenz is the founder and publisher of Catalyst Chicago, an education newsmagazine published by Community Renewal Society.

Compare that with the recent quotes from Sol Stern! Lenz is obviously a commie shill--and Catalyst is nothing but a Marxist rag pretending to be "Progressive." Gosh. Do these idiots think that they're the only ones who have read Gramsci.


I'm posting some very initial search results, partially to see if this thread is still being followed, and to see if I am heading in the right direction.

Again, I'm looking at Bill Ayers' publication history, and following the citations of those articles to get a better sense of the "community" in which he runs.

I first looked at the JSTOR and ERIC databases, and their analysis tools are terrible, as far as I could tell. I then went to Web of Science (a decent ISI product) and it seems that the overlap of primary citations with the other two databases is pretty decent.

I'm still working through the lists, but my tentative impression is that Ayers has published a reasonable amount, but certainly it is not endowed-chair sorts of volumes. Much of it is in the unrefereed literature. But what was most stunning is that few of the articles are cited more than once. There are two to four articles where the citation count exceeds that; the highest I found in a quick scan is 17.

I've done nothing in detail yet, and have not looked at higher-order citations (or had an impact index calculated) but these are very low numbers. If a faculty member in the physical sciences would have this number spread over time as they have been, that faculty member would not even get tenure, let along a named chair.

More later, but I would appreciate input into the database selection before I thunder forward.

Rick Ballard


I'm unsurprised that this particular circle of edujerks is so small. Have you looked at Encyclopedia of Education? This site lists a couple of databases that you should be able to access.


Gabriel, are we to believe the paper just happened to ask Lenz as opposed to Obama and his pals telling their buddies at the paper that she'd provide them with what they wanted?



The CSU system has very incomplete database coverage, and an even worse ability to retrieve the underlying articles. I am working from the UC system, which is superb. As a rule, if it is available, they have it.

More important than the database itself are the tools that you have to follow citations and do associated analysis. ERIC and JSTOR seemed to be very weak in that regard.

I think I will follow the multiply-cited articles on WoS and see where that leads. In spite of its name, WoS has pretty broad topic coverage.


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sunnyside kid

I've learned more from this thread than anything I've heard from newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. Maybe one or more of the knowledgeable folks on this thread can enlighten me on the Mayor of Chicago and his kind words for Bill Ayers. Does he know that Ayers wrote "Fugitive Days" in 2001 and in it he wrote about activists preparing for the Days of Rage in 1969. About Mayor Daley, he wrote, "He was our Moby Dick---white and fleshy, he reeked of the stench of evil."
If someone wrote that about my father, that person would still be in the hospital.


"Racism is a ethical and moral device that keeps the true threads that bind our cultures and nation at odds


Please do not hesitate to have wakfu kamas . It is funny.

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