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September 13, 2008



The Russians have invested ten years into provocations in South Ossetia and Avkhazia, including issuing Russian passports in those regions of a separate sovereign country called Georgia. The jerks who recoil in horror at Georgia, while studiously ignoring all that Russian behavior, are not worth the effort of reading their slanted comments.

Cecil Turner

So this is "unprovoked"?

Oh, please. The Russians (via their proxies in S. Ossetia) shelled the Georgians until they responded, and then just happened to have two independent armor assaults ready to kick off within minutes; they liberated two breakaway provinces (and occupied buffer zones around each) in a complex operation that had to've taken weeks to plan and coordinate. Anyone dim enough to believe this is a "response" . . . that just happened to kick off on the opening day of the Olympics with a preplanned assault and disinformation campaign . . . is a logical candidate for Nigerian money laundering scams.

(But at least ya'all are smart enough to proffer this ridiculously gullible theory pseudonymously . . . which is something.)

Robot Pirate Ninja

qrstuv, I suggest you read the news before you attack someone so shamelessly.

No one has yet explained how signing a ceasefire and then shelling a capital could be described as "non-provocative".

I see no one responded to my point about the point of this original being silly (trailer vs. movie), so I'm glad we're agreed on that.


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