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October 09, 2008





Here. DevilsTower tells it like it is:


Barack Obama once sat on the same school board with a man who had done bad things when Obama was eight years old, and that means Obama hates America. Do I have that straight?

So, my only question for John McCain now: Is this the best you can do?

Twenty one years in the Senate, two terms in the House, twenty two years in the Navy, and lest we forget five years as a POW, and this is it? This is the way that John Sidney McCain III, son and grandson of admirals decides to exit stage far, far right?

Unable to defend his stance on the issues, unwilling to follow the rules of honor he claimed to endorse, undone by his own anger and shadows from his past, this man, this self-proclaimed maverick goes for the sidelines with the most embarrassing series of schoolyard taunts and sophomoric smears in modern times. How crass. How despicable. How utterly and deeply pathetic.

Pitiful is the word, really, both in the sense of contemptible and in arousing a kind of sick feeling of concern. To have done and seen so much, to have had so many opportunities, to have been given a second chance long after most men had given up the game. And then to spend it this way.


Charlie (Colorado)

Well, that is Obama's current story - let's see if they stick to that through the election.

Let's see if they stick with it through one news cycle.


His ABC interview is interesting. Obama says he'll explain the relationship "as I've said many times" then goes on to name the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which he has not previously mentioned during this election.
He then brings up a few strawmen "the notion that he is involved in my campaign, or is an advisor to me" only to knock them down (surprise!).

Charlie Gibson doesn't ask him what the deal was with all the lies before, or the harassing phone calls to WGN. That, if anything, should bother Gibson.

Rick Ballard

Gee, Don, why the fear? It's not like your MSM is looking into Obama's lies with any incision. Tightening polls got ya pissing in the tighty whiteys? The fact that scum floats to the surface botherin' ya a bit?

Come on bro' - you can do it. Just know that, should he win, every minute of this cheap Chicago hacks presidency is gonna make Bill Clinton's impeachment look like a stroll in the park.

You're backing a cheap lefty whore (pardon the redundancy) and we still have a few weeks left to broadcast the news.


According to Politico's Jonathan Martin there is "Fear" and "Loathing" starting to appear at McCain/Palin rallies.


Politico is just another Obama Newsletters, like most of the MSM.

Hey - Jon! You bet we're mad!

Thomas Collins

Don, would you and DevilsTower be singing the same tune if (i) McCain had a similar relationship with a terrorist who, when McCain was eight, was involved in a group responsible for bombings at reproductive health centers, and (ii) Obama was pressing McCain for more information on the extent of that relationship?

By the way, Don, even with MSM's tilt toward Obama, we rubes here in Clingerland know that there is a far closer Obama/Ayers connection than the school board connection. So you might want to, for your own sake, abandon the "minimize the connections" talking points.


Ayers is not going to get him across the finish line first.
This issue has enough momentum to move on to others.

ACORN, FEC, Raines, Socialist Party in Chicago, Rezko, Frank Marshall Davis, Odinga, birth certificate trial, dual citizenship, and black nationalism.

Obama can't survive attacks from all directions. And McCain can't win, if Obama's true "identity" becomes apparent to everyone outside the conservative blogosphere and talk radio.

This has to be about Obama's character. And McCain needs to get used to the idea of being called a racist. If he wins, that's the way it's going to be.


The ABCs Coalition was formed in March 1988 and was coordinated by Bill Ayers.

What evidence is there that Ayers was involved with ABCs in the spring of 1988? I've seen Diamond's claim that he was involved, but am not sure what he bases it on.

Here's what the report linked, School Reform Chicago Style, had in its "For More Information" section at the very end:

More information on current activities on Chicago school reform can be obtained from the following groups: [snip] ABCs Coalition, c/o Prof. William Ayers, [etc.]

That was the only reference to Ayers I saw. The report was published in 1991. I do not think this report alone can prove Ayers was part of ABCs in 1988.


Barack Obama once sat on the same school board with a man who had done bad things when Obama was eight years old, and that means Obama hates America. Do I have that straight?"

No you stupid fucker you don't have it right.

Barack Obama in only 13 years of political service has been politically or spiritually mentored by America Haters. Video, TV, Books prove it.

Only when his sorry ass was busted with EVIDENCE of his associates philosophies did he systematically divest himself of everyone he held dear before he ran for President.

We fucking get it all right.


Ballard-I'm not sure what you're trying to say. Not surprising since you're the most pompous asshole here, but this Ayers crap is going to make McCain lose even worse than he's already has.

Nobody-and I mean nobody-gives a crap about it. Yes, the 25% of beyond stupid rednecks who still approve of George Bush (a.k.a. JOM commenters) care about it, but you people still think Libby was framed.

Good god-Obama just dared McCain to say it to his face at the next debate. That'll tell you how potent this issue is.

And guess what. McCain is going to pussy out again and not mention it.


I would love to see an ad by a JOM 527 that goes something like this:

Man on the street interviewing passers-by...

Man to Two college kids: Do you know much about Barack Obama and his accomplishments?

Two college kids: (looking up into the air) Not really.

Man to Senior Citizen: Do you know much about Barack Obama and his accomplishments?

Senior Citizen: (looking down at the ground) Not really.

Man to Cabbie: Do you know much about Barack Obama and his accomplishments?

Cabbie: (looking like a deer in the headlights) Not really.

Man: Well, there you have it. People really don't seem to know much about Barack Obama and his accomplishments.

Moderator: Who is Barack Obama? Please go to justoneminute.typepad.com to find out.


Oooohhhh - we're so scared of Bambi-pussy calling McCain out.

Grow up you asshole.


Well, enblightened, why exactly did McCain pussy out last time?

Townhall not the right place? Laughable.

So let's hear it.

Thomas Collins

So, Don, if a terrorist who, when McCain was eight, participated in bombing reproductive health centers, and then, with his terrorist wife, held a "meet-and-greet" to help McCain with his political career, you would call those who wanted to explore the relationship between McCain and that terrorist "stupid rednecks?"


No-but I will call you a stupid redneck.

You stupid redneck.



The issue is not necessarilty that Obama has radical friends. I've had a few as well. One can cross party lines and ideologies. The issue does speak directly to Obama's character, however.

There have been to many coverups, too many prevarications, too many poo pooings, and too many holes in Obama's hagiography that are unexplained or of concern. He is in fact hiding his past, and that is what is of concern. he has repeatedly had the chance to come clean, but seems to throw past associations under the bus readily if they interfere with his goals. Obama is very successful at projecting authority when he has none.

years ago, I had to undergo a series of background checks for a position which would expose me to classified materials. Character was a big one. My friends and family were interviewed as was I. I passed. Under the circumstances, I don't think Obama would pass such an investigation. That concerns me deeply.

As to calling out McCain, that is not a smart idea on Obama's part. You don't call out a fighter pilot without being ready to rumble...ever....


ToddK:"And McCain can't win, if Obama's true "identity" becomes apparent to everyone outside the conservative blogosphere and talk radio."

I think you left something out.


Only a thug mentality incites someone to "say it to my face". That's good old Chicago thuggery.

McCain's not stupid enough to get in pussymans face just so you blithering dipshits can start crying about the bad man taking your ball.


PDinDetroit, what are you talking about? They know all about his accomplishments. 1. Hope and 2. Change.
Come on, try to keep up.


The SEND BETTER TROLLS request went out and look what they found - Sir Don.

Don - Welcome, glad you could make it.

the most pompous asshole here

Oh, there are many other much more so than Rick. They show up here as TROLLS, just like you. TROLLS are usually seen here as posting most, if not all, of someone else's tripe instead of their own original thought (that and LUN to DailyKOS).

The main questions about Obama are of CHARACTER and JUDGMENT - who one "hangs out with" is very telling of this. The "everyday person in America" knows this and matters to them.


That is why you are here - trying to carp about JSM not being a man, when in actuality, it is Obama that is not a man. A man is judged by CHARACTER and Obama is quite a character, but appears to have little of it beyond rhetoric.

SEND BETTER TROLLS - is this the best you got???


Is this dramatic recreation of the Obama/Ayers meeting right?
Hyde Park, 1995. Bill Ayers' living room. Enter Barack Obama stage left.
Obama: Oh, excuse me. I, uh, seem to be in the wrong house.
Bill Ayers: Yes, unfamiliar black person who I have not met before. This is a gathering of progressive activists who want to lend their support to young progressive politician Barack Obama. I think you are in the wrong house.
Obama: That is a coincidence. I am also a young progressive politician named Barack Obama. What are the odds? Well, good luck to that other fellow. I will go on to another house now, where I hope to see people who are not strangers to me like you are Mr English professor.
Ayers: Why don't you stay? By the way I am not an English professor but a distinguished professor of education committed to progressive change. Not that you should know that for any reason.
Obama: Why, I once worked with a distinguished professor of education named Bill Ayers who was also committed to progressive change.
Ayers: Yes, my name is also Bill Ayers, which I must have mentioned previously. But not before you entered my living room of course! Because we had not met before then. Although remember working with a progressive young black man some time ago...
Wayne's World fade - doodereedoo, doodereedoo, doodereedoo...
U Michigan, 1965. Bill Ayers' bedroom.
Ayers: Get in bed with him you white bitch, or you ain't never leaving!
Hyde Park 1995
Ayers: Good times. Wait, that wasn't it.
Hyde Park, 1993, first meeting of the Annenberg Challenge. Enter Obama stage left.
Ayers: Hello unfamiliar black person.
Obama: Hello typical white person. I am looking for the Annenberg Challenge, because I am the chairman of that organization.
Ayers: You have found it. I am the person who won the $50 million grant, so I am pleased to bump into the person who will be responsible for dispersing the money. You must have been chosen for your qualifications by a mutual associate.
Obama: Um...
Ayers: Yes, a mutual associate.
Obama: ...yes. That is how it happened, Bill. Mr Ayers! -if either of those are your real names which I just guessed at. I think this is a wonderful opportunity to help the kind of neighborhood schools that neither of us want to send our own children to.
Hyde Park 1995
Obama and Ayers: That's why you look so familiar - your kids just
Ayers: started at
Obama: graduated from
Obama and Ayers: my kids' school!

Charlie (Colorado)

Ballard-I'm not sure what you're trying to say. Not surprising since you're the most pompous asshole here, ....

That is what we in the logic business call a "self-falsifying statement."


Matt-maybe you're right. I have no idea about the exact details of this Ayers thing because I don't care and I can't be bothered.

But I'd vote for Bill Ayers himself rather than let Republicans keep control.

I honestly don't think a terrorist president could do more harm to the country than Bush and Cheney have.


Dave - Hope already went under the OBAMA BUS.


But I'd vote for Bill Ayers himself rather than let Republicans keep control

and true to form, the LEFTY LIB in Don comes SHINING THROUGH.



Charlie (Colorado)

By the way, the "McCain Goes There" thing on Weekly Standard has this update:

UPDATE: The next question came from a black McCain supporter, who reminded McCain of the candidate's plea at the convention for his supporters to do everything possible to ensure a victory. The supporter said: "I doubt that anyone has taken, pardon me, the ass-whoopin' I have taken for doing that." He then implored McCain to go after Barack Obama at the next debate and asked him to raise ACORN and Reverend Wright. "I am begging you, sir," he said, as the crowd stood and applauded.

"Yes, I'll do that," McCain responded, before promising to offer "a positive plan for America's economy."


I have learned a mighty ∅kmas can grow from a tiny ACORN.


"Yes, I'll do that," McCain responded.

No-he won't.

Charlie (Colorado)

Matt-maybe you're right. I have no idea about the exact details of this Ayers thing because I don't care and I can't be bothered.

Exactly. Imagine, now, if you took your responsibilities as a voter seriously?


I do dipshit. Do you see what shape the country is in. Open your eyes man.

Republicans have got to go.


Well Don I'll call you on the next debate, McCain was inside your loop. If he had brought up Ayers the other night without a proper opening, the Dem/MSM were waiting with baited breath to bury him in slime.

Now of course he's been challenged to bring it up by Zero, he should really learn to keep his mouth shut. He's not going to stop with Ayers either.


Send better trolls.


bgates, you are giving Iowahawk a real run for his money. Can I steal that and send it to all five of my friends who aren't voting for Zero?


Look, you can't be so dense as to not realize that Obama is smarter than McCain.

If Obama is calling him out, it's for a reason.


"Exactly. Imagine, now, if you took your responsibilities as a voter seriously?"

And let's even further imagine that ACORN registrars take voter responsibilities seriously.

Bambi's new campaign slogan

Elect a Zero - Be a Hero.


Obama in an acornshell:

Even apart from the details of the Obama/Ayers connection, two key points emerge:

a) Obama lied and misled the American people in his description of his relationship with Ayers as casual and arm’s-length; and

b) Obama was consciously guided by Ayers’s radical philosophy, rooted in the teachings of leftist Saul Alinksy, in his distribution of CAC grant funds.

Since Obama is asking us to let him direct education spending by the federal government and wants us to trust his veracity, these are difficulties he will have to explain in order to get the votes to win.

Now that Obama is comfortably ahead in the polls, attention will understandably shift to him. We will want to know what kind of president he would make. The fact that, within the past 10 years, he participated in a radical program of political education conceptualized by an admitted radical terrorist offers no reassurance.

Why did Obama put up with Ayers? Because he got a big job and $50 million of patronage to distribute to his friends and supporters in Chicago. Why did he hang out with Jeremiah Wright? Because he was new in town, having grown up in Hawaii and Indonesia and having been educated at Columbia and Harvard, and needed all the local introductions he could get to jump-start his political career. Why was he so close to Rezko?

Because he funded Obama’s campaigns and helped him buy a house for $300,000 less than he otherwise would have had to pay.

Not a good recommendation for a president.


WOW dow down [email protected] happens to GM if their stock goes to 0?


When more truths become known to more of the actual voters, and the Acorn Fraud is weeded out of this election, McCain and Palin will pull this out. The amount of bad associations by Obama will eventually cook his goose.

Thomas Collins


You have made my day! My family and friends all joke about me being an absent minded philosopher type, the kind you see wandering around Northhampton, Mass. and Harvard Square, Mass. I am going to show them this thread to prove that I am not only a good ole boy redneck, but a STUPID redneck!

I must give you this, Don, you are candid. You are now on record as preferring a terrorist as President rather than a GOPer. Because you are so honest, Don, perhaps you will let us know whether you prefer only terrorists who commit their acts in opposition to wars against communists, or whether any type of terrorist would do. Would you vote for a terrorist who targeted reproductive health clinics over a GOPer?


"Look, you can't be so dense as to not realize that Obama is Bambi's 4000 advisors and handlers are smarter than McCain."

Fixed that for ya.


Don - SMARTS do not EQUAL WISDOM. WISDOM comes from EXPERIENCE, which Obama has precious little of.

Experience - why does Obama not tout his EXPERIENCE as head of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC)?

Could it be the FAILURE of this effort to help educate kids and sucking up MILLIONS in the process?


Thomas, stick a fork in Don. He's done.


What happens to GM if their stock goes to 0?

Oh who cares Jean. Let me tell you who Obama ate dinenr with on June 26, 1981...



then you are clueless. Unfortunately, this is indicative of a large portion of the Democratic Party. the blind hatred of Bush and Cheney began in 2000 and has festered since. It seems to me that democrats would rather bring the house down around them than work towards real reform. Bush has had to work without a working majority for most of his term and thus has been rather more circumspect in his legistative initiatives than he would have with a strong majority. This at the same time gave the Democrats, who have been fighting a take no prisoners battle since 2000, greater leverage.

If Congress had taken action in 2003 or 2004 on FNMA or Freddy Mac the country wouldn't be in nearly as bad a position as we are now. Instead, Democrats fought tooth and nail to ensure the lack of oversight continued. Today HUD reported a possible 5,000,000 mortgages granted to illegal immigrants, a significant percentage of which could be fraudulent. I'm all for bringing people into the system, but they have to able to pay their bills first and foremost. I don't recommend free beer at an AA meeting.

The meme that it's all Bush's fault simply doesn't wash. It takes a village, as Hillary pointed out. Obama is as poor a candidate as Kerry, but he has charisma. Both are bad for the long term health of the country.


"Would you vote for a terrorist who targeted reproductive health clinics over a GOPer?"

Sure! But considering you probably already voted twice for a President who condoned torture, secret prisons, illegal spying on Americans, and lied us into a war, I'm not sure where your feeling of morial superiority comes from.

You stupid redneck.


If Obama is calling him out, it's for a reason.



yeah sure that is why he characterizes the subject as a "personal attack" because he wants to discuss it. The problem is Don that McCain is going to bring up a list of all the people that aren't the people that Obama knew(TM), Then ask Americans if this is the person who should be setting policy.

I'll bet America will say no


Well Don if you have the answers.Why can't I say Obamas middle name in public?Why didn't he turn over his Birth Certificate when a judge asked?

Charlie (Colorado)

I do dipshit.

You know, I wonder if we couldn't develop some sort of troll score based on how long it takes before they counter-argue by calling someone names?

I can't decide whether it's more fun to see how quickly they can be turned into irrational hysterics, or to give better scores for the ones who manage to keep a reasonable argument going longer.


Actually Jean-I agree with you on the middle name thing. It is his name.

I'm proudly voting for Hussein.


Charlie - Don didn't get irrational yet, just irritated. We are trying though!

It would have to be on the NEGATIVE SCALE though.


Charlie (Colorado)


I'm Dead and I Vote... for Obama!


Charlie-don't wait for me my man, I will start off calling names from the first post.

Why? Because I drip contempt for Bush and his enablers and what they have done to this country.

And now you people want to foist Palin upon me! It would be funny, except that your actions are endangering my physical and fiscal health.

You are sick degenerates.


"Oh who cares Jean. Let me tell you who Obama ate dinenr with on June 26, 1981..."

Actually I think I'm more concerned with who Babmi was breaking bread with at Columbia. Oh wait - we don't talk about that. Shhhh. Bambi boasts that he was present at Columbia, but funnily enough - no one else does.

Vote Zero! Viva Bambi!

Thomas Collins

Don, I wonder what in my posts leads you to conclude that I feel that I am morally superior to you or anyone else. Because I believe that the Obama/Ayers connection is a fit subject for campaign debate, that establishes that I deem myself morally superior? I guess I have had too much moonshine today and watched too many Hee Haw reruns, because I am not thinking clearly.

In any event, comparing the Roosevelt Administration's actions in WW2, the Kennedy Administration's actions in Vietnam, and the Bush Administration's actions in response to an attack on the homeland is beyond my redneck intellect at the moment. But I would suggest to you, Don, that when you look at the record with a clear eye, you perhaps will be a little more "nuanced" (isn't that a word the anti-Bushies love?) in your assessment of the current administration's actions.

Jim Ryan

Do you see what shape the country is in.

We're on the brink of depression, Don. Why don't you figure out who caused it and vote against them? This would require dropping the troll act and reading stuff that isn't on Kos.

You got screwed by the Democratic Party, Don. So did every country in the world.

I'm proudly voting for Hussein.

Wrong choice, Don. He was on the side that pushed us to the brink.

On second thought, forget it, Don. Just go back to Kos and type "Repub climate of greed" another 1000 times. And "what they have done to this country" over an over, too. It will make you feel as though you're engaged in political deliberations.



Charlie - that is fricken hilarious!

DON has an incurable case of BDS and a mild case of PDS. Dude, you have been hanging out WAY TOO LONG in the fever swamp.


Oh my god Ryan.

Republicans held the presidency from 1981-1992, and 2000-2008.

They controlled the House from 1994-2006.

They controlled the Senate from...who gives a shit but Lott and Frist were the majority leaders!

And you want to pin everything on Dems?

Dude, that's retarded.

Take some goddamn responsibility if you wwant the power.



Now you're just being a d*%k. Abu Ghraib was a joke when compared to real torture such as that used by Russia, China, Nazi Germany, Saddam Hussein, etc. It was humiliation, but was also an isolated instance. No excuse for it, but on the larger scale, insignificant.

The Guantanamo/secret prison issue is tougher. These are some very bad people who in their home countries (if they even a functional home country in cases) might be released, executed on the spot, or sent back out to fight us again. There are @ 200 prisoners left at Gitmo, and we really don't know what to do with them. The others, well, as Jane Fonda said once, sometimes you gotta break some eggs if you want to make an omelet. Screw em. They are our enemies and do not bind themselves by the Geneva conventions.

As to internal spying, as someone who knows, I am not very concerned that the rights of the citizenry are being violated. The cases are rare and are supervised through a legal protocol. I would have been more worried about the Clinton's snooping through White House employee e mail, as they did.

As to lying about the wars, it has been well established that most major powers were in agreement on Saddam's programs and intentions in the 1990's and after 9-11. There were multiple UN resolutions, and because of interference driven by graft, the Russians, Chinese, and french did their best to cloud the issue. Most wars begin in clouds of misinformation, and this was one of them. Intelligence failed it's duty. Oh well, get over it.

Now that we're in, we have to finish the job or risk losing Iraq, Afghanistan, and every effort in the Middle East to bring peace between Sunni & Shiite and Arab and Jew for the next 100 years. Your candidate would cut and run. As the Jews say, never again.

Rick Ballard


Consider the possibility that Don is a right wing troll "pushing the envelope". While I might wear the badge of "the most pompous asshole" designation with pride were it presented by a true progressive, I'm not at all sure that Don really represents the depth of depravity which is the hallmark of the "movement". He appears to be extraordinarily stupid, even when evaluated on the chart of stupidity that would be normally used in evaluating progressive lack of thought.

I'm afraid that I must decline his nomination in the face of evidence indicating that he is too stupid to actually be a prog. I know that the barrier is quite low (measurement by micrometer is necessary) but Don really does fit the "too stupid" archetype.


"You are sick degenerates"

At least a sick degenerate's starting point isn't - Zero.

Taxes For All, Opportunity for None! Vote Zero!


Thanks for proving my point on the pompous part Ballard.


the reverse side of the marxist coin is fascism.....



Obama will be the next president. You don't need to worry. This Ayers stuff is not ging to prevent somebody from voting their mortgage this election.

That said, imperfectly denied scandals have a way of coming back. And Obama's denials are not the least bit persuasive, and the tactic of yelling racism, everytime the Democrat role in the mortgage mess is mentioned is not persuasive. These stories will be back in 2009, and they will be pushed not only by Fox, but by the MSM, which will not have the need to kick around either McCain or Biush anymore.


Let me get this straight appalled-

delusional assholes are going to keep being delusional assholes after Obama is elected?

Sean Hannity will still have airtime to fill?



bgates--that is so good..Fabulous really.


Rick - Since we were not getting better trolls here recently, I was going to make a suggestion to the JOM Readers here.

We nominate one JOM person to become "troll for a day", have them post something trollish, we bash them, and then they go screaming for help to DK, DU, FDL, etc. I Thought that might bring at least more trolls to choose from, maybe even a decent one if we are lucky!

Now that Don is here from DK, maybe that plan is already in action...


"delusional assholes are going to keep being delusional assholes after Obama is elected?"

You been looking in the mirror or something?

This is a big step in recovery - admitting you have a problem.

Amused bystander

I think I qwnt of on this idiot in another thread. He was calling himelve Jane II.
Regret it now.

He is a complete waste of time.
TM should start banning these freaks, and ban them by their IP address.

Don is barely human.

It go to show that we are striking a nerve.

On another note, why isn't Rudi out there hammering these points, aprticularly in OH, PA, MI and WI?


Hey, all, ix-nay on the an-play in front of Don.

ACORN's antics are casting so much doubt on the integrity of the election that we will just *have* to have martial law starting on 5 November.

Maybe in the next thirty years of GWB, he'll grow a pair of jackboots and finally get around to accomplishing all the scurrilous accusations on Don's list.



You really don't need better trolls here.

I'm typing in four other windows and you idiots haven't laid a glove on me.

Real trolls would make your head explode.



No -- what I am saying is that some of the stuff on Hannity or Rush but not much elsewherewill bleed onto ABC,NBC,CBS,Politico,WaPo.

There are grand juries investigating the demise of Fannie and Freddie and Countrywide. You think that isn't going to touch some prominent Dems?


But it's so fun to watch the screeching zero's bust into the thread all righteous-like and then just pummel them back to DU or whatever the swamp du jour is.

What happens to GM if their stock goes to 0?

Oh who cares Jean. Let me tell you who Obama ate dinenr with on June 26, 1981...

Well...we could talk about what Obama has done for GM.
He told them they needed to produce more fuel efficient cars. And he advocated higher gas prices. He wants to encourage more automakers to have more unions.

Finally, he couldn't get Michigan's Senator Stabenow or Detroit-area Congressmen Conyers and Kilpatrick to vote for the bailout.



What a big boy. You sure you can handle that load with just one diaper?



I don't care who goes down! Are there scummy Dems! Hell-turn on C-Span.We need more investigations not less.

Too bad Bush Pat Roberts University-fied the Justice Department.


I want everyone of those jokers in congress who pushed the banks to change their lending practice to rot in jail.I don't care if they are Rep. or Dems.I'm afraid with a Dem.controlled government there will be no investigations.The Speaker already said as much

Jim Ryan

And you want to pin everything on Dems?

No, I don't, Don. The GOP should have tried harder to control the monster the Dems created: Fannie, Freddy, the CRA and ACORN, and the resulting horrors in the mortgage securities business. Bush and McCain tried to plug the holes made by the Dems in the dyke. They should have tried harder. For instance, the administration should have done something about AIG and the CDS risk mismanagement.

You don't know anything about this issue, as evidenced by your argument:

Republicans held the presidency from 1981-1992, and 2000-2008.

They controlled the House from 1994-2006.

They controlled the Senate from...

This to you is fine-grained enough grasp of the facts? Do you know any of the details about the cause of the credit crunch, Don? I think you just read a post or two over at Kos about "Repub climate of greed," "Repub deregulation" and "Phil Gramm" and went with that, didn't you, Don? Now go spend about 20 hours reading sources other than Kos and educating yourself on what happened.


"We need more investigations not less."

Dennis Kucinich needs a man like you, typing in four windows 'n all.



it will affect the atmosphere Obama is working in (and whether anyone feels the need to reopen rezko, or some other moment of Chicago politics...)


OK - DON is delusional now....

You are just ignoring the comments sir, because you have NO ANSWERS. TC tried to engage you in CRITICAL THINKING, but you couldn't handle it. Same with many other before him.

Hell, you couldn't even answer Appalled, who was trying to help you!

Sheez Don, thought you were a nice guy after all, celebrate diversity and all that. C'mon, name calling, 3rd grade stuff...


Speaking from personal and family experience in other places and times, for morons like you to understand what somebody like Obama it is all about, millions have to die. Unfortunately, history also teaches that imbeciles do not die first: it is hard to kill bad weeds.

Amused bystander

*went off on this*

Sara (Pal2Pal)


Ask yourself what it was in Barack Obama and his wife Michelle that attracted Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorhn believe him/them to be kindred spirits?

Who is the Real Barack Obama?


yeah right Ryan. Why don't you yourself go look at Bush's homeownership policies.

And Hey-it's McCain himself that wants to fire Chris Cox!

Last I checked Cox was a conservative darling, so whatzup with that?



For the record, I wasn't trying to help or hurt Don -- just trying to draw him out a bit. (And also, I have a feeling that this is an election like 1972 -- where the possibly corrupt people really need to be put into office because the alternative is downright dangerous. But I am under no delusion that 1973 and 1974 won't be coming up next...)


"for morons like you to understand what somebody like Obama it is all about, millions have to die"

Now you're getting melodramatic. Please go watch Red Dawn again and shut the fuck up.

Barney Frank

you idiots haven't laid a glove on me

We're looking for a pair of tongs. Sometimes even gloves aren't enough.


Oh well. Anybody preparing to balst me. Save it.

This sex chat window now gets my full attention. Later!


Maybee - GM is trying to sell the Renaissance Center to raise capital (along with quite a few other things). They will stay there, but will lease instead of own.




it will affect the atmosphere Obama is working in (and whether anyone feels the need to reopen rezko, or some other moment of Chicago politics...)

I don't think Rezko is closed, and there will be the matter of Patrick Fitzgerald for Obama to contend with.
I actually wanted the press to air much of this out before the election. Some republican Congressman will now do it after Obama's elected, and pretty soon we'll have the same old same old whitewater/plame/justice department carp. Which I dread.


Maybee - and it will just be labeled a "distraction", just like it always has.


"for morons like you to understand what somebody like Obama it is all about, millions have to die"

Now you're getting melodramatic. Please go watch Red Dawn again and shut the fuck up."

The difference between you and me is that I speak from personal experience and you from watching movies; which most grown ups know that they are mostly MAKE BELIEF!

Now, moron, who should shut up? ;)


And Racism.


"This sex chat window now gets my full attention. Later!"

Say Eh-oh to Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Po, and Tinky Winky if your attention span permits.


Let's see, how confident can we actually been in the ELECTIONS PROCESS THIS YEAR:

ACORN Registering Voters Who Aren't Real

Michigan Removing Voters Who Are Real (LUN)



Heh, heh. Although only one "umm" doesn't help with the verisimilitude.

Hyde Park 1995
Ayers: Good times.

Obama: How many times do I have to tell you, BombardiAyers, that wasn't me.


John F.Kerry hid his military service 180,Barrack Hussein Obama,s whole life is a 180.

Cecil Turner

Just curious, but how can any possible reading of Ayers's bombing activities (including those in 1970, '71, and '72 by his own own admission) be construed to've last happened when Oboy was 8?

And unless I missed something, his Weathermen buddies were active and murdering people until at least 1981 (prompting him to raise their kid, eventually) . . . which would put young Barry at about an impressionable 19. Not sure where he gets "8" . . . but that really doesn't work, now does it?

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