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October 06, 2008



New partner at Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe?


Kneel or bend over?

Rick Ballard

On behalf of Dewey, Scrum & Howe, may I suggest that by your abusive mistreatment through intentionally misspelling the name of our illustrious firm you have exposed yourself to a response that will bring home the meaning of '& Howe' in a manner which has proven to be unforgettable to others.

Buford Gooch

"Kneel or bend over?"

That's Neil Donaneetcha, and Ben Dover.


While I do not subscribe to eponymic analysis, I am not as comforted as I should be after learning that he has been Paulson's advisor on housing issues.

Of course, he was probably advising his boss not to undertake an inconsistent series of half-measures.

After he has been independently confirmed by the Senate, he will be able to finally implement the solution he has been working towards for lo these many years.

Then the markets will be calm.

Terry Gain


You forgot to mention that accounting oversight is to be performed by the firm Stoned and Stiff.


FBN broadcast part of today's House hearing on the collapse of Lehman Brothers. The part I saw featured an angry interplay between Chairman Henry Waxman and Rep. Chris Shays described here. "I believe there's a cover-up going, and I'd like to make a statement," Shays demanded, without revealing further details of his claim. "We'll follow the rules," Waxman retorted with a rap of the gavel, adding that only the chairman and the ranking member, Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., could speak. Davis himself says "partisan finger pointing adds nothing" to the oversight process..."

Thanks for nothing, Rep. David. The article fails to point out what Shays wanted to say and why Waxman shut him down. In an interview with Fox Business's David Asman after the hearing, Shays says there are 5 "What were wrong?" hearings scheduled, and none involve Freddie and Fannie.

CBS gets more: "Shays wondered why Democrats will target Wall Street firms during their planned set of hearings, but not Fannie and Freddie, who he said offered the type of subprime loans that helped trigger the crisis.

“Congress stood idly by as Fannie and Freddie played with trillions of dollars under a different set of rules,” Shays said. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Henry Waxman said his staff is already reviewing documents provided by Fannie and Freddie and may hold hearings on the topic in the future"

Unbelievable, but kudos to Rep Chris Shays.



Howdy! What's your read on Missouri?


I'm still incredibly disappointed in both the intellect and the understanding of conservative principles of the people here. You and Bush and your ilk are killing the party.

I just gave 250.00 to Bob Barr.


Well Waxman had better things to investigate than FM.FM didn't he? What a jackass.


We need some people in Washington who aren't afraid to piss people off, lot's of people.


More Henry Waxman: “To restore our economy to health, two steps are necessary. First, we must identify what went wrong [with Wall Street but not Fannie and Freddie]. Then we must enact real reform of our financial markets.”

Lawyers and lobbyists are in for a bonanza.

Jim Ryan

Waxman is an example of a certain blindness at work in the Left with respect to overlooking the FMs/CRA and suspecting the market.

The use of the FMs/CRA to promote a leftist agenda is not on the table. There is no question about whether the market is overregulated. It's built into their cognitive apparatus that the only question is to what extent the market is underregulated.

This is why they reach the absurd conclusion that the crisis was caused by market underregulation. FMs/CRA regulation was a given, part of the woodwork, not even visible to them. The only question was how to use additional regulatory techniques to prevent FMs/CRA regulation from resulting in catastrophe.

Bill in AZ


You and Bush and your ilk are killing the party.

I just gave 250.00 to Bob Barr.

Good for you - I just sent $2300 to George Bush For President.



It's good to be back, however short the time.

What's your read on Missouri?

Missouri will take the Big 12 on its way to the BCS championship. Daniels won't get the Heisman, though.


Oh, politically. Whoops!

Missouri will go for McCain. It will be close. Hulsof is going down, but I will enjoy watching the cognitive dissonance as Democrats pull the lever (well, draw the line with a magic marker) for a Nixon.

I went a debate in St. Louis the other day at my alma mater.

My favorite part was when Goolsbee asked "Are there any Canadians here?" before answering the question about Obama's approach to NAFTA.

My least favorite part was when Holtz-Eakin explained that, under the McCain healthcare plan, talk therapy would be freely available and covered by insurance. It's scary when Obama is less scary than the Republican in the race.


I hope you'll be back again soon. That's quite a prediction about Missouri as well as Oklahoma's been playing.



It will be interesting times at Arrowhead on 11/29 and 12/6.

I am rooting for Texas on this Saturday, even if I do want them to lose the following week.

Hey, it beats thinking about the soap opera that is the Rams. On Sundays I'm reduced to rooting for a quarterback who played at the same place I went to law school.

Who do you like in college ball?


I'm reduced to rooting for a quarterback who played at the same place I went to law school.

It could be worse. You could have gone to Santa Clara.

Generally, I root for both contenders for The Axe. Yes, I realize this is very wrong.


It probably makes for interesting social gatherings. That rivalry can get fierce.

Good chatting with you again.


It probably makes for interesting social gatherings. That rivalry can get fierce.

Good chatting with you again.


Paranoid conspiracy theory of the hour. I'm just reading that governments are taking over the banks worldwide now as the financial scandal widens. Wouldn't that be funny that if this was some rigged plot, by some players to manipulate the worlds financial markets by short selling right before the US elections, say Saudis coordinating with the Russians and Venezuela. The financial crisis itself would make it more likely that their agents, as messengers of "change" would get voted into the governments, while the governments are taking over the banks. Then after the election, it would be so much easier for any agent they got into government (cough...BHO) to take more power for themselves, with so many banks and all that money at federal control. It sounds so devilishly simple actually.

I don't really think this is happening, but it would sure make a great political action thriller novel.


Are the Russians having any financial/housing problems at the moment? Just wondering.

M. Simon


Last I read (about a week ago) the Russian Stock Market was off 50%.


Hey Walter.

Mo Farm Bureau has Hulshoff winning by a pretty wide margin. They say thier State Fair Poll has been 100% accurate in State Wide Races. In St. Louis things might look different. McCain will win outstate MO huge. It may come down to ACORN fraud in the cities and University towns.



It will be interesting to see if the Dow tries to close the gap in the charts left yesterday, I wouldn't be surprised to see it up a couple hundred and finish down. A bear flag on Friday, followed by a Gap down on Monday, is just a very, very weak market.


Let me add to my post above to make a grand unified conspiracy theory, as cooked up by Ayers in concert with several socialist governments around the world.

Find a young liberal student who is a good speaker with hidden radical ideology, who has intelligence and potential, say at Columbia. Racial mix is a plus. Use connections to get him into Harvard Law, help him out with his school work and keep using connections so he gets good grades. Then after graduation get him into a bunch of radical law firms and foundations to pad his resume. Bankroll his Senate run.

Then when he runs for President with a populist message, finance his campaign with hundreds of millions of dollars of internet generated bank accounts funds from donations and say they are from "college students". Get your agents into the half dozen polling companies to pad the results.

Then right before the election, short sell mortgage back securities all at once, generating financial crisis. Use that crisis as cover to get the agents in the polling companies to suddenly increase your poll results by 5%. Infiltrate computer voting to make sure your candidate wins. Then after your candidate wins, the financial crisis that was generated and the resulting federal control of banks helps your candidate consolidate power with greater funds at his fingertips.

Socialist atheist paradise results.


I see Bill Maher had a new movie open this week-end.

Yes, it's called How to Lose Friends & Alienate People.


Just a small comment from a Stooges Fan (who I think originated this joke). The proper name of the firm is Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe. I personally find that even funnier, but tastes vary.



Sylvia--per your remarks.....

I'm wondering if Zero is "the Beast"?


More like WolfRam & Heart.(The Demonic law firm from the Angel series; which also represented Yoyodyne, the Alien conglomerate
from the Buckaroo Banzai movies, Yeyland/
Yutani, the "Company' that sent the ships to recover the "Alien" and of course, Halliburton, no explanation needed. Although strong speculation about Rove being from the Order of the Black Thorne.

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