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October 10, 2008



The takeaway message for the Iraqis is that Obama is a duplicitous little bastard.

bio mom

Very prescient people!!

What do you all think about the 30 minute network TV time buy Obama is doing days before the election? Of course he will do a "fireside chat" reassuring all that when they elect him all will be well once again. This is just his German extravaganza all over again with an American twist. CREEPY!!!! No presidential candidate has ever frightened me as much as this guy. Yet the country seems determined to elect the flyweight, phoney, affirmative action socialist in waiting. Pray for the country.


let's hope McCain let's him know we have a President, one at a time, who is responsible for those decisions, and what he attempted to do is close to treason.

Tom Maguire

I for one embrace our flyweight, phony, affirmative action socialist overlords.

Jane Whitman

I for one embrace our flyweight, phony, affirmative action socialist overlords.

Smart move - either that or change your name to "Jane".


If true, Obama is saying he would renege on a previous administration's written agreement, which is very serious. Can the DoJ investigate this stuff and present us with a nice dossier the day before the inauguration? Then we can begin impeachment proceedings immediately.


by the way, Farrakahn is on video calling Obama the Messiah today....


bio mom-


I wish many more people would make that connection.


If you want to know who's voting for Obama listen to this:

Howard Stern Show

This is too funny!


welcome, comrade--Tom-Jane


Matt, that's why he can't produce a birth certificate, he came out of a well!

Tom Maguire

Smart move - either that or change your name to "Jane".

I have already prepared the press release:

Jane Maguire has been blogging at the widely-derided "Jane's One Minute" since his her work-release in 2003.
Jane Whitman

Perfect! Now if you will just agree to be president of the island.


I like 'Just a Jane Minute'.


Or 'Just us Janus Minutus'.


What if new President Tom Maguire wants a different deal ?


Easy, he's gonna have to negotiate through several layers of Janes with Sistani.

Ronald Reagan

Don't make me come back from the dead to straighten you fools out. The Republican party is going to lose this election-you've forgotten what you're about and have instead turned into some kind of weird neo-Nazi Klan group with out of touch ideas and values.

Sbw Whitman Jane

Does this mean I have to become me again?

Jane Whitman

WOW - "neo-Nazi Klan" members. That's pretty harsh. Let me guess, you are a kos kid?


More Alinsky tactics! Rick Moran at AT, LUN

Cecil Turner

Most folks know Klan is Democrat. How's your old Kleagle doin' btw?

Robert Byrd

Well Son;

as the King Kleagle of Ku Klux Klan of West Virginia, Ah resemble that there remahk.....'ceptin a'hm a dimmicrat....

funny how the Left always seems to accuse the right of the basest motives when engaging in those actions themselves....jest sayin', y'know.....


Treason. Plain and simple.
The arrogance is off putting.

Who would vote for this guy and why? I haven't heard reason one yet.

Tom Maguire

weird neo-Nazi Klan group

There has to be a redundancy in there somewhere. Or are there rival normal neo-Nazi Klan groups?

The arrogance is off putting.

I was shocked today. A reliable anti-war lib was telling me he is still not sold on Obama because he finds the guy to be vague and evasive. Obama is ducking questions rather than leading right now, which my friend found annoying.

Not that he is loving McCain, but still.

glenda waggoner

I will sleep better because of that, Tom.

Joe G

That's great, can't he be charged with treason?


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