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October 03, 2008



They're looking shy in Chi-town - shy of talent.
One of the world's great cities, run by one of the world's most respected criminal organizations. I hope a Chicago resident comes from behind to achieve a stunning and historic victory this fall, and I hope it's the Cubbies.

Jack Klompus



If only they were doing as well as the NY teams.


Not me, bgates. Even though it is the city of my birth, I always want Chi teams (and Chi politicians) to lose. The Sox beat my Twins the other night and that isn't helping my attitude any.

Thomas Collins

Hey, TM, wrong emphasis. We here in Beantown land would like a post on Epstein's great move in bidding high in last year's auction for rights to deal with Daisuke (starting tonight against the Angelinos/Anaheimians while Mussina, Rivera et al rest their arms). I'm sure you agree that he would have looked great in pinstripes the last two years.

Gabriel Sutherland

I've run out of excuses for the Cubs. The only one I have left is the day games. The Cubs will almost never have playoff game played during day hours as they do regularly in the regular season.

No 1:20 starts in the playoffs. No 3:05 starts either. No 2:20 starts.


I knew something was up last night mid-debate when my Dodger fan husband emerged from the bedroom and yelled "101" down the hall (once LA eliminates the Cubs, it will have been 101 years since they won a World Series). Since I'm a disgruntled Yankee fan, nothing will give me more pleasure than watching Joe Torre bring home another one. And I hope he beats the ever-living crap out of Boston to do it.

Thomas Collins

SukieTawdry commented:

And I hope he [Torre] beats the ever-living crap out of Boston to do it.

Well, ST, I'm hoping he gets the chance. Red Sox/Dodgers, let's bring it on! DLowe pitching against his old pals. Manny disappearing behind the Green Monster in a Dodgers uniform. Almost as fun as watching Delaware Joe pontificate on Afghanistan!

Jack Klompus

Torre's going to have to get past the pennant series to get to the Bosux so don't pull out your "Jump to Conclusions" mat yet.



Go Phils


i'm in s. indiana. most people lose their marbles over THE sport of basketball in these parts. that notwithstanding there are quite a few who follow baseball as well. while i've had a passing fancy for cincinnati or st.louis in the past it's never been anything serious.

so i can't quite understand the passion, but i can tell you the cubbie fans around here are all bleary eyed, grouchy and reek strongly of distilled spirits. i can only imagine what it's like up in chicago.


God is getting even with Chicago for foisting Obama on the rest of us!

I've been told by secret club house sources that the Red Sox have shaved all body hair so that they can run faster. The Angels have countered by placing the bases 2 2/3" further apart than the standard 90', and that Ervin Santana is wearing special shoes that raise his height on the mound by 1", giving him an extra 2 mph velocity on his fastball...... there are conspiracies everywhere, I tell ya!


"The Cubbies commit four errors in a 10-3 loss to go down in the series against Manny and the Torres by 2 games to nil."
Torres !!! LOL ! Mayor Bloomberg used to call him that !


J-Bay being Manny Oh Yeah

and Yoouk!! for a guy who doesn't play much third he was brilliant

JM Hanes

Hi Polly! Nice to see ya.

Thomas Collins

Just as everyone expected. Looks as if the two best teams in the AL East will be duking it out in the ALCS. Looking forward to a Red Sox/Yank . . . wait a minute, did the Yankees change their uniforms? I don't recognize the team that is beating the Chisox! :-))




Hi JM thanks.. you too


I'm so glad I chose to watch to watch the Dodgers from 1st to last pitch Thursday night. All of the replays of the debate indicate to me that even the Cubs fielded better than Palin. (For Chicago, there was an error at each infield position.) I think the umpires called a tighter game, too, than Glen Ifill. Or was she pitching? Softballs?

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