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October 14, 2008



I shouldn't have posted the link so soon without verification regardless of the source.

The fact that the Obama campaign has denied the story doesn't surprise me. They've been denying stories that later proved to be true for months. However, unless and until the people at API (if that's a valid news source)
can come up with something that can be 100% verified, then this story is not to be believed.


Again, Michelle saying anything of that sort is entertainment, not news. It does not direct attention towards why Obama is a great risk.

Hell, Jimmy had Billy Carter and Bill Clinton had himself.


public servants like Harvard graduate Barney Frank and Harvard graduate Franklin Delano Raines have played a part in the latest excitement too.

True, not to mention Harvard grad Ben Bernanke.

But still... Ivy League schools are always going to be overrepresented in the movers and shakers of the world, whether on the good or bad sides of the ledger. Doesn't make it a bad thing to be an Ivy Leaguer, just a bad thing to be Barney Frank.

Not being defensive here, though I am an Ivy Leaguer. I entered college a left-wing Democrat (blame my parents) and exited a Reagan Republican (first presidential election I voted in was 1980).

Besides, there's plenty of blame to go around. Stupid Democratic laws provided the impetus for nonpartisan greed.

Yes, and while taking advantage of the stupid laws for fun and profit may not be admirable, the primary blame still falls on those who made the laws.


This Michelle and API business is starting to get interesting. Since it is becoming news, even if it is bogus, it will highlight that Obama is stonewalling on producing a birth certificate. Berg's suit is now slowly hitting MSM.

OK, Judge; ball is in your court.


Man, the comments on NRO just want to make you put your head in your hands. There is no hope for bringing this country together, none, nada.


Whoops, not NRO, Ben Smith at Politico.


"it's about 8 years of poor governance, especially wrt the economy."

No, Kim Jong II, the Democrats have only taken over Congress since 2006. That's two years, the economy was fine before then.


"And I have to say -- I find their pushback quite believable."

Stop the presses...the MSM finds the Obama campaign quite believable!!!!!



That's two years, the economy was fine before then.

Don't forget Jumpin Jeffords gave the Senate to the Democrats from 2001-2003. The Dem controlled Senate voted for the Iraq War.


And don't forget the Clinton administration's 1999 decision to let FM/FM invest in subprime mortgages.

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