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October 27, 2008



"What's the fine?"

Crickets chirping...


A really interesting post, really. Makes me think about this thing I came across on YT that sums up what this election is all about. Time to get fired up and get past the hype!!! Makes you think: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpIWXOX4shg


And then there's McCain's health plan:

http://online.wsj.com/article/SB122506862956370705.html?mod=djemEditorialPage>Almost everyone benefits


Obama is Deval Patrick on steroids. But never fear, mandatory podiatry coverage is on its way!


In an interview on the Colorado Springs station KOAA yesterday (video available at POLITICO and HotAIR among others), Obama said: “I don’t think we’re going to have time to engage in a bunch of crazy things that people, the McCain campaign specifically, has suggested we might.”

Obama does not think he will have the time to engage in crazy things; what does that say about the case if he suddenly finds the time?
It is unbelievable to hear somebody asking for your support/vote saying that only lack of time will stop him from engaging in stupid things.
Anybody voting for Obama will get their just reward and they do so being fully warned by none other than Obama.


"Yet people will vote for him in a week because Obama "gets it" and has a better plan for dealing with the economy."

IMO, Obama has no plan to deal with the economy or anything else. Whoever controls Obama has a plan, and that is the plan Obama will present. Obama is an empty suit.


And who defines what is "crazy"?


"I have a bracelet, too, and it says on it 'employers of all sizes will get shafted.'"

Obama is telling us a small businessperson with revenues of $250k -- before paying any employees or taking out any costs-- will be socked with a greater income tax PLUS 50% of their mandated health coverage costs (est $3 - 8k per year for a single employee). The rebate won't be mailed until the following tax year, of course.

Sounds like a great idea.


"I have a bracelet, too, and it says on it 'employers of all sizes will get shafted.'"

Obama is telling us a small businessperson with revenues of $250k -- before paying any employees or taking out any costs-- will be socked with a greater income tax PLUS 50% of their mandated health coverage costs (est $3 - 8k per year for a single employee). The rebate won't be mailed until the following tax year, of course.

Sounds like a great idea.

Obama is Deval Patrick on steroids.
What are you talking about? One has nothing to do with the other. Cadillac's slogan was "Together We Can".

Obama's is "Yes We Can".

See? Just words.

Thomas Collins

Squeezing small business is quite consistent with leftist ideals. Burdensome health care mandates are an effective part of the squeeze, because mandates can be sold by leftists as ensuring an universal right for all, namely, adequate health care. Small businessfolks are typically independent, energetic, resilient and wary of nanny types who "are here to help you." Driving small business out of business advances the leftist goal of having citizens view their identities as dependent on the state and its bureaucrats. This is why having Zero as POTUS with solid Dem majorities in Congress is more troublesome than some think. The spirit of all independent Americans won't be broken by the leftist policies that will be put in place by the Barry/Nancy/Harry troika, but the spirit of many will be broken. Plus, Zero is a truly ruthless fellow (the Clintons are meek by comparison). The use of lackeys to invalidate opponents' nomination papers and open up sealed divorce records is child's play compared to what Zero can accomplish with POTUS power. We have already seen in this campaign the attempted use of prosecutors to stifle criticism of the Zero agenda, attempted manipulation of the Department of Justice to focus on voter suppression, not voter fraud, an online contribution system that encourages massive illegal donations, and the forming of chanting youth brigades. I for one think America will survive a Zero Presidency with its independent spirit intact. But it's not a slam dunk by any means.

The sad thing about this whole campaign is that many Zero supporters sincerely believe that leftist policies will result in a better life for common folk. Decent people may be in for a nasty education on the idea of there being no such things as a free health care system, free lunch, or free anything.


The problem is the Republicans have not accurately felt out the mood this election. The old style tax and spend line wasn't going to work this time, but's that's pretty much all they offered. They should have come up with a better social service idea of their own, and compete with the Dems, such as their own healthcare plans. This idea the Republicans come up with to throw tax rebates at every problem is laughable. Haven't they heard that about 40% don't pay Fed taxes anyway, so any tax rebate is meaningless to those people, and these are the people that need help on the healthcare. And they get that. Many people are voting for BHO just because they want healthcare, and they are willing to make a deal with the devil to get it. The GOP almost deserves their defeat for being so dim.



You aren't a lawyer are you?

We are dealing with a lawyer named Tom Collins and I wanted to make sure we aren't trying a case against you!


I'm feeling more and more like a Kulak.....

the good news is that a woman I work with who was leaning Obama is now voting McCain because of the tax issues....

Thomas Collins

Yes, Jane, I'm a lawyer. There are two Tom Collinses who have Boston addresses. I often get the other one's calls. As far as I know, noone is suing me (if you are suing me, you haven't served me with papers yet). Now, as far as trying a case, I am not a litigator, but one of those lawyers who sit behind a desk and, as my son once said when I took him to my office for a day, "fight on the phone." I haven't been in court representing clients or written a motion in almost 30 years (I think the last motion I wrote was when the US beat Finland to win the 1980 men's hockey gold medal in the Olympics; I did represent myself in New Hampshire challenging a speeding ticket and lost). So I am not trying a case against you.

But if you ever subpoena me as a witness, you will have to supply me with WESO paraphernalia (pens, tote bags and XXL T-shirts preferred) if you want my cooperation! :-))


I think that one unpredictable element of the campaign this year is the anger and fear that many voters are feeling. When you are angry you don't think straight. Then there's BDS, which causes otherwise intelligent people to vote for someone who's obviously going to act against the voter's economic and political self interests. I spoke the other evening with a financial type who is voting for BO because he hates Bush and thinks BO stands for hope and change. The guy couldn't name a single BO accomplishment -- duh -- and disagreed, yes disagreed that BO plans to raise his taxes. OMAB


Here are some of the extra taxes those earning under $250K will be paying under Obama:



I can't get that url to work, says not on this server.



That's funny. Amy is actually litigating the case and she spent a half day in Court with (not) you last week. She was saying today what a nice guy (not)you were so I put two and two together. At some point we should compare notes.


lonereader..sorry that's the wrong url--Here's the right one.



http://www.americanthinker.com/2008/10/senator_obamas_four_tax_increa.html>4 new taxes


Clarice's extra taxes link.


America may survive zero but it will not be a prosperous survival. This an unbelievable and incredible tragedy in the making.

Thomas Collins

Jane, you probably know people who can fill you in on my sordid career. Check out my bio at www.mccarter.com, and you will see how much a "nerd-lawyer" I am. I started my career at Squire Sanders in Cleveland, and in Boston have spent time at Hale & Dorr, Csaplar & Bok (practicing there at the same time as the current SJC Chief Justice), Gaston & Snow (I was there when it melted down), Gadsby and Hannah and now McCarter.

I think the other TC (he probably would say I am the other TC) actually ventures into court, so it probably is him with whom Amy is dealing.

Angie Smith

Obama will implement a new payroll tax hike on those making over $250,000/yr, which will guarantee to squash employment. Who controls Obama? The labor unions, that's who--they just love him like the tax-and-spend illuminati liberals they are. So don't look for them to help you out.

Angie Smith

Obama will implement a new payroll tax hike on those making over $250,000/yr, which will guarantee to squash employment. Who controls Obama? The labor unions, that's who--they just love him like the tax-and-spend illuminati liberals they are. So don't look for them to help you out.



I found you but not your bio. Pretty impressive credentials tho.

You would have remembered if you ran into Amy.

I'm gonna send you an email in the next few days if it is okay with you.


Biden is furious at another TV station interview that brings up socialism and Biden's family benefiting financially from Joe.

Clip at Breitbart TV.



Stevens found guilty on all counts.

bio mom

Voters would fly to McCain if they realized that an Obama presidency with a Dem controlled congress could mean the loss of their 401Ks. This is being discussed already. The voters are sleepwalking through this election when anyone who opens their eyes should be able to see Obama for the far left social justice type he is and always has been. No amount of spin or so-called centrist "advisors" will change that. It is where his heart is. DO NOT ELECT BARACK OBAMA!!

bio mom

And Joe Biden is a clown. He has now banned Channel 3 CBS News in Philadelphia because of an interview he didn't like. That ticket in power would be like the gestapo. All those Bush haters who worried about the Patriot Act should shake in their shoes. They will go after all of us.


A little off topic, but it must be said.

Anyone read Hitchens' slate piece about Palin and the fruit flies?

In a speach in Pittsburg over children with disabilities, Palin noted that the feds are sending money to Paris France for fruit fly research. Now the pro Obama "scientific community" is in an uproar.

They assumed that Palin was referring to Drosophila--the type of fruitfly that has been used for decades for important scientific/genetic research--and immediately started calling her an idiot and "anti-science."

The trouble is, the dummies didn't get their fruit flies right.

Palin was referring to a bit of earmark pork from a democrat congressman in Ca. who sent hundreds of thousands of dollars to the USDA lab in Paris to study the eradication of BACTROCERA OLEAE, the Olive fruit fly. The study was outside of the USDA budget, and was to the benifit of Olive growers in the congressman's distruct (LUN) It was a reciepient of a Citizens Against Government Waste award--thus the reference in Palin's speech.

Unkile Drosophila, BRACTROCERA has NEVER been widely used for genetic or medical research. It has nothing to do with Autism, or any other research along those lines. Palin was making a valid point. If the Olive farmers of Californis don't like Olive fruit flies, let them foot the bill for eradication research above and beyoun the already generous budget of the USDA. How about a nice grant for research into the potential genetic causes of autism.

If Hitchens hates Palin, fine. But at least get the effing fruit flies right.


This is the second local station that's started asking a few questions. Is there enough time to finally expose BO for the anti-american marxist he is?

Thomas Collins

That's fine, Jane, I'd be happy to hear from you. Good luck tomorrow with the show. I am going to try to find a reason to scoot up 9 West or 90 West to get in range of your show's station. I can't seem to get the station in Boston or the immediately adjoining western suburbs.


The Obama - Wright advert. October isn't over until it is November.


Jane, what show/what time? I'm from the Boston area.

Jane Plumber

Central Mass Dave 970 AM - you gotta be out here to hear it. Noon to one. Someone said they heard it in Worcester, but I'm not sure that is close enough.


Sponge Bob has only a few hours to complete his essay, help him or it's all over.......


Aw, well. I can barely hear Peter "Lord Budweiser" Blute's show on 830 out of Worcester during my commute from where I am.


Hitchins is usually intellectually barely coherent, although often very funny and occasionally right, unlike Krugman, Kristof, Dowd, Sullivan et al.

His sloppy research can lead to major faux pas(s)and has done so in the past.


why do I get the feeling that Joe Biden is the modern equivalent of the Queen of Hearts?


Good Luck Jane. Go for the wrist, he's a liberal.


Linda sd:
"This is the second local station that's started asking a few questions. Is there enough time to finally expose BO for the anti-american marxist he is?"

Wonder what Biden feels like being used as stooge while Barry is holdup to avoid unpleasant questions? Barry is sitting down with the "Save by the Bell" cast to talk about being a "messiah" while Biden is left to explain Obama's past?

It isn't Biden who spent years drawn toward every radical anti-American nutjob around.

Why doesn't Barry man-up and explain himself to the American voter what he finds so attractive about people and ideas which are the polar opposite from everything which has made American great?

Think Biden might blow before the election and a reporter why the hell not ask Obama because he has no idea why Barry is an American-hating marxist, he just wanted to be VP.

Barry Dauphin

Well, Obama's a Harvard grad. His plan is to change the definition of "sick".


Comments from Obama campaign on the fine business will pay if they don't follow Obama's mandates:
"We made a decision even before the plan was rolled out not to decide,” David M. Cutler, a Harvard economist who speaks for the campaign on health care, told the Times. “It’s not that there’s a decision out there that we’re not telling. It’s literally that we’ve decided not to decide.”

Voting present on their healthcare plan and Obama-morons think this imbecile has a better plan on economics. Wonder if it will be more than the 10K per person snuck into HillaryCare in 1994?

At this point only a drooling moron would vote for Obama\DailyKos.

Sgt. Mom

All righty then - how small is a small company? In the eleven years since I retired from the AF, I've temped for some huge corporate places (which didn't offer health benefits to temps, although some of the temp services did, as soon as you had accrued enough hours) and for a handful of small companies - read 'companies so small that you could hold a meeting of the entire staff force in one small cubicle' which did not, and probably couldn't afford offering them anway. (Which was a moot point for me, anyway, as I have retiree health bennies anyway) I actually agree with Tom Collins, in the above comment where he noted "Driving small business out of business advances the leftist goal of having citizens view their identities as dependent on the state and its bureaucrats"
I don't think that would be an Obama administrations' main goal in this - but I do think they would view it as an agreeable and not unwelcome side-effect.
All our great, innovative, creative and ground-breaking businesses all started as small firms with a handful of employees. I just hope I can hold out long enough to actually work for one of them.

Patrick R. Sullivan

Jack Cashill continues to pile up the coincidences:

In his 1993 book, To Teach, for instance, Ayers lays out the difference between “education” on the one hand and “training” on the other.

“Education is for self-activating explorers of life, for those who would challenge fate, for doers and activists, for citizens,” Ayers writes.

“Training,” on the other hand, “is for slaves, for loyal subjects, for tractable employees, for willing consumers, for obedient soldiers.”

In Obama’s Dreams, these thoughts find colloquial expression in the person of “Frank,” the real life poet, pornographer and Stalinist, Frank Marshall Davis.

“Understand something, boy,” Frank tells the college-bound Obama. “You’re not going to college to get educated. You’re going there to get trained.”

Frank shares Ayers’ distaste for training. “They’ll train you to forget what it is that you already know,” Frank tells Obama. “They’ll train you so good, you’ll start believing what they tell you about equal opportunity and the American way and all that sh**.”

Says Ayers similarly, “What we call education is usually no more than training. We are so busy operating schools that we have lost sight of learning.”

Frank also tells Obama that “leaving your race at the door” is an essential part of the university’s training mission. Ayers makes the same case about training in reference to Indian schools, which insist, according to Ayers, that students be “stripped of everything Indian and taught to be like whites.”


They ignore that every business with employees has long paid 100% of the workplace medical insurance for all employees. The general term for that coverage is called "Workman's Comp." Employees are covered 100% and the employer pays 100%.

Work Comp programs are also the most corrupt and inefficient medical delivery program imaginable. It is a care-rationing device run by lawyers who administrate these programs on behalf of the state.

Work Comp is "Medicine as Farce" run by non-practicing academics and actuaries. The doctors are essentially on a leash held by the lawyer/administrators. This is the preexisting model for system-wide health services rationing under universal health care. That Obama would lie about this and not tell the truth is just one of many examples of The Chicago Way.

And Obama gonna take Chicago nation-wide.

And what of this next scandal? Dare we ask: "Is Obama the American Mugabe?" Redistributive Economic Justice was certainly the centerpiece of Zimbabwe's "change we can believe in" under Mugabe's leadership. Philosophically, Obama and Mugabe have little more than the polish of Harvard suave to separate their economic politics. Both cast a thug's hungry gaze over the private property and prosperity of others.

And they dare call our Constitution flawed?


In one of Obama's TV ads, he says he "wants to strengthen employer-based healthcare".

I've worked for the past 10-11 years with predominantly liberal executives in the mental healthcare industry, who overwhelmingly want a single-payer, universal healthcare system. During this entire time, I've heard them rail against employer-based healthcare, criticizing it as one of the, if not the, largest barriers to getting enough critical mass to push through a HillaryCare-style, universal healthcare system.

So, when Obama says he wants to strengthen it, I know he's lying out of his butt.

Because I know that he, too, wants a socialized, universal, single-payer healthcare system run by the Federal government and funded by taxpayers.


This from a poster at Hillbuzz:
"In other news, Sen. Stevens of Alaska was found guilty on seven counts today. This is the man who, not so long ago, received glowing testimony from Colin Powell, who referred to Stevens’ word as “sterling”.

Sarah Palin, meanwhile, described the conviction as a blow against government corruption, saying that Sterling’s control over Alaska “was part of the culture of corruption I was elected to fight.”

So Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama/Joe Biden, who are running against John McCain and Sarah Palin. Palin is the governor of Alaska who championed a fight against corruption in that state, a fight which ultimately brought down Senator Stevens. Senator Stevens has known Colin Powell for 25 years and is apparently a friend and political ally.

My, my, my… what a tangled web we weave."


That's the irony isn't it; in a span of a dozen years, she drove out a hack mayor, reorganized the petroleum commission, sent
a corrupt treasurer to jail, In the last two years she's nearly broken the Stevens/
Murkowski machine; to be able to do this while raising 5 kids, including Trig is remarkable. that is why she is hated
by all the 'right' people; and adored by the people in the heartland. Every move taken against her, from the stupid effigy
in W. Hollywood, to that pornographic contribution linked by Andrew Sullivan, only
raises up the silent majority, to crawl through the broken glass to vote for her.
Although, lately I do begin to consider that all this deliberately stoked up rage
may found an outlet among the crazies.

Those who look down upon her, from the netroots to the distaff Republican/ establishment; Adelman, Brooks, Parker,
Noonan, Fried, one should have no time for and pay no heed. Increasingly we see new editions to this latter class, from Larry Pressler, foe to the Pakistani and PBS; to even Phil Hendrie, the dyspeptic seemingly common sense conservative; whose hangup is apparently religion as well. It does confirm the falsity of the argument that liberals had about conservatives not
'supporting strong women; you'd think they would have learned to be silent as to not to confirm their stupidity after Thatcher.
Then again, Thatcher, was ultimately betrayed by the timeservers like Heseltine
and Major; despite her record of success
for the party.

What does Barak Obama promise besides the platitudes of 'hope and change' backed by
the collectivist logic of Alinsky, the race hatred of Wright, and the nihilism of Ayers.
As for Biden, an 'empty suit' by the law of averages, would have a better track record
of getting some issue right in the last 36 years. From the opposition to the pipelines to FISA to support for the Sandinistas to the nuclear freeze to VAWA to the crusade against Bork, Roberts & co, to the Iraq partition plan; how do you get everything wrong and not show a degree of shame.


how do you get everything wrong and not show a degree of shame.

Hell, how do you get picked for the VP slot?


Thatcher, like Churchill, got the payoff democracies give to their heroes and heroines--a slap in the face.
Place sitters go on forever, though. How else to explain Biden and Dodd and Kennedy, for example?


Remember duirng the Hillarycare debacle when Her Thighness jeered at complaints her plan would put small enterprises out of business by saying "'I can’t be responsible for every under-capitalized small business in America.'" ...

That'll be Barack's excuse too.


As a college kid I used to wait tables and pour beer back before I somehow became under current definition, "Rich." I suspect many of you guys did as well. I want my kids when they grow up to have that same experience of waiting on the general public because I think it's so valuable in so many ways. Well a sad thing about that line of work is that when push really comes to shove, and individuals absolutely have to immediately spend say 5 percent less of their income per month, the easiest and simplest way to do that (though hard emotionally) is simply to quit tipping. I'm neither suggesting it nor advocating it, but just stating it as a fact. Actions have consequences, and the consequences of the Government suddenly taking a lot more of my money simply means people in my situation are going to have to figure out ways to spend less. I'm on the road easily 2 weeks of every month, and almost everyone I know who does what I do has little coin bags in their suitcases with currencies from a dozen countries to tip the waitress, the Bellhop, the taxidriver in whatever country we wind up in. Well ditto for America's waitresses, bellhops and taxi drivers, because 95 per cent of the guys in my industry travel exclusively within America. That means that across this nation, once the wealth is shared, a whole lot of young folks working their butts off to pay for college just like I did are going to be looking at a lot less gratuity left with the check. Share the Wealth isn't just a euphamism for higher taxes, it's also a euphamism for a hell of a lot less Trickle Down cash from those who can no longer afford it.

Remember that great old line, "If you think health care's expensive now, wait'll it's free."


is simply to quit tipping

Daddy--understand your sentiments here but I believe the food and beverage servers are charged something like eight per cent of the total on the order for taxes because of the assumption of a ten per cent or better tip.

Did I say that right?--Hope so:-)


I can’t be responsible for every under-capitalized small business in America.
They seem damned determined to be irresponsible for every "under-capitalized" small business.



You're probably right, 'cause it has been about 30 years since I last slung a steak at a customer. Crap, it was so long ago I never even got the chance to say "Enjoy" because that banality hadn't even been invented yet.

I suppose when on the road, since we have to pay for everything, taxi's, food, laundry service, bellhops, etc, I probably tip ballpark 20 bucks a day. Being gone 2 weeks at a shot makes that 300 bucks a trip. Thats six tanks of gas, or half a car payment or a months worth of groceries etc. We have our 4 or 5 guys out of 200 I work with who constantly stiff everybody, and their characters are well known, and deservedly scorned for their behavior. That I even have to consider altering my behavior toward theirs because of economic pressure put on me by our Government makes me ill. But if I do get jammed in a situation of needing an extra 300 bucks a month for those groceries because the Government's taking more from my paycheck, off the top of my head, the easiest place to get it is by eliminating tipping, much as it disgusts me to say it. Ughh.

Jane Plumber

Dean's obit from the Globe - LUN.


Thanks for the link, Jane. I didn't realize that he the disease from early childhood.


I just love it when Drudge runs a big, bold headline and pokes the MSM in both eyes!

I read Hillbuzz this morning too, and I am feeling hopeful that many more Democrats are voting McCain than pollsters may be taking into account.

Keeping fingers crossed along with a steady stream of prayer.


It's autosomal recessive inherited, cc, like sickle cell anemia. One child out of four is unaffected, two children out of four have some survival advantage, and one child in four has a lethal condition. In sickle cell, the advantage to the two 'carriers' is relative resistance to malaria. In cystic fibrosis, a Western European development, the advantage is unknown, but suspected to be relative resistance to infant dysentery.

For these syndromes to persist in a population, with a quarter commonly dying before they can pass on their genes, there must be a selective advantage to the two 'carriers', the heterozygotes.


Geez CC, what are you doing up at this hour.

I think CF is always a childhood disease. I went to law school with a woman who had CF, as did her brother. I recall wondering what the hell she was doing wasting 3 years in law school when she probably had a decade left to live. Then I realized she was doing exactly what she wanted to do.


(Just to change the subject from all this medical stuff) Amazing to see the sitemeter's listing of who visits JOM - we just had visitors from Pakistan, Djibouti, Australia and sec.gov :)
Funny, I couldn't find my own, probably because my laptop used to belong to a Croatian. Nor yours, Kim :) Are you in Sydney? Wonderful place, great sausage rolls, better than England's.


OT: Tony Hillerman has passed away, too. If you've never read his mystery novels set in Navajo culture, you've missed a real treat.


Jane, I get up at 4:30 every morning. I love having 2 hours to do whatever I want before I have to get ready for work. Of course, I go to bed pretty early too, right about prime time for many commenters here at JOM.


I'm impressed CC!

Barney Frank


As Kim said it's inherited. One of my best buddies in school had it. Unfortunately like many he barely made it into his twenties.


Canada Free Press on Ayers ties to Cuba:

Meanwhile, for some the 1970s Cuban strategy to “someday obtain a position, elective or appointive, somewhere in the U.S. government, which would provide the Cuban Government with access to political, economic and military intelligence” rings with a certain irony.

Given Ayers ties to Presidential frontrunner Barack Hussein Obama we can only hope that “someday” won’t be now.



Nancy Pelosi says:

"Elect us, hold us accountable, and make a judgment and then go from there. But I do tell you that if the Democrats win and have substantial majorities, Congress of the United States will be more bipartisan," said Pelosi.

Who believes this crap?

When you have a super-majority, you can ram just about any legislation through the House and the Senate without bipartisanship ...

especially if you can count on your comrades in the MSM to hide it from the American public until it's too late.

Captain Hate

Why doesn't Barry man-up

**snort** Good one, LogicalUS


My brother lived in Sidney for a year, BR, working in a hardware store and driving an MG T(C,D,F?) around until it caught fire one fine sunny day. He came home to be drafted and earned bronze in the Flying Butterknife Olympics.


Barney, Kim, Jane: thanks for the info on CF. I noticed in the obit that no children were listed for Dean, so maybe the disease was the reason why? or not. anyway.

At work now, will check in periodically to see what you are all up to. grin.

1 week left - please, let McCain close the gap.


Politico (Vandehei/Harris) admit they have been "hosing" McCain/Palin. But it is because McCain sucks and the Messiah is a winner, not because of their own liberal bias. They and most of their cohorts are snort *centrists* snort.

I am never clicking on their crappy site again.

May all the MSM go down in flames!


Encouraging from HillBuzz:
In Pennsylvania
Union members repeatedly tell all of us that they are lying to pollsters because the unions have been polling these people — and the unions will threaten people’s jobs if they don’t tow the union line. So, the people lie when asked whom they are supporting. But, the unions can’t control who they vote for on Election Day. And that’s when things are going to get interesting.

This sounds credible to me


It does? What Unions are polling and for which pollsters? It sounds silly to me.


"But it is because McCain sucks and the Messiah is a winner, not because of their own liberal bias."

Yeah, they talk about how the media "bent over backwards" to give Palin a win in the VP debate, whereas the truth was she was just desperately trying to invoke any talking points she could come up with. Dopes like this acutally believe they're unbiased.

FOX LUN outlines some of the beneficiaries of Annenberg's (unintentional) largesse.


OTOH I do think McCain may win Penn --partly because of the antipathy to Obama in Western Penn, partly because of the Catholic vote, but partly because fast Eddie doesn't want him to win and that means there'll be less vote theft in Philly where it has been outrageous in 2000 and 2004.


Re, possible Penn victory, also partly because I'm calling up people every night and trying to get the vote out. Just sayin'.

Jim Ryan

Just reflecting on the pomo talk of yesterday. As a Gen-Xer, I heard quite a few profs in the mid-80's drone on thusly: "That's one narrative, one story, one description of events. There are others. There is no basis to choose which should be the privileged description. If someone claims to have a privileged narrative, look to see which power structure is reinforced by privileging [sic] that narrative." A Marxist substitute for critical thinking, disguised as pomo lit crit.

Now take a journalism major who is taught to "think" in this way about how to get a story right. There is no "right." Choose the poor to defend against the rich, the black against the white, the gay against the straight, in your story. The story will be no less true than any alternative. Anyone who tells you your story gets things wrong and offers a different story is merely trying to protect rich, white, straight male dominance.

This is one element of our predicament.

Rick Ballard

"It sounds silly to me."

It sounds like an urban legend - the union is faking polling calls in order to "make a list". Really, it's not an unreasonable legend. I can visualize the SEIU doing something like that. Call members pretending to be a polling company in order to "make the list". Why not? There is nothing too low for the SEIU or ACORN. If you believe that the SEIU or UAW or UMW is making lists and you're a member of the union - how would you respond?


They and most of their cohorts are snort *centrists* snort.

Can't tell you how many self-described "centrists" I've talked to recently who never seem to vote for anyone but Democrats, and who have nary a negative word to say about Obama but who can spend hours reciting the critical talking points re: McCain/Palin. And surprise surprise, they get 100% of their news from the MSM. Yet they say they're "skeptics." My boss, for example, fits this profile to a T - he describes himself as an "Andrew Sullivan conservative," whatever the hell that means. My mom is almost exactly the same, bless her heart.

I guess when the Democratic party has moved as far leftwards as it has, moderate lefties DO feel like centrists in contrast with the rest of their Dem compatriots. And center-right people like me are considered total wingnuts. Heaven help us.

Jim Ryan

Penn: To see Murtha sent packing would be a consolation.


By the way, I have to hand it to PUMAs like the ones at Hillbuzz. I consistently find energetic, determined, positive election coverage there. They are working hard and are as committed as anyone to a McCain/Palin victory and frankly are a lot more cheerful about it than many of the Eeyores on the righty sites. If we do pull this one out we will owe them a huge debt, imho.

Rick Ballard

"If we do pull this one out we will owe them a huge debt, imho."

True. I intend not to oppose Clinton's reelection to her Senate seat.

Jim Ryan

Right-left continuum is a deceit perpetrated by communists who wished to distinguish themselves from national socialists and so called them "right" wing. "Centrist" is another layer of the confusion.

There is only conservatism and fetishism. People who fetishize economic equality (for all save party elite of course) and detest traditional ways of life are socialists/communists/progressives. People who follow this suit but only tepidly are "centrists." People who aren't suckered by the fetish and the hatred are conservatives. They aren't to the right of anything. They embrace the large set of important values which they should. They don't abandon the set, either hotly or tepidly, because of a fetish or a hatred. Conservatives who think of themselves as "center-right" have been deceived into thinking of themselves in this way by progressives who wish to drive a wedge between members of the big tent of conservatism by leveraging disputes within that tent. And it is a big tent, what with all the squabbles over the large set of values.

There is conservatism and those who have abandoned it, nothing more.


It wouldn't be possible that regular commenters here are biased at all now would it...
nah, couldn't be. Completely objective around these parts aren't we, hehe.
(partisan and proud!- lol)


So the LA Times is sitting on a video of a dinner held for radical Palestinian Rashid Khalidi, where both Obama and Ayers attended and spoke? And although Obama downplays his friendship with Khalidi, it turns out "they were close friends and dinner companions when they both taught at the University of Chicago" (LUN). Great job, LAT, you're a fine arbiter of what's news and what isn't.


Interesting, Jim Ryan. I like it. I actually don't much like the descriptor "center-right" either and only use it when lefties are having a hard time understanding (which is most of the time).

Jim Ryan

I count as center-right on some things, hard right on others. These labels are bunk.

When a conservative, through deliberation over a particular issue, reaches the same conclusion as lefties do on that issue, this presents an opportunity for the lefty to drive the wedge, when in fact there is nothing at all anti-conservative about the conclusion reached by the conservative or about his political stance.


Via Hot Air, another undecided:

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is very critical of U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama’s positions on Iran, according to reports that have reached Israel’s government.

Sarkozy has made his criticisms only in closed forums in France. But according to a senior Israeli government source, the reports reaching Israel indicate that Sarkozy views the Democratic candidate’s stance on Iran as “utterly immature” and comprised of “formulations empty of all content.”

Obama visited Paris in July, and the Iranian issue was at the heart of his meeting with Sarkozy. At a joint press conference afterward, Obama urged Iran to accept the West’s proposal on its nuclear program, saying that Iran was creating a serious situation that endangered both Israel and the West. According to the reports reaching Israel, Sarkozy told Obama at that meeting that if the new American president elected in November changed his country’s policy toward Iran, that would be “very problematic.”</Sarko>


Oh dear. I'm an editor, but mastery of the English language can't help me in the elections. Meaningful contribution... what the hell does meaningful mean?? there are likely two definitions, like there are of 95% of words these days. One, used by the liberal illuminati, another used by conservatives, and they sound and look the same but mean something entirely different. In the progressive dictionary, meaningful is loosely translated financial rape.

bio mom

Gallup traditional likely voter model today: Obama only up 2.


Don't you love the wording? Obama's lead has "narrowed slightly" from +5 yesterday to +2 today. "Narrowed slightly" = "dropped by 60% overnight" in Gallup-ese.

No wonder all these polls suck so bad.

PRINCETON, NJ -- The gap between Barack Obama and John McCain in Gallup Poll Daily tracking from Saturday through Monday has narrowed slightly, and Obama is now at 49% of the vote to 47% for McCain among likely voters using Gallup's traditional model,



If you haven't seen this one from the Howard Stern show, it just about sums up this campaign...




You could have easily said:


Or simply:

*** IDIOTS ***


Well, Rick, it may not be silly to believe the Union is pretending to be pollsters, but that's another thing altogether.
That Gallup news is good.

Next Monday I will need everyone's help to figure out what i should be watching for when I live blog the returns from *shudder*Npr HQ.

M. Simon

May all the MSM go down in flames!


They are. Drudge today:

Christian Science Monitor goes weekly. LA Times lays off 75 more.

M. Simon

Howard Stern - Harlem.

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