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October 11, 2008


Jane Whitman

John Lewis just came out and compared McCain to George Wallace. So I guess we are now gonna have a race war. Thank you Barack.


Does anyone else ever let themselves get really paranoid and start to think that the totally made up stuff about how Ohio was stolen in 2004 was all in preparation for the day the Dems were in charge of elections there? And they could do whatever they wanted in the name of reform and voter inclusion?


Remember that several Dems wouldn't certify (or whatever the proper term is) the 2004 Electoral vote count because of Ohio.


Well, I think Lewis made a mistake--I suppose the press will now refer to the Obama camp as a lynch mob or urban riot gang or something..No? I mean if an unidentified someone in a crowd at a M/P event says "kill him" resulting in a tssunami of fake reports that the Rep supporters were marching with pickets..


1 if Obamas so far ahead why would he be spending time in Penn.? 2 I really hate to hear the race stuff being thrown around.In my town there is always a current right beneath the surface just waiting to catch fire


Congressman John Lewis?

Please keep in mind that nobody ever runs against Barack Obama and comes out with his/her reputation in tact. Every comer must be destroyed.

M. Simon

Via Clarice:

The Video is here plus links to the back story.

Also check No Quarter and Texas Darlin (links in the links - esp see Judah Benjamin for Texas Darlin).

Something is fishy.


Clarice-- don't you live in DC? Does the the racial talk send a shiver up your spine?


It’s what they do…
If Obama is elected we can hope that he rose in Democrat Party politics because that’s how things are done in Chicago.

Politicians who want to get ahead in Chicago deal with slumlords and convicted felons like Tony Rezko because that’s how things are done in Chicago.

Politicians who want to get ahead in Chicago pal around with wealthy unrepentant terrorist and bombers because Chicago names them as Person of the Year because that’s how things are done in Chicago.

Politicians who want to get ahead in Chicago attend large churches run by racist bigots and anti-Semites who demand that God damn America because that’s how things are done in Chicago.

Politicians who want to get ahead in Chicago earmark pork for his wife’s employer so she can get a big raise because that’s how things are done in Chicago.

Politicians who want to get ahead in Chicago team up with ACORN to register dead people and members of the Dallas Cowboys football team because that’s how things are done in Chicago.

Politicians who want to get ahead in Chicago work with ACORN to pressure banks to give mortgages to people who can’t afford them, leading to the collapse of the world’s financial markets because that’s how things are done in Chicago.

Politicians who want to get ahead in Chicago get millions in untraceable political contributions from all over the world because that’s how things are done in Chicago.

Politicians who want to get ahead in Chicago invalidate their opponents petition to get on the ballot because that’s how things are done in Chicago.

Politicians who want to get ahead in Chicago activate mobs to shout down their opponents because that’s how things are done in Chicago.

Politicians who want to get ahead in Chicago take large donations from Fannie and Freddie while protecting them from oversight because that’s how things are done in Chicago.

Politicians who want to get ahead in Chicago support gun confiscation then lie about it because that’s how things are done in Chicago.

Politicians who want to get ahead in Chicago support killing children who survive botched abortions then lie about it because that’s how things are done in Chicago.

The list of things that are done in Chicago by politicians is virtually endless. What we can hope is that if the politician is elected, he is only a cynical manipulator of people’s hopes and fears and is not really a radical, America hating racist thug.

A crook – that’s OK. After all, it’s the way things are done in Chicago.



The Axelturfers have been working the anger and rage angle pretty well. 2 articles in the NYT's today and the probable audience plant at McCain's rally yesterday. Do you have a link for the Wallace comparison? It is par for the course that Obama would hit the racism card (funny for a guy getting Hoxha level support in the black community) at this stage of the campaign because that is the only thing that Obama's crew know. I'm sure that message will play well in the Detroit suburbs where they have been held hostage by a thug mayor and corrupt city council as they have seen jobs disappear, have seen little of these mythical "green collar jobs", and have seen their homes and retirements decline. It must be nice that their union's candidate for president is now calling them racists because so might diasgree with his policy prescriptions.

Heck of a job Obama, heck of job.


This is from a comment at TalkLeft.
Is it true:

s well-founded. Frankly, Doris Kearns Goodwin on Maddow last night went so far as to compare the conduct of McCain's supporters to what we (historians) saw in the 1930s in places like Germany, where mass movements stressed anger and hate.



Rich- it's at the top of Halperin's Page right now.


Isn't it funny they are trying to get the subject off Obama/Ayres by claiming Republicans are creating a new Days of Rage?

Sara (Pal2Pal)

McCain Letter Demanded 2006 Action on FANNIE AND FREDDIE...

Molon Labe

If I lived in DC I'd be planning a vacation for early November. I suggest Pocatello, Idaho.


Washington Post

“The number of fake names attached to Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign contributions continues to inch up as news outlets and political researchers page through thousands of pages of donor listings.

Turns out, they’re not that hard to come by. New discoveries from a cursory review of the listings include Edrty Eddty, who donated $250 in July 2008 and Es Esh, who gave $325 in July. Esh hailed from this unusual address: “fhdfhdfh, Erial, NJ 08081″ Eddty listed his, or perhaps her, employer as “Poiuyttrrewe / Qwertyuio” — the letters, more or less in order, found on the top line of standard computer keyboards.

The Obama campaign gave all the money from questionable donors back. But the series of news reports uncovering fake contributions is raising eyebrows. How could a system that collects contributions not immediately discover such obviously false names?“



Rick Ballard

Palin - SRO in Johnstown, PA. The Reps are in IA and PA - and the Hopedope is stuck in PA on defense.

Where is Biden being hidden today?


doris kernel goodwins
i am fart-u-cus
she's a bike-path-ian...
w/ a pink helmet
not that theres anything wrong w/ that



Thanks. McCain-Palin respond.


Doris Kearns Goodwin on Maddow last night went so far as to compare the conduct of McCain's supporters to what we (historians) saw in the 1930s in places like Germany

Ah, how sweet, 2 post-modernists complaining about the fascism, but unable to recognize fascism when it's right in front of them. I tried to find a clip or transcript but was unable too.


Please, someone, what is LUN?


Oh, this is one that I had to ask, too. It means Link Under Name. Just click on the name and it will take you to the article or web site.


Where is Biden being hidden today?

He's been in Missouri for the last 2 days and has campaign events in NH next week. He might be taking a break from the campign trail, or traveling today.


Some interesting info on Obama's first house

Rick Ballard

Link Under Name

Click the commenter's name and it will take you to the referenced site.


some people are making huge fortunes

It's all on paper:-)


charlie rose speaks softly
leans forward..-
nods taxpayer funded head
gravely...he turns to camera
"see that hole-rats come outta that hole!"
does CURLY forehead slap


Thanks, Barbara and Rick! I actually Googled LUN, got a SCSI protocol called Logical Unit Number, and I just couldn't see the connection! LOL


Clarice and M. Simon:

Thanks for the link. I know, I know, everybody says Berg is a crackpot, but he has one simple non-crackpot question. If Obama is a natural born US citizen why doesn't he just produce a certified copy of his original birth certificate?

Because he can't? That seems to be a rather logical and non-crackpost question too.


MaryD: We know your pain and have all had to ask what LUN was.

The all time best guess (so far, anyway) was: Laughing Until Numb.


the Muddle really ties itself in a knot over mean.
Ace had a nice comment on that yesterday, to the effect that McCain has to win a bunch of people who think it would be mean to pin blame the mortgage mess on somebody, so they'd rather just blame it on Bush.


Doris Kearns--

Where did she plagiarize it from?

Rick Ballard


Just saw this. There's a link to their site at the bottom. I wonder what their market coverage is, exactly. 'Most' and 'almost all' just isn't as comforting as it once was. All these Black Swans paddling around just suck the trust right out of me.

Maybe these guys will be all grown up by their second birthday next month.


I actually Googled LUN, got a SCSI protocol called Logical Unit Number...

I never thought of that one, in spite of the fact I use SCSI drives (LUN 7 is usually the disk controller). It is not really a protocol, but rather the numbering of devices on a SCSI channel.

Back to our regularly-scheduled programming.



The only thing that saved his sorry hide was the way the dems had set up the rules so that he could get a portion of the delegates...

Pretty good racket. A dem put together a brief a while back about how Obama rigged the caucus system. It is one of the reasons that Obama is a major backer of card-check and has hopes to eliminate the secret ballot for union organizing (and probably for political campaigns if he could get away with it). He knows his policies would be unpopular so he needs his thug enforces in the SEIU and ACORN to keep everyone in line.


"Something is fishy" I don't understand why Brocko won't turn over his birth certificate. Really I don't. Berg's theory on Indonesia seems wrong to me. Last time I looked SCOTUS required an affirmative act by an adult to renounce citizenship and I doubt the act of a step parent re a child would make the test.

BUT a smarter man than I says it is an interesting story because it is Hillary behind this, and if that's the case, it certainly is interesting.

In a better world than ours Doris Kearns Godwin would be ashamed to show her plagiarizing face in public. IIRC she made her name by sleeping with LBJ to get stuff for her first "history" book.


Clarice: I followed the links M. Simon suggested and ended up at Texas Darlin.

Supposedly a birth certificate for Obama from Mombassa, Kenya has come to light. Meaning - if true - that he can only be a naturalized citizen.

I remain a skeptic about all of this. However, no one would be asking any questions if he just produced his original, certified, birth certificate.


sleeping with LBJ to get stuff for her first "history" book



If Larry Johnson is flogging this story, too, as someone above indicated, for sure it's Hillary. I am positive he is her lap dog.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Rick: Thanks for "Palin - SRO in Johnstown, PA."

J-town is my home town and I never get to hear good news since it is also the home of senile MadJack Murtha.

I used to go ice skating twice a week at the War Memorial and also to the EHL hockey games and upstairs there was the Teen Canteen, which held dances every weekend for the teenagers in the whole area, including me and all my friends.


I know ya'll think this is nuts,but it could be as simple as his Mother put white for race on his BC.Ive been around some black newborns that could easly pass for white.A single white girl fills in the blank.No one would question it.



Thanks for the link. Seems that they need to get in touch with Bloomberg and all the banking analysts that penciled in cds payouts for Lehman in the 280 billion dollar range and calm the herd on Wall Street and Chicago (and all the other global markets) as they are blindly liquidating positions for cash. Seems to be push back. Interesting.



I don't think it's unusual for a foreign or dual national parent to register a US in the other country.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

I remain a skeptic about all of this. However, no one would be asking any questions if he just produced his original, certified, birth certificate.

That's how I feel too Centracal. I don't understand why they are spending so much money on attorneys to fight this case when production of the certificate could end it immediately.

I realize, as the moderator of the video said, that it is entirely legal to send in the big guns and fight every motion tooth and nail and make use of every legal avenue available, but why would anyone want to fight something that could so simply be resolved unless there really is something to hide?


Doris tells the story a bit differently:
"At Harvard Kearns delved into the newly trendy field of psychohistory, which uses psychoanalytic methods to understand the motives of actors in history. Studying with Erikson, she imbibed his idea that a healthy psyche depends on a proper balance in one's life of work, play, and family. Meanwhile, her frequent trips to LBJ's ranch provoked scurrilous gossip. But her intimacy with Johnson was of a different kind: Every morning she would wake at 5 a.m. and get dressed; LBJ would enter her room a half-hour later, clamber into her empty bed and pull up the covers, and unburden himself of his anxieties, dreams, and reminiscences. Kearns, playing Freud, nodded and took notes.">I think she's lying again
I met her when she was writing the book, and I didn't hear the part about him getting into her EMPTY bed. Of course I'm old and could be mistaken after all these years.


*****US birth****

Jim Miller

Clarice asked:

"My understanding is that nationally the difference between pparty registrations has never been more than 4%. Is that wrong?"

Short answer: Yes, that's wrong.

Long answer: We don't know exact the numbers, because not all states have registration by party, and the states that do can not all be trusted. (For instance: New Jersey voters who register as independents can vote in either primary. According to the Almanac of American Politics, 23 percent of the voters there are registered as Democrats, 18 percent as Republicans, and 58 percent as "other".)

But we do have national figures on party identification -- basically, the people who tell a pollster they are Democrats or Republicans-- since the 1930s. And the Democrats have almost always had a lead in identifiers, and for much of that period, a very large lead.

For instance, in 1952, one pollster found that 34 percent of the voters identified themselves as Republicans and 57 percent identified themselves as Democrats.

In the last two decades, the Democratic edge in identifiers shrank, and I have seen a few polls that showed the two parties close to even (especially in 2002 and 2004). But a current edge for Democrats of more than four percent does not sound implausible to me.

(Republicans have been able to win in spite of that Democratic edge because Republican voters are almost always more loyal, and a little more likely to vote. And, since 1972, because the Democratic party has mostly been run by folks on the left, sometimes the far left.)


Elliott: The information that I read (after following M. Simons links) was that he was BORN in Mombassa, Kenya not REGISTERED as a citizen.

Which reminds me, what all was Corsi doing in Kenya before he was detained? Hmmmm


Charlie Rose always calls upon Goodwin to be his color commentator on various panels he employs in "crises" moments.
And I have to admit she does know her baseball stats.


Jim--Winston Group's figures say 4% difference in party affiliation in the exit polls is the outside range.

In looking at VNS/Media exit surveys over recent cycles, I am seeing party identification in recent public surveysthat is not consistent with past historic results. Since party identification is critical to the generic ballot, this is animportant point of discussion. The chart below shows the exit poll results from 1992 through 2004 for partyidentification at the House level.Past Party Identification of the Voting Electorate in House ElectionsPARTY ID1992199419961998200020022004REP36363636364038DEM39364037393838IND25272527262225Margin-30-4-1-3+20The chart below shows the most recent public surveys. The reported party identification was sometimes ofadults (A) or in other cases registered voters (RV).Party Identification in Recent Media SurveysPARTY IDUSAToday/GallupCBS/NYTimesABC News/WashingtonPostCNN/OpinionResearchNewsweekAP/IpsosPewTime(Universe)(A)(A)(RV)Refused(RV)(RV)(A)(A)FieldDates10/6-810/5-810/5-810/6-810/5-610/2-49/21-10/410/3-4REP293030Refused27282727DEM383538Refused38363435IND333528Refused35363938Margin-9-5-8N/A-11-8-7-8
Page 2
RECENT POLLING ONPARTY IDENTIFICATION__________________________________________________________________________________2The final chart below contrasts the range of results of party ID over the last 7 elections at the House level, andthe results of the most recent public surveys. For example, in looking at the party identification in the exit pollsfor Democrats, the lowest result was in 1994 (36%) and the highest was in 1996 (40%), so the range of resultsover the 7 elections was 36% to 40%.However, the most important point in this chart is the contrast between R-D margins of the exit polls and themost recent public surveys. In the exit polls, the best result for Democrats was in 1996, when they held a 4point advantage over Republicans in terms of party identification. The best result for Republicans was in 2002when they held a 2 point advantage over Democrats in party identification. So the range for the exit polls was+4 for Democrats to +2 Republicans.In the recent public opinion polls, the best result for Democrats was a Newsweek poll which gave theDemocrats an 11 point advantage. The best result for Republicans was the CBS/NY Times poll which gaveDemocrats a 5 point advantage. So the range for the recent public polls was +11 for Democrats to +5Democrats. All of the results of the recent public surveys fall outside of any of the previous 7 historical results.It is certainly not out of the realm of possibility that this year’s election could fall outside of historical results, butany survey that does should acknowledge that the data presented are based on a foundation that reflects astructural shift in the way the electorate identifies itself with a party.PARTY IDPublic Poll RangeExit Poll RangeREP27-3036-40DEM34-3836-40IND28-3922-27Margin+11D to +5D+4D to +2R.


It may be a much bigger range in surveys but in exit polls the difference is about 2 to 4%


LBJ had big ears.


Jim & others-

Re: Polling. Some polls are showing Obama with an 8 point led in WV. A state Bush carried by 13 points in 2004 and 6 points in 2000. A state which Obama lost the primary at the end of the calander by 30 points. Something is a bit fishy to get that sort of result. I'd say that the GOP does have an uphill climb but this recent round of polling is garbage, even taking into consideration the disasterous 2006 results and seeming incompetence of the GOP in this election season.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

LOL. This is wishful thinking.

Mark Steyn calls it the magic of the movies:

Helen Thomas will be played by Annette Bening (via Ed Driscoll)

Heads up clarice, your old friend semanticleo is casting various insinuations about you, vis a vis the new Obama birth certificate video, over in the PW thread "I'm groggy and...etc.". I thought you might like to have the opportunity to defend yourself, or not, as the case may be.


Thmx--As for WV--this is AFTER Biden made his cracks about coal? LOL--I 'd say whoever did that survey was drinking something.

Here's a march of brave souls.


Caught the last hour of the local Anchorage Talk Radio shows yesterday when the Branchflower/Palin report was being issued. Primarily listened to 750 AM, The Dan Fagan Show, (2-5 PM) the most listened to in the local area and one that has been particularly ferocious on Sarah. Last week the talking point being stressed was that Sarah and her Administration were lying and corrupt, and that the exact reason for that corruption was because Sarah (due to nothing but vengreance and personal animus) had secretly tried to pressure some State Worker Compensation Board to deny Trooper Wooten's compensation for an on the job back injury claim. That was the big smoking gun we were told. So the report comes out, and guess what. That meme died in about 2 seconds as she was completely exonerated on any of that. Instead the new talking point is that she was completely unethical because Prosecutor Branchflower said so and if Prosecutor Branchflower said so it must be so. Any apologies issued by the host for his previous weeks worth of worker comp slander? Yeah, right.

On a pro Sarah program, AM 700, The Eddie Burke Show (2-4:30), he had on some Republican State Rep who was saying that Branchflower's report confirmed that Sarah fired Moneghan legally, and that neither her nor anyone in her Administration ever pressured Moneghan to fire Trooper Wooten. Branchflower was trying to say that Sarah was ethically guilty because she had neglected to prevent her husband Todd, a private citizen, from voicing his concerns about Trooper Wooten to Moneghan, and since Sarah could possibly benefit from that, that is why Prosecutor Branchflower was saying she was supposedly ethically guilty. He and the host were far from convinced of that reasoning, as was I.

Personally I have not yet read any of the report, but thats the 2 sides of it as initially reported on the Local Talk Shows in Anchorage. I just hope, since I've got a Palin sticker on the back of my SUV, that I (and my 10 year old) never get pulled over by Trooper Wooten.


Anybody else think the Clintons have been awfully quiet of late? Like serious radio silence?


I believe Sarah noted today that Branchwater misread the one applicable statute in his $100k fandango--that is, the law requires that she must have benefitted financially from any conduct for it to come within the purview of the statute Branchwater claims to have relied on.

Personally, I'd charge the legislature with wasting taxpayer funds.


"Doris Kearns Goodwin on Maddow last night went so far as to compare the conduct of McCain's supporters to what we (historians) saw in the 1930s in places like Germany".

Time to remind the world that the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei,the Nazi party was the German National Socialist Worker's Party.Very similar to Obama's organisation.
A cult of personality.
National service,
The SDS.
The youth movement (Obamajungend) with stirring songs and camps.
Above all it was Socialist.

Elroy Jetson

One thing that was weird about the Tasergate investgation. The findings attempted to cast a bad light on Sarah, but not enough to fine her.
I agree Clarice- it was a waste of taxpayer funds.



Yeah. An investigation of the investigation. Never would believe that the Obama campaign would try to rehabilitate a sleezy state trooper just to get a 72 hour news cycle advantage. But then again, nothing the Obama campaign has done really surprises me-can't wait for the book burnings and 30 minute rants on television calling anyone who disagrees with him a racist.

Charlie (Colorado)

Clarice, that's actually in her lawyer's response that I linked above.


"LBJ had big ears"

Probably has Doris's fingerprints on them.

Charlie (Colorado)

30 minute rants on television calling anyone who disagrees with him a racist.

Hey, he's buying those 30 minute TV spots....

Charlie (Colorado)

By the way, folks, I got a flu shot this morning. I'd say it must be a good one this year; my left arm is swollen and shaking a little. Nothing exciting but it's clear my immune system is not taking this lightly.


Obama and Hitler have more than the Brandenburg Gate in common.


That's it Clarice.

Sceptical Callers were calling up reading and questioning that clause, saying in order for it to apply to Sarah she must have benefitted in some material way ie. Money, etc. The Host put on some Branchflower spokesperson who said that the way Branchflower interprets the clause is that it doesn't mean what it seems to say. Instead it can be interpreted to mean benefits of even the most tenuous concoction. The spokesperson said Branchflower seems to have interpreted it the following way: Sarah's husband Todd discussed his concerns about Trooper Wooten with Monegan. Even though (as I understand it) Monegan says Todd didn't pressure him to fire Trooper Wooten, that might have resulted in Trooper Wooten geting fired. If he had been fired, that might in some way have benefited Sarah. Since Sarah didn't act aggressively to stop husband Todd from discussing his concerns about Trooper Wooten with Monegan, (a Trooper who had tasered his 10 year old nephew and made a death threat against Todd's father in law and sister in law) she was somehow engaging in unethical behavior which might ultimately have been to her benefit.

That was Branchflower's Spokesperson's position, ergo Sarah is guilty. FWIW, Monegan's wife was (and I believe still is) a State Trooper. I can probably dig that up if necessary.



he's buying those 30 minute TV spots...

I know-it makes it all better. But once he is President, he'll be able to bully the networks for generous allotments of time-you know to get his version of the story out about how racists are attacking him. Fairness Doctrine and all that...

Wish the media would clean off their glasses and realize that the shabby treatment they get now is about the best they'll be treated once he's in power.


I hope there are better lawyers in Alaska than this Branchflower guy.



Obama and Hitler have more than the Brandenburg Gate in common.

Didn't Hitler campaign on hope and change?


Sorry Charlie, I hadn't read any of the previous links having just woken up. Busy day yesterday. I see you guys are again way ahead of me.

Charlie (Colorado)

Hmmm. Dirty Harry has a piece on this polling issue; he says:

Yesterday, assuming there’s a rational explanation for this, I emailed someone who reports fairly regularly on this stuff to ask What the hell? But the only asnwer he gets from pollsters is that they expect Democrats to crush this year in turnout


"Didn't Hitler campaign on hope and change?"


"Hoffnung und Änderung",Oder sonst!


Isabel Hilton describes Che Guevara

Che's appeal is emotional. His death in Bolivia as a relatively young man created Che as secular Christ, the man who took upon himself the sins of the world and gave his life for the cause of the oppressed. His memory remains available to the oppressed; his image continues to inspire the hope of change and the virtue of rebellion, enhanced rather than diminished by his defeat.

WUO founder Bernadine Dohrn: When Hope and History Rhyme

WUO founder John Gregory Jacobs from Vancouver Magazine

During these events, J.J. became known for his commitment to the dictum "auda-city, audacity and more audacity." Rudd chuckles, recalling how Mathematics Hall, taken over by J.J. and his cohorts, became known as the Hall of Crazies
Charlie (Colorado)

Peter --- Ehrlich? Könntest Du mal ein Hyperlink senden?

Sara (Pal2Pal)

McCain And Obama React To John Lewis' Idiocy

Charlie (Colorado)

Here's an Alaska blog on the "tasergate" report:

In Alaska, we do not have one set of laws for the common folk and one for the troopers. Troopergate exposes hindering prosecution, covering up crimes, and obstruction of justice by troopers, supervisors and union representatives to protect one of their own.

In Alaska, it is a crime to drive drunk. Instead of being arrested after a bartender reported Wooten driving drunk in his patrol car, the trooper who pulled Wooten over told him to park his car and drove him home. No Breathalyzer, no sobriety tests.

If a citizen, not a trooper, had used a Taser on his kid, he would be arrested for the crime of child abuse.

If a citizen, not a trooper, shot a moose without a proper license, he would be arrested for illegal taking of game.

If a citizen, not a trooper, were drinking beer in a moving vehicle, he’d be arrested for operating a vehicle with an open container of alcohol.

In America, if a man with a gun threatens the life of your family member, any person has the right to go to the authorities and demand both protection and prosecution of the crime. Did the trooper who investigated a witnessed threat on the life of a member of the governor’s family cover up the crime?

Wooten walked on each crime documented in his personnel file. With each count, his fellow troopers and supervisors hindered prosecution and covered up Wooten’s crimes. They violated their oath of office to enforce the law they were sworn to uphold.


The Democrats are getting the Troopergate story out.I wish some JOM commenters would put the story straight in the British press.
If Obama campaigns like this ,imagine how he would act as president?

Sara (Pal2Pal)

It's Not Just Cindy McCain... Joe Biden Accused Obama Of Endangering His Son In Iraq

Jim Miller

Clarice - I'll take a look at that data. (And thank you for pointing it out.) But I may not have time to get to it until early next week. (We are having gorgeous weather, and I need one more hike on Mt. Rainier.)

RichatUF - Interesting. I agree with you that the WV result looks implausible.

For what it is worth, I have yet to post a prediction on the presidential race because things are -- in my opinion -- still quite fluid. (In 2004, I missed the popular vote by, if I recall correctly, about 0.5 percent.)


"from pollsters is that they expect Democrats to crush this year in turnout"


CLEVELAND - A man at the center of a voter-registration scandal told The Post yesterday he was given cash and cigarettes by aggressive ACORN activists in exchange for registering an astonishing 72 times, in apparent violation of Ohio laws."

LUN-Link under name

Based on reports like this I would guess that there are in fact more Democrats registered that Republicans. Is Ohio law really so vague that registering to vote 72 time is only "apparently" in violation?

Michelle Malkin has a post on this story as well as a lot of other bloggers.


Tom -- I haven't seen any discussion of Obama's Affordable Housing Plan from 2007. It seems remarkably ill-timed. I believe he was going to take 5% of Fannie and Freddie's "profits" and pump that into low income housing units. One link or

Now, we know that Obama's extremely foresighted and error free. Therefore, we can presume that this plan actually would have averted the Fannie/Freddie meltdown and the current financial crisis. How? To my amateurish eye, it only would have made things worse.



We are having gorgeous weather, and I need one more hike on Mt. Rainier

Good luck. And damn I do miss it out there.


Would you consider your right to vote a civil right? Then wouldn't it be a civil rights violation to cancel out my vote? Someone needs to spend a lot of time in jail!

kim jane il

It may be a much bigger range in surveys but in exit polls the difference is about 2 to 4%

Unless of course the party in office allows people's 401k's to lose 40% of their value.

Then, you know, party affiliation might shift. An observation which never occurs to the good people of this board.

Foruny Velet

Samantha Powers was supposed to have written Obama's book like their pals at Harvard; The Punishment of Virtue, Sarah Chayes. Late at night, alone. The theme is a victim like Kennedy fighting lucifer and winning as victims of that and society not understanding that they have to be like Harvard to win.

Cindy needs to put on her ONE uniform and follow Obama to the future of America. Joe needs to shut up and get Treasury to forgive more loans.



This one needs to go viral.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

2007: Obama Says He Will Invite ACORN to "Shape the Agenda" as President (Video)

Whats Going On Lyrics Artist(Band):4 Non Blondes

'Hope for change.......and a destination.'

The new painer trucks are deploying around the White House..........

kim jane il

clarice: that she must have benefitted financially from any conduct

The wording in the statute is 'personal or financial', not just financial.

I find that Governor Sarah Palin abused her power by violating Alaska Statute 39.52.110(a)... [which] provides....

[E]ach public officer holds office as a public trsut, and any effort to benefit a personal or financial interest through official action is a violation fo that trust....


jim Rhoads aka vnjagvet


Please specify the precise "effort" Gov. Palin exercised to "benefit a personal...interest through official action".

Barry Dauphin

Between Tasergate and the Obamabots incredible sensitivity to the Ayers stuff, you'd almost think they're running scared instead of being ahead in the polls. It's quite something how the news types simply report the "ethics violation" devoid of context-- a real hit piece. Actually it would have been sloppy ethics for her not to have canned the stupid commissioner.

Obama buys 30 minutes of TV time. Why? He has that much time and more for free every night on the news.


Indian loans are so confusing:


Obama is spending some of his half a billion dollars. He is buying the media. He is buying CNN.

Rick Ballard


Have you seen this piece?

Between GE raising enough capital to thumb their nose at the overnight market if they feel like it (having stared into the abyss for longer than I'm sure they liked), and WFC whipping C's sorry butt on the Wachovia transaction, I'm wondering if the water will be smoother soon. Citi is going to be fitted with fed prosthetics (which all right thinking people should mock - as they vow not to deal) and will limp along until it dumps a good chunk of its business. If it dumps its board it might be worth more than disdain. BAC took its hit (and then raised $20 billion in new capital). That should hold it through next week.

Have you seen any other Big Boys (aside from Morgan Stanley) bleeding from multiple orifices? It looks like RBS in the UK is going to raise capital and the government there seems ready to lend a hand. Italian, French and Spanish banks are fictional literary creations today but they have been so for more than fifty years. The Germans and Swiss are frowning a bit but finding capital in those two countries has never been terribly difficult in the past fifty years. I dunno nuttin about the Far East banks - except that the Japanese still seem to come close to charging depositors to hold their money.

Of course, that glimmer of light is probably a comet on course to crash into the earth next week. That won't be in the models either.

I wonder if McCain is going to flesh out the nuke building program this week? All that it would take to get 10-15 plants under construction next year is expedited approval of proposals already in the hopper. That would mean a ton of construction jobs and they would all be privately financed.

kim jane il

Please specify the precise "effort" Gov. Palin exercised to "benefit a personal...interest

I recommend that you read the report.


Google took away their archive search tool - too much stuff about Obama being dug up

M. Simon

If Larry Johnson is flogging this story, too, as someone above indicated, for sure it's Hillary. I am positive he is her lap dog.


Larry's Place has been taken over by a bunch of PUMAs.

As to: I am positive he is her lap dog.

Only if she liked men. Which is far from certain. :-)

What is certain is that he is a political supporter.


Why can't we sue the carp out of ACORN? Maybe a class action suit to break their back financially? The 19th amendment gave that civil right to woman. Why should ACORN take that right away from us?




and me


Google took away their archive search tool - too much stuff about Obama being dug up

I had a feeling that was going to happen.

Bunky asked about the Clintons. I've been wondering where they were also. Total silence. Bill said something about not campaigning during the Jewish High Holy Days, but then he never reappeared.

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