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November 26, 2008



Happy Birthday Soylent!

Amused bystander

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and may the Lord bless you and your families and keep all save amd sound.

PD: The answer is Yes (and they have no principles).

Rick Ballard

Happy Thanksgiving to all JOMers.

I remain deeply thankful for the sacrifices of all the volunteers who serve in the armed forces of the United States and for the families who support them. I'm also thankful for the leadership which has kept their battles on foreign shores for the past seven years.

Happy Bday, Soylent.


I am thankful for the family of JOM which got me through the last crazy couple of years. More to come, I am sure.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


Well I haven't said it before, Happy Thanks
giving; Guys and Gals. I feel confident
we'll pull through this tough spot, of deep crazyness we see today, and on to a better path, led by you know who. I've been down since three Tuesdays ago, but I still have faith in this country.A caveat though; we prefer pork to turkey; just wrap around that scene; why don't you.

hit and run

Speaking of cooking, there was some random French cookbook that my mom found laying around and gave to mrs hit and run. I flipped through it and came across this one...

2 Slices of bread
2/3 cup Milk
3 hard cooked eggs
1 onion
3 garlic cloves
3/4 lb pork sausage meat
1 (4 lb) carp, cleaned and scaled, with its roe
Salt and pepper
2 tbsp butter
1 tbsp flour
1/2 bottle of dry white wine

1. Preheat oven to 350°
2. Soak bread in milk. Chop the eggs. Peel and chop onions and garlic. Mix together the eggs, onion, garlic, sausage meat, soaked bread and carp roe in a bowl. Season with salt and pepper.
3. Fil the fish with the stuffing and sew up with a trussing needle and fine string.
4. Melt the butter in a flameproof dish. Add the flour and brown lightly, stirring. Stir in the wine. Put the fish in the dish.
5. Bake for about 1 hour, basting the fish with the liquid from time to time. Cut into fairly thick slices and serve hot with the sauce.

The moral of the story?

Next time someone tries to serve you a carp sandwich, you can say, "No thanks. I'll have the 'Carp Farcie au Sancerre'."

Barney Frank

I am thankful that my wife and bad and all the others we all know who have faced the grim reaper and survived, are still here.
I am also thankful that provision has been made for each one of us, if we will only take advantage of it, when the reaper comes for us.

Soylent Red

Roger that Barney.

Eat up JOMers!


Interesting,how long before you can drink it?




Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving! Nsrciso, I don't know. I was on once before and I will be on again though. I'm pretty terrible at those short radio invterviews really. Not worth listening to. Pakistan is really asking for trouble it seems to me.


A little late for this year, but if your turkey turns out the least bit dry, here's my contribution. A fool-proof method that works every time.

The Alton Brown method for Thanksgiving Turkey

Combine the following ingredients in a cooler just large enough to hold the bird:

1/2 gal hot tap water
1 lb Kosher salt
2/3 cup sugar

Stir until salt & sugar dissolve. Then add:

16 cups vegetable broth
8 lb ice

Put bird into the brine, breast up. (Use a large ziplock bag filled with water if needed to submerge bird.)

Brine turkey 8-12 hours (I've done longer with no ill effects). Flip bird about half-way through, also turn turkey.

When ready to cook, remove from brine, rinse and pat dry.

Preheat oven to about 550. Meanwhile, roughly chop some carrots, celery and onions, and add loosely to cavity with some fresh herbs (e.g., sage, thyme, rosemary).

(Alton says stuffing or basting are evil, because they prolong the cooking time, allowing the meat to get dry. Make dressing separately if desired.)

Now get some kids to slather the turkey with softened butter. Put turkey into oven breast-up and roast until skin is golden brown, about 1/2 hour. Then, fashion a "breast plate" out of heavy-duty aluminum foil, doubled over. Place breast plate on bird, reduce temperature to 350 and cook until turkey reaches 165 degrees in the breast, 180 in the thigh. (2 - 2 1/2 hrs for an 18 lb turkey, faster if you have a convection oven.)

Remove from oven, cover with foil and let rest for 1/2 hour before carving.

Brining adds moisture to the meat. Something about a chemical reaction with the salt adding a positive ion to the water, allowing it to penetrate the muscle tissue. Anyway, however it works, the meat is moist and not salty.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Nouriel Roubini has an informative and frightening article in Forbes, available through RealClearPolitics. They don't call him Dr. Doom for nothing.


TM--Thank you for providing the "room" for the motley crew of JOM commentators to assemble. I look forward to reading your blog every day.

Narciso--I remember Clarice being on the Moran show a year or two ago and thinking how "buttery" her voice sounded:-)
She was just great but Moran talked over her too much in my opinion.

Appreciate the brined turkey recipe but will not the carp recipe any time soon:-) Sorry Hit!

Happy Thanksgiving to all who contribute to the best blog on the 'net.



we prefer pork to turkey

Just think of the uproar if they were slaughtering pigs behind Sarah...


I knew there was a moral to the story.

Depressed Atlas

Just so you all know, silent lurkers are very thankful, too, for the wonderful community of JOMers. We watch and read and enjoy you all, cheating I know, since we do not return value for the value we reap.

Thanks for letting us in.


a late morning Happy Thanksgiving to all....busy cooking and prepping....It's been a challenging year, and the future is cloudy, but there is still so much to be thankful for. Let's work towards a better tomorrow.


Happy Thanksgiving all!

The turkey is smoking away and threatens to be done long before the guests arrive. Ah, what is a dinner party without some surprises.


Barney Frank- beautiful sentiment.

My shallow thought this morning is that I am grateful the Food Network isn't here filming my turkey wrestling.


Happy Thanksgiving JOM. And thanks kim for the pointer to the sweet potato recipe, which worked wonderfully and has gone in my wife's list of "keepers".


Happy Thanksgiving, JOM! Thanks to TM and all of you for blessing us with the greatest blog on the net. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, and best of luck with those liberal relatives at the dinner table. :)

Amused bystander

Happy Birthday Soylent --- keep fighting the good fight.


Well I'm full. I assume everyone else feels the same way.

hit and run

To the brim, Jane, I am sated, indeed.

And I ate a lot of food. too.


I hope all are having a wonderful day. Best wishes to TM and the minutefam(ily) and to all JOMers.


You're right of course, that's a little too much of the 'infidel gal' that one would rather not deal with. Can I say know that the GOP might as well rebrand themselves as the "Turkey Party if they don't wise up; they want to deny Michael Steele thechairman
ship because he's not officially a member of the RNC. Anyone who can get elected in Maryland to the second highest office in the state; can have that qualification mitigated. It does validate my conclusion about Sarah's view of the state apparatus
Tomorrow, it's the "Thrilla from Wasilla"
vs. the One from Hyde Park,(doesn't really sound right does it) in Philsdelphis.

glenda waggoner

Yea- I made it here before the day was over.
Happy Thanksgiving, friends! and ditto what everyone else said. Made the Rawlings' sweet potato dish and all 19 guests raved!
Hit-save that recipe for your next time in Jackson Hole..
Stay safe, all & goodnight!

princess hit and run

happy thanksgiving

hit and run jr

have a great thanksgiving!!!!

Rick Ballard

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Sweet Princess. Thank you for visiting us and bringing joy.

hit and run

From all the hit and runs, we hope everyone had the most wonderful Thanksgiving ever!

(and yes, both princess hit and run and hit and run jr typed their own posts.)


How fun to have them here Hit. Happy Thanksgiving kids. You make it all worthwhile.


the One from Hyde Park
Mr Hyde Park, maybe, and elected by people who only saw Jekyll.


Does anyone else not get the whole "Rickrolled" thing. And can anyone explain it to me?

princess hit and run

thank you mr. ballard. my daddy says you are his favorite!!!!

[hit and run: a little help spelling 'mr. ballard' here]

hit and run jr

daddy says he loves you jane so, so do i

glenda waggoner

Hearts to the Hit's..that's what it's all about!!


Posted by: princess hit and run | November 27, 2008 at 09:53 PM

Posted by: hit and run jr | November 27, 2008 at 09:56 PM

Best. Thread. EVAH!


I'm late, of course. :D

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!

hit and run

Does anyone else not get the whole "Rickrolled" thing.

mrs hit and run (who refuses to post under her name here) does not get the whole "rickrolled" thing either.

But she does remember the Rick Astley video from the 80s, so it almost kinda made sense to her.

People pretend there is something important to watch with some video -- but when you click on it it points to the Astley video...and if you fall for it, you got rickrolled.

Why the Rick Astley video? Because it is as inane and meaningless as you could possibly hope to find.

Sunny Day ... you're not late. It;s not a party until you show up.

Elliott, I hate to think that I will have to explain to princess hit and run and hit and run jr that you showed up after they went to bed. They'll be devasted to have missed you.

hit and run

Glenda, we'll be coming to the Hill Country (or almost) for Christmas. And going to the deer lease the day after.

And thinking of you throughout.


Princess and Jr!
Happy Thanksgiving cuties. I'm sure your father has told you I'm his favorite.


Happy Thanksgiving JOM!


You too, Barry. Good to see you and hope all is well.


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I have been working for hours trying to see if I can link to Photobucket. I have to see if this works. If it does, well, belated Happy Halloween, too.
Halloween Pics

jimrhoads aka vnjagvet

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. I'm still stuffed.


Thanks Elliot. I'm still hanging around. I was in India last week. First trip that didn't pass through Mumbai. I'm glad I returned before the chaos. My wife would have had a heart attack I'm afraid.

Ann, that's one heck of a Halloween Party! Looks like a great time.


Why the Rick Astley video? Because it is as inane and meaningless as you could possibly hope to find.
No, it's just that since he's British, there's no danger of links to his inane and meaningless videos fooling people into voting him into the White House.


That was very nice, bgates. Speaking of inane and meaningless, I came into the orbit of a most devout O-bot today. "5 million new jobs," etc. I would be most amused to witness the attempt to reconcile the avowed preference for a bail out of Detroit with the theory, expressed only a few minutes later, that American corporations rip off consumers through the planned obsolescence of their products whereas companies like Toyota produce vehicles that can go 7 years with only a change of battery.


Great stuff, Ann. Those Halloween displays were tremendously impressive.


Santa Claus lives at the North Pole, and now we know where the Great Pumpkin lives.


Wow, Ann. I guess you're the real Queen Mummy. Great pics.


I missed all the fun last night! Hit, that was very sweet of you to bring Princess and H&R Jr to the party. Tell them we're flattered!

Ann, wow! You weren't kidding when you said you went all out for Halloween. What a lovely home you have, too. I especially liked the crows (ravens?) placed all around and the painting of the birds. You are Sarah!


Goodmorning-after Everyone.


I read somewhere yesterday that the Constitution forbids any Senator who voted for a salary increase for cabinet positions to be seated on the cabinet while still in the same election term as the salary vote. Hillary voted on such an increase in the current term. The passage in the Constitution was quoted, but I am too lazy to go look it up.

Anybody know about this. Clarice - Jane?


There is precedent for a work-around by lowering her salary to the previous amount.


More useful might be to pay attention to the three cases to be discussed in conference on Dec. 5th, by the nine justices of the SC about Obama's birth certificate.

Thomas Collins

Sid, see LUN for a good discussion of the Emoluments Clause issue. The bottom line is that whatever one may think of the various approaches to this issue, HRC will be Zero's Dominatrix At Foggy Bottom if that's what they both want.

hit and run

Wow Ann! Now that is a Halloween party.

I don't know about anyone else, but I had a full plate of Thanksgiving fare this morning for breakfast.

I'm full all over again.


That was an unnecessarily disturbing image, that early in the morning, TC. Velociword
has an equally disturbing illustration (in advance, I denounce myself) I think, Hillary is strong willed enough though, that she won't go along with a truly asinine plan, I know that's 'Hope over Experience', although her enthusiasm to run against Sarah, was tempered to say the least what point that will be, who nows.

Moving from the ridiculous to the serious for a moment, if the 'Deccan Mujahadeen"
are AQ; they're are using some old school tactics. This seems more like Black September's Munich and PFLP's Lot airport operations than their standard practices, as seen in Madrid, & London. Although the Chechen's siege of the Moscow Theatre has similar characteristics. Maybe they've run out of the truly crazy to run these things.
Then again, all these explosions we here and see, can't just be simple tripwires, or can they. By the way, hasn't Depak Chopra, proven himself to be a total asshat, as if further confirmation was required.

Thomas Collins

I know, narciso, it's too early to deal with those kinds of images. I couldn't help myself. :-))

On the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, we probably are going to have to deal with all types of tactics and attacks on all types of places. On Wednesday, I was waiting at South Station for my commuter train. Law enforcement was out in force with dogs that were clearly bomb sniffing dogs (one law enforcement official walked his dog twice by my briefcase; the dog was close enough to me that I could have given it a biscuit).
I think the one thing all of us can do is speak up against any "Truth Commission" or Congressional investigation formed to second guess the Bush/Cheney response to Jihadistan (the last thing we need is Dick Durbin/Barney Frank types thinking they can make political hay out of such a proceeding). If loons in Congress and academia press this issue, Americans should make clear that we believe that second guessing the response to Jihadistan simply leaves folks of all ideological stripes more vulnerable to attack. I hope that PrezElectO would stop any "Truth Commission" talks in its tracks.

In the aftermath of Jihadistan's terrorist attack in Mumbai, we will probably not hear anything about Truth Commissions for a time. But after the inauguration, I'll bet some Congressional figures or academics (or both) bring it up again.

Rick Ballard

Thomas Collins,

Boehner, Cantor and Pence might want to take a stab at calling for investigations of Freddie and Fannie corruption - maybe with some highlight film of "no problem" Frank and a few others.

Given the low quality of the trash headed for the WH, I'm not sure that the Copperheads will do more than babble and yap. If they do then I would hope that ethics charges would be filed on Rangel the first day of the "hearings". Conyers as well, he's actually dirtier than Rangel anyway.



Thanks for the tit-for-tat thought about offsetting hearings.

Speaking of hearings, I wonder how Eric Holder's confirmation will go. Will there even be some Dems whom will have a problem with him? I still have alot of trouble with him over his comments regarding voting in 2004.


By the way, hasn't Depak Chopra, proven himself to be a total asshat, as if further confirmation was required.

I agree, narciso. CNN looks ridiculous for putting him on. It's almost like the producers just tried to think of somebody they knew who was from India.


By the way, hasn't Depak Chopra, proven himself...

You mean Mr. Chopra's not the first person you think of when you're looking for an expert in dealing with terrorism?

hit and run

It's almost like the producers just tried to think of somebody they knew who was from India.

They should have asked Biden. He would have directed them to the nearest 7-11.


See I had to illustrate the absurd by being truly absurd and disturbing; that sounds familiar. So I was wrong the confrontation between Sarah and the One, is next Friday.
The proxy fight is Monday, with results on Tuesday. Which of course, the AD News is already trying to spin, as being some ego thing, as if that wasn't part of her job. They did a similar thing in the 2000 Senate race Nelson/McCollum, where they talked up
Nelson's Yale degree, his space shot, but not his 'quirkyness' whereas McCollum, they tried to paint as a new born Confederate.

The thing that is remarkable is that Sarah, is the kind of figure, that used to arise out of California; specially the Southern
section. Nixon is an imperfect model, but
Hunter, Dornan, and the like. Although she
doesn't have as harsh an edge as any of these. In fact, the notoriously fickle
right, would probably find fault with a Palin Presidency; they whined about Reagan after all; and all the caterwailing about W. has been unseemly and unjustified. I don't know if the left would be able to totally work it's rage out over her; they'd probably continue to 'misunderestimate' her.
Despite my differences with McCain; a great deal applies in these circumstances. He was an honorable man, possibly naive as to what
the expectations were for his service would be. In my neck of the woods, Crist does make me have a better appreciation for Jeb,
who true to form, was 'savaged' in his first
campaign for higher office.

Schwartzenegger has proved to have been an embarassingly wrong bet over time; hebacked off after those initial referendum went down; but warning signs should have been seen, when he visited Cuba, afterfinishing
"True Lies" a decade before. However, when he had been seen as a threat, the media organs thought to annihilate him as well.


How about Salman Rushdie,(despite his bout with PDS) or V.S. Naupaul,. Well could have been worse, bringing John Le Carre or Karen
Armstrong; who are on a similar moonbat frequency.

Rick Ballard


The question is whether an obvious political hack like Holder or a slimy bullying creep like Reno (or Fitzgerald) is more dangerous. We can be sure that respect for the law and the courts will drop sharply during the Obama administration. There's absolutely no doubt about that. I'm not sure which type will do the most damage.


Bush has also had his share of turkey while in office, shown above bringing a turkey to troops in Baghdad, Iraq. However, the turkey was only for the photo op - it wasn't real.
Credits: Martinez/AP
Published: 11/25/2008 13:25:59


When you at the Daily News are not the least bit interested in accuracy it means you are not journalists.

Regarding your photo essay George W. Bush: The lamest duck ever:

Picture 24 - The turkey was real. AP was wrong. And everyone on the Internet seems to know except the Daily News.

Picture 28 - The Mission accomplished was the Abraham Lincoln's mission, not Bush's mission, and not Iraq.

Corrections, please.

Thank you, and I await your response.



"Hack" is apt. And aptly applies to Holder as Obama's stealth appointee that will advance his leftist aganda.....voting, guns and activism yet to be discovered.

Under a Holder DOJ, we'll see not prosecution of ACORN. And I wonder what the outrage will be when any Bush US DA appointee gets sacked. Perhaps he'll do John Conyer's bidding.

Rick Ballard

OPEC Tries to Catch a Falling Knife.

Chins up, boys. It exposes the throat.

1mbd won't come close to doing the trick - I don't think 2 would either. They really need millions more suckers like these. [SBW - if you find the first AP story on this you'll notice that Goldman-Sachs got a big mention, there's nothing like an attentive editor with an air brush to fix things up.]


It appears that some of the terrorists were from the UK,the same area as tht 7/7 bombers.
Now the question is,what made a bunch of good Northern lads want to kill complete strangers half a world away in India.Some apologists have claimed British foreign policy,perhaps,but why did they attack the Jewish Centre in Bombay ?


Ah, yes, the Daily News, how do they publish
with a straight face, I know, how does the Times, the Village Voice, New York Magazine do it as well.It takes skill to have misunderstood something so systematically for five years, running. (Tim Blair, not withstanding) but it is GIGO after all; as the Ziegler tape proves. The Post isn't always right, but it's instincts are
basically correct. The same cannot be said of any of my home town papers; the Herald or the Sun Sentinel.And that 'my friends' is the really insidious thing about it; they are trying to in "Brecht's words;
"elect a new people". It's not new, it was seen in Cuba as the 'coletilla, from 1959


Rick: there's nothing like an attentive editor with an air brush

I don't that such activity burnishes the brand.


Doh! I don't think...


Happy day after...After working hard all day and stuffing myself at night..we're heading off to the Santa Monica pier for some death defying rides..I don't know how many of these family visits I can survive.

How nice of the princess and jr. to visit..Sweet as their pops they are.


PUK, why the center? Why not?

Ain't multicult grand?

Get some offspring of nice, law abiding immigrants, fill them full of resentments which are misdirected to people who have nothing to do with whatever grievances they have, and there you go.

How long until they get smart and march on the teachers union offices and social work schools with sharpened pikes?


Ann - Fabulous Halloween pics! Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I have the same theme as you do - skeletons, pirates, graveyard etc....yours makes mine look like a 2nd grader did it but I am completely inspired for next year!

Beautiful house BTW -

Maybe I will try photbucket and see if I can get mine in there......

Happy Thanksgiving All


Maybe I will try photbucket and see if I can get mine in there......

Me, I'm just going to use Ann's Photobucket pics URL whenever anyone asks to see our house and pretend that it's always Halloween where we live.

Sweet pix.


So does anyone think that part of the consideration for the attacks in India is the timing during our Thanksgiving so Americans would not being paying attention? I'm not sure I understand how the response would be different if at all, but it seems it has taken 3 days for most people to even notice it has been going on.

What that gets the terrorists, I'm not sure.



I just got to see your pix. They were great! And you have a beautiful home.


Uh oh, they just captured a Pakistani terrorist in Mumbai.


Bet most of the US doesn't really know or care. They are too busy stampeding WalMart's. LUN


The Gordon Brown Shirts are too busy arresting members of the opposition. We're going to need short wave radios ans supplies.


These were Punjabi speaking Paki's, probably came on a trawler from Pakistan, not likely official diplomats from Pakistan, but perhaps winked at by the ISI. The trawler is registered in South Vietnam.



I never shop on black Friday. The mere thought of it makes me snarl.

I'm sure the big O can talk down these latest terrorists and we can all rest assured.


Ann, those pics are spectacular and cause me Annenvy, I adore your pumpkin carving.

It is a quiet day in Park City with little snow yet so I was challenged to try my hand at the photobucket thing.

See a little pre-Halloween fun here and be sure to go to the end for the humor.



Those are really great. I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving, and if you talk to Colleen and Eddie wish them one for me too.


I really miss my cruisers, in case you can't tell.


FYI (Share the News):

From American's Must Know - http://americamustknow.com/

Cort Wrotnowski's case from Connecticut is now in the Supreme Court. That's 3 cases in the Supreme Court Against Barack Obama!

11/25/08 - After another battle with Mr. Bickell, the clerk that has a bad habit of obstructing justice, Cort Wrotnowski, with the help of Leo Donofrio (attorney handling the New Jersey Case), appealed his case from Connecticut to the United States Supreme Court. His case was docketed at 12:38 PM on 11/25/08 and Honorable Associate Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be looking at the case.

From Atlas Shrugs:
"Also remember that on December 13, the Electoral College meets to casts its votes. If it has been determined that Mr. Obama is an illegal alien and therefore ineligible to become President of the United States, the Electors will be duty-bound to honor the Constitution."



Ann and Caro--what terrific photos. Photobucket does a super job with their slideshows--better than flickr in some ways. It takes a whole bunch of effort to 'mess' with all those photos and have great appreciation for that. Must hurry to catch up......

Ann, can't wait to see what you do for Christmas and your home is lovely!!


Jane, thanks. They will love hearing that from you.


Not to spoil the end of my slide show, but not one of the (very liberal) members of the committee at the farm knew the significance of the bowling pin. I had to explain it to them.


Caro, great photos! I loved the bowling pin. Sad but unsurprising that the committee wouldn't get it.


Here's a scary article from Janet Herlihy about the rationale to get rid of the natural born requirement:


H/t Zapem


re: Bowling pin. Perhaps this speaks to the tendency of H.R.H.'s supporters to expunge from their consciousness anything that reflects badly on him. Or perhaps an inability even to process it.


Ann and Caro- I love those pictures!


It's Sarah P. Herlihy and she works for Kirkland and Ellis, a law firm a partner of which is on Obama's finance committee. This background was being laid in 2006. Hmmmm.

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