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November 01, 2008


Joan of Argghh!

I only read Drudge when I'm through with slogging thru my Reader feed. So, mostly never. Heh.

I was reading your post aloud as soon as it hit the 'net.


Seriously,TM, Axelrod's already questioning the timing.


I feel sorry for her. About now, she does need political asylum, from American politics.


I think Obama could commit murder at one of his rallies, in front of his supporters, and the media wouldn't report it. Once the news broke on the internet, his supporters would only say it was a distraction.

My point is, that those who support Obama will continue to do so no matter what news may break.


she's an elderly lady who probably doesn't have much of a clue

....while a political "gotcha", we should just leave her alone....

Charlie (Colorado)

Who isn't, Matt? McCain isn't talking about her. The INS ICE is forbidden to expel her before the election.

If the press happened to notice that BHO has a destitute relative living illegally in public housing, well, maybe he should have done something about it. Shit, he's a Senator, couldn't he have found a half hour to write a private bill to admit her? That ought to have been practically pro forma.

Compassionte Charlie

Barack throws Aunt under bus. McCain should adopt the Aunt (living in a slum) and the Brother (living in a hut). If Obama won't take care of his own family, why do his supporters think he will take care of them?

Once Obama is elected, I am looking forward to the pic of the Elian Gonzalez "SWAT" agent with the gun pointed at the poor Aunt's head while she is hiding in the roach infested closet. Hey Auntie, get under the bus or else!!!! (not that I want her deported, but Barry does).

Steven W.

The implications of the missing Aunt are three-fold IMO - 1) reminds how bad the press is in the tank for Obama that they've promo'd his grandma, etc., but no known aunt. 2) should outrage the likes of Lou Dobbs and those prior critics of McCain on immigration vs. open borders of Obama. 3) shows how pathetic Obama is when it comes to truly taking care of people; on top of no private donations or charity by either Obamas or Bidens ... it's a poor picture and adds to unease about Obama (i.e. he can't close).

Note Obama + Biden are going out of their way to pitch up something big coming out this weekend ... this isn't what they're afraid of. More likely it's something like the Khalidi dinner speech; if there was one copy ... you'd think there would have to be another and there's got to be at least one news person worth a single grain of salt with the ability and determination to get it. C'mon Carl Cameron - you dug up Bush's DUI on Suday evening before the 2000 election ... how about digging in to the LA Times?


She's 56--that's not elderly.

For goddsakes, if she was a Palin, we'd examine her uterus. Get a grip.


Couldn't she hole up in a Sanctuary Church in Boston for, like, three months, until her nephew takes power?


that approach didn't work out so well for me.

Charlie (Colorado)

She's 56--that's not elderly.

Waitaminnit, that's only 3 years older than me.

DEFINITELY not elderly.

Dr. Frederick Frankenstein

Hey Quasimodo, you know, I'm a rather brilliant surgeon. Perhaps I can help you with that hump.


Obama has murdered allot. He uses lucifer to do this. The things went over the shootings at schools and the 'mad' school that Obama probably likes allot. The things keep on saying it's his wife. I'm sure she pains and probably stares through heads, but Obama would probably handle the school killings. Obama is probably a good painer too. The things think their 'culture' is to have the wife do the killing, but Obama works with his luciferian brothers and the church left, so it should be a problem until he finds a new place to hide. He should see a psychiatrist and get protected because luciferians generally do badly as presidents. He's gonna do allot of killing while he's there and he may want more money.


What hump?


New "slippery slope" commercial out.


Well, it definately proves that there are illegal contributions going on to Obama's campaign.


Maybe it's this?

CAMERON: This whole thing sort of turned for Senator McCain when Joe the Plumber caught Barack Obama in his own driveway and Obama said he wanted to spread the wealth around. That created an opportunity for Senator McCain to talk about the redistribution of wealth that he tagged Senator Obama for advocating, including socialism and the idea that it would be taking money from the wealthy and giving it to the poor. Senator Obama has said that he will cut taxes for people making under $200,000 a year. 95% of Americans – the middle class – he says make under $200,000. But in recent weeks, Joe Biden has said maybe it’s 150. Just yesterday, Bill Richardson suggested more like 120. And now comes a five-year old piece of video tape from former Illinois Senator Barack Obama who suggests that at that time – again 5 years ago – that tax cuts are best targeted for people at significantly lower income levels, as low as $80,000.

SEN. BARACK OBAMA: You know the problem was is that they weren't targeted at the short term stimulus of the economy. What we should have done is if we were going to initiate tax cuts, and I'm a strong supporter of tax cuts for working families like the Earned Income Tax Credit, to initiate things like cuts in the Social Security tax, and other taxes that are really burdensome on families that are making 50, 60, 70 thousand dollars a year.

CAMERON: Republican critics, the McCain campaign strategists say that suggests what they have been asserting all along. That Barack Obama is in some way concealing the true nature of his tax and spend proposals and trying to cast them as tax cuts for the middle class, but in fact what he intends to do is raise taxes on the middle class in the middle of a down economy, which Senator McCain has suggested could actually lead to a depression. …


okay, this may be too cute by half, but maybe they hope all the attention will go to Auntie, and the $60K video will be missed?

Charlie (Colorado)

And maybe I should go back to my normal brand.


Talking to the parts man at the implement dealership a little while ago. He has a sister in law that is a teacher in some Affluent school in Northern Illinois around Chicago. Big time lib and Obama supporter. He said he asked her "if all this stuff is so important, then why don't you give up your job and go teach in the inner city schools?" She replies " I can do more good teaching about their plight here." She's supposed to be a science teacher and a basket ball coach.

Charlie (Colorado)

The amusements just keep coming:

According to a website set up by Lynch’s campaign, Wexler is in engaged in campaign-finance schemes that might amount to money laundering. Lynch even claims that the FBI is investigating. A spokesman for the FBI’s Miami field office told National Review Online they had “no comment.”

Ben Graber, an independent Democrat running a serious candidacy against Wexler and Lynch, has filed his own criminal complaint seeking an investigation.

Lynch’s accusations are as follows. Beginning July 23 — the day after Fox broke the news about the Democratic candidate’s questionable residency — and ending July 30, the Wexler campaign amended 25 Federal Election Commission reports going back to 2001. The amendments removed references to “Newbridge Securities” as a corporation from which the campaign had received funds, replacing Newbridge with a variety of different companies.

Several of the new companies, such as Capital Gains Consultants, Inc., were not in business at the time Wexler’s amended FEC report claims the funds were paid, according to documents Lynch provides. On July 25, in the midst of the Wexler campaign’s revisions to its old filings, Newbridge Securities and its owners were brought up on charges by the Securities and Exchange Comission for securities violations.


Obama's GDP/GNP tax disappeared.

Lou Shumaker

Here's the New York Times' look at it.

Charlie (Colorado)

I like this part:

Federal Election Commission records list a Zeituni Onyango on Orton Marotta Way in South Boston as making a series of contributions, totaling $265, to the Obama campaign, with the most recent contribution, $5, made on Sept. 19.

Mr. Obama’s campaign said the money was being refunded. It is illegal for foreign citizens and immigrants without green cards to make political donations. Aides said that the donations came through the normal channels, and that no one at the campaign knew that Ms. Onyango was related to Mr. Obama or of her immigration status. [Emphasis mine.]

So much for the careful downstream checking the Obama Campaign does on these credit card contributions.


Obama's tax. Yes, it taxes everyone, even the poor.


Wonkette via Newsbusters:

Little baby Trig must be so glad he wasn’t aborted for this, his first Halloween, because his parents dressed him up like a political party symbol to be carried around at snarling political events. Aww. Isn’t life just grand?

I thought he was dressed like Obama. The ears were the same size.


I never liked Wonkette.Never understood the appeal of a blog that traded on basically prostitution for book deals and I like it no better now. When I read a report of its post on Trig it struck me that those who say left women who HATE Palin do so largely because she did not abort Trig. When I first heard that I thought it went a bit far. I know think that analysis hit the mark. Sadly.

I am not sure I'd have made the same decision.
I am not sure my husband and I could manage it as well as she has.
But I admire her choice, not detest her for making it.


**struck me that those who say left women who HATE Palin do so largely because she did not abort Trig have a point*****.


I want reporters to ask Axelrod why Auntie hasn't been on the campaign trail for Obama.
The story about the Kenyan family has made it into just about every major speech he's made. Auntie went to his Senate swearing-in, so it isn't like she's a nobody to him. He ditched her when he couldn't use her.

The only reason I can think of that she hasn't been honored by him on the campaign trail is that he knew she was illegal.
That doesn't explain why he took her contributions, of course.


Are the results of Amnesty hearings public? It seems to me they would be.


I doubt anyone's checking those contributions. Really.

It's not worth their time.

Charlie (Colorado)

Clarice, to be fair, Ana Marie was pretty good, and snarked at everyone. These two new kids are just dicks.


Nobody is checking the contributions, I agree clarice.

Perhaps that is one reason they continue to try to raise money. They are spending it awfully quickly, and they may end up having to give tens of millions back.

James Taranto

The Times of London is a tabloid, see http://www.dexigner.com/graphic/news-g3004.html


This is the sort of thing that irks me to no end.

Barack Obama did not know a relative was living in the United States illegally for the past nearly four years prior to today's Associated Press report, "but obviously believes that any and all appropriate laws be followed," the campaign said Saturday in a statement.

The Democratic nominee last heard from Zeituni Onyango, who attended his swearing-in ceremony to the U.S. Senate in 2005 and is a half-sister of Obama's late father, two years ago, when she called to say she was in Boston, the campaign said. Campaign officials said they did not assist her in getting a tourist visa and had not known that she was living in America.

News of Onyango's legal status, which the AP confirmed through sources, including a federal law enforcement official, provided an unwelcome diversion for the Obama campaign during its final push toward Election Day and stoked suspicions among supporters of a political motive behind the timing of the leak.

“The American people are pretty sensible,” said Obama chief strategist David Axelrod, “and I think they are pretty suspicious of things that are dumped in the marketplace 72 hours before a campaign, so I am not concerned about that.”

Wait - what? How is it a dirty trick to report the facts? If it puts his candidate in a bad light, who's damn light is it if not the one of the candidate's own making?

Axelrod's statement makes sense if a rumor was flying (like, oh say, Trig isn't really Sarah's) but this is damn facts that are, to put it mildly, inconvenient for our messiah.

And the press quotes it approvingly.

And we're supposed to think that journalists are smart.

Damn I need my own show. I'd skewer two thirds of the guys that come on with the facts that I know, because I'd call them on their bullshit answers every time.


TM -- political hack -- asking the important questions -- "Who is Obama?". 2 years in the national spot light, 2 auto-biographies -- and wingnuttia accusing of him being a communist, islamo-fascist, terrorist, atheist, socialist, marxist. And TM Still doesn't know who Obama is? Seriously -- HACK! Your boy Bush did a great job the past 8 years -- PLEASE bet against obama on intrade. Conservo-hacks need to start putting their money where their mouths are.


Drudge: Gallup has it at 52-42. Intrade has Obama's shot at victory 84%. 538.com has it at 96%. You guys are going to lose because America is sick of the bullshit.


via Protein Wisdom: LUN

My guess - not because I have any reason to believe that this specifically is what happened, but just because every other explanation I can think of strikes me as less probable - is that Obama, as a young black radical with SDS credentials and obvious talent and potential, found it relatively trivial to earn quick admission to the inner circle, spent two years as a gofer, intern, catamite, or what have you for the Ayers crime family, and was rewarded by the gift of a Columbia degree and a ticket to Harvard Law.

Did Bill Ayers have connections in the administrative staff at Columbia? It would be remarkable if he didn’t. Folks, the Movement was the center of the universe in 1968. If you were one of the top hundred people in it, let alone Bill Ayers, you were the giant glowing sun in the core of your social galaxy. You were a stud beyond studs. You had friends everywhere.

And would someone who blows up police stations blanch at planting a file? Honestly, can we even be confident that the staff at Columbia looked at the file? Who are they, and how do we know them? Again: why do we believe that Barack Obama attended classes at Columbia?

Interesting perspective well worth the read. I confess to wondering if this were the case as well.


jor, if you had been paying attention you'd know that Obama is hiding great swaths of his past and much of his beliefs. Why did he hang with Wright, Ayers, and Rezko if he's a 'hope and change' moderate? He is a thug, and a pretty transparent one, despite his dodging and ducking. The populace is outraged that he is cheating and buying his way to the Presidency, which he won't get because the MSM and the polls are lying and cheating, too.



Drudge: Gallup has it at 52-42. Intrade has Obama's shot at victory 84%. 538.com has it at 96%. You guys are going to lose because America is sick of the bullshit.
Be sure you write this down. That way you can read it back to yourself, over and over again, after McCain wins.

Captain Hate

But I admire her choice, not detest her for making it.

But, but, but when we say we're for choice, we want it to only be the choice we approve of, doncha know.


James (hi!) the Tabloid version will be easier to read when you're biking to work to avoid the onerous taxes on driving in London--and then, too, it'll fit better into your dustbin allotment.


What is that poll supposed to say to us?
Do poll numbers change your opinion of something you otherwise don't like?
Were you for the Iraq war when it had majority approval?


kim -- instead of reading tin-foil hat conspiracies -- maybe you ought to take a day and read Obama's first auto-biography.


The Democratic nominee last heard from Zeituni Onyango, who...is a half-sister of Obama's late father, two years ago, when she called to say she was in Boston
That's his defense.

On: Barry? Hello! It's Auntie Zeituni!
Ob: Who?
On: Auntie Zeituni! You remember - from that nice book Mr William wrote about you!
Ob: I haven't...um...he didn't write that. William who? I mean...what do you want?
On: Guess what? I'm in Boston!
On: Yes, isn't it
On: -Barry? I thought if it wasn't too much trouble I could take the bus to Washington and visit you.
On: Barry?


ooops--I see the date--it went tabloid a few years ago--still the advantages remain the same.

Barrys Hor

"America is sick of the bullshit."

You know, the bullshit of believing the citizens can decide how to spend their money better than the government can or the bullshit of protecting us from terrorists. Yep, that bullshit.


Jor, I don't believe a word of it. This is a flim-flam man, with a made up resume, and still it is thin.


I don't see any reason to believe her Amnesty hearing would not have created a public record, do you?
Certainly nobody had to illegally obtain her case records.


Kim -- the auto-biography doesn't really talk about his accomplishments -- maybe you ought to read it.



kim -- instead of reading tin-foil hat conspiracies -- maybe you ought to take a day and read Obama's first auto-biography.
Yeah, like you've actually read it....

Would you like to discuss his predeliction for hanging out with Markist professors? Or his claim to have lead a "life like a monk" while being deeply involved in the anti-apartheid movement at the same time that William Ayers was, in the same town, during the time when the Weather Underground was killing and maiming police officers, robbing banks and bombing offices, all of which Barry knew absolutely nothing about of course.


Yeah, jor, so tell me about how his step-father treated him, and Frank Davis, and tell me about his trip to Pakistan. You've swallowed a bunch of transparent Madison Avenue hype hook, line, and sinker. This is a bad man, as can be seen by the racism and sexism and other hypocrisy of his life and campaign. And you are a fool to believe it and him.


sorry. I mean asylum hearing, of course.


You know, no matter who wins, we really can't call leftists "liberals" anymore. It's just not an accurate label. They've had to hide their true intentions for a while now, but they're gaining the confidence to let their slips slow these days, and it's just a simple fact that their intentions are anything but liberal. Their candidate doesn't really believe in the Constitution, and he's stated as much. In fact, I'm not sure there is anything resembling support for "liberty" in their thinking at all, except maybe as it relates to sex or abortion. They're for speech codes, against gun rights, for confiscation and redistribution of wealth. Their luminaries have called for nationalization of the oil industry, and there's no reason to believe it would stop there.

If JFK were alive today, he'd be far to the right of McCain. Talk about a pendulum swing.

Jim Ryan

The resume and the 47 years are vacant of substance. The policies are old lefty crap that's crippled many an economy.

But the autobiography, oh, YES! And the oratory!! When I hear him come on the TV or radio I close my eyes and just let the endorphins flow. (Yes! Our time is now! This is the moment!) When I read his biography last spring and again in September, I was on cloud 9 for a week. He's going to change this whole nation. Obama is amazing.

Sometimes I touch myself when I think about him.


And please explain to me why an institution of a free press is hiding a revelatory tape about him?


What are the odds that this woman votes tomorrow?


kim- because it isn't important stuff, like divorce records are.

I don't see how anybody can reconcile those two LAT actions: hide a tape of a party vs. fight to unseal divorce records.
It is astounding.


HEH -- the moron palin got prank called by some DJ's pretending to be the president of France -- its freaking hilarious. They ask her about her docummentery "Nailin Pailin"

Palin Prank Call


Obama's dad got him into Harvard. Obama spies for CIA and his brothers do too. He worked with Ayers as an informant and Ayers secretly works for the government. Obama is a secret Harvard spy and has saved the world from all the wars.


Sometimes I touch myself when I think about him.

He does have quite the well-cut jib, Jim.


NRO campaign spot (I think Obi-Wan Kenobi is Rove):
"It’s amusing some of your readers get upset because you run items suggesting the race isn’t over. The point is that the mainstream media should be raising these questions not just Campaign Spot. The fact that some Pennsylvania polls are showing the state in play or that Obama went to Iowa now should be talked about. The fact that the numbers now show what you’ve been speculating about, that the absentee and early voting is following the pattern we have seen in recent elections and not the big advantage previously predicted for Obama voters — that’s more than a little interesting. It’s interesting too because the McCain campaign is probably actually driving up democratic and independent voter turnout numbers in some places because they have targeted pro-McCain voters within those groups.

About the polling, a couple of things need wider mention. Obama doubled down after the banking and stock crisis hit – he went from spending $20 million a week to $40 million a week. Now that has tapered off. So how much have the pollsters been measuring “bounce” from all that spending?

Another question: Can a polling environment be considered normal in which the worst economic trauma since the Depression has occurred? You can sure make a case for that nightmare scenario, that the public is furious and unforgiving and going to blame Bush and the GOP for the economic crisis. You can also argue the public does more on Election Day than vote its mood. You don’t hear pollsters even raising this question; they just point that McCain came from a pretty commanding position in early September to way behind.

You’re right to advise caution about Zogby. No other pollster seems to have picked up on that trend last night and the cynical view is that Zogby was maneuvering for a one-day headline. But the way he described the McCain one-night victory had enough detail to sound like he actually thought something was happening. Remember, he picked up the late trends in 2000 and 2004 before others. And the McCain campaign is correct when it claims the voting this year has been controlled by “late-breakers.” So we will see. Zogby is Zogby. Always entertaining.

But watch Rasmussen too. He had the campaign right in 2000 with a big Bush lead until the last week. And then he just failed to see how much the DUI was changed the voting and he was way off in the popular vote. If McCain starts to pick up the undecideds, will he adjust this year?

Except for Zogby last night, McCain hasn’t led in a poll since the last week in September and anybody who starts predicting a McCain victory in the face of that record is more than a little sporting.

But saying the race is over strikes me as just as emotional and un-thoughtful. I’m a real skeptic about huge turnout predictions but the interest levels this year really do show an unprecedented level of interest, perhaps as many as 25 million new voters. And here’s the point—those interest levels are up among McCain-leaning groups too. Are the media and the Obama blitz motivating the conservative base too? These aren’t questions aren’t being raised and they should be. The media was so surprised that Bush won in 2004 because the conservative turnout was higher. What’s going on with it this year?

With so much at stake I hate to sound clinical, but this election is a classic. When it’s over we are going to know a lot more about politics and culture in 21st century America. And Zogby."

http://campaignspot.nationalreview.com/post/?q=ZDQxY2Y0ZWIyYjMzNTI3Mjk1ZWZiNjJkNzgzNmNhYTY=>Nobody much knows


That's pretty funny, Jor. Now imagine if Obama had gotten that call. Or Biden. Canada wouldn't be invited on the plane anymore.

Sister Jane Plumber

What are the odds that this woman votes tomorrow?

Well I suspect she will wait til Tuesday since we don't have early voting in MA - and no ID required.

My quess is Deval Patrick or Diane Wilkerson will drive her to the polls.


You can sure make a case for that nightmare scenario, that the public is furious and unforgiving and going to blame Bush and the GOP for the economic crisis.

McCain should have called for resignations from Dodd and Frank. That would have crystalized in the minds of the public the idea that Democrats were culpable in the mortgage fiasco.


Joe the Biden, that's good. Now, on the Importance of being Ernest. The mood of the McCain backers is almost 180 degrees different than that of Obama's. John's are aroused, Barack's are amused. Fateful, that.


Kim -- something tells me anyone with half a brain would have caught on it was a prank when they said "I enjoyed the docummentary on your life -- Hustler's Nailin Palin". Now sure, she might not know who the PM of canada is or think its ok for the French President to tell her his wife is hot in bed. But come on "Hustler's Nailin Palin".

Jim Ryan

Please, kim, please let her be an idiot! Please! It has that truthiness! Please make her governance of Alaska go away!


I imagine she was more dumbfounded by Couric's remarks. This is a woman with a sense of humour, you know. That sort is easily pw3ned. It is a measure of the culture divide that the left thinks this might be a mark against her. Those two may end up as influential as Joe the Plumber.

{Oh, kim, that was unnecessarily hyperbolic, but I like the attitude.}

Now, do you get it?

"I enjoyed the docummentary on your life -- Hustler's Nailin Palin".

It seems to me she just didn't know what to say. Her response wasn't very natural.
It was not her default assumption that she was being punked. That doesn't make her an idiot.


Alright, since you probably don't get it, the trick in this day and age is to get through it without decompensating and making a fool of yourself. Pretty good job on the 3:00 AM call, there. That's one cool hot babe, there.


All I know is that in my little corner of the U.S. most of the people (women, mostly) who were quite enthusiastic about an Obama presidency a month ago are not so enthusiastic right now. Although they will not admit it to me, I am certain that they will not be voting for O! in the privacy of the voting booth.


I haven't heard it yet, but I'm guessing she was failing to understand what they were saying. It did not compute, not because she was dumb, but because they were. It is in fact, revelatory, and to her credit.

And funny.


Actually, the joke to those wackos from Montreal is that she didn't know the French phrase for putting lipstick on a pig..Neither does Mr. Bon Jour Obama. In the etats unis we don't give a carp whether you speak French or not.


Bingo, Clarice, and I'm a Francophile. I'll be fascinated to hear the tape, but it sounds like grace on Saturday Night Live. I may watch for McCain tonight, and I avoid the Boob Tube. I did watch the last debate now, and still marvel over "Senator Government". Like he had Joe in his heart, speaking.


Obama was an abandoned baby who was adopted by his mom and dad who got him flown to the US by Mrs. Kennedy who got him into Harvard like his dad where he began to serve America as a CIA agent and worked domestically, until he began to fight in the drug war and, later, had to work in Kenya because of the dem plans to ruin the vote with McCains vote counting company.


Right Lori, the McMentum has shifted, like cargo, and Obama's sliding into the ditch.


No, sao, it was the next flight that the Kennedys helped.


"she's an elderly lady who probably doesn't have much of a clue"

Not that elderly!


You see, sao, even kim doesn't know much about what you say, but when kim can fact check you, there are holes.

Jim Ryan

I read the AP report. The crank call will only boost Palin's approval ratings by a point or two. The good will laugh with her. The mean will laugh at her.

In America, when you're a decent and accomplished person, getting a gag played on you endears you to us, including loads of soft O voters. Only O base will grind their teeth. Like they have been doing in their sleep since 2000.


You get it, Jim, and so did clarice and MayBee. Aroused/Amused. Thank you for playing, jor.

Under the bus she goes

Most people are going to feel sympathy for her, so any attacks against her are going to backfire. However, BHO is another matter. He should be required to provide more details on what he knew about this; he must have wondered what her status was when she called in 2006. Note also that she was an illegal alien when she attended his swearing-in in 2005; details at my name's link.

Overall, this issue raises two questions: did he lie about this? And, what else isn't he telling us about?

If you don't want to discuss this story, let me suggest sending my list of 20 non-partisan reasons to oppose BHO to all the undecideds you know. I think it's quite compelling, but feel free to send them revised versions.


Jor wants us to read the book where Obama admits he sought out radicals and Marxists. Not sure why he wants us to read it since it is so obvious Obama is neither.


What does Auntie know about Hobama?


It did seem odd that the Times UK had the story and no American paper had. Perhaps someone angered that the press here was so incurious, leaked it to a British paper figuring it wouldn''t be so easy to trace it back to him.

Just saying--
In a way it reminds me of the fake website in the Foley make believe scandal.


He still won't release his long form birth certificate. He has a problem. He is mad and you don't understand the election is about you, not me.........

Let's build shit!!!

Store for depression.


This just shows how principled Obama is. Despite the fact that his aunt could face deportation if the comprehensive immigration bill died, he voted his, uh, conscience on the poison pill amendments.



A Democratic lawmaker on Saturday asked Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to investigate a leak to reporters regarding the immigration status of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's aunt, suggesting the Bush administration may have been behind it.

The anatomy of a bad leak...


How can you take a poison pill against something the law orders you to do, then has Congress follow through so that the logic of what was done makes sense? The Dems and Obama just took over your bank........




This is the second time you have poste,"a href="http://justoneminute.typepad.com/main/2008/11/did-you-read-it.html#comment-137320117"> this puerile,illiterate balddedash, if you are going to spam,get remedial English lessons.


He ordered a special thing like Plame for the other leak.


I don't think that's how it went down, bad. I think it was someone in ICE on his own, pissed off because the Adm refused to allow deportation to take place before the election without specific approval from on high.
In other words, the Admin did not want this to look like a retaliatory act and someone inside ICE say it as turf invading and leaked it..


Now, explain to me why this is a leak? This was a judgment. Isn't that public record? Or was it sealed because it was an asylum case?

Also, doesn't anyone suspect she might have appealed to Obama, and he shut her down? Now that would be a story. I find it very interesting that she herself says she can't talk until after the Fourth.


I think it was a public record but who'd think to look without a tip off. Of course, it could have been someone with a grudge against her, too, couldn't it? If it were a fellow Kenyan that might explain the UK tie.


Obama's GDP/GNP tax disappeared.

So has the whole "Equal pay for equal work" shtick.


"the auto-biography doesn't really talk about his accomplishments "

Nothing is said about his accomplishments because he has NONE. Not a single one has ever been revealed. It's truly amazing. The best kept secret in the world today is why any American would vote for a man who has accomplished nothing.


"kim -- instead of reading tin-foil hat conspiracies -- maybe you ought to take a day and read Obama's first auto-biography."

Is it as good as Busby Berkeley's "Mein Kampf".

When you grow up you will learn to be skeptical of people who write the script to their lives before they have lived it.


If Obama's two brother's are on the CIA payroll like Obama, ,then she may have special reasons for being allowed to stay, without any kind of record allowing it legally, since it's not enforced anyway. Now that there has been a leak, she will get special status as a green card because of Obama's CIA shit and everyone will say it's the election and he's president, but we just will never understand that it was Obama and his family saving America from retaliation.

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