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November 29, 2008



Ooh! First!

Mornin' all!


The planet thinks it's Clinton. Obama will be worse after he pays out to his Congressmen and Universities.

Get shit made to sell to the things.


All birth certificate, all the time. Mitchell Langbert's blog has links to 'Count us Out' and 'Steady Hands' detailing the upsurge in effort to get Obama to show his birth certificate and/or get the Supreme Court to look at this case.


One of the points being made by Judah Benjamin at TexasDarlin' is that it is not so much the birth certificate as it is the dual citizenship of British Colonial and American. He claims that John McCain, Bill Richardson, and George Romney were also ineligible. It's a tome over there, so be prepared to have your eyes glaze over.


"What we have here is a failure to communicate". No, that's not right, all the lies, and slander, were perfectly communicated to one side, all the obfuscation, worthy of a squid, was in place. I don't think the birth certificate schemes hold much ice, but certainly the extent of ACORN's involvement, the extent of the credit card and other irregularities
need to be focused on. By who, I don't know, Fitz, the Porshikov of the right, has certainly taken his time, with the Chicago machine. The cosmic level of fraud and chicanery perpetrated by Country wide Fannie & Freddie, the Sandlers, deserves an accounting. Who has the courage to lance that boil. We are supposed to applaud some nominees that were not as vile as we first assumed. As if Nixon's nomnnation of Kissinger was supposed to make up for the Plumbers.

Meanwhile, on the left/progressive side, the steamroller is moving toward Sarah, the likes of sites like OIHACOSP, which believes
their weeks and monthes old propaganda, and keeps a handy link to the craziest rumors, never updating with facts, linking to sites like Mudflats, an idiosyncratic fellow who's enthused about Hugo Chavez's home heating oil give away, when there's no food in the stores in Venezuela, and screaming about the latest 'ethics complaint' about Sarah and Palis Colburg? (the successor to Gregg Rentz as Atty Gen) They know full well she's our proxy to this three ring circus, even if some of the best GOP minds
'driven mad' in the time of Obama, aren't
clear about it. The ovens will only get hotter with the upcoming Chambliss race, the meeting in Philadelphia, et al.


The ACORN lists are so aggregious. Often times the fraud is not found out till after the election, and, like we found with McCaskill, nothing will be done because the courts don't want to overturn the "will of the people" even if it was fake votes that caused the win and overturned the "will of the people" in the first place.

The Obama birth certificate is truly a minefield. If he isn't eligible, then he should be disqualified and not sworn in. It's really that simple. Justice Roberts has to swear him in. I would think that he would, at least, want to make sure he was swearing in a legitimate candidate. What is possible as troubling to me is that Obama presumably traveled to Pakistan on an Indonesian passport. Indonesia does not allow dual citizenship, as far as I can tell. So, if Obama renounced his U.S. citiznship for Indonesia, does he retain his natural born status, if he even had it? The non-interest in these questions is truly mind-boggling.

As has been said before, our country is a country of laws(too many at this point by my reckoning) but, if the elite are allowed to ignore the laws at their whim, up to, and including, the very first laws-the constitution, then is Anarchy and lawlessness that far behind?

By Golly, that is one attrocious run on sentence, but I'm gonna let it stand.


Rick Ballard

OPEC Liars and Thieves Club Stalemates

Remember - it was an "emergency meeting" to address various thugs' (Iran and Venezuela) going broke due to revenue loss. Looks like they hit a "you first, Achmed" snag as to who would give up production.

This is almost as humorous as the general panic in the great brothels lining Wall and Broad Streets.

I would note that the absence of 'snap reports' on Black Friday sales results indicates that the consumer strike occasioned by the election of a commie proceeds apace. My bet is around a -6% reduction in sales. Just enough to polish off some upscale retailers dependent upon bonuses paid to Goldman-Sachs hookers and their ilk for their existence.

Barney Frank

Looks like they hit a "you first, Achmed" snag as to who would give up production

Rick, there is nothing new under the sun.
It is just as certain that OPEC can never maintain its quotas, especially when prices are declining, as it is that the Dems and MSM will never thank Big Oil for declining prices after demonizing them for rising ones.

JM Hanes

Mornin' all. Happy post-Thanks weekend! In case you missed it, Don Suber has the text of Obama's Thanksgiving message -- in which the president-elect reviews his stump speech for the folks who might make the mistake of simply being grateful for their blessings. It's bad out there people, but Obama will lead us out if the wilderness with an AbFab Economic Recovery Plan, being crafted, as we speak, by the Bold New Economic Recovery Team he has put together. Since Michelle is apparently busy (fittings for the Honeymoon Wardrobe!), Obama reminds us that he'll make sure we don't just spread our time and resources around on holidays.

When your life has been a permanent campaign, the "transition" from electioneering to governance can't be easy. Does anyone else think Obama seems tired and decidedly uninspiring lately? You're not in Kansas Chicago any more O! there are forks in the yellow brick road!


We just took a long walk around the dam and saw Obama penguins walking on water. (Rick thought they were geese) but they were indeed walking on water.

It has begun.

Soylent Red

Yeah JMH...

Fours years of having to actually do the job he ran for might fork his work on his historic re-election.

Then again, four years from now, we might all be forked.



Obama isn't eligible, but is elected to Congress, so it's okay.

His Power is back and Georgia wants more cash.

Since Friday, everything changed. It's Obama? Men in the desert are shooting each other over toys. Walmart workers are being trampled to death over deals. Security guards jump ship to avoid pirates. Oil is below 60 and going lower.

The world has figured out what's going to happen and they're getting prepared for the attack of the luciferians. No, they won't send the mars people like they did with Clinton.

It's the underworld over lord.


Thanksgiving Day did feel a little empty this year. Next year's Thanksgiving will be better because I'll be able to set our table with my Barack Obama Victory plates.


Yeah, I've seen that Obama Plate commercial on TV. I almost gag at the part of the spiel that extols "... his confident smile; his kind eyes."

And then at the end with the children flanking a pair of plates gazing adoringly at them ... urp.


I also notice in my spam offscourings a significant number of "Obama commemorative XYZ" messages. (Coins, plates, etc.)

All praise he.


I'm still trying to figure out the penguin phenomenon that Jane posted about.


Actually, we've all been told what the solution is:

"Al-Qaeda top dog to U.S.: Avoid financial meltdown by converting to Islam"


Al-Qaeda does not need to wait till the 21st of Jan to get my Answer.

I can give it to them today. NEVER will I convert.


" his confident smile; his kind eyes."

Actually, I think one can get the same plates showing Castro, or Chavez or Saddam.


I'm still trying to figure out the penguin phenomenon that Jane posted about.


It's just one of those things we should smile and accept. A new day has come.


His kind eyes. Change has come. Like, does he stare through heads and that's what came or is he using someone staring through his? Do we need to stare at movies in dolby sound so we don't see his life?

Those plates are popular overseas. Kennedy had allot of them. It's usually better to say nice things and smile at the locals..........

Soylent Red

I'm ecstatic at the idea of the kind eyes of the chosen one beaming up at me from beneath my gruel and potato.

I think it will be inspirational.


And let's not forget this 2009 calendar.

Title: "Words of Hope and Inspiration"

I kid you not.


Wrotnowski's application, turned down by Ginsburg, is now going to Scalia.


Bombay attack ends:

"Nine were killed and one was captured," Maharshta state Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh told reporters. "We are interrogating him." Another official said the captured attacker is Pakistani and the gunmen were constantly in touch with a foreign country.

I sure do hope that the Indian authorities are treating the captured gunman respectfully, and aren't engaging in anything harsh, like slapping his stomach, making him stand for hours, or forcing him to listen to loud music. After all, if they are inconsiderate of his feelings, might future attacks by his friends be worse?

Rick Ballard

"My bet is around a -6% reduction in sales."

I really need to give up predictions - initial reports are that sales came in at +3%. That would be close to exactly in line with the amount that wage income has increased over the year. (Personal income is up 3.63% while wage income is up 3.05%, according to BEA reports). Penney's refusal to provide results seems a little strange in view of that initial figure.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

This was a surprise to me. I knew about Berg, but FOUR, that was a big surprise.

Yesterday the fourth law suit, challenging Obama’s citizenship and Natural Born status reached the Supreme Court:

1. Philip J Berg, PA An answer from Barack Obama is due by Dec.1
2. Leo C. Donofrio, NJ The case is scheduled for conference by all 9 judges on Dec 5
3.Chris Strunck, NY filed with SCOTUS last week
4. Cort Wrotnowski, CT (second case) filed yesterday.
many more to come…



I know what Berg's is about. Are the rest of them the same issue framed differently?


beaming up at me from beneath my gruel and potato.
Ooooh, Mr Big Shot gets a potato. Looks like somebody's well on his way to being reeducated.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

I know what Berg's is about. Are the rest of them the same issue framed differently?

Jane: I'm not exactly sure. My original link was from Bar of Integrity which includes what I posted above plus this:

As explained earlier, Hawaii allows one to obtain a Certification of Hawaiian Live Birth based on a statement of one relative only. It means,that while Obama was born in Kenya, his grandma or grandpa could’ve simply gone to the Health Department in HI and stated that he was born in Hi and would’ve obtained a valid birth certificate. Additionally, Hi statue 338.176 allows residents of HI to register in Hi birth of their children, that were actually born in other states or other foreign countries. This statue is based on previous statues, going back to 1911, when Hi citizens worked abroad and wanted to preserve Hi citizenship for their children.

There is no corroborating evidence, no birthing records from any hospital in Hi, on the other hand there are affidavits and statements from Obama’s paternal grandmother Sarah Obama, his half brother and half sister and even ambassador of Kenya His Excellency Ogengo, stating that Mr. Obama was born in Kenya.

It is new information to me that Hawaii is so lax in what it allows as far as registering a birth. I'm not sure how the SC will look at any of this. Any guess?

Rick Ballard

The "plate" is the tipoff that it's a scam. True believers have the image branded on cupped hands as a sign of adoration and preparation to receive great bounty.

I'm going for stickers that will both permanently adhere to wet porcelain and not be affected by those little round bars of soap that burn your hands. I think there will be a great market for the product.


I have no clue Sara. I can't imagine that this is really an issue - particularly since it has gotten so far. Just imagine the hubris of running for president knowing you don't pass constitutional muster. It's beyond Manchurian.

Plus I think he would be more nervous if there was a risk. Maybe we just don't see it.


The beauty of the scheme is that, at every step up the ladder, everyone assumes that Obama must be valid or he wouldn't have passed the previous step. Nobody ever really checks because that would be embarrassing.

I know that this whole birth certificate thing is generally considered crazy and conspiratorial, et cetera, but, for the love of God, if there's no problem, why wouldn't Obama show the damned thing?

There's also the matter of maybe the birth certificate doesn't mean anything anyway, if certificates were truly that easy to get. But I still don't understand why Obama wouldn't release what he has unless it has some pretty harmful details on it. Maybe under religion it says Luciferian?


So, whatever happened to the dude that went to Kenya, got thrown in a Kenyan prison(I'm sure that was just swell) and said he had the goods on Obama, but never delivered? Did that get rolled up into one of these lawsuits or something?


Man beats attacker with giant candy cane.............

Jdimytai Damour, 34, of Queens, N.Y., was identified by police as the temporary Walmart employee trampled on............400.00 flat screen TV............

Obama is going to receive great bounty...........like start collecting now?

Obama isn't nervous and everything is fine. What is Obama?

The only other excuse Obama could have with the birth certificate is an adoption. Natives do adopt.


What many of the blogs are concluding now is that Obama was not fathered by Sr and he did not find out until after his mother passed and he got his first view of the real birth certificate he mentions in his book.

Photo comparisons show he looks a lot closer to his mentor Davis, which would explain the gramps allowing the mentor relationship.

Obama does not have the high pronounced cheekbone structure of all the other members of Sr's clan both male and female.

He was born at a time when inter racial marriage was still illegal in a lot of states.

If Davis is the father,who was married at the time, and Sr just acted as a stand in to prevent scandal Obama would not know until he was well established in the Kenya dad story line since he was running for office when his mother passed.

By then it would have been very difficult to reveal a different dad per the birth paperwork.

The Hawaii or Kenya thing is hard to say but the trip to Kenya and possible birth may have been partially to cover the real dad issue.



Hawaiian laws have over half a dozen reasons a COLB may be legally altered after initial composition.

There are even out of state birth provisions.

I used to do liaison with the office that issues that paperwork and have dealt with over 300 cases over the years I was stationed there.

There are many many ways you can have a child born out of the country and still get a birth certificate and then a COLB from Hawaii.

There are other issues about his COLB but I won't list them all.

A modified under the law COLB has no code on it to indicate which , if any , of the legally allowed modifications have been done.

Barney Frank

Ooooh, Mr Big Shot gets a potato.


Sara (Pal2Pal)

Pofarmer: The last I heard was that he made it out and was in England. That was a while back and I didn't keep up after reading that much. But, I think he was bringing back the affidavits from the Kenyan relatives and ambassador, so if those are part of the suits, then I assume he made it home with them to the U.S. Notice all the assumptions. I really don't know.

glenda waggoner

Sara-Was that Jerome Corsi? I think he has been debunked in an exorcism (he's loony), but it still begs for an answer. I cannot register my grandson for anything without a birth cert/ you cannot get a passport without one..hey, I wonder if the peeps who looked in on Obama's passport records that got fired know something? Like you say, it's all speculation.
Too bad, baba wawa didn't ask him any tough questions in her interview last week--I sometimes think if he was walking around with a severed head and a bloody knife, the press would just ask "who's your buddy"?

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Corsi has been treated with lots of disrespect on both sides because he was considered a Truther about 9/11. However, it is my understanding that there are videos and legal affidavits and whether or not Corsi is or is not debunked seems inconsequential. If there is no there there, then produce the damn certificate or call your Kenyan Grandmother and half siblings liars and produce irrefutable proof to that fact. I just do not get why Obama has allowed this controversy to go on so long if he has the goods to disprove the claim of ineligibility.

The media, the left and a good many on the right have allowed Obama to play his game of hide and seek. I'm hoping the Supreme Court Justices are not so keen on playing games.


The COLB was leaked to Kos right after the passport breach.

It was believed to be as part of preventative damage control in case something leaked of the passport data.

When no passport related stuff leaked the Obama campaign had already put their image in the fact check zone.

After that it was a matter of not being able to unring the bell and the fisking started.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Easiest explanation of Obama's screw the rich plan I've read. Go have a good laugh.

Barack Obama Springs a Leak


Here's a story of political correctness gone amok.

"Recently a BBC announcer was sacked/fired for requesting a "non Asian taxi driver" to transport her young unaccompanied 14 year old daughter. (Out of concern for her daughter's fears/mental well being & safety)

Of course, the "racist" club was trotted out by the mainstream media and others to verbally bludgeon Sam Mason for having the audacity to demand an "English driver". But was Sam Mason really exposing her racism or was she reacting, as any mother would, to the facts that there is a ongoing epidemic of muslim taxi driver rapes in the UK? (Note: the media prefers the more vague term "Asian")

Link from Atlas Shrugs, LUN


Jerome Corsi, thanks. Yes, I think he's back in the U.S. He was supposed to be on Hannity but I don't think ever did the interview.


I see elsewhere that the 'Lovely Larwyn' is agitating about the censorship of the Tulsa Today article written by Joan Swirtz about the birth certificate mess.


I'm not sure of this but I think Berg's case includes Corsi's information.


These wind and water power schemes all appeal to the desire to get something for nothing. Granted, there is a lot of power in the wind, and only a very small part is taken out by any energy harvesting scheme, but once significant amount of energy are being derived from them there will be inevitable microclimate changes. All people downwind will be damaged. The cure? At least the value of the energy removed from the system.

Didn't your Daddy ever tell you there is no such thing as a free lunch?


Whoops, wrong thread on that one. Oh well, you get the message.


Kim, I'm having trouble finding the article you cited on Tulsa Today and Larwyn. Can you give me one more clue?

I did find this thru Google.

"Monday morning Tulsa Today posted an analysis by veteran New York journalist and the recipient of seven Long Island Press Awards, Joan Swirsky, titled, “The Great Birth Certificate Scandal/Cover-Up of ‘08” questioning the missing Barack Obama birth certificate and his eligibility to serve as President of the United States. ImageTwo hours and 10,000 page views later, our local Internet Service Provider and domain hosting service, Tulsa Connect locked us off the Internet."

Note this sentence:

". One reader wrote most concisely, “Obama has spent over $800,000 and several months fighting to avoid presenting a $10 copy of a long-form birth certificate” begging the ultimate question, why?"

Who, in his right mind would spend $800,000, and the figure is probably well over that today, to avoid showing a document that most Americans have to show a good many times in their lives?

I think the fact that we have seen the willingness of Obama to fight showing the birth certificate to this extent should be enough to disqualify him to hold any American office.


Well, it looks like I missed my guess on the Israelis bombing Iran today. I wonder when they will. Time is running out.


You've got the essence of it right there, pagar. Larwyn is hot on the story, apparently. I think I read it deep in the comments on Judah Benjamin's article at TexasDarlin', but I'll go look for it.

Joan Swirsky is the one clarice sneered at a few weeks ago about a poorly documented article, but I think in general she's reliable. clarice was right on that one.


Nope, pagar, it is in comment #16 by Laurila in the BC thread at HillBuzz. It's really no more than what you have above.

Combine the money and effort Obama has spent on concealing his origins, with the censorship of Pam Geller and Joan Swirtz and my spiders are all dancing up and down in the breeze. An ill wind is blowing, maybe us some good.


Laurila hat-tipped Larwyn.


The critical point about Tulsa Today is that this was an instance of the issue rising into mainstream media, even if only on a webpage. It got squelched. Pam Geller's 'Atlas Shrugs' is a blog, but a widely read one, and she may have been the target of google censorship.

I really don't like acting even more paranoid than I am, but Eric Schmidt, google entrepreneur, is seeking a position withing the Obama administration.

Soylent Red

Well, it looks like I missed my guess on the Israelis bombing Iran today.


New moon on Dec. 27. Only low light period after the holiday, but before the swearing in.

I'll bet you a five-spot while I brush up on my Farsi.


Pam Geller's 'Atlas Shrugs' is a blog, but a widely read one, and she may have been the target of google censorship

There was a troll baiting commenters at GatewayPundit in much the same way they did at Atlas Shrugs, as well.

If there's something wrong with Obama's credentials, and he knowingly provoked a constitutional crisis, the dude is one despicable human being.


Well, we know he is despicable. Reason backwards. This man has not identified himself in the most fundamental way possible, one which most of us have had to do for routine matters.

I expect the Supreme Court to discharge their holy duty.


You know, Soylent, I assumed it would be a daytime raid. Isn't it around new moon now? I think ratification of the Status of Forces agreement will prevent us from helping with tankers and air control, and that is pending. Late December may be too late.

Bush may want to go out with a bang. Saving Israel is a big bang.

Soylent Red

New moons for the area were 27NOV and 27DEC if I'm reading my tables correctly. I don't know the air defense systems well enough to know whether a day raid would be feasible. I believe Osirak was a night raid, and I know the Israelis have pretty good night fighting capability.

As for timing, I can't see an Israeli strike prior to Christmas because they know it would be difficult to maintain security inside the country and opsec, with all those Nativity tourists and so forth. Plus it would be a public relations nightmare during the biggest holiday season for their one and only friend in the UN.

My original guess was during Ramadan, so I could be way off base on this one too. Maybe narciso will rub his Magic 8-ball. I'd be curious to see what he thought.


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