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November 03, 2008



Thanks AB. I do know it by heart, but after reading the NIV version, I got confused. haha.


Hobama had been ordered by Ayers to sound masculine.

I can well believe it. Reminds me of the primaries when all the beta male lefty bloggers loved to throw around sportsy masculine-sounding terms like "clinch."


Soaring reminds me of DoT. We miss ya...


CC - the other book I use had verses about dealing with anger. I didn't find that so inspiring - anger is a great motivational force for me. "Success is the best revenge" and all that.


"Hobama had been ordered by Ayers to sound masculine."

"Ah,Barry lad,it be your turn in the barrel"."Them's as dies'll be the lucky ones".

Amused bystander

Sunny: NP. (I just looked it up on line anyway)


Woot! Woot! My youngest voted McCain. She wouldn't tell me until after the vote. The oldest and her husband voted Obama. DFW area of Texas. Short lines. Only McCain signs anywhere around.


Me, too, bad. DoT, here's hoping your heart will be soaring like a hawk by midnight tonight...


Excellent, Sue. One out of two ain't bad.


Yid With Lid:

According the Lebanese newspaper al-Ahbar, During his trip to the Middle East this summer Senator Barack Obama did a lot more than orchestrate the phony "stolen note in the Kotel" scandal, he also made some promises to "Moderate Terrorist" and Palestinian President, including a Palestinian State, WITH EAST JERUSALEM AS ITS CAPITOL:

Oh goodie


LUN for previous article.


CNN reporting there are no major voting lines or snafus around the country right now.

Not since Christiane Amanpour had to report there were no bombings of Iraqi polling places has CNN sounded so disappointed.



That's what I was thinking too.

Soylent Red


Ahoy, polloi!

All you other landlubbing, bitter clingers...

Perhaps Obama, to complete his nautical image, needs a parrot perched on his shoulder.

He'd be in familiar company.


My son's girlfriend voted for Obama. Both of her parents are journalists by education although my son says they are republicans who just don't know it yet.

glenda waggoner

Sunny and AB..thanks for the uplifting verse. We should all remember why we're here and what's important, especially on election day---though we should everyday!


Just like Tony Blair,promise anything to look good without any concern about the practicalities or cost.


Ahoy Soylent, thanks for noticing. My bitter clinger status is a source of pride. I am also cynical that Hobama will ever qualify as one.

She will go ballistic when those taxes and utility bills don't go down.
Well, maybe you can find a gentle and diplomatic way of pointing out that Obama promised that her taxes and utility bills would go up?

(Make it a positive thing! "I know you like Obama, and I have to admit that a politician who keeps his promises should get credit for it!")

Sara (Pal2Pal)

This doesn't sound good.



Peter, I wonder what else he has promised. The bitter clinger cynical side of me says I don't want to know...


Black Panthers blocking voters in Philly...via The Corner


New thread..


Peter, don't be ridiculous. Bill Ayers is NOT going to be in the Obama cabinet.

He's going to be one of the behind-the-curtain handlers.

bio mom

Ignore all polls. Garbage in=garbage out. Same for electoral maps that are constructed using same polls.

JM Hanes

So much catching up to do! You guys have been busy this morning.


That's one of my very favorite verses (though like Amused, I have a weakness for the poetic power of the King James version)! It always reminds me of my father, who was strong, quiet, unflagging, and deeply patriotic. I read it at his funeral. His WWII service in North Africa and Italy shaped him in so many lasting ways. I have all his old military maps and plan to follow his route sometime in the near future, visiting all the amazing archaeological sites along the way as well. I'll think of him as I go to vote today, thanks to you!


"I do not know what Rove is upto with this."

Depressing Democratic turnout?


Soylent red,

"Familiar company"

He got off to an early start. Let this serve as a reminder, be careful how you dress your kids up for Halloween:


Sorry I don't know how to do the linky thingy here. Cut and paste.

JM Hanes


"This doesn't sound good. TOLEDO, OHIO POLICE ISSUED RIOT GEAR..."

On the silver lining side, maybe they know something that we don't.


While we are on those positive things... Obama has promised to solve the nationwide problems with freight train congestion in the US. (When he bankrupts the coal industry, no more 100 trains per day coming out of the Powder River Basin. When the economy goes into the tank, we won't be able to afford those imports from China any more, and besides, with $5/gallon taxes on diesel fuel it's not like we will be able to afford to move those container trains anyway.)

So, just like a previous generation's notable fascist success story, he'll be able to claim that he made the trains run on time!


JMH - what wonderful memories you must have. Glad you were reminded.


Black Panthers blocking voters in Philly...via The Corner

Hold on there, I thought it was the evil Rethuglicans who intimidated voters.

Captain Hate

Voting in NE Ohio was a piece of cake; the people there told me that 40% had voted early and they make you show an ID before voting so obviously that whore Brunner hadn't sent the poll workers to a re-education camp. Speaking of that bitch, as I was filling out the ballot I was imagining sticking the ballpoint that I had to use on the ******* paper ballot in her eye, along with giving the middle finger to a certain olive-skinned punk darling of the media. Other than that the ballot was larded up with the usual loads minus Tubbs-Jones; a more useless bunch is painful to contemplate. I have a feeling the founding fathers wouldn't be pleased.


Depressing Democratic turnout?

That's what I think, too, JMH. "Even f-ing
ROVE thinks it's a blowout for Barack! I'm hitting the bar after work - I'll get to the polls after I have a few..."


Barney Frank

But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength;
they shall mount up with wings as eagles;
they shall run, and not be weary;
and they shall walk, and not faint.


When my wife was diagnosed with cancer in 05 I climbed a mountain with my bible, for what reason I wasn't even sure. And the wind blew it open to that verse. Its been my favorite ever since. And three years later, after darned near dying, she walks and runs and soars again.

jimrhoads aka vnjagvet

But they are pleased with your reaction to this BS, Cpt.


I'm certainly posting like I've had a few...


Wonderful, Barney Frank.

Barney Frank


My dad also spent all of WWII in North Africa and Italy. He was with the 15th Army Air Force. His unit had the unpleasant task of destroying the irreplacable Monte Cassino for what turned out to be no strategic reason afterward. The Germans had already left.

jimrhoads aka vnjagvet

Glad to hear your wife is soaring, Barney. Sometimes miracles do happen.

I remember how powerful that passage was when read in Chariots of Fire.

Amused bystander

Barney Frank: Glad to hear it.


cathyf - I think O has been outed, in ways that were not expected. If he is elected, it will not be because our fellow citizens were not warned. His intent is to undercut our economy and destabilize our society - he doesn't care if he lies in order to do it.

I think the sloppiness about hiding his radical connections is because he and his crowd convinced themselves that the majority of Americans think like they do. I agree with those who say that he was oblivious of the true feelings of the American public. His backers didn't believe that the ties to radicalism would hurt him they believe "its time."

The end result is that he has had to change his program and presentation as he goes along. instead of artfully hiding his radical inclinations, they left it alone - so either they didn't expect him to have the slightest chance of being the nominee, or they didn't feel any need to hide that info.

IMO, he was groomed to be the nominee, and they didn't feel a need to hide what he really believes. I also think he believes that he is right, and that we WILL be better off - and he will be WAY better off. He's just breaking a few eggs - the omelet will be worth it. KWIM?

Captain Hate

Thanks Jim; I like to think of what we have as a continual work in progress that was entrusted to us, and try to vote and do other activities accordingly.

BF, Mrs Hate is a cancer survivor of 14 years; other than a few scares it's been clear sailing also. I don't have a story like yours though, which I think is inspirational. Although her recovery got me interested in cooking which I now do with a reasonable level of proficiency and even flair at times.

cboldt galt the plumber

A dollar of "McCain, if he wins" is selling for 8.2 cents on Intrade right now.

JM Hanes


I can imagine how much that must have meant to you! Sometimes we move in mysterious ways ourselves, don't we? And only later come to understand what we were after.

I'm touched to think that we have all found the same, single verse so meaningful in our own different ways -- and perhaps this time, in something of the same way today.

Charlie (Colorado)

More double voting.


The journalism industry ran a brilliant campaign for Barack Obama.

It is comic to non believers.

As always one person at the poll just had to tell ever one who they were for voting for.

Of all the choices in life why choose annoying.


I think the Malstrom article has a couple errors, for example the claim that Clinton kept it close in Virginia. However, I do not wish to quibble overly with someone performing the public good of taking Nate Silver, whom I discussed recently, to the woodshed.

Malstrom said that the McCain campaign has discussed its internal polling while the Obama campaign has not and suggested that the candidate doing better is more likely to share such information, though he did caution that the especially bad public polls might be motivating the McCain camp's actions more than anything else. My recollection is that Obama's people have stayed away from specifics, saying rather, "We're winning all the Kerry states, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania aren't going to be close, and we've got a good chance in a dozen Bush states." Maybe I have missed the "what you see in the public polls is reflected in our internal numbers."


Assuming mouths and vibrating bodies..........



Now I see at Hot Air that Silver has posted his final election predictions, with Obama taking 349 electoral votes. Will he be Zogby v.2008?

Jane votes Joe The Plumber

So what did I miss?

I just finished my radio gig, and got renewed, apparently indefinitely, so that's some good news.

I also mentioned JOM and the NRO cruise today - to all 20 listeners.

When I got out two people were waiting for me and clapping outside the radio station, which would be much bigger news if I didn't know one of them.

My co-host says Deval Patrick is going to be the next AG, so I guess Patrick Fitzgerald can kiss his job goodbye.


Good news about the gig, Jane. Congratulations!


Deval Patrick as AG.
We are lucky Kwame went to jail before O's inauguration day.

jimrhoads aka vnjagvet


Why would McCain appoint Patrick AG?:>}

Jane votes Joe The Plumber

Thanks Clarice! I'm psyched.

Jane votes Joe The Plumber


Bless your heart. My emotions are like fireworks at this point.


Congrats, Jane! And I hope your upcoming vacation helps with your nerves. Mine certainly did, and I was hanging 24/7 with an Obama fan!


Yay Jane!
Make sure you get tapes of your time on the air. You never know if you'll want to try for bigger things some day....


National Endowment for the Arts: George Clinton

HUD: Tony Rezko, of course..that's where all the best graft is.

Treasury: whoever rigged the credit card donation scam

Commerce: Obama's dealer from Columbia days

Agriculture: Tony Montana

Veteran's Affairs: John Kerry

Energy: Greenpeace president

Transportation: Snoop Dog




ok, I am trying to post and typepad doesn't like it for some reason.

Noscript is telling me there is a possible cross-scripting something or other, and blocks it. But I can post other stuff? Just not that one post.


clarice: No, sorry, I've never listened to the show once (unless maybe it was on in the background somewhere). Wasn't that on NPR? (Which I studiously avoid.)


trying again maybe it was too long. grr.

BF - so happy for you and your wife. That is an inspiring story.

I have one I seldom tell - I'm afraid people will make fun of it. About 1986, I was living in a Carriage house at the North end of VA Beach. I hated my job, was on the outs with my family, lost my hubby about a year before, and was in debt up to my eyeballs. Doesn't compare to cancer, but I was despondent. I beleive there was no one who cared if I lived or died. Not suicidal, but really sad.

I went out on the beach, walking and thinking. I went about a mile and reaalized I hadn't seen the first sea shell on the beach. Rare, but it happens. It made me even sadder, and in my despondent mood, I though "God doesn't even care. If He cared, he'd at least leave some seashells on the beach to cheer me up. Silly, but that's what I thought.

I almost tripped on an old white conch shell - faded out, no color. I really got into it, and thought "that's not a real shell. Can I have a real shell, with some colors?" Just ahead of me I saw a beautiful black conch-type shell, with a deep coral interior.



And so it went - absolutely beautiful, colorful conch-type shells (I'm not sure they were conch, but they were that kind of shape). I walked from 76th street up to the Fort Story border and onto the Ft story beach until I couldn't go any farther. I had zipped up my jacket and was using it to carry the shells. No kidding.

I turned around, and by that time I was giggling, and kind of lightheartedly thought "I still didn't get one of those pretty tan and pink shells - they're my favorite" Yep. About 50 feet up and on my return trip, where I had walked before, there was one of the tan-outside, pink-inside shells. Maybe it was there, and I just missed it when I was walking there the first time, but at any rate, my faith has not been shaken since that day. I gave away a lot of the shells I found - usually when I was telling this story to someone in trouble.


God be with you and your wife barney frank. Never give up.

Barney Frank

I'm afraid people will make fun of it.


You'll never find me making fun of it; I've been the eyewitness to too many miracles.

That's why I don't get wound up over elections and politics. The sun will still rise tomorrow and if life is a little harder to live I'm not so sure that's a bad thing. At times I've been on easy street and at others I've been broke or I've put my wife in the hospital not expecting her to come out of it alive. Easy street made me fat and lazy. The ICU made me a better person who appreciates whatever blessings he has; and there are always some.


SunnyDay, that is amazing! A great story for today. Thank you.

Barney Frank

God be with you and your wife barney frank. Never give up.

And the same to you, bad. Your attitude is an inspiration to me and I'll bet a lot of others here.

Jane votes Joe The Plumber

You guys just amaze me. You rise to the occasion every single time, and fill me with joy more often than I can even remember. Today is one of the most important days I can remember and there is no place I would rather be. Thank you all for the stories, and for the sharing and for revealing yourselves to be some of the most remarkable people on this planet.


Jane, I seem to be making a lot of "me too" comments today, but...you are so right. JOM is the best - I honestly don't know what I'd do without all the wonderful people here. Can't wait to ride into battle with JOMers tonight.


National Endowment for the Arts: George Clinton

We want the funk!
Gotta have the funk!

Heh! He was the best part of Woodstock '99.

jimrhoads aka vnjagvet

All I can say is thank God for Privacy Director. In the last few days I get a call about every five minutes. The phone has been ringing off the hook and I haven't had to take one call.

glenda waggoner

Dittoes and congratulations, Jane! We are an uplifting, smart group. I so wish we all lived closer and could klatch in person. JOM'ers have gotten me through cloudy days, for sure....and I still am very optimistic about McCain! I hope all here and their loved ones are blessed with health and joyous hearts!


What a beauiful story SunnyDay.

M. Simon


The Maker be with you and your mate.

Angie Smith

We may never hear the truth about the relationships with Ayers and Wright from Obama and his cohorts, the news media and the liberal, left-wing illuminatis who lie in a heartbeat. Just check at the inaugural balls to see if his "just a guy in the neighborhood" is there! Ayers & Wright may not have an outward position in the White House, but you can bet they'll be behind the scenes!


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