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November 22, 2008



Perhaps the Times thinks a turkey should be roasted alive. Sounds barbaric to me but what do I know?

Terry Gain


"We’ve differed with Sarah Palin a great deal on substance. We don’t agree with her hardline approach to the Iraq War, her harsh anti-government rhetoric, and her style of negative campaigning".

They don't agree with her hardline approach to the Iraq war.

Hardline approach? She wanted to secure the peace.

Hardline approach? It would be hilarious coming from the Daily Kos Morons but coming from the NYT it's pathetic, though not surprising given the deep plunge into leftist moronism over the last seven years.


Criticizing the Times is like berating PanAm.


Wait till someone explains abortion to Pinch!!

Thomas Collins

I watched the Palin interview twice. If I hadn't been on the lookout for turkeys being "prepared" for Thanksgiving Day, I might have overlooked what was happening. It was pretty mild. And I never lived on a farm, so I am one of those who should have been squeamish if there was anything to be squeamish about.

In fact, the picture of Palin with her hunting prey on the Internet is far more graphic.

A slaughter house owner with a sense of humor should send Pinch a Holiday Card with a photo showing the "inside story" of slaughter house operations.

Happy Thanksgiving, Pinch. Just think, next Thursday you could be enjoying one of the birds that shared "face" time with Palin.


Haven't they been out of business, for 16 years, oh wait. Wonder what nitwit wrote that piece. In other news, the SNL opening bit was equally contemptuous of the Congress
as well as the Big 3

JM Hanes

At this point, I think it's even too late for the self-awareness re-education camp.


I keep getting the image of this being how you get progressives to get a little sense, stuff them upside down into a tapering container so more blood gets to their heads. I know it doesn't make much sense, but little things amuse me these days.


Oh, the Humanity. One nice thing about this turkey business is I've gotten to see the youtube of the WKRP turkey drop.

rhymin' simon

The left think he is the secular messiah or the reincarnation of Mohammed because he rode the donkey to victory.
Say it one more time, Like Carville . It is the economy stupid. The reason Barry One is the economy tanked . If he gives us the leftist agenda it will not come back in two or four years.
What is depressing is that the chinese and russians are feeding this crap to us. Everyone is thinking short term and what the earnings per quarter were. They all doctored their books. The dems put in massive reulations so that manufactiuring jobs left the country and all we had is services such as finacial which collapsed. What can Obama do now , he is straitjacketed by Dem policy.


He'll do alright if he turns into Bush III, on which he is steadily closing.


When I saw turkey "preparation" going on behind darling Sarah--I thought at first it was the "first dude" going out and managing food for the family. So after reading some of the background on the whole thing I nearly split a gut over Daddy's reporting and then the outrage over at Huffpo and elsewhere.

Now Kim has started it all up with "stuff them upside down into a tapering container so more blood gets to their heads" and I'm picking myself off the floor once again.



Apologies first for not knowing how to link, but...if you've got time to kill and want to hear the interview of Brian the Butcher, the guy at Tripple D Farm and Hatchery in Alaska who slaughtered the turkeys, you can find it by going to google and entering "KFQD 750 The Dan Fagan Show."

When you get to the KFQD home page click on podcasts, and select Dan Fagan hour 1 of Friday's radio show. The interview starts at 15:45 minutes and runs to 23:30 minutes.

Bryan the Butcher comes across great describing killing turkeys etc, and I think you'll enjoy the interview. Host Dan Fagan has the most popular talk show in Alaska and considers himself a rabid conservative. Formerly a good friend of Governor Palin, he has become one of her harshest critics because he thinks she has governed way to Liberal, especially on Oil Pipeline issues. By the way, Fagan's previous co-host, Sharon Leighow, left Fagan's show to become Sarah Palin's spokesman after her election, so he had a contest for a new co-host, and she is the Hispanic accented San Juanita, a bar-tender at the local Chilli's and one generation removed from Mexico. This 1st hour was a pretty good idea of what we're listening to here in Alaska. Enjoy.


Didn't Mark Steyn come up with 'Palin answers questions from turkeys as the press gets stuffed'?

Soylent Red

You know...

Terrorists behead people and yet the NYT seems to want to help them.


"Wait till someone explains abortion to Pinch!!"

Pinch,now theres a good argument for Pro Choice.
Wouldn't the real meaning of Pro Choice encompasses letting the child live?


Reminds me of when I was a wee lad, we lived next-door to a man who raised chickens. Mom always bought her chicken from him, plucked pinfeathers, etc. The neighbor, Mr. McCann if I recall correctly, killed the chickens by holding their head and snapping the bird like a whip.


To twist round or wrest forcibly or violently; as, to wring his neck.

Probably been around as long as chickens have, but news to the precious Band of Pinch.


"snapping the bird like a whip." That was when he was showing off for this wide-eyed 4-year-old. He sometimes twisted as described above and he used a butcher's cleaver sometines, too.


I think the term, to wring, includes the wresting violently described as 'snapping the bird like a whip'.


You whirl chickens around quickly to stupify them. Then you stretch their necks over a block and chop their heads off. As far as turkeys are concerned, I worked for the world's largest turkey processor until I injured my back. My neighbor's radical vegan daughter said that I was deserving of a death sentence because I participated in genocide against turkeys. In 13 years, I did everything from slit necks to run a forklift moving pallets of boxed deli turkey breasts from the packaging room, with the majority of the time running eight big ovens capable of holding up to sixteen racks averaging close to a ton of turkey meat per rack. I can't imagine anyone getting their panties in a bunch over what was going on in the background of that Palin piece.


her harsh anti-government rhetoric, and her style of negative campaigning".

Well, we certainly haven't heard any criticism of the govt from the current crew in Congress.

And negative campaigning??? Please. Ask Delay, Foley, and Craig about negative campaigning. Oh, wait, they were framed first.


My F-I-L ran a turkey farm by himself for Norbest well into his seventies. (At the definition of tough old bird is a picture of Boyette Godwin.) Can't remember how many chicks he started with, but it was a multiple of the 100,000 birds he shipped on the Fall.

JM Hanes

Buried somewhere in Time Magazine's archives is an astonishing statistic on the percentage of Americans who actually believe that hamburger is a manufactured product and have no idea that cattle are involved.

JM Hanes

Ha! The comment I left at the New York Times column appears to have been "moderated" out of existence. It would be gratifying to think that someone had to read it first. Alas, I sincerely doubt that they got a sum total of 5 reactions, so they probably just slammed the the door shut. Aparently you can call Sarah Palin anything you like, but disparaging the Times Editorial Board is abusive. Shocker.


Why sure, JMH; have you ever seen a steer at McDonald's? Or even very near one? What makes you think hamburgers come from cattle? There is no apparent link.


Slashing the NYT dividend, too little too late, may unseat King Pinch the III from his high horse, er, from his corporate jet.

Captain Hate

They don't agree with her hardline approach to the Iraq war.

Well of course not; Sarah actually sent one of her sons off to the place and you can't actually imagine Pinch sending one of his brats off to do something common like that, can you? After all, his family did their best to keep knowledge of the Holocaust from bothering the tender sensitivities of their readers.


ha, Pinch, we're indebted to "the Trust" for his Bill Ayers like quip about who' he defend, the US soldier or the Vietcong. That anecdote, where Bush asked him, how he got his job, was also priceless, although it probably led to some bad blood between the two. The NY Times like so many institutions has moved from their founding principles so far, that they wouldn't recognize a budding Teddy Roosevelt type figure; either in Guiliani or in Sarah.
Ditto for the formerly Chandler Times,The former Luce publications. It does raise a concern though, will Murdoch's publications
still hold their point of view, a quarter century from now, or will they follow the path of Luce and Hearst. There's still a glimmer of hope, though, she's still the # 2 figure on the Time poll, though, at a 6/1
Franken disadvantage; a subtle recognition who the real opponent was,(hint it wasn't McCain)


turkeys are ornery sneaky bastids who should be shot on sight. Just watch out for the pellets.

glenda waggoner

The NYTimes..now there's a real turkey! Though a good political cartoonist should already have penned that pic of "Pinch" holding his paper being fed by a Sarah look-alike pushing HIM down the turkey-chute.

Frau Jedöns

With the latest so-called editorial by Gail Collins which calls for the immediate resignations of Pres. Bush and VP Cheney, the Times lost any last shred of civility and integrity it had.

For squeamish Americans, it's time to consider Fred Pohl's "Chicken Little"

"How will we feed ourselves as our population grows out of control? After we've cut down every rainforest to graze more cows, where will the fast food burgers of the future come from ?

Vats, probably. Chicken Little, a huge mass of cultured chicken breast, was kept alive by algae skimmed by nearly-slave labor from multistory towers of ponds surrounded by mirrors to focus the sunlight onto the ponds."

Scum-skimming wasn't hard to learn. You got up at dawn. You gulped a breakfast sliced not long ago from Chicken Little and washed it down with Coffiest. You put on your coveralls and took the cargo net up to your tier. In blazing noon from sunrise to sunset you walked your acres of shallow tanks crusted with algae. If you walked slowly, every thirty seconds or so you spotted a patch at maturity, bursting with yummy carbohydrates. You skimmed the patch with your skimmer and slung it down the well, where it would be baled, or processed into glucose to feed Chicken Little, who would be sliced and packed to feed people from Baffinland to Little America.
From The Space Merchants, by Frederik Pohl (w/CM Kornbluth).Published by St. Martin's Press in 1952


Luckily, we have better ways to feed a growing population. Unfortunately nitwits want to keep us from using that technology, want us to go back to some make believe golden age, which would certianly be more likely to end up as Chicken Little ponds.


Speaking of which one hasn't truly made to the big leagues until Wayne Barrett, of the Village Voice, takes a hatchet to you: well Sarah, they really hate you now, as if you didn't know that already:
*<http://www.villagevoice.com/2008/11-10-08/news/ the book of sarah/3> So now we're supposed to fear Trans Canada, that's as weak a joke as the Canadian intelligence agent in Quantum of Solace.


Some of the Palin coverage, is not surprisingly remarkably condescending, I know you're shocked too. One has a talent agent saying, 'if she wants a career, she has to pace herself" hello, she's got a career, she's just looking for the future promotion. The AP has to put forward the fact that some surveys say; she lost independents and Democrats as if they had nothing to do with it.They'll also ignore that assault had anything to do with making her the champion of the heartland, and the conservative right.
Years such conversations like this were limited to Usenet postings; the American Spectator, using the then example of the Paula Jones suit, observed it wasn't a coincidence that the coverage was so negative; that was the point. They cited the particularly gossipy commentary about Marion Magid, a Commentary editor who had taken up the defense of US actions in Vietnam, and Israel; so a personal attack calling into question of her writing was called for.


So now we're supposed to fear Trans Canada

Of course.*
*Misspelling alert.


So now someone had a fit over one of the links about Sarah's sojourn to Miami, last week, and whether the pictures should be posted; on John Hawkins site. I'm sure she didn't expect to have her picture taken, she went to another hotel altogether, from the conference site. What was she to do; complain about invasion of privacy, that wouldn't fit her manner, it's a sizable part of her appeal. the poster, has a comment about some appeal to prurient interests, but in the world of Youtube, Myspace and Paris Hilton videos that ship has sailed. That is possibly the most chauvinist, reactionary, anti-gay,
demographic that they latched on with most enthusiasm, one of the reasons I found this campaign so distastefully vacant; the John Ziegler video was distressingly on point, weak minds make for malleable minds, as Chesterton would have followed through. Saw
a comment by Van Sant on the new Harvey Milk film trying to make a connectionbetween
Sarah and Anita Bryant,ignoring the fact that little stunts like the effigy in West Hollywood, probably chilled any opposition to Prop 8.

I guess Jennifer Granholm won't have that problem, she went to Berkeley after all, is Canadian and is advising Obama on economic policy; something she has a firm grasp on, I'm having a Phillip Roth reaction to reality. One recalls that Condi Rice, was subject to this double standard, most notably by our local shock jock, with no appreciable dissent from all the usual suspects. But she was a Republican, tutor (and strong insinuations about other roles)
to the president; not really a woman, or black apparently. Although he support for Obama has probably won her some street cred.
Hell cooled significantly with Ellen
Goodman's latest applauding the pummeling of a sister, how much money is the Times losing at the Globe again? I guess she and Jim Webb have kissed and made up.

That line about Trans Canada wasn't totally rhetorical. Now that Canada was more
pragmatic than we were; re-electing Harper,
who might as well be W in a Mountie hat, it
will likely be progressive to "BlameCanada" as well as the future regime of JohnSutter, I mean David Cameron.


Call him "Dave."


By the way, the BBC (or Sky or someone, but I think BBC) uses footage of Cameron riding his bicycle, looking somewhat goofy, in one of its promos.

Angie Smith

Mark Steyn's comment 'Palin answers questions from turkeys as the press gets stuffed was hilarious! Now if we can just gather all of those liberal illuminati loons in Washington and send them head-first into the head chopper-offer! Aah, what a wonderful Thanksgiving it would be!


Ok, this is getting scary, how can the Fed pledge half our annual GDP. Have they lost every aspect of sanity; I know a rhetorical question. Remember when they were reluctant to handover a hundred billion at a time, to keep our troops on the battlefield. The difference then, was that worked, this seems to have no real chance of success; I'm afraid. I know it's government backing of the debt, not actual cash, but seriously what kind of crazyness is this.


Given the framing of the shot wasn't it purposeful. If it was, they achieved the perfect response from the Times and their movement.


World Glass Crazyness, narciso.


That was a typo,right Kim, or maybe the world really is World Glass mad. Howard Beale crazy. As I say, I think we're the turkeys, and there's no pardon coming.

Could it be they meant to setp her up, ala SNL, but she steered it to her ownadvantage.
The point of the exercise was to promote Thnaksgiving turkeys. Now it looks like they're going to lease back that jet to carry all the orders.I don't put anything past Miss Wasilla.the former sportscaster
and current public servant. You know wonder if Tina Fey, forgot how her own script ended, the fish out of water did turn the tables on the "Plastics"


Just a bad pun off the brittleness of the markets. Yes, Sarah glistens wherever.



The framing of the video was entirely purposeful. The cameraman had Sarah move so he could enhance the background stuff in the shot. If you listen to the Dan Fagan Show Interview you find out it was entirely purposeful. The cameraman said he even mentions during shooting how this would look good on Leno.




To: Electoral College, Congress of the United States, Federal Elections Commission, U.S. Supreme Court, President of the United States, other controlling legal authorities

Whereas, by requirement of the United States Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, no one can be sworn into office as president of the United States without being a natural born citizen;

Whereas, there is sufficient controversy within the citizenry of the United States as to whether presidential election winner Barack Obama was actually born in Hawaii as he claims;

Whereas, Barack Obama has refused repeated calls to release publicly his entire Hawaiian birth certificate, which would include the actual hospital that performed the delivery;

Whereas, lawsuits filed in several states seeking only proof of the basic minimal standard of eligibility have been rebuffed;

Whereas, Hawaii at the time of Obama's birth allowed births that took place in foreign countries to be registered in Hawaii;

Whereas, concerns that our government is not taking this constitutional question seriously will result in diminished confidence in our system of free and fair elections;


The above article appears on WorldNetDaily.


Oh don't start with that carp, seriously, the world is sufficiently strange without going there. Besides what does it matter isn't Kenya the 57th state anyways, you could probably get a plurality of
respondents to agree to that principle.


That last 'whereas' is why I think the Supreme Court should act. The downside if they act is almost nil; if they don't act, it's going to be a running sore on the body politic.


Please do not hesitate to have flyff penya . It is funny.

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