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November 05, 2008



So... did we just elect America of the 1930s or Germany of the 1930s?


Both Hitler and Roosevelt were grounded in reality, whereas Obama's urge is an unsustainable fantasy. I think he'll crash and burn rapidly once his judgement comes to bear on real problems.


I always thought we would elect a black President someday.

I never though we would elect a communist President ever.

I turned off TV at 7pm Pacific time and have not turned it on again this morning. I am following Clarice's advice from last night - the news media in print and on TV is dead to me.

Some politicians promise a chicken in every pot to get elected. And many fools believe them. This politican promised to take the chicken out of MY pot and place in SOMEONE elses. And nobody believes him. I am locking up my chicken and denying from this day forward that I have one.

Our new First Lady simply couldn't let the evening pass (according to the picture on Drudge this a.m.) without showing her true colors - that she is a black widow spider. I thank Michelle for that. She is much more honest than her hubby.



I don't see any "stab in the back" theories about wars we lost coming from the party that won. Nor was an aged general reeelected as President.

So, I think it's America. Not Germany.

But, look at this honestly. Given the last eight years, did the Republicans truly deserve to win?


If you don't think that the press has changed--has become markedly more partisan than it was--then you haven't been paying attention. The press was in the tank for Clinton in 1992, cheerleading the whole way, but they didn't come close to what they did in 2008.


I just returned from a night of rioting in the Target parking lot.After we clean our houses it's off to more riots at the local Walmart.


What, you think HappyTalk sells papers?

These days, nothing sells papers. So it may as well be HappyTalk, since that's what seems to float the media's boat re: Obama.


Let's bear in mind a couple of things;

1 - Democrats have controlled Congress for the past two years. The Obama regime has a running start, as it were. There are no excuses for any failure by him to implement a Democratic agenda right away.

2 - We are reliably informed that Everybody in the World now likes the United States. Tourists can now swap the Canadian flag patches on their jackets for US patches and stop saying " ..., eh?" as they travel.

3 - Al Qaeda will beat their IEDs into ploughshares, killing themselves through premature detonation. Barack receives credit for winning the GWoT

4 - Trees will end their decades long holdout and start working overtime to reduce greenhouse gasses.

5 - For the schadenfreude file - MBNA will be forced to write off $100,000,000 in fraudulent charges when the Obama 2008 campaign declares bankruptcy upon receipt of the chargeback statement.



A celebration of Obama outside the Whitehouse last night had a banner of the hammer and the sickle. Just bsaw it on Fox news.

Hence, the first real step of the president-elect of the United States ought to be for a forceful demand for immediate resignation of the sitting president and his vice president. The president-elect ought to enlist the media and the electorate in this call for early resignation. Unlike other democracies, the United States does not have a legal system that allows early elections by a vote of no confidence.

Gee, here are some great ideas. What an idiot.


From my back-of-the-envelope calculations:

Obama paid $11 per voter this election

McCain, about $1.50

John McCain - He Ran the Most Cost-Effective Campaign in History!



LUN for previous article.


did the Republicans truly deserve to win?

What did republicans do that made them not worthy of winning?


Michelle's a painer. She might force you to dream or stare through your head, but she wouldn't want you to hear voices cause that's them. She's probably one of those things that goes after muscles too, like strokes and heart attacks. She's want to make your applications for work and the US economy. She'll make you and your family. Consumers already know their economy.

She probably a developer, realizes cloning. Most dreams are cloners. She probably was part of the survey too.


Americans walked through a door last night, and it locked behind them.

Certainly, nothing dire will happen immediately. But the long-term rot will continue unabated, at times slowly and at other times more quickly, until someday .. maybe years in the future .... most of us will recognize that this was indeed a pivotal moment that altered the course of America and our society in such ways that we can never hope to recover.

While the euphoria is now about America having evolved enough to finally elect an African-American as president, the majority of Americans will someday recognize that he wasn't just that, but he was more importantly a Marxist, anti-American, anti-Western, anti-Semitic, black separationist, Muslim jihadi sympathizing, corrupt Chicago politician who loathed the half of himself that was Caucasian.



Well no actually trees will now grow money, and candy will fall from the skies-

Meanwhile America just surrendered.

Jane votes Joe The Plumber

From Don Surber:

Unintended consequences

Barack Obama elected. Homosexuals and rap stars hardest hit.

Proposition 8 would amend California’s constitution to overturn the judiciary’s edict that approves gay marriage. This is a legislative matter.

Among white people, the measure was a loser. But support from blacks may have pushed the measure over the top, the LA Times reported.

That guy in West Hollywood who hung Sarah Palin in effigy as part of a gay Halloween festival might want to consider that Obama (who opposed Proposition 8) may have motivated more black voters to go to the polls, where they then voted against gay marriage.

Given that the ballot initiative would end gay marriage proposals, perhaps it should have been called Proposition Ain’t.

Meanwhile, baseball agents are trying to avoid that Obama surtax on celebrities by signing clients early this year, AP reported.

Sean Combs and the rest of the entertainment industry’s millionaires who supported Obama likely will try to avoid this tax. Obama’s election will be good for the CPAs and tax lawyers of Malibu.



Sue -

My one fear this campaign for the Republicans was a McCain "Lose with Honor" Scenario.

Listening to McCain's acceptance speech, that's *exactly* what played out in the final weeks.

Obama also managed to avoid the Shrummian tendency to screw things up in the final month.

Biden rendered himself irrelevant and invisible (with the active, wet-and-sloppy) cooperation of guys like Tapper)

Michelle Obama was, somehow, handled to the point of obscurity. Her reemergence on the scene will be ... fun.

Obama's TelePrompTer didn't suffer a failure or get lost in transport.

Neither Obama or Biden held a news conference in the month leading up to the election. That's a precedent that the Republicans would be wise to follow.

Jake mentioned that the Press corps took to calling questions shouted to the candidate "Sams" in honor of Sam Donaldson.

Maybe we should call the Press's rolling over for a candidate "Tappers".


Amused bystander

To think that the media will go after Obama is counter-intuitive (not to mention insane).

They will de facto nationalize the media. It will be the BBC on steroids.
Watch the NYT get a bailout. Hey, they are too big to fail, right? It may not be overt, but there will be a some sort of "media tax" that will support the MSM. They will survives and regain theie power. In fact they have just demonstrated that they are far more powerful than we have given them credit for, BTW. So much for "new media" as a leveler.
Wait until JOM gets hit with a "fairness" requirement, and the government gets to decide just what is fair.

This will be a disaster beyond measure. People are just kidding themselves.

Watch the pace of this "change", it will be breathtaking.

People need to stop thinking that this will be replay of either the Clinton or the Cater years. They have learned the lessons of those years. Getting power back will be extremely hard. Just to openly fight it will be to risk everything. Will TM risk what little finacial futre his family has on legal fee or IRS attacks? I doubt it. Who would?

They a totally ruthless and despise our civilization with an unholy passion. We could not have put our fate in worse hands.

FDR? Hitler? Try Allende. Try Castro. Better yet, try Lenin.



A war based on a mistake.
A hurricane rescue effort that was the compoundng of a mistake.
Spend, spend, spend, tax cut, spend some more.
And government continued to grow -- and the Congressional wing of the GOP wanted it to invade everyone's lives.

The GOP has so wandered off its principles of a nimble, humble government, that does its job efficiently and mostly leaves society alone, that one wonders what the point of their whole venture is these days. Spreading its version of Democracy abroad, while failing to spread it around abroad?


er, spread it around "at home"

Typing too fast....

Amused bystander

PD: what they will not realize is that he is just a front for the worse enemies of our civilization. But they do not care, I do not think they even realize what a civilization is.

This is the end of the beginning of our Republic's decline. It is like watching Caesar march into Rome, except it is not a "great man" but a Judas goat in that chariot.

To elect such a man is the clearest display a broad and fundamental shift in the psyche of this nation.

How distant, how wonderful the America of my youth seems now.

Amused bystander

Appalled: that all is just left wing media BS.

The war was not a mistake.
Katrina is just a manufactured lie, like Haliburton.

You can console your self for a time with this nonsense, but time will show that Bush acted quite responsibly. It is the Left's lust for power that has lead to this, and the moral and intellectual surrender of a large portion of the nation.

It will be interesting to see people like you when you are old. While you be able to keep up those delusions.

I bet you end up doing a lot of soul searching in a few years. you may not like what you find in there.


Posted by: BumperStickerist | November 05, 2008 at 09:22 AM

ha hahha haha ha ha!



The war was not based on a mistake. The public thinks so because the Press and Democrats lie at opportunity. Remember, Joe Wilson was afraid Saddam would use his WMD on out troops.

Landrieu just got re-elected. There's your Katrina disaster enabler.

Spend, spend, spend; do you expect the Democrats to more moderate at that than Republicans?

You can not find a single domestic victim of this administration invading lives, and Joe the Plumber's life was invaded at least three different ways by the minions of Obamanation.

I'm appalled at your foundational lunacy. The Bush and the Republicans have done a better job of the last eight years than Obama and the Democrats will do for the next four. It is almost guaranteed when you consider how fundamentally productive the last eight years have been, and the desperately poor judgement that Obama has.

Tom Maguire
But, look at this honestly. Given the last eight years, did the Republicans truly deserve to win?

They deserved to have their hats handed to them, and a kick in the rear on the way out the door. Which they got.

Michelle Obama was, somehow, handled to the point of obscurity. Her reemergence on the scene will be ... fun.

She re-surfaced last night - did anyone see whether the duct tape had left a rash around her mouth?

She will be fine as long as she hides behind her cute kids. But if she starts whining again, help us all.


Megyn Kelly is on on FNC and she is totally centered.

I think I'm going to cancel cable tv, and I will miss her. She does do the show after the show on foxnews online.

Need a verse? Or a joke? Maybe a quote? we'll be okay. rest awhile.

We should set up a JOM annual get together - I can afford one beach house at OBX in the off season. :D


Appalled, you type two minutes faster with almost the identical message. I'd be appalled if I were as credulous as appalled seems to be. It's a little discouraging, too, because I'm often struck with the wisdom appalled has frequently shown. Our media is diseased, and Katrina and WMD are too of its most officious pathologies.


Their victory will feed their egos and hubris, and the public adoraton will remove all self-restraint.


My 10:12 post was supposed to be addressed to the amused bystander.



So are you still appalled? Or will we be treated to a new moniker come January 20th?


Tom, you err badly. Bush and the Republicans have discharged their duties honorably and effectively. The Press and the Democrats have acted dishonorably and our future course under them will be disastrous. What is to reform them?


Will Michelle's mother move to the White House with the Obamas? She would be a sympathetic prop and enforce the illusion that Obama is a family man.

Michelle's children will be changing schools and leaving their friends behind. Gramma could ease that transistion.



I hate to burst your-
bad news sells the papers bubble theory but at no time before in America has a press been so heavily invested in the outcome of an election-

They didn't marry this guy-which would give you the normal wearing off of The Honeymoon period-they gave birth to him....

Amused bystander

While you be= Will you be.



They are recounting Coleman!

Minnesota wants to-

Send in the Clowns!


Ayers and Dohrn birthed Obama, with Michelle's complicity, at Sidley Austin - if not before in NYC at Columbia.

The MSM has been a subversive Fifth Column aiding and abetting the coup.


TM, Have I told you lately that I loved you? Your riff on the press is a ray of sunshine on this gloomy morning.

Here, btw is a CNN reporter showing us the media's high regard for the law:



It's interesting that three of the four seats the Republicans took back were Foley's, DeLay's, and Ryun's. Foley the faux scumbag was replaced by the real McCoy, DeLay the political trickster was felled by a political trick, Ryun, the runner was replaced by a runner-outer, Nancy Boyda, who ran out on Petraeus because she couldn't take it anymore. All three Democratic travesties have now been redressed. This is a theme for the future. Can Tom be as accurate at aiming his swift kick at the trousers of the troubled?

Gad, I wish I believed he were just kidding.


How will Obama interact with the Nutroots?


I think Grandma is largely taken for granted, bad. Only relatively late in the election did I learn how much time she taking care of the Obama girls. In all the interviews with Michelle, I can't remember her ever being mentioned except in the context of Michelle's family history.

This was significant to me because I have two small daughters and my mom, though she would love to help care for them, lives too far away. If I had her daily help I would be so profoundly grateful, I would tell the world at every opportunity.

Michelle is such a charmer, isn't she?


How did Kos's down ticket candidates do?
I think badly. Let's celebrate that.

bio mom

Read "The Coming Caesar" bu Amaury DeRiencourt

We are never again to be the same country that we have been since 1789. Like Franklin said, We have given you a republic if you can keep it. Can we?


**she spends taking care***


Porchlight- I think Michelle Obama is loath to set an example that anybody but the government can help. Therefore Grandma's free, loving help is on the down-low.

Amused bystander

Kim: It cannot be just the media at fault.

A large portion of the populous believe them, and a significant portion of this group are not really stupid, and least as far as native intelligence goes.

There is real spiritual and moral rot in our civilization - and I mean here both American Civilization and Western Civilization as a whole.

This election is a manifestation of someing much deeper than Democrat power lust enabled by media mechanization.

It is serpentine and it cannot help but end tragically.

I hope that I am wrong, I hope that I misjudge the American people. But I tell you, I look around and they are not the same people I knew 30, 50 years ago.

I think conservatives are victims a a sort of nostalgia of a nation that has passed, of a privileged moment that will not come again.

We do not understand our own nation anymore, we do not understand who comprises it anymore.

I hope I am just being gloomy, but I have felt this for a long time.

How can two people so obliviously good, decent and capable as M/P -- with in some sense noble histories -- be treated thus?
Well it has to be a body politic rife with ignorance, stupidity, cowardice or moral turpitude. Spiritual rot, plain and simple.

How can a man like this beat them so handily.

And no, TM, if that is indeed you, the GOP does not deserve this at all. That is just nonsense. That is just letting momentary political calculations obscure the real issues. This has been building fro decades.


It reinforces the ancient message that a free press is fundamental to a free society. But why, oh why, did they don the ancient chains so cheerfully?


MayBee, I think she is just not a very nice or grateful person. But your explanation works, too.


Franken's potential for being an embarrassing Dem millstone, ala Cynthia McKinney, may be better than a Coleman win at this point.


the news media in print and on TV is dead to me
Great line. Wish I could convince the wife to discontinue the NY Slimes "weekender package" subscription. Already dropped the Atlantic monthly. Haven't watched network TV in years. Katie who?


AB, I am of your view, even though I wasn't really around for much of the America whose loss you lament.

Is nostalgia a vice? If so, it is certainly mine.



I think I'll keep the name. An Obama administration is not going to make me especially happy. It's just better than the alternative, IMHO.


Two words. Terry Schaivo. How quickly we forget...


Well, Amused, I'm coming around to the belief that Tom was joking. I'm afraid that you might be right about the high point of the American civilization, but must believe you are wrong, just as I believed yesterday. We still have the most free and enlightened polity in the world. We still have remarkable natural resources. Who else can lead the world into a brighter future than we have now, and I'm convinced that the world will come to a brighter future. That is the history of man, though the course isn't always steady, and we haven't run out of the energy to do so.

But, if you're right, then there'll merely be a pause by the side of the road, and perhaps a passing of the baton, in case we, as a nation, can't stand back up again. There is just no one around to whom to pass it, yet.


The Russian Bear is stirring.


Appalled, you are going to have to be a little more explicit than two words, because her mess is one I stayed the Hell out of. What about the two little words Katrina and WMD? Distraction does not become you.


So will be the Israelis with their Bunker Busters. Bears beware.


Hey, the world does indeed love us now.

I just got an email message from an acquaintance in Bulgaria:

"Congratulations on the newly elected commasnder-in-chief of Yours!"

(As you may surmise, he does not know me well enough to know anything of my politics.)


OK, Appalled how about this? Another miracle of Bush was the dramatic way he helped play out the nation's agony over end-of-life decisions. Think of the extraordinary national exhaustion of that episode, leading to a research of the soul. What did you learn, dear friend?


I love it, PD, while Putin aims newly installed missiles at Bulgaria.

Captain Hate

Shouldn't Appalled be back at the Kos jerkoff party because it sounds like it never left with all this soundbyte speak.

Captain Hate

The Russian Bear is stirring.

I wouldn't imagine the Ukraine is feeling too secure now.


AB has a point, one underscored by this WSJ op ed:


We live in a place and age where people seem unable any longer to distinguish shit from shinola.


A war based on a mistake.
A hurricane rescue effort that was the compoundng of a mistake.
Spend, spend, spend, tax cut, spend some more.
And government continued to grow -- and the Congressional wing of the GOP wanted it to invade everyone's lives.

Dear Lord, I don't even know where to begin, but I'll end with the GOP wanted it to invade everyone's lives. Talk about jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. Healthcare, nationalized, invading of our lives. 401k(s), nationalized, invading of our lives. Card check, invading of our private thoughts. The GOP was not invading your life, it was protecting life. Something science has caught up with. Life begins at conception and the question is not whether we are accepting the termination of a life, it whether we are accepting ending a life. But, whatever. I don't think republicans deserved to lose this election. I think democrats successfully played the blame Bush card and won.


I think I'll stop working and just hang out here on JOM.

Obama will pay my bills, right?


Appalled's moniker is apt, because he can be appalled at the excesses of the left as well. It's a little disconcerting to hear this capable critic call out 'Katrina' and 'WMD', like the worst of the kool-aid kwaffers.


I will be interested to see how the inevitable Cindy Sheehans, Terry Shiavos, Wacos, Elian Gonzales, difficulties in Afghanistan, and Katrinas are handled not only by Obama, but by the press.

Katrina was the press's revenge for Iraq.




Coleman is ahead by just 601 votes...

True story: My kid has been worried sick about Franken winning. He's a Republican at a Catholic University there.

Awhile back the Democrat College group-I don't remember their official title-invited Al Franken to come speak there-afterwards there was a question and answer period and the Democrat kids who had invited him were really excited about that. They had spent a lot of time working on questions to ask him.

I guess Al Franken performed abysmally-so that afterwards the Democrat kids said to the Republican kids in attendance-

Sorry! Wow-we didn't know he was so stupid!

This is Democrats. Democrat kids on a college campus.

My kid worked fervently on his campus to get Republican kids to vote on campus there in Minnesota instead of by absentee ballot.

He was happy when one kid was going to vote for McCain but dismayed when he sent that vote back home to California...

Supposedly according to the Trib this won't be settled till the end of December.

Franken claims to "see" voting irregularities in some areas of Minnesota.

If I was Coleman I would personally feel who needs it, but for my kid I guess I hope he stays in it and dukes it out.

Captain Hate

I've been out of work for a few months; when's Obammy gonna provide one of those green jobs he promised?


Maestro:Play what a difference a day makes, please:

NEW YORK, Nov 4 (Reuters) - S&P 500 and Dow equity index futures turned higher on Tuesday after Democrat Barack Obama took a commanding lead in the U.S. presidential vote tally.
S&P 500 futures SPc1 rose 0.80 points and were above fair value, a formula that evaluates pricing by taking into account interest rates, dividends and time to expiration on the contract. Dow Jones industrial average futures DJc1 climbed 16 points, and Nasdaq 100 NDc1 futures were little changed.

LONDON, Nov 5 (Reuters) - U.S. stock index futures fell on Wednesday after Democrat Barack Obama decisively won the U.S. presidency.
At 0811 GMT futures for the S&P 500 index SPc1, DJ Industrial Average index DJc1 and Nasdaq 100 index NDc1 were down 1.3-1.6 percent.
Analysts said the decline in the futures reflected the difficult times the economy still faces. "The market is maybe reflecting the hard work ahead and difficult economic circumstances new presidentBarack Obama has inherited," said Keith Bowman, equity analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown. "Economic data has been difficult of late and the market after the election is over is now looking back on that," added Bowman.

Charlie (Colorado)

Jeez, people, I'm the depressive here, and you sound like me before the Good Drugs.It's not like we haven't had a redistributionist elected ebfore, and as Adam Smith said, "there's a lot of ruination in a country." I remember what it was like being the only pro-Viet Nam War person in my high school; I remember Nixon, who wasn't exactly a conservative; and Jimmy Carter after him. We survived.

Is there a chance that Obama and his henchmen will try to shut down opposing press? Yes, and if he tries it we'll fight it. Unlike when the press went after Jerry Ford and Ronald Reagan, we have a big-money conservative press now: they won't shut down Rush Limbaugh and the blogoshpere without a considerable iht.

Will Obama try to impose card-check and redistribution? Yes, but there are ways to fight them; there are Democrats from the South and West that won't want to go along. I shouldn't be surprised if there aren't Constitutional challenges possible; remember FDR lost a lot of those too.

And the next election is only two years away.

There's a reason despair is a sin.

Amused bystander

Clarice, seems to me that we live in a time and place where a lot off people just prefer the sh!t. Period.


What, you think HappyTalk sells papers?

Tom, no - happy talk doesn't sell papers. But it does sell candidates and policies. I think we are in for a bit of a jolt when the "Fairness Doctrine" is imposed at the first sign of dissent from the press, who have sold their collective soul and have yet to grasp the consequences.


"To think that the media will go after Obama is counter-intuitive (not to mention insane)."

unless he's got a girlfriend. they won't touch him on policy.

"They deserved to have their hats handed to them, and a kick in the rear on the way out the door. Which they got."

spot on. let the clean up begin.

if we can just get the stoopid russkies to understand that a transformational event that promises hope, healing and change for the entire planet has occurred i'll bet that we could get them to not deploy those new missiles in Kaliningrad.



Watch Coleman go down like Rossi did in Washington State-

They'll find boxes of ballots uncounted under stairwells in Democrat strongholds.

Barney Frank

To be honest I think Appalled is largely correct (except for Terry Schiavo), as is TM. Republicans got what they earned.
I think the war was the right thing to do but that it was prosecuted poorly and propagandized even worse is hard to deny.
More importantly, congressional Repubs dove whole hog into the DC trough and then were shocked when the voters considered them pigs. They spent more than the Dems, they were too slow to decapitate the few corrupt members in their ranks and they did little to advance a conservative agenda either fiscally or socially and by so doing put themselves at the mercy of the MSM.

They can be conservtives or they can be losers; the country doesn't want mini-me Dems when they can have the real thing.


I guess it's the beginning of the global quiz, the test comes later. Poland and Czechoslovakia are threatened by the new czar, sadly Ketchikan in Alaska, is also threatened; that's where we also have interceptors. Will he try to reclaim that other former Russian territory; remember Wasilla was named after Vassily Petrov, will Obama defend Alaska against such a challenge. I have no confidence in him.
frankly one of the Drury novel; ComeNineveh,
Come Tyre; features a Californian Latin precursor of Barak Obama; who comes to power over US discontent with two wars in Panama and Africa, complete with a 'civilian
defense force' who learns too late, what a fool the Russians think of him, and how he has squandered his country's future. The Saudi/Wahhabi bet that they might be able to wear us down and drive us out of the Middle East, may have bornfruit; god help us, all. Recall that the Brits held India in it's entirety for a century; but eventually surrender it entirely. How many will be sacrificed to the One's overweaning ambition. God help us all.


Will Obama try to impose card-check and redistribution? Yes, but there are ways to fight them;

I don't know anybody that can look at what is happening with the US Automakers right now that would push unions on states like North Carolina.

Rick Ballard

I think Bulldoggy and the Bastard are going to be a treat. We must always remember to be courteous to President Obama Supporters. Don't treat them like just any POS, treat them like the very special POS that they have chosen to be. They have earned special treatment - give it to them.

I support Clarice's call to continue (in my case) the destruction of the mass media. To that end, I suggest that JOMers bookmark this AP feed. A click there puts a very minimal amount of money in AP's dirty pocket while avoiding providing any income to Google, Yahoo, or any of the media which they link. It's a small thing but every unclicked page, canceled subscription and evening spent watching classic movies rather than the dreck on offer on TV will hasten the final collapse of the media.

By the same token, shopping at Walmart, Target, Costco and other box stores, purchasing an American made Honda or Toyota, canceling your Citi card (or at least transferring any interest bearing balances to another card), etc, are all worthwhile habits to be developed. EBay provides an excellent venue for Christmas shopping and no money goes into a union members hands.

If you're an employer, take a walk through your employee lot and if you note evidence that you may have inadvertently employed a POS, rectify the situation. It will save you money and when the time comes to fill the position you can be more attentive to the character of the hire. Be kind in releasing the employee to the Bastard's full care - no need to throw it in their face. No need to give any special consideration to AAs any more either. Truly judge them by their character and act accordingly.

Don't bother with the heat of anger or the chill of despair. Both waste energy that is better spent working to develop the true ice cold American spirit.

Having sold your cloak and bought your sword, always remember:

"La vendetta è un piatto che va gustato freddo!"

Buon gusto.


Great comments all - now excuse me while I fill out my "Joe For Oil" application (Jane will understand).


"I think I'll stop working and just hang out here on JOM"

Well, at least stay under the $42K radar so you can get your welfare checks.



Terry Shaivo was mostly the GOP Congress show, an it was breathtaking - in absolutely the wrong way. Let's grab someone's wrenching personal tragedy, and make it the stuff of political sport. How absolutely grotesque.

Bush mae some bad decisions during this display, but I don't really hold him responsible for it. Iraq (a monumental waste of resources) and katrina (a Federal government failure that compounded everyone elses failures) is enough on his record.

Amused bystander

Barney: that is just my point. The GOp did not lose this election because they we not conservative enough. It lost it it because the nation is turning toward big government.

A personality cult mattered too,

Seriously, I bet Rudi would have done better in the swing states.


'As long as history books are written.'

Israel hopes for an excellent Mossad/CIA relationship.

'The last two years have been Obama's recommendations. Now, we're criticized.' I thought you understood?

Amused bystander

Shaivo has nothing at all to do with this. Must voter would not even remember the name.

All this is just media nonsense. The voter could care less.

The voter has no probelm at all with the government intruding on their lives.

You wait until the climate change police get installed.

My goodness, the Dems will be telling us what a fair salary is soon.

Our income is to be an allowance granted to us by the Democrats.

What a loony agrument: Put the most radical coalition ever of the democrat party in power because of GOP "intrusion" into our lives.

Absurd on the face of it.

Amused bystander



Thousands of people were rescued from a drowning city during Katrina.
Nothing happened that wasn't predicted to happen. Everybody knew the Superdome was the refuge of last resort for people that were supposed to evacuate. Reports before the storm said there would be no food provided there, the electricity may go out, and indeed the bottom may even flood.

Reporters in the middle of it identified with the frightened people.
Authorities had trouble improvising when it was seen how people were suffering.
It could have gone much better, but it wasn't a failure. It was a catastrophe. We aren't used to seeing those, thank God.


I don't know anybody that can look at what is happening with the US Automakers right now that would push unions on states like North Carolina.

I didn't think I knew anyone that wanted to elect a socialist/marxist/communist until last night. ::sigh::


A click there puts a very minimal amount of money in AP's dirty pocket while avoiding providing any income to Google, Yahoo, or any of the media which they link.

Rick, I'd rather you recommended the Rome (NY) AP Site as it puts a few more pennies into our newspaper rather than into AP's alone.

At least you know our voice is directed at stamping out the neojournalism that has reigned since the 1970s.


Tuesday, Sept 6 2005:

Coast Guard crews have rescued 22,000 people in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, Petty Officer Andrew Kendrick , a Coast Guard spokesman in St. Louis, estimated yesterday.

Captain Hate

Bush taking heat for Katrina is one of the biggest media lies ever. In fact any elected official other than Nagin and Blanco catching blame is ill-placed. Most of the fault lies with people that are too fucking stupid and lazy to act in their best interests.



1. You might want to consider a new name. I see little amusement in you.

2. The Republican Party abandoned its principles. The small government party found it loved Big Government as much as the Democrats. Which means, basically, its election message is going to be either hypocritical or incoherent or both. Until the problem is solved, with either new principles, are a retured adherence to the old ones, there will be little consistant success.

Rick Ballard


I didn't know it existed or I would have. It has now replaced the AP site I linked in my bookmarks. I will now click with abandon.


ROTHFLOL Bumperstickerist I needed that!

My trees, although they are covered with 4 inches of snow today do look like they are standing a little taller.

The truth is, it ain't gonna work.(obama's and Ayers plans) We are a nation of individualists, we are not going to fall into line behind the one and his disciples (Reid and Pelosi.)

His whole plan hinges on tax revenue to support his promised entitlements. He's not going to get productivity by punishing incentive.

So the economy will stall and 4 years from now we will be welcoming Sarah Palin.

How's this for a bumper sticker? I saw it somewhere. I'd rather be Sarah Palin than Para Sailin.



I doubt very many people see Obama as Socialist/Marxist/Communist. Personally, I think he is influenced by the Marxist critique of society, but I dodn't think we are going to massive government control of the means of production (which is the classic definition of Marxism).

And, if Obama really does overreach to the left in the next couple of years, 1994 will repeat itself. If he merely steers to the left, though, it could be a long period of Democratic rule.


The Republican Party abandoned its principles. The small government party found it loved Big Government as much as the Democrats.

I agree with that. Well, I don't agree they love it AS Much as the Dems, but too much for my taste.

Which is why McCain taking heat for that bugs me. He is fiscally sound, and always has been.

Bill in AZ

Iraq (a monumental waste of resources) and katrina (a Federal government failure that compounded everyone elses failures) is enough on his record.

Except neither of those are on Bush's record. Both of them are canards spun from blank paper by the media.

I volunteer in Search and Rescue. I know people who were there. The media shit on thousands of volunteers, as well as thousands of National Guard, Coast Guard, FEMA, Red Cross, etc in order to fabricate a destructive lie. And POS's like you continue to crap on me and folks who do this work to this day.


I was just having a look at the 25th Amendment:

Section 2. Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, the President shall nominate a Vice President who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of both Houses of Congress.

I would say Biden has sufficiently established his vacancy. Who will replace him?


Like his mentor, The Fresh Prince is a communist with a small c.



Um...last I heard nobody blamed the volunteers for anything. It was the mes at the top of FEMA that got the blame. (As well as the horrible governor and rediculous mayor). Stop trying to shut down an argument you don't like by dragging the "yu're tarring a whole bunch of decent people" routine.


Best line of the thread...Joe Bden as #2 is not something that makes me happy. All that experience, and still so absent in wisdom...


I don't see any "stab in the back" theories about wars we lost coming from the party that won.
Would be awkward, since they're still holding and twisting the knife.

To think that the media will go after Obama is counter-intuitive (not to mention insane)."

unless he's got a girlfriend.
He's got a girlfriend already. I imagine he's going to be putting a consulate on Martinique in a few months.

The GOP did not lose this election because they were not conservative enough.
No, it lost because it hasn't been conservative enough for the last 3.

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