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November 05, 2008



President Elect Obama is already angering his supporters - he is not spreading the wealth around or paying wages.

"They gave us $10 an hour. So we added it. I added up all the hours so it was supposed to be at least $120. All I get is $90," said Charles Martin.

"I worked nine hours a day for 4 days and got paid half of what I should have earned," said Randall Waldon.

hhhmmm, Chaco - you do get around. grin.


M. Simon

Lieberman will be stripped of his committee chair, per Sean Hannity.

Posted by: Sue | November 05, 2008 at 04:12 PM

I always thought he was more of a Republican than a Democrat. He gets that if you want social programs you need a strong economy to support them. And he is right on the war.


Here is something from Firedoglake on Emanuel from Sept. 2007. They hated him them. Wonder what their feeling is about him now?



Getting government involved with contentious social issues.

With all due respect, this has been going on for a looonnnnngggg time, and surely isn't the single domain of the Republicans. Roe vs Wade has just made it a festering wound. The thing is, the Republicans prefer to try to legislate certain things, while the Democrats prefer to jam it through the courts.


Also Po it is being exploited by the dimorats. Republicans who moan about the social conservatives are falling for it like the sophisticats who fell for Palin's a rube hook line and sinker.

It sometimes seems like a lost cause when "our side" ranks on the social conservatives in the same post as wondering where to get 8 million votes.


M/ Simon--that was American Jews living in Israel who backed McC 2 -1.

jimrhoads aka vnjagvet

Syl's analysis is spot on IMO. Democrats seem to be throwing the small business sector over the side in this election. That was their Joe the Plumber problem. It is this sector that Republicans -- big business/big government republicans -- have also tended to ignore as they did in both Bush administrations. Reagan did not make that mistake.

Historically, the Republicans have been the party of the merchants, farmers and entrepreneurs, against "big government" and at least wary of big business. Concentration of power was not their thing. It was against slavery and discrimination as well and for equal opportunity but not equal outcomes without equal effort, skill and responsibility.

Going back to those roots may well be the best course now.

BTW, if you look at Newt's Contract with America, its goals are consistent with this course.


Lieberman will be stripped of his committee chair, per Sean Hannity.

I'll believe Obama and his "Team of Rivals" rhetoric if he puts Joey Liebs in his cabinet.

jimrhoads aka vnjagvet

It should be they in the last sentence of the first paragraph. Sorry.


From centralcal's link:

A former spokesman for the Obama campaign said 375 people were hired as part of the Vote Corps program and said people signed up to work three-hour shifts at a time. Three hours of canvassing got workers a $30 pre-paid Visa card.

They had a lot of pre-paid Visa cards on hand at the Obama campaign????????
That's pretty interesting.



You make me feel so paranoid.

I perfer my conspiracy top shelf. Obama's campaign was so rife with fraud it may be a political problem for him going forward especially if he fires all the US Attorneys as I expect.

His September and October numbers should be rolling in and how many more "qwerty"'s are going to pop up and how many more lies and flimsy excuses will keep the press at bay?

Another problem he is going to have is that his "political collation" has many mutually exclusive interests and it will be a matter of months (esp with economic weakness) where they will begin to defect. He can't keep industrial unions, Wall Street, and environmentalists happy and he's promised all three unicorns and sunshine.

At times like these I'd perfer a much firmer hand at the wheel, but the American people wanted to go ahead and stab themselves in the back. I expect a massive wave of Islamic terror (starting in Europe) soon, which Obama will excuse (and probably defend), and Chinese and Russian aggression in South America. I fully expect both to place intermediate range missles is Panama and Venezuela and both to hit the gas on hyperproliferation in South America, which might be made more interesting if a Chavez clone were to take power in Mexico. Obama and his "Winnie the Pooh" Staff will unilaterally disarm America and no one on his national security team wants missile defense so the Chinese and Russians can just string things out, cause problems across Africa and Central Asia which the world would want Obama to solve, and they will be able to give to any manner of loathsome regime the tools necessary for chemical and nuclear weapons.

Also I expect the Japanese and possibly the South Koreans to launch crash nuclear weapons programs in 2009 with testing in 2010 and 2011. I also expect the US to close most if not all bases in South Korea within his first term.


Mark Steyn's contribution at NRO looks good to me:

I congratulate Senator Obama on a remarkable and decisive victory. It was in many ways the final battle in a war the Republican Party didn’t even bother fighting — the “long march through the institutions.” ... Bill Bennett asked me on the air the other day why voters were so hot for this hope’n’change mush, and I suggested that it’s the dominant vernacular of the age. Go into almost any American grade-school and stroll the corridors: you’ll find the walls lined with Sharpie-bright supersized touchy-feely abstractions: “RESPECT,” “DREAM,” “TOGETHER,” “DIVERSITY.” ... Republicans need to start their own long march back through all the institutions they ceded. Otherwise, the default mode of this society will be liberal, and what’s left of the Republican party will be reduced (as in other parts of the west) to begging the electorate for the occasional opportunity to prove it can run the liberal state just as well as liberals can.
Like it or not that ground game requires a long term version of the kind of effort that passed prop 8. If we grant them exclusive access to preach their semi-religion from every cultural institution and media, Mark is right, "what’s left of the Republican party will be reduced to begging the electorate for the occasional opportunity to prove it can run the liberal state just as well as liberals can".


Yeah, Rich, the world just became exponentially more dangerous. Even the Sheriff barely kept the lid on. Just imagine John Kerry as Secretary of State. Now wait a minute; how could he be worse than was Powell?

Rick Ballard


A first step might be to encourage voting down every school bond issue brought to the electorate. A second might be to identify the private school nearest, examine its mission and policy statements and then donate to its scholarship fund (if warranted). A third is to encourage homeschooling and volunteer to occasionally teach. Homeschoolers are running pretty effective pooling operations now and their initiative should be rewarded with support.

I expect growth in parallel structures rather than a reverse march through the institutions. I would greatly prefer the destruction of the edifices already ruined rather than an an attempt to rebuild over a foundation totally infested with termites.

Every 20 students moved to home schooling or private school means a liberal Gramscian hire unmade. Let Uncle BHO feed them.


have also tended to ignore as they did in both Bush administrations.

See, there's the big lie. Most of Bush's tax cuts were aimed DIRECTLY at small business. As with everything else in the administration, it was never properly enunciated.

jimrhoads aka vnjagvet

It is not a lie, Po. It is a misconception because of a lack of leadership. If the reasons for the tax cut was not articulated well to the objects of the exercise, in effect it is ignored. IOW, these policies were not articulated well to small and entrepreneurial business. Both Carter and Reagan had White House Conferences on Small Business. There was a big hoopla and marketing effort for these events, giving the feeling that small business had a place at the policy table.

Maybe I missed something these last eight years, but I didn't see this kind of activity.


Most of Bush's tax cuts were aimed DIRECTLY at small business.

I expect most small business owners were aware of that whether the message got through the MSM curtain of ridicule or not.

Everybody else who needs to understand that message remained uninformed and deluded by the MSM and IMO there is not much that "leadership" could have done.

So it is now likely the message will be delivered at the school of hard knocks but will remain unheeded because too many lack the knowledge or education to understand it.

Some small business owners may use the side effects of the likley downturn as a teaching moment on the subject.

Soylent Red

Syl and M. Simon brushed up against something I have been wondering...

Where the hell are the Libertarians (big L and small L)? Surely they didn't sit this thing out, knowing what O was up to. Or maybe they did, as McCain would have been only marginally better on expanding government.

I think we could recapture them, as well as small business by returning to the Western Conservatism model. "Get government out of my way!" Not directly attacking government, but attacking the effects of too much government.

That, of course, would mean a softening on the abortion stance. No more driving to outlaw it or reduce it through legislation. It would become a cultural battle instead.



Mr. Bad is a bit of a Libertarian although he won't vote Libertarian in any of the big races. He will vote for several in local elections who hold up to scrutiny. Once again, he won't vote libertarian if it would allow a dem to get into office.


Here is some leftie back and forth characterizing Robert Gibbs as a smear merchant back in Feb. 2007.



We have two good ideas so far:
Outreach to immigrants and to small businesses.
How do we do the latter? Some may belong to trade associations, but I bet most don't
I cannot think of something as electrifying as Joe the Plumber was and yet we;d need that and need it on a sustained basis/Is it possible to set upo a website detailing the problems and challenges of small businesses in this new Administration with notes as to pending legislation and what it would mean to them?

Is there some other way?


**up a website***


That, of course, would mean a softening ...

And gay marriage and embryonic stem cells and the war on Christmas and ...

The obvious response should be all those things ARE examples of government taking sides in the first place. Where does the notion come from that legislators are to be hands off while courts and public schools lay it on with howitzers?

A less obvious response might be that libertarians should be siding with the social cons on those issues. If not in agreement then as response to judicial activism. IMO too many "libertarians" favor judges imposing the more libertarian ruling on recalcitrant social conservatives. My libertarian nature considers that screwed up.


CBS 2003:

AJHPV's new spokesman is former John Kerry press secretary Robert Gibbs, who left the Massachusetts senator's campaign when his boss, Jim Jordan, was fired.



Emanuel and Gibbs both have a history of being very anti-Howard Dean.

Soylent Red

Right Boris...

I think the western model, for which Reagan was noted, has been abandoned in the last eight years.

It's not that I want to see Christmas eradicated, drugs legalized, or pride parades down my mainstreet. What I want is for these kinds of dead end fights to be waged from pulpits and at dinner parties rather than politically.

Republicans have gotten the reputation as being Puritanical morality cops. Even as a member of the religious Right, I see the benefits of muzzling the Religious Right.

jimrhoads aka vnjagvet


I just saw a story on Fox that our Rahm's dad was an intelligence operative for Mossad. More evidence is abuilding for your theory.

Also, Rahm has accepted the WHCOS job.


I don't think there's much you can do to rectify that except urging candidates not to go there and supporting candidates who don't. While respect should be paid the general tenets of western religious belief, specifics are best left for another forum.

Note, however, even when conservative candidates get this--as Pallin did, the press pretends she didn't/

NRO's Frum says this gal--Nicole Wallace__ is responsible for the slurs that Carl Cameron was so happy to carry forward:


Soylent Red

Additionally, I offer you this as a possible explanation for how the Obama voter has been developed over time, and how the education system can be tweaked to fix the problem.

Salient paragraph is this:

When the bulk of your educational experience is regurgitating data, it leads to a default mental setting that is accepting and uncritical. That is all well and good as long as the world’s bad actors always tell the truth and world events play out according to some master plan laid out in a international relations textbook. What happens when the uncritical face a sufficiently weird or challenging situation?

have gotten the reputation as being Puritanical morality cops

Just as Sarah has gotten the reputation as a caribou barbie. Just as W has gotten the reputation as a war mongoring moron.


King Abdullah just congratulated O and the Taliban's ecstatic--when's a good time to tell them that O's COS is the son of a mossad agent?

Soylent Red

Hiya Clarice...

If all goes well, I'll be living up the road from you starting 12JAN09.

Start washing the arugula.


" Just imagine John Kerry as Secretary of State."

John Kerry was groomed for this position by his father and other Communists/Fellow travelers.

"Previous articles have drawn attention to the liberal foreign policy orientation of John Kerry’s father Richard Kerry. This article digs deeper into Richard Kerry’s background, exploring how his foreign policy views were influenced by Communist fellow travellers from Harvard Law School and the State Department, and how this influence was in turn passed on from Richard Kerry to his children."


Obama's press liaison, Robert Gibbs, has built a particularly large reservoir of ill will. David Mendell, who covered Obama's Senate campaign for the Chicago Tribune and authored the 2007 Obama book From Promise to Power, wrote about Gibbs as "the anti-Obama" and described him as "Obama's hired gun, skillfully trained to shoot at reporters whose coverage was deemed unfair. Mendell tells me, "if [Gibbs] feels you're necessary to achieve a campaign goal, he will give you access and allow you in. But, if he feels you're not going to be of help, he can just ignore you." Mendell has his own specific gripe: Apparently, the Obama team was less than pleased with his biography, on which they cooperated, and Gibbs has since refused to help with the second edition.

One reporter sniffs that Gibbs, a native Alabaman and veteran of John Kerry's 2004 campaign, is the "communications director who doesn't communicate." "If you're getting an interview, and they say ten minutes, it's ten minutes," adds Time's Karen Tumulty, who scored an interview with Obama in June. "Robert Gibbs will cut it off."

At least some members of the press are not Robert Gibbs fans.


jimrhoads aka vnjagvet


Morality policing should be done within the home, shouldn't it? A benefit of Freedom of Religion is one's ability to pick the moral ideals one wishes to live by, so long as those ideals preclude criminal conduct.

I agree with you that the government's only legitimate interest in morality is to pass and enforce a criminal code sufficient to maintain peace and to protect persons and property in the community.

Soylent Red

I get your point boris, but...

Those two memes don't derive from the same source as each other or from the source of the morality cop meme.

The Caribou Barbie meme was simply the Left's attempt at marginalization. They did it to Dan Quayle too. It's the common attack on a young, attractive, and unknown conservative. Nothing special about it.

All Repubs since time immemorial have been "warmongers". This just goes with the territory, like "not being for the little guy". Untrue, and based on little or no evidence. Just traditional arguments.

The morality cop issue is similar to this, but slightly different in that there is empirical truth to it. Religious righties have directly altered our party's platform over the last 20 years. They do represent a large part of the R base.


Good Soylent . Let me know if you'll need anything else--like a place to stay while you secure housing....Jim, I can't find that story oonline yet, but it's long been known that Rahm's dad was in the Irgun.

Soylent Red

Right vnjag...

We should not be fighting religious battles under the party banner. That's how the charges of "religious fanatics" stick to us.

And with abortion in particular, this is one hundred percent an issue that drives a wedge between the religious right and the electorate. Righties need to mobilize that fight from churches and synagogues.


"Posted on Friday, October 29, 2004 10:30:27 AM by Fedora"

"John Kerry's Fellow Travellers"

"A 5-part series exposing John Kerry's Communist connections."

"Part 4: Subversion in the Senate: Kerry's Communist Constituency"

The Communists have been supporting John Kerry for a Long, Long Time, and John Kerry has been supporting the Communists for a Long, Long, Time.

One can find all of Fedora's posts by going to the article I have
and clicking on the Word Fedora in the line posted by.

I doubt if there is any American the Communists would rather see as Secretary of State than John Kerry.


At least some members of the press are not Robert Gibbs fans.
They'll come around. If Obama actually manages to alienate the press, he truly is The One.



More evidence is abuilding for your theory.

There are plenty of books and articles which detail how the Soviets manipulated public opinion in the US. I'd be unsurprised if actual Soviet cultural agents ("professors") taught their tradecraft in journalism and marketing schools all across the country unbeknowst to their students. As far as an Obama Administration goes though, the same sort of "politics of personal destruction" the Clinton's were know for is going to get supercharged with a more compliant media and cooperative bureaucracy. It won't take long for them to go too far, and getting in front of the Axelturfers and the Alinsky trash brigades will be the key to derail many of Obama measures.

I am a bit more upbeat after reading the thread here though, and wish I could go on that NR cruise to meet up with the other JOMer's going;) It is going to be a long four years, but the Republic has survived worse and the New Left baby boomers aren't going to last forever. Living under a New Left regime (fingers crossed it is a merciful 4 years) just might be the medicine needed to wake people up from their complacency.


You betcha, Rich..Those of us oldsters remember 20% interest rates; gas lines; foreign policy disasters. Those 2o somethings have largely lived in a center-right paradise..Except for the fact that retirement may be more harrowing a prospect than it was months ago, we oldsters will survive.

jimrhoads aka vnjagvet


I agree with your assessment. Nothing like a bad experience to change one's views. I supported Carter when I was in my 30's. The support was based on "hope and change" if you will recall. Big mistake.

We've survived this far, Clarice. We'll be fine. We also have educated our kids to be self-sufficient. That will serve them well, I think. I know mine are not counting on me for their financial salvation when Bertie and I croak.

Good thing too, as the women in Bert's family are very long lived. Her two aunts are in their 90's. One has more energy than a 60 year old, while the other is vivacious and sharp as a tack even though crippled up with arthritis.


This Wiki page on Gibbs contains some nuancy inaccuracies about President Bush.



My son made a pot of dough selling his businesses just before the market tanked, much of which he quickly hustled into insured bank accounts around the country.
Those who came after me and raised these dummies--well, I suppose they'll try to juggle the system so we end up supporting them and their lkids--not enough prudent folks left to steal from I think.

Oh No Not That Katrina C)(* Again

--A hurricane rescue effort that was the compoundng of a mistake.

This was a pinnacle of lies by the media. The Coast Guard ALONE rescued THIRTY THOUSAND people. Easily half would have died of exposure without that rapid response.

This isn't even counting the Army, Navy and National Guard Units.

But human lives aren't important to Lefties. Not when they can gain political advantage.


Katrina: What the Media Missed
By Lou Dolinar

Remember the dozens, maybe hundreds, of rapes, murders, stabbings and deaths resulting from official neglect at the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina? The ones that never happened, as even the national media later admitted?

Sure, we all remember the original reporting, if not the back-pedaling.

Here's another one: Do you remember the dramatic TV footage of National Guard helicopters landing at the Superdome as soon as Katrina passed, dropping off tens of thousands saved from certain death? The corpsmen running with stretchers, in an echo of M*A*S*H, carrying the survivors to ambulances and the medical center? About how the operation, which also included the Coast Guard, regular military units, and local first responders, continued for more than a week


Fifty thousand New Orleans residents were in danger of death from drowning, heatstroke, dehydration and disease. That was a tough one to get through the media reality-distortion field, but the numbers have since been confirmed by Congress, the White House, Louisiana state officials and the relevant agencies themselves.

Oh No Not That Katrina C)(* Again

---massive government control of the means of production (which is the classic definition of Marxism).

No, but if a coal plant can't meet the holy Global Warming Standards they can go bankrupt. (Coal Stocks down 15% today). Appalled - whistling past the graveyard.

Oh No Not That Katrina C)(* Again

---McCain had told Palin to buy *3* suits. Not spend > 150K dollars. Just remeber how you felt when John Edwards spent $400 on a haircut -- now multiply that by 1000.

Jor gets all his information reading Men's Vogue.

Oh No Not That Katrina C)(* Again

---Asked yesterday if he wished he had set more bombs, Ayers answered: "Never."

He also said he had regrets.

"I wish I'd been wiser," he said. "I wish I'd been more effective. I wish I'd been more unifying. I wish I'd been more principled."---

Ladies and Gentlemen -- I give you -- the Democratic Nominee for 2016. Stand up Bill!

Angie Smith

I wonder if you'll hear Hollywood moneymakers screaming when Obama hits them with his tax hike. Delicious to think about it! Those crazy, left-wing illuminatis never have enough money and don't think they'll like Obama's "redustribute the wealth" plan. Can you imagine idiots like Spike Lee and Sean Diddy giving up any of their money because it's "patriotic?" And what happens when the movie industry cuts back on making movies because the rest of us can't afford to spend $8-$9 to see them? I hope Obama's tax hike hits them right where it will do the most good--in their wallets!

Angie Smith

President Bush has done a much better job the past eight years than Obama can be expected to do. Obama needed to hone his skills by staying in the Senate for at least 10 years and to toughen up. He wants to "play nice" with the worst dictators in the world--a crazy plan that the lefty, liberal illuminatis thought up that will be so detrimental to our country. Those dictators can sniff out a weak President. Why do you think they and Europe like him so much?

Peter Jones

Well! This is the first time I've stumbled upon this site, and I feel an eerie urge to grow hair all over my body and walk semi erect!

But, not to denigrate neanderthal man too much (for surely he could not type), as one that has voted republican in six out of the last eight elections (fortunately, better sense moved me to look past W-2, and Mac-drek), I struggle to hold back the gag reflex when you bring up "democratic misrule under Bill Clinton..." . Would it were that we had the same type of "misrule" under W!!!!! Who knows...maybe a hummer would take constant pained expression off his face! And we the people would get...oh, I don't know...maybe a federal budget that would be in surplus...record low unemployment...our financial system intact and not imploded...our military might and billions of dollars would not have been squandered on inherently pointless and unwinnable "wars" of nation building halfway around the globe. That is the type of "misrule" that I thought I was voting for when I cast my first vote for W-1 over Gore!

Instead we got the political, agenda driven, handsoff incompetence, of a basically evil (and I use that word in the fullness of its meaning) gang of four (Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rove, Rumsfield) and their running dog, Bush.

I do realize that Rush Limbaugh and Sean (Oh, the Inanity!) Hannity have millions of listeners. Having been one myself "back in the day", I can appreciate the space that is provided there for some. And although I accept that Limbaugh and Inanity must repeat their shtick year in and year out (hey, it beats working and keeps Rush off the oxycontin), I had hoped that their audience had matured somewhat. Obviously, I was wrong.


I do not know how to use the Hellgate gold ; my friend tells me how to use.

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