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November 26, 2008



but when Obama delivers the glorious middle-class entitlement on health care they will be all smiles again.

Let's hope we can stomp that turd and just let them keep on moaning.


ones is scowcroftian and wants to insert nato troops into the west bank.

they will be as effective there as unifil is in southern lebanon - perhaps worse since their presence will make it even more difficult for the idf to retaliate against the inevitable attacks against israel.

if the pna cannot maintain order themselves, then they are simply not stateworthy.


Libs seem to have gone all dormant. Now that is something to be very thankful for this year.


Like I said before, that's Inigo Montoya level of delusion. (re; Wallace Shawn's line about a land war in Asia, and dealing with a Sicilian, when revenge is on the line; you find the IMDB quote).

Captain Hate

Every day that goes by in which we don't address the demographic time-bomb of entitlements just increases the future pain in dealing with them. I'm pretty sure that future historians will not be kind to the "profiles in cowardice" that have caused this.


C'mon Capn. That would mean that everybody can't have everything handed to them for free!!!!


Just visited Ghost of a Flea, with a look at Hitchen's clear disconfiture with Hillary
as Madame Secretary; he really thought they wouldn't get Bryan with Wilson,an inexact comparison. the takeaway; "Sarah's looking a lot better now, huh". Gates the Persian friendly Defense Chief, luckily we have a Kitchener looking over the Khyber Pass in Petraeus, for now. Boy, he really didn't
think this through, did he. Where is Ken Adelman hiding himself nowadays.

So Jim Martin, was for Edwards, talk about an epic fail right there. Hypocrisy, & unctuousness, of the Uriah Heep variety. Why couldn't he be reasonable, and have been for Gravel or Kucinich (sarcasm).


Oooh the Great O is really flummoxing this press conference. How fun.


Volcker, did everybody forget the 70s; what are rates going to go up to now?


Obama just pretty much admitted that these are Rahm Emmanuel's picks.


Oh, and experience in Washington is important.



meet the new boss, same as the old boss....


Hope and Cheney.


Obama just pretty much admitted that these are Rahm Emmanuel's picks.

Pofarmer, you were right and I was wrong about that. Looks like Rahm is the shadow Prez thus far and Axelrod will be confined to re-election strategy.

Thomas Collins

He may get flummoxed, Jane, but one amusing thing about Zero is that he seems to have complete disdain for MSM (at least he appears to from his facial gestures at press conferences). I find that amusing in that MSM was a wholly owned subsidiary of his campaign.

Crunchy Frog

As much as I dislike Rahm, he's one of the few grownups on the left. The country would do a lot worse with Axelrod at the helm.

JM Hanes

I'm afriad Max Boot's fatuous last line raised my hackles:

"Only churlish partisans of both the left and the right can be unhappy with the emerging tenor of our nation’s new leadership."

I'm relieved that Obama doesn't plan to appoint raging lefty neophytes or hacks, but should I be happy with a reemerging Clinton adminstration? Gates & Jones may be better than I hoped for, but Bush has managed to secure Iraq well enough that even Obama can see the writing on the wall if he screws it up with a radical, identifiably personal, change of direction. Hillary's influence may be a help in that regard, but aside from that, have all these honeymooners just forgotten what a walking foreign policy disasater the Clinton adminstration was? I had visions of Hillary and Maddy Albright picking out their matching pantsuits just the other night.

Obama's pointedly tentative one year commitment to Gates could mean all sorts of things, not all of them good. I just pray the new Prez doesn't undercut Petraeus. Hopefully, MayBee got it right when she conjured up a picture of Obama taking a new look at his foreign policy team after starting to get the daily threat assessments, and thinking, Oh. Shit. I'll concede that exiling Susan Rice to the U.N. and apparently crossing Zinni off any short lists would be genuine bright spots. Unfortunately, Obama's consistently glib talking points over nearly two years don't suggest any substantive interest in foreign policy except as it affected his campaign or his domestic agenda.

I bet Obama knows perfectly well whom he intends to seat at Education, though, and is saving any wildly controversial appointments till he's settled everybody's nerves. Holder's hearings may be a slightly rocky road, but putting a black appointee at the head of the confirmation line didn't happen by accident. Republicans won't have other confirmations to point to yet, he seems an unlikely candidate for a filibuster, and Democrats will be running interference every step of the way. He's a defensible choice, although I suspect much of his appeal at Camp Obama is his proven his competancy on the ass-covering front.

BTW, in addition to the history of infamous pardons now being revived and dissected on the right, I have a nagging impression that Holder's name surfaced somewhere in the Plamegate maneuvers. Does that ring anybody else's bells?

As for the rest of the lot, I'll leave it to my betters to pass judgment on the the incoming economic team, and just say that I suppose it's a plus that Obama doesn't appear to be suicidal. Richarson was an asshat as Energy Sect'y, and nobody really knows what lurks behind Daschle's carefully cultivated congeniality, but these days, per Boot, familiarity is apparently supposed to calm the waters instead of breeding contempt.

If it's churlish to say that I'm not getting a big thrill up the leg just because Obama has proved savvy enough not to appoint a bunch of flaming, whacked out loonies to high profile positions, so be it. I didn't like most of this incoming crew the first time around, and I'm in no rush to embrace the "emerging tone" of the sequel. To my disappointed surprise "temperament" and "looking presidential" seem to be selling briskly on the right as well as the left these days.


The surge is working!

Protesters show disdain for pact keeping U.S. troops in country through 2011
Saturday, November 22, 2008
By Tina Susman and Caesar Ahmed, Los Angeles Times
BAGHDAD -- At the same spot where U.S. forces helped Iraqis topple a statue of Saddam Hussein in 2003, protesters yesterday tore down an effigy of President Bush and set it afire during a protest over plans to keep American troops in Iraq through 2011.

Demonstrators began arriving at central Baghdad's Firdos Square just after sunrise, some having walked hours across the capital. Most came from Sadr City, the stronghold of the Shiite Muslim cleric who called for the gathering, Muqtada al-Sadr.

The effigy of Mr. Bush, wearing a suit and tie and carrying a briefcase, dangled for hours as the crowd, which stretched for several city blocks, knelt in prayer and listened to clerics denounce the Status of Forces Agreement.

The pact, expected to be voted on in Iraqi's parliament next week, sets a Dec. 31, 2011, deadline for the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq and requires U.S. combat troops to pull out of Iraqi cities, towns and villages by the end of next June.

But some people interviewed in the crowd insisted that the pact did not contain any withdrawal deadlines. Others said that whatever the pact said, they did not trust the U.S. or Iraqi governments to live up to it.

"They want to keep extending and extending," Bassim Hamoud said as he prepared to pass one of the Iraqi army checkpoints set up on the edge of the rally. "If there was a concrete time limit, we would go for it." Asked what he wanted that time limit to be for a U.S. withdrawal, Mr. Hamoud replied, "We want them to leave today."

Sara (Pal2Pal)

The retention of Gates and the appt. of Jones give those of us who believe Obama has absolutely zero to recommend him as Commander-in-Chief some solace, not a whole lot, but at least some.

But, there is still the question of Obama's own eligibility to be President and now this whole business with the Emoluments Clause regarding Hillary's appt. at State. How are they going to get around it?


Oh wow. Clarice- are you seeing what's happening in Mumbai? The Oberoi and the Taj are being terrorized.


have all these honeymooners just forgotten what a walking foreign policy disasater the Clinton adminstration was?

Pretty much, yeah.


I'm tired of the Obama presidency. It seems like it has been going on forever. How many days are left, anyway; anybody keeping count?


Approximately 1520, I believe.

JM Hanes

PaulL: LOL! Thanks, needed that!


How many days are left, anyway; anybody keeping count?

When will those electronic day countdown devices go on sale for the Obama administration?

Oh, wait...


the good news is that they're going to shunt Biden off into a corner where he can pontificate all he wants to an empty room. So much for foreign policy expertise.....


What an undignified person to send off to foreign funerals. Maybe they'll put a shock collar on him.


I loved O's proclamation today that it was he alone that would represent the change we've been waiting for.

Yeah that should work.


Maybe they'll put the shock collar on Obama.


So, what's Bill gonna be doing for the next four years?


MayBee, I've been sous chefing t\for the annual sushi pre-Thanksgiving fiesta and just now learned of the disaster on Mumbai..Tragic..

Time to get those gurkhas on the streets.


I loved O's proclamation today that it was he alone that would represent the change we've been waiting for.

SSP alert:

To this end I was born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness...unto the change. Every one that is of the change heareth my voice.


The surge is working!

Protesters show disdain for pact keeping U.S. troops in country through 2011

Do they plant bulbs to sprout idiots on the left? Or do they grow on trees?

Try this on for size.

Democracy in America is working!

Protesters show disdain for the recent amendment to the California Constitution....

There should be an idiot limit for liberals. Three stupid statements in a row and you're out.


Do those statements rise even to the level of stupid?


T minus less than seven days and counting.


Best guess, three days, morning after Shabbas.


Hey, look, they just caught NoKo shipping missiles to Iran.


You are so talented, Elliott.

I can't forget the outrage when President Bush said he was "The Decider". Not so much when Obam proclaims "He is the One". (Can you imagine if President Bush had said that?)


How about 'The Changer'. Yes, he does.



I kinda like Vacillator or Hesitater. :)


Thanks, Ann. Vacillator has a delightfully distasteful ring. Very appropriate. I like kim's too. Isn't there already a movie? Barack le changeur.


"I loved O's proclamation today that it was he alone that would represent the change we've been waiting for."

From the RBO site:

"Someone Mr. Obama has to burst your fantasy bubble, because you are not informed on these issues and it shows that your entire staff is even less informed than yourself."

"Another problem for President in waiting B H is his comment today in the Obama conference that he was going to go page by page and line by line to root out unneeded spending."

"Mr. B H, it will disappoint you to know that that is called the Line Item Veto a condition which Democrats refused to give President Reagan, President Bush, President Clinton and President Bush."

"By the way, perhaps we should point out that the Supreme Court eliminated the line-item veto in June 1998, during the Clinton administration, “ruling that Congress did not have the authority to hand that power to the president.”

Apparently, all that education that Obama supposedly got didn't stick.


Excellent point, wiltel, but Obama is so arrogant he thinks he can penetrate the politics of the legislature to manipulate the process there. He won't be vetoing, he and Rahm will be messing with Congressional minds throughout the process.

Bad guys, both of them. Birds of a feather. Our chickens coming home to roost.


Too bad all you losers are so excited since Bob Gates has already said he's going with Obama on the 16 month withdrawal policy.

Would you like some cheese with that whine?


The Status of Forces agreement says out by mid 2011. Sistani, via Maliki, is the man who'll decide, not Obama, and not Gates.

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