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December 02, 2008



When Tim Russert died, I realized just how personally close he, Andrea Mitchell, and David Gregory were. They were all in it together.

It galls me to hear Chris Matthews and his Scooter Libby-is-a-felon-countdown-to-a-pardon schtick on Hardball. Matthews himself got Libby involved with NBC by lying about Cheney's interaction with Wilson, and yet he insists it is his job as a journalist to make sure Obama succeeds as President.


This actually links to the previous thread... In real life you don't lie because lying is wrong, not because liars get caught. In real life, you don't go committing perjury and getting someone convicted because in real life you might keel over from a heart attack before you have the opportunity to make things right.


Brilliant observation, cathyf.

Frau Jedöns

Andrea Mitchell's "Everybody knew" became "I misspoke." Will they *all* carry it to their graves?


I held my breath for a while then gave up, even though I got many compliments for my nicely coordinated blue eyes and face.

Nice line; I'll be stealing it.


Russert, Mitchell and Gregory had a story and they stuck with it. But why?


Russert was not a Plame pal. He knew what happened with Plame. He just died. Matthews is Plame friendly and gets his show. Plame pals are getting paid, Plame non pals just die.


Russert, Mitchell and Gregory had a story and they stuck with it. But why?

Anything to hurt the President.


Excellent, cathyf.

What's Mitchell's punishment..Having to wake up to Allen's face on the pillow next to hers' every morning? And Gregory's? Does he get a leg up on the competition as a payoff for ditching his conscience for his career?

The Birthday Fairy

The Culinary Clarice Countdown, #4: Dinner with Soylent.

We had spinach and feta nibbles; tomatoes with basil and mozzarella; grilled rib veal chops with lemon and rosemary; rosemary potatoes; mache salad; and meringues with passion fruit sorbet and currents and mixed berries and espresso. (I couldn't drink any wine because all the meds had made me dizzy enough but we had a nice Italian red.)

Posted by: clarice | August 21, 2008 at 11:24 PM


Gregory's new fame entitles him to a nice little background check, shall we?


I'm also afraid that Bob Novak is going to die before he tells us the identity of Wilson's friend that he met on the street.


Happy Birthday, Clarice!

Jane, I have been thinking of "Tuesdays with Jane" today. How did it go? Don't mean to bug you but I love your updates.:)


Where's Topsecret and Mrs H&R? I think the sky tonight is trying to tell us something:"If you haven't seen the southwestern sky just after sunset, and even if you have, feast your eyes tonight -- it may be the same spectacular show that drew the wise men to Bethlehem in search of a newborn king. From our vantage point on the planet, it's a glowing triangle of Venus, Jupiter and the waxing crescent moon. "

I suppose I'm the waxing crescent in this threesome. *sigh*


Aw, c'mon Clarice, claim the role of "bright, shining Venus". It IS your birthday after all!

I did notice that Jupiter and Venus were especially bright and very close together while hunting last weekend.

Any special reason for this "alignment"?


This winter, Venus is the unrivaled evening star that will soar from excellent to magnificent prominence in the southwest at nightfall. The interval by which it follows the sun will increase from nearly three hours on Monday to almost four hours by Jan. 1.

Sounds like Clarice to me! See LUN.


What are the bets on Bush pardonning Libby. Also, if he does, can Libby get his law license back?


Jane, I have been thinking of "Tuesdays with Jane" today.

Today we named the show: "Fun with Dick and Jane". (you might have to be over 50 to get that)

WE talked about Obama's appointments specifically Hillary and Holde,- and how a national security briefing focuses the mind; the bailout for the auto companies; Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick; India and Pakistan; the new Red Sox casket (I pronounced that the news item of the week) the 5 cases facing the Supreme's about O; Judges (we have a new Supreme in MA who just wrote a brief defending poor homeowners against predatory lenders and some other stuff.

He agreed to let me tape the show and make a podcast (look for that in January).

My (now 2)listeners said I managed to keep him from going on and on and that was good.


Happy birthdays to Clarice, Tops and Mrs. Hit and Run! It's a great day.


kim, if Libby is pardoned he will get his law license back--a pardon erases the conviction and but for that he'd not have had to turn in his license to practice.



I thought Nixon was disbarred, notwithstanding the pardon. You can get disbarred, even for actions that are not criminal.


I suppose you can get disbarred for conduct which isn't criminal, but that's not the case here. He was a member in good standing who had to turn in his license solely because of the felony conviction. If he's pardoned, that conviction is erased and he can practice again.


Happy Birthday Clarice, ts, and Mrs Run.

Jane, I'm 34 and I get the show title.

Just make sure nobody truncates it, or you'll have the FCC on you like Bubba on...
better not finish that, or I'll get the FCC after the blog.

Thomas Collins

Podcast!!! I may finally get to hear Jane's show (I was going to try to sneak out to the Auburn/Southbridge area today (where the station can be picked up), but work intervened).

I was going to call the station and tell them Jane's show should be on the programming guide, but I figured I should listen to one first in the event they asked me what in particular I liked about the show.


Just make sure nobody truncates it, or you'll have the FCC on you like Bubba on...

What does that mean?

Don't worry TC, no one would ask you that. And if they did, you simply need to reply: "Jane".


"Fun with Dick" could be misconstrued.


For an example of how that sort of thing can happen on the radio, see here.

Thomas Collins

Done. Got the voice mail, so I left a message.


BTW a quick glance shows that Alger Hiss was the first lawyer in Massachusetts reinstated to the bar after a felony conviction.


People are still watching TV? How backward.


"Fun with Dick" could be misconstrued.

Ahhhh, I am getting old.


Jane--you'll feel younger after you check out bgates link just above. It is so funnly!!!

Thomas Collins

I imagine that Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice also doesn't ring a bell with the young folks.


I saw it, and I actually saw it live (well on TV, but you know what I mean.)

glenda waggoner

I wonder what kind of shows he won't do on Fannie and Freddie!
And if Bush pardons Libby, I will watch to see what perjury exactly means over at NBC.

The Birthday Fairy

The Culinary Clarice Countdown, #3: Dinner with Hit and Run.

(eggplant parmesan ala Ada boni; grilled quali stuffed with Italian sausage/shallots/cognac and parsley; arugula salad and either apple tart; pear clafouti or raspberry meringue and vanilla custard for dessert) A nice red rhone ..

Posted by: clarice | September 24, 2008 at 08:31 PM


I remember there being a third person named as being in the group with Gregory and Dickerson as Fleischer leaked to them, a less well known female journalist (who's name and affiliation I can't remember at the moment, but remarked upon here in the comments at the time), who, as far as I know, was never questioned as to her memory of Fleischer's communication. I never did understand that lacuna. I still don't.

Ah, wait, here she is.....Tamara Lippert, Newsweek....found in the transcript of Fleischer's testimony at FDL.


I don't think Libby has asked for a pardon, and I would be surprised if Bush issued one unsolicited.


If I were Libby,I wouldn't ask for a pardon,nor would I accept one if one were offered. Better to stand at the bar of history than let let the travesty of a trial stand.

Captain Hate

I imagine that Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice also doesn't ring a bell with the young folks.

I'd pay a significant amount of money to have that bell clapper permanently removed.

glenda waggoner

Nice one, Cap'n..I can't believe I ever thought Elliot Gould was cute=wait=I didn't!

And, Happy Birthday, also, to tops and Mrs.Hit--she, must have the patience of Jobe!


Remind me again to whom David Gregory is married.

Thomas Collins

Bgates, I am staying late at work tonight to get ahead of the December rush. I came back from dinner at Brandy Pete's in the Financial District of Boston ready to get rolling after a nice salmon plate. I click your link and watch, and all I can think about now are NPR announcers enjoying edible Xmas "spheres." How am I supposed to get work done???? :-))))


Beth Wilkinson, general counsel to Fannie Mae; what do I win?


My everlasting gratitude, you fountain of wisdom.


Happy Birthday, Tops and Mrs. Hit!

I can't wait to hear the podcast for "Fun with Dick and Jane".

Speaking of fun, took the girls to the mall for Christmas shopping this afternoon. Our first stop was Barnes and Noble and the first thing in the store was a kiosk of childrens books for "Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope". Yes, gag me!

Upstairs we went to the biography section because they all had to buy a bio for a school project. You would not believe the number of biographies already published for our Dear Leader and his wife. Gag me, again!!

Just to make sure I wasn't imagining the number of books I saw, I googled amazon.com when I got home and there are 2,637 results for books on : BARACK How can there be so many books on two people that have not accomplished anything. It was sobering and depressing.

The rest of the shopping trip wasn't any better. The entire mall had Barack Obama T-shirts for sale. You just can't get away from the insanity. I guess I am back to Turner Classic Movies with my blanky.

What are we teaching our children about leadership, accomplishments, working hard, patriotism, ... nevermind, I know the answer and it is frightening.

The only good that came out of our trip was that I was there to help direct them to women biographies on Martha Washington, Louisa May Alcott, Annie Oakley, Abigail Smith Adams, etc. (They have to dress like the woman they are reporting on and the time period is 1700- 1800) Thank goodness for that.

Sorry, for rambling but this is just the beginning!


There's still Iowahawk, Ann.

Apologetic Mumbai Killers: "We Didn't Get the Memo About Obama"

"Jeez, I'm... I don't know, I just never got any kind of memo," said Kasab. "The ironic thing is that just the other day, when we were ritually shaving our testicles for final martyrdom, a bunch of us were talking about how great and symbolic it would be if the American infidels would only elect an handsome, articulate young African-American infidel. That way we could just lay down the suicide belts and scimitars and suitcase nukes and finally get involved in the positive aspects of community activism, like raising awareness for breast cancer research."

happy b-day clarice!

mrs hit and run

Happy Birthday Clarice! I am honored to share this day with you.


it's my oldest daughters b-day too. the big 1-3. alas, a teenager...

oddly enough, when i awoke this morning my back hurt, my hair a bit thinner and my eyes not quite as functional as the day before.

having a teenager must mean i'm getting old...



i did get the dick and jane reference earlier.


Just you wait bubaroooni. Happy B-day Mrs Hit, thanks for sharing your husband with us, and to you too Tops. I miss your late nite postings.


Extraneus, LOL!

Wow, I needed that. Thank you!


Ditto, Mrs. H--thought with all these threads, who knows when we'll meet again.


Oh, it's kinda sad that Tops hasn't been here to visit in a while, what with all the good birthday wishes.

And, Hit, I hope you are truly conveying to Mrs. Hit all of our best wishes on her birthday. Maybe she should get her own computer as a gift? Then she could get a JOM nome d'plume (or however it is spelled) - just to keep you on your toes, etc., etc. also. (h/t Sarah Palin and Ann).


I sent topsecret and Email wishing her a happy birthday and asking her to try to stop in.

I thought I was misssing her only because I go to bed earlier now than I did last year.


You gotta love Washington, where no one except Republicans are held accountable for their actions. Bankrupt the country? no worries! Store $100k in bribes in your refrigerator? Get a pass! Prevaricate about yellowcake? not a problem! Run a gay prostitution ring from your apartment? More power to you! scam home loans for your personal benefit while legislating on the issue! Hey, you're just a friend of Angelos!


having a teenager must mean i'm getting old...

Just wait. My granddaughter turns 13 in a month.


I was hoping someone emailed Tops, she is missed, a lot, also. :)

I keep trying to get my husband to join us at JOM, I regularly update him on all of you and he laughs with me, but I can't get him to do anymore than that. It is probably for the best because then he would find out what a flirt I am. :)

Looks like our fair lady helped in Georgia. Woot Woot.


People are still watching TV? How backward.
Not me. I watch Vermont.

"Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope".
Somehow he only ever talks about Promise, even though he was brought up by the Hope family.

With all the books, there's got to be a market for Obama Carols. Anybody who has a recording studio, we've got to get on this.
Obama! The stars are brightly shining,
It is the night of the inauguration.
Long lay the world in sin and error pining.
Till He appeared and the Spirit felt its worth.
A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices,
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.
Fall on your knees! Oh, hear the tv commentator voices!
O night divine, the night when Obama became President;
O night, Obama, Obama divine!

It's remarkable how little Christmas carols need to be changed to fit.
Is anyone else surprised that Firefox still treats "Obama" like a spelling error, when he's actually much, much worse?


Saxby triumphant, and Coleman may win, too.

E. Nigma

Conclusion to "A Man For All Seasons"

"Thomas More's head was stuck on Traitor's Gate for a month. Then his daughter, Margaret, removed it and kept it 'til her death. Cromwell was beheaded for high treason five years after More. The Archbishop was burned at the stake. The Duke of Norfolk should have been executed for high treason but the King died of syphilis the night before. Richard Rich became Chancellor of England and died in his bed."

Scooter Libby will always be remembered as some kind of criminal by the masses, Tim Russert died of a heart attack because of the guilt that he bore, George Bush will be hounded to the end of his days regarding Iraq, "Bush Lied, People Died!".
And David Gregory will become the leading face and voice for NBC News, and will retire someday to be called something like "Dean of American TV jouranlism", or some similar hogwash.

The Birthday Fairy

The Culinary Clarice Countdown, Tools of the Trade edition.

And, finally, Clarice Feldman emails:

I have two Kuhn Rikon pressure cookers. They are wonderful for making stews in a hurry and fabulous for making risotto. The best Indian cookbook writer I know recommended it--she has some curry recipes using a pressure cooker--and so many chefs were raving about risotto made (fast) in pressure cookers, I tried it. I now never make it any other way.


Shirley, there will be many press/thinktanky panels with Gregory that take questions from the audience.

Someone needs to ask the question.

Conservatives are bad about not getting to these CSPAN type events and asking tough questions--questions that I believe can make news (because every once in a while the answerer will slip up and tell the truth).

And, don't call me Shirley.


Fall on your knees! Oh, hear the tv commentator voices!

bgates, you crack me up! I have been listening to Christmas cds in the car and you are absolutely correct.

I keep thinking of a Chris Matthews carol for "The Drummer Boy". (Something about a thrill going up his leg, pa rum pum pum pum, On my, hardball show.)

JM Hanes

Mrs H & R!

What a pleasure -- your fan club here at JOM hopes you've had a lovely Birthday. [Psst....You might want to rethink leaving Mr. H & R alone when there's beer in the house though. Just sayin']

E. Nigma:

An absolutely inspired juxtaposition!

JM Hanes

After sitting in on Clarice's table so many times in one day, I feel positively stuffed, Birthday Fairy, culinarily speaking. And humbled!

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Looks like our fair lady helped in Georgia. Woot Woot.

You betcha, Ann. And I hepped too (by voting).


Now all we have to do is get Franken, fricking out of here and the Rinos to hear us when it counts, Jim. Thank you. I am feeling a little Hopey.

Soylent Red

Lift up your heads, ye press corps flacks,
And cover for these White House hacks
Your Chosen One is drawing near,
Your Savior of the world is here;
High tax and graft doth He bring,
And $30 thousand dollar rings:
We know he's President now!
But still can't work out how!

Oh blest the networks, the media blest,
Where Barry the Ruler is confessed!
Oh happy hearts and happy homes
To whom His Welfare payment comes!
A clueless social engineer,
Who bringeth Food Stamps for my beer.
A Comforter divine,
As long as I get mine!


Oh dear, I missed the EST deadline. Happy birthday, Clarice. Your birthday lasts longer here in the west.

And another one of Clarice's kitchen favorites to remember.


Happy, happy birthday to you. I can't say how much I've appreciated your commentary over the last several years.


Happy Birthday to my favorite JOMers!!


Yes--The West Coast is still celebrating Clarice's birthday:-)

For the Birthday Fairy--could you please find out from Clarice when the Whiskey Smoked Salmon is added to the risotto?


Kim, Coleman already won, now it's just a matter of will the democratic party in the Senate decide to take it from him, which I was very surprised to find out that they can. To all you smart people...how does this work?


Yes, I note that. How can Franken go whining to the Senate?


That the Senate can is different than that the Senate will. If Harry Reid releases this genie from the bottle, it will have the consequence of poisoning the Congressional well.

Of course, Harry Reid is tone deaf to this sort of thing.


Reid's ears may not work, but his nose does.

A new report from the Brookings Institution warns Obama that Iran will be nuclear within a year, but blames Bush for making them do it. How surprising.


glasater. I add it just after the rice is cooked...It is one of my favorite recipes. It is absolutely delicious.

One of the wonderful things this trip is to see my three year old grand daughter doing a great job baking(we made foccacia, and with her mom she made apple cinnamon muffins and chocolate chip cookies) and has a fabulous palate...She loves goat cheese on nice artisanal bread and Djella's fabulous octopus salad...


Happy belated birthday to Clarice, Mrs. HnR, and Tops!


I emailed the Reid quote to my Democratic wife. Somehow, after all these years, it still manages to be the single most disgusting thing she's heard from a Senate leader.

Really, I never thought there would come a circumstance under which I would think more highly of Daschle.

And please don't get me started on how much it cheapens the position held by Dole, Mitchell, Baker, and Frist--gentlemen all. Heck, the worst Lott did was wax enthusiastic at a birthday party.

(Fortunately, I was either too young or inebriated to notice Byrd's tenure.)


Thamk you C.R. and MayBee. Soylent--that one is fantastic!


Man, you hustle all over that mall, and the various Presidential shrines and war memorials and you can't help but stink. But however badly you stink, it doesn't hold a candle to the odor wafting from Reid.


Clarice--thanks so much! Have access to some fab smoked salmon from a wonderful seafood dealer on the Oregon coast and wanted to give that recipe a try.

And December is when the Dungeness crab starts coming on. Another reason to celebrate the Holidays.


Today's media outrage:
http://www.americanthinker.com/2008/12/aps_terror_photographer_honore_1.html>Bilal Hussein


Thanks for the link on Bilal Hussein, clarice.

We watched "Chaplin" over the weekend, and this brings to mind a scene at a big Hollywood party, where a Nazi holds the crowd in thrall by talking about his better way.
It seems the beautiful people have always had an appetite for celebrating the horribleness of this country.


Yes, they have, MayBee. A large part of the British American elite were either for Hitler or opposed to battling him until the hitler-Stalin Pact collapsed.
glasater--check in later. I'll double check my Villa D'Este cookbook to see if my memory is correct. (I add it later, because I noe make it in a pressure cooker and it would overcook if I put it in sooner. I want to see what you do following the traditional remedy.)Be right back.


OT, sorta, but since we are on food,,,

fab smoked salmon from a wonderful seafood dealer

Does anyone on the left coast know of a good replacement for whitefish? We used to get it in South Haven, MI, from a small fishery on Lake Michigan when I was a kid. Now that I smoke fish routinely, I find that it is really hard to get here. Yes, there are others, but smoked whitefish is a special treat.

And December is when the Dungeness crab starts coming on.

We had our first crabs of the season on Monday. Absolutely wonderful.


glasater, I checked the hotel's cookbook--using the traditional method, they estimate it takes 17-20 minutes for the rice to absorb the broth and they add the salmon sauce at the 10 minute (about halfway mark). As I said, you cannot do this is you make it in a pressure cooker when you really should add it at after the 10 minute mark when you've opened the cooker..usually then you have several minutes in which you need to stir the risotto to get the rice to absorb the last bits of liquid.


Happy Birthday Clarice!
I wish you many happy returns..

Patrick R. Sullivan

Mark Steyn could have been describing David Gregory in this about Americans who'd like to be a certain kind of European

In some ways, the most pleasant place to live is a state in gradual decline. You have the accumulated inheritance of a dynamic past to smooth the genteel downward slide. Much of Europe feels like that: You sit at a sidewalk café and watch the world go unhurriedly by. Life is good, work is undemanding, vacation’s coming up, war has been abolished. Somewhere beyond the horizon is a seething Muslim ghetto of 50% youth unemployment, whence the men swagger forth at sundown to torch the Renaults and Citroens of the infidels. But not in your arrondissement. And not even on the Friday afternoon drive to your country place. What’s to worry about?

“The contrast” today is not between America and Europe, but between the slightly-more-than-half of America at ease with the prospect of a Europeanized future and the considerably-less-than-half of America for whom our differences with Europe – the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, non-confiscatory taxation, a society that prizes individual opportunity over state protection – were a big part of the American success story.


Clarice--the reason I asked about when to put the smoked salmon in the risotto is that I didn't want to massacre the fish:-)

Here is a link to where I get the smoked salmon:

Barnacle Bill's

And here is a link to get the best canned smoked Tuna I've ever tasted. They also ship Dungeness that are huge! Lighthouse has a seawater tank for almost year 'round crab:-)



Thanks, HH.

glasater, you will love the risottot. I promise you, and it will come out just fine--it's not all that exacting..


More Global Warming Hysteria from those in the "know"... LUN.

What else can be blamed on this farce with little to no evidence???

I guess it is still the "nature of the charge" that is important, with Hard Facts and Evidence not important at all.


Dr J - See LUN for possible source of Whitefish.


I like smoked whitefish, too. We used to drive to Port Washington Wis when I was a kid for it and for the most delicious fried perch sandwiches.


clarice is already making work for the Birthday Fairy next year (or rather, the power behind the Birthday Fairy).


Clarice - here is a recipe for you (LUN):



Mmm..I went checking on the restaurant we used to go to in Port Washington--Smith Bros--but it's sadly out of business:
http://www.geocities.com/rooksmith/SmithBrosHeritage.html It was one of the oldest operations in the Midwest and had apparently a number of branches on the LA area, too.

Let me check that out PD..I don't know if fresh(as opposed to smoked) whitefish is available here either.


Who needs all the fish-type, fancy-shmancy stuff. The goal is to get the caramelized onions into your mouth.

I recommend tossed pizza dough on the 350 degree (Medium) Weber grill for two minutes. Flip and cover with caramelized onions. Cook another three minutes or until browned.

Chow down!


Can I ask a dumb (You really can't be a lawyer can you?) question.

If Obama should lose the challenge on his birth certificate (I don't think he will, this isn't a prediction) would the election be invalidated or would Biden become president?

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