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December 02, 2008



It's amusing, PD in Detroit, that the commenters at your global warming article have it right.

I don't usually recommend the blog of Joe Romm, CAP propagandist, called Climate Progress, but he has an interesting article explaining that Obama will have trouble getting the United States to sign on to the Kyoto replacement coming fast down the tracks next year. It's almost as if the handwriting on the wall is being read, and steps to prepare hoi polloi for disappointment are being taken.

The economic hard times, and the coming global cooling are looking more and more like they might put the kibosh on the urge to tax carbon until we all squeal. For sure, funding for alternative energy schemes has dried up in the last six months.


I believe it would go to McCain, Jane. Biden wasn't running for President.


I went checking on the restaurant we used to go to in Port Washington--Smith Bros--but it's sadly out of business

Same with the one we went to (Jensen's Fishery). Wonderful place. South Haven has changed a lot over the years -- it was a sleepy town when I was young, then went way downhill to becomes nearly a ghetto, and then was rediscovered by the yuppies and is now quite nice. Jensen's had prime real estate, so they undoubtedly sold out.

PD -- thanks for the link. I will check it out.

It is amusing that when one asks for whitefish out here on the left coast, the person behind the fish counter always replies "we have a lot of white fish. Which one do you want?" Even at the best fish counters or markets.


Bill Richardson for Commerce Secretary. That's not particularly comforting. Somebody remind me what his successful programs as Energy Secretary were? I mean, aside from getting most of the country getting declared off limits to exploration and stalling the nuclear industry.


Kim -

I found the LUN from an AT Article today about GW. I find it quite interesting and seems to make a great deal of sense, although they appear to discount some of the effects of the SUN by the date range selection.

Could it be that AGW is real, but is tied to CFC's not CO2?


Jane:"If Obama should lose the challenge on his birth certificate (I don't think he will, this isn't a prediction) would the election be invalidated or would Biden become president?"

I think it depends when that happened. If it were before the electoral college, the EC could simply pick someone else.

I think after the EC votes for Obama, were he removed for this disqualification,, we'd get President Biden.

Rick Ballard

"For sure, funding for alternative energy schemes has dried up in the last six months."


Biotech is another industry that is being slaughtered at the start up level. It's almost as if investors have some understanding that when the prog killers grab health care, the value of life extending drugs and treatments will drop rather precipitously. Imagine that.


**but sadly it's out of business***

Smith's lasted for over 100 years and was a great tradition. I think it, too, was sited on what had become rather valuable lakefront property.

My husband and I recall it fondly--it was a place both our parents would take us on weekends for a special treat..a rare meal away from home.


Biotech is another industry that is being slaughtered at the start up level.

Tell me about it -- I am getting killed. Another friend had his business go under when his means of self-financing -- interest from FNMA bonds, IIRC -- went away (as did his principal).

That says nothing about venture capital. Let's just say it is extremely hard to get at the moment, and many existing investors want their money out *now*. That is forcing at least one company sale, at fire-sale pricing. There probably are many more in that boat; I just happen to know senior people at the companies cited.

The last time biotech was hit this hard was when Hillarycare was being developed. It nearly killed the industry. It recovered only when Hillarycare tanked.

We can only hope the same happens now.


Feels like my finger getting close to an exposed electrical wire, but...

I would think the whiskey sauce should go in early enough to allow the rice to absorb it, but due to the constant stirring involved in making traditional rissotto, the smoked salmon should be warmed during that process and then folded in at the end, after the parmigiano and butter are stirred in.

(Love these JOM culinary adventures, and I still thank Clarice for the Ada Boni Italian Regional Cooking recommendation.)


I've tried it that way, too, and it works,extraneus.I just wouldn't put it in at the beginning of the liquid adding process..middle or very near the end works.

Again--try this, it is absolutely ethereal.

Patrick R. Sullivan

I think Clarice is right. Obama isn't yet the President-elect, that requires the EC to have voted him in. If that happens, then the 20th Amendment takes hold:

3. If, at the time fixed for the beginning of the term of the President...the President elect shall have failed to qualify, then the Vice President elect shall act as President until a President shall have qualified....

And, there would be no way for a 'President' to have qualified other than the one elected by the EC. So, it would be Biden for the full term.


Again--try this, it is absolutely ethereal.

I'm going to. Maybe tonight. I'm thinking of possibly adding the whiskey sauce right after toasting the rice, since that's normally when wine goes in, and leaving the salmon warming until the very end so the pieces don't break up too much. Although if the sauce is thick enough, maybe it would be better to pour both over the risotto right before serving. Decisions, decisions.

Who knew this place would lead to such good eats?

Rick Ballard


It's an application of Gresham's Law to quantitative analysis. The carp analysis done by "risk management" has killed the credit markets for the moment and the carp analysis done by quant's in fiddling the climate models has killed the Gaia worshiper's fetish of warming. Toss in a little carp analysis of oil reserves and production and everyone winds up sitting on a big pile of carp. (to keep up with our "fish" theme of the day).

Lots of "cooking" going on, too bad so much of it has to do with data.


Extraneus, done correctly there is no real whiskey sauce to speak of --the salmon absorbs it (use scotch BTW, the original recipe calls for it). What you have is bits of whiskey infused salmon.


That's all true, Rick, but the capital markets have locked up too. There just is no liquidity through an IPO. Another friend's company pulled his company's IPO some months ago because of the current turbulence, but I think they will survive. Others will not be so fortunate.

Combine that with the traditional "if pharma sneezes, biotech catches a cold." Dems with their universal health care plans always threaten to suck the profit out of the business. That kills a whole chain of biotech, tool and service companies. And it is in this segment where all the innovation is done.

People now are taking a "wait and see" attitude. I understand, but it sure hurts.

And I thought a Hillary presidency would kill the segment.



Richardson at Commece (and with Hillary at State and Rice at the UN) is Obama's "For Lease" sign to the rest of the world, all within the constraints of Orientalism of course.


Ok, that does it. Tonight it is.


"My husband and I recall it fondly--it was a place both our parents would take us on weekends for a special treat..a rare meal away from home."

You were a child bride?


Commentary does a short sweet take down on the phony Susan Rice and her multicult fantasy:
http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/wehner/45391>Rice a Phoney


I dillied and I dallied and never actually ordered the Ada Boni book (even after pestering Clarice twice for info on it)!

So, today with all of this food talk, I finally went online and bought Italian Regional Cooking. Used for $3 - hey can't beat the price!

Then, with all of you talking fish recipes, it reminded me that Baccala is a traditional Christmas Eve meal for Italians. So I am hoping the new used cookbook has a recipe.


Mo,PUK--we just grew up in the same city and our parents took us to the same two places to eat out--Guten's deli and Smith Bros.
Guten's BTW still exists in the very most crime ridden part of Milwaukee. It exists because Sen Herb Kohl and Bud Selig, Baseball commissioner also ate there as children and love it--they bought the building, gave it to the owner's son provided he'd carry on the business and the place is such a favorite no one will rob or harm it.


"Rice, 44, says her connection to Obama was forged in part by a shared opposition to the war in Iraq, but she is the only top figure in Obama’s national security team who opposed the war."

"Forged",like so many other things about Obama.


Why, this whole meltdown is Bush's fault. He should have been more of an adult.

The Bush administration backed off proposed crackdowns on no-money-down, interest-only mortgages years before the economy collapsed,


From the AP.


As long as you live you should remember what the press did to a civil, principled man who did his best and who succeeded at the most important job--protecting us--while communicating poorly over the lying din of the media to the voters.


I tell ya what. Reading the few comments to that article, it's pretty amazing. The left have no idea what they just elected, or the kinds of people he's putting in his administration.


Guten's deli

You know, that brings up an interesting thought for finding whitefish. Every Jewish deli I have ever been to has smoked whitefish on their menu (and that includes places in Berkeley and Phoenix). I should ask where they get it. Now they might get it already smoked, but it would be worth asking anyway.


We ate so well over the holidays, I wanted something really light for dinner and am making a yummy frittata (buffalo mozzarella, chanterelle mushrooms, sweet pepper, tomatoes, basil, eggs a bit of panko crumbs to hold it together and a dash of Worcestershire sauce). Last night I made one of the quick no knead artisanal breads and it's great--in case anyone wants it with the meal.


Yes, they all have smoked whitefish and they probably all get it flown in from the MidWest, Dr J.Costco also carries wmoked whitefish salad--basically smoked whitefish and mayo blend..very good appetizer though rather salty.

Rick Ballard

"I understand, but it sure hurts."

True. Remember that Springtime For Rent Boy starts on January 21. Insurance, pharma and bio all have good rental agreements on both sides of the aisle (as does finance). It is reasonable to expect that Zero and the brothel workers in DC will put a new spring wardrobe on the Zombies - some of what they waste will trickle down.

The pension funds are going to get bored buying 2.7% ten year treasuries pretty soon as well.

glenda waggoner

Very well said, Clarice. And appreciated.

Stop making me so hungry, I am trying to lose weight!! But, I am saving all your recipes!!


they probably all get it flown in from the MidWest

Probably so (it is a freshwater fish, after all), but it may well mean I could purchase some locally, even if it already smoked.

I should try the local German deli too.


WEll if we are talking about food - our "traditional" Christmas dinner is now salmon - my famous salmon recipe (if I do say so) on the grill. It's so plebeian I hestitate to post it but it is the best salmon I've ever had.

Mix mayo, dijon mustard and chipolte peppers add a little ketchup for color. Put the salmon on foil, slather with the mixture, tent the foil and put it on the grill til cooked - it is moist beyond words and the flavor is superb.


Sounds great, Jane. If it gets too cold for grilling up there in Beantown, and you'd rather broil it, you can make a nice salmon glaze with dijon, lemon juice, olive oil, oregano, lemon-pepper seasoning and cayenne pepper. If you use a tablespoon for the first three ingredients, a teaspoon for the next two (and as much cayenne as you dare), the salmon is done as soon as the glaze starts to turn black. Works well with boneless chicken breasts, too, and it's not very fattening.


Mmm, Jane--do you crumble the dried peppers or do you get fresh ones and chop them up?


The left have no idea what they just elected
Hard to blame them there.

But in the spirit of the New Bipartisanship, I'll do it anyway.


Yum, frittata! I love it with Italian sausage, too - mozzarella and artichoke crowns (not marinated ones) and roasted red peppers.

Rick Ballard


If you're trying baccala for the first time be sure and follow the soaking and water changes carefully. The Italians I know go for twice a day for three days prior to preparation. Some recipes call for three times a day for two days but my friends insist that the baccala retains too much salt at two days. A little polenta on the side (with seasoning left to the eater's choice) and I never had much room left for the meat.


I was actually in The Newseum in DC with the kids at the moment that Russert died. It instantly hit breaking news on the huge 20 foot long, 10 foot high TV hung there in the lobby. Almost immediately Newsmen with news cameras appeared in the Newseum to interview visitors about the Beatification of Russert. Whole process took about 10 minutes. Vatican City could learn a trick or 2 from that.


You go to host Meet the Press with the reporters you have, not with the reporters you'ld like to have.

Rick Ballard

What I've been waiting for.

I think these will be 80/700 loans rather than the 90/38 conversions on ARM and ALT-A. I hope implementation occurs quickly - this will freeze new loans as buyers hold of in anticipation. DEATH TO MBS! (CDS, actually, but MBS must go as well.)


Thank you for that link. Rodgers missed a little piece by not referring to dear Basel II as well as SarBox but his main point was very clear.

Rick Ballard

"hold off in anticipation"


Rick - thanks for the baccala soaking tip! I don't have my ex-mother-in-law around to ask anymore (we're still friendly, but she is 92, has dementia and lives in another city).


First of all it is never too cold for grilling.

Clarice, I get them from a can, so they are the right consistency - and mush them up with the other stuff so they blend in.

I told you it was plebeian. The trick is the moistness. Tres unbelievable.


Sounds great--Jane--they usually are available in adobe sauce..Guess you just fish them out and squeeze to get it pulpy..

Re the frittata,I, too, threw in some sausage. And I forgot to list the onion and garlic.
Seems a perfect after holiday dish.



Happy belated birthday. Sorry I missed it.


Thanks, DGS. As long as I keep making my birthdays, I'll be happy.


When I read that David Gregory's wife was a Fannie Mae "Fixer" .. I knew this guy was toast .. or at least his integrity as a journalist was anyway.


Scary on Parade. He has an endearing post about Novak's latest statement that he would publish Val's name again if he had to do it all over again. Worth reading for insight into both men.


The latest find among his cerebral lacunae is that Saddam wasn't interested in more yellow cake because he already had a bunch he couldn't process. Now, I know Scary is not dumb. Why does he think we are so dumb as to fall for that?


Good Morning to All!
I had thought we would see lots of Obama stuff on the Net today, but all I found was this Lame Cherry piece at RBO.

"Lame Cherry: What’s good for Obama is good for the gander"

"I honestly see a new dawn on America which is quite libertarian as America will no longer need to have any poor, any prisons or any licenses or passports."

Looks like something one of the JOM regulars would write.


JAne!!! I absolutely love your "Jane Won" pic with Mark Steyn!!!! Miss ya. you need to sign on to im!!!


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