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December 16, 2008



Very funny,TM..


And yet, no one ever stops to ask: if we had lost New Jersey and California in 1978, wouldn't we be better off?


Good thing Hackensack was spared since I was within 20 miles of the blast zone.


Great post here!

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Better Hackensack than Hackettstown. The country could not withstand the loss of our national treasure, M&Ms.


You know the old joke, why does California have all the lawyers and New Jersey all the toxic waste dumps?

New Jersey had first choice.

Kevin B

"Hmmm... New Jersey...California...New Jersey...California...New Jersey...California...New Jersey...California...

"Iknow, I'll have a beer and then I'll decide."

Daryl Herbert

The last thing I want to see is link spam from:

Common C#nts (name redacted so they don't get any more traffic)


Daryl, you had me goin' there for a minute.


as goes California, so goes New Jersey?


Valerie Perrine in the pool.

I remember it well.


I prefer to Direct.


Somebody sure nuked the dollar today.

Doing my corn and soybeans in the bin good though.

Soylent Red

Hackensack wasn't hit by a nuke? Not from where I'm sitting mister...




Am I the only one whom realizes that ALL media are DEM hacks, flacks, bats, what have you??

Don't fall into the PC black hole that dictates calling them lefties....THEY ARE DEMS!!!



How are you doing tonight? I was so sorry to hear about your students. You sound like a very caring teacher and we could all use more people like you in our children's lives. This time of year is really hard.

My daughter's scientist teacher has a son in Iraq and she absolutely thinks he is terrific. I did too until I found out he made the class watch Al Gore's global doom movie this week,
What is with that...is it mandatory or something?

Keep your chin up, the kids and parents need you! ( So does JOM :) )


BobS - please explain the difference between lefty, Dem, and progressive. They are the trinity of foulness, are they not?

sammy small


Here's the latest video on the Blago scandal.


Sammy- wrong thread, wrong video.

Think Coppola.


This is fun!



Is Hackensack that sort of little mini-soccer ball bag of fluff that disenfranchised yoot`s used to kick around while smoking weed outside of Seven-11`s?


Hackensack is just south of Poughkeepsie. Do you pick your toes in Poughkeepsie? [A little Gene Hackman double movie Hollywood [bad] humor.]

Crunchy Frog

I've been dead ever since Season 4 of '24', when a suitcase nuke exploded in Valencia, CA.

Wonderful thing being dead - it frees you of all sorts of responsibility.


Wow, just saw the Drudge photo of Man of the Year. That being said, let me modify my comment above:

Is Hackensack that sort of little mini-soccer ball bag of fluff that disenfranchised future President Elect yoot`s used to kick around while smoking weed outside of Seven-11`s?

And speaking of that Drudge photo, I`m not interested in whether he ever inhaled. I`m interested in whether he ever exhaled.

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