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December 05, 2008



The beatings will continue until morale improves.

Buford Gooch

This makes me happy.


Well, ya never know what will make a person smile.

I think it is sad that our Messiah couldn't make it home for the funeral/memorial service, but can definitely find time for an Hawaiian Christmas.

I wonder who the friends joining him are? Bill and Bernadine? Who are his "friends" really, anyway? Does anyone know?




If yer happy and ya know it clap yer hands..


clap clap


This will make you happy also. Oprah was snubbed by Sarah Palin. LUN



You always make me happy. :)

Thomas Collins

So, another self-evident proposition put forth by modern social science, namely, that the approach one takes to one's existence on this level of creation impacts others on this level even if one is not in direct contact with them. The eternal souls of the Babylonian observational astronomers are smiling over this.


Know any happy skinny people? I don't. First they tell us that to stay slim we should hang around with thin people. Now they say if you want to be happy, hang with smilers.
Make up your mind, folks!


So, TC you see this as another ripple on the pond surface thing, do you?


Contagens. The social network bug at Facebook, my favorite. Kennedy and dems handing out seats and presidencies to their families and friends like there was a vote. Then there's the internet itself, like the TV or a radio. Everyone has friends and we're all happy and it's not like it's a dem commune or something.

Fat people are usually wealthy and, therfore, happier. Skinny people are poor and mad.

Obama is starting to deny his contagen.


hit and run

Know any happy skinny people? I don't.

That stings.

Do you think I'm not happy?

Or do you think those black pants made me look fat?


Hmm_Now you've got me between Scylla and Charybdis, hit.I've got it--you are so cute and amusing, I forgot to look...There.

Danube of Thought

You want something contagious? Go the LUN. I think it's called "Polish Polar Bear Club."

hit and run

Without going back to dead threads, I need to say how happy I am to see Tops seeing the birthday well-wishes and to see DoT back in action.


I'm one happy skinny dude.



DoT--that's very funny..


"Who are his "friends" really, anyway?

Gateway Pundit had this listing a few months ago.

"Today's "Terrorist/Marxist Friends of Obama" Roundup"


I'm sure there have been a few added since then.

Seems like I remember a leader of the Communist party of America, claimed they were speaking to him as a friend.

hit and run

Oh, gosh, DoT. That was enough of a LOL for me to actually wake up mrs hit and run.

And so much so that she LOL'd *first* before getting on me for waking her up.

Well done.

glenda waggoner

I'm Happy! Not skinny, but have happy skinny family and friends. And the JOM community has definitely happily enhanced my joy!
Do you think the cleo's, tco's, et al; are vapid because they're skinny, broke or progressive?


Why do I sense skinny prejudice creeping in to JOM? Next thing you know you will all be thinists. Hit will be our affirmative action member and we'll have to have weigh ins.

glenda waggoner

Laura- not prejudice-ENVY!!

hit and run

Hit will be our affirmative action member and we'll have to have weigh ins.

Hey! I put on 10 lbs when mrs hit and run's parents were in town before Thanksgiving.

Literally. 10 lbs. Straight to my hips.



LOL, I think you beat the drunk squirrel on the other thread. It also gave a whole new meaning to Clarice's earlier question of "you see this as another ripple on the pond surface thing, do you?

Thomas Collins

Looks as if my attempted post didn't stick. Well, I'll try again. Clarice, I spend my whole life trying to navigate the surface ripples. And I acknowledge my debt to modern social science and those expert in the experimental method for providing me with gadgets and protections against nature and navigational techniques. But let's not fool ourselves that our modern methods plumb the depths of the pond.

Bad, doesn't that clapping hands on being happy come from the Wee Sing video? When my oldest was a tiny tot, I used to watch it with her all the time.


It's always good to have our media around to inform us what will make us happy.

It's always so difficult to know whence comes my happiness. Particularly at Christmas, yeah.

Joe Gloor

I had a choice between reading what JOM was saying about things and watching Shakira shake her ass -
Right now, Shakira is winning...

hit and run

You want to smile? Or you want to cry?

Or do you want to smile while in tears?

For the right reasons.

Go straight to the video here.

Really, the video is where it's at.


Darn, hit--Now I have to go to bed with tearing eyes, you rascal.



Thanks Ann. You're the sweetest.

Thomas, I learned that song as a child at Bible school. No telling where else it has shown up.

Hit, that was adorable. Thanks for that reminder of the real stuff in life.

Joe Gloor

Honestly, she does nice work: LUN



Entranced by the Lebanese belly moves, are you?

I assume you'll be pulling for her at the Latin Grammy show.


Pass the Pepto. Here is Bill Ayers pleading innocence. LUN PUKE


I believe this suggestion remains timely:

...someone should ask Obama whether his completely apolitical and professional DOJ* would seek justice in homicides linked to domestic terrorism where some of the suspected perpetrators have not been prosecuted. Good things can happen when prosecutors don't give up. _______________________

*State, federal, isn't it all the same to the muddle?


Блин классика жанра, посмеялась от души…


Tonight I am as happy as happy can be. Drudge has linked a story showing how my Alma Mater, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has banned Christmas Trees from Campus Libraries so as not to offend anyone. Yes, I am happy about that. Happy, happy happy. But my happiness is slightly diminished because as I think about it I realize the word 'Chapel' in Chapel Hill denotes a Christian edifice, and thus could still be perceived as offensive to people even after the banning of those "in your face" Christmas Trees. My happiness would increase however if JOMer's would consider joining me in encouraging The University to fix that problem by calling itself on

Mondays: UNC Chapel Hill
Tuesdays: UNC Mosque Hill
Wednesdays: UNC Synagogue Hill
Thursdays: UNC Pagoda Hill
Fridays: UNC Totem Pole Hill
Saturdays: UNC Agnostic Hill
Sundays: UNC Atheist Hill

Having got that solved I'm so happy now I feel like yelling out our famous old college rah rah chant,

"Yea Tarheel's, Go to Hell Duke!"

Oop, can't say that anymore, as 'Hell' is a religious term. I'm unhappy again dammit...Hmmm, how about,

"Yea Tarheels, go to Gahena, Duke!"

I'm happy again. Gahena works okay. I seem to recall that Gahena was the old trash dump outside of ancient Jerusalem that sort'a became a euphamism for Hell so I think metaphor-wise Gahena serves its purpose in my revised inoffensive college chant. Let me try it out a couple times here in the living room...

Rats, my wife up in the bedroom has been stomping on the floor and screaming at me to "Shut the Hell up!" This has spoiled my happiness as I realize telling Duke where to go is declarative and potentially offensive to individuals who would prefer not to be told where to go or what to do...Hmmm, here's another dilemma dammit...Oh, Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute...Now I've got it, how 'bout this;

"Yea Tarheels! Duke fans, kindly consider traveling at your leisure in the direction of Newark. Either that or please ponder joining the Polish Polar Bear Club... and have a nice day while you're at it."

There, now I'm happy. I'm so happy I can hardly fricken' s*@#!

Soylent Red

I'm happy again. Gahena works okay.

Newark was the home of Frank Sinatra, so let's show a little respect. To approprately update the metaphor...

"Go to Detroit!"



Hell, Michigan

Captain Hate

Daddy, I'm pleased to say that as a Terp, a sign that I'm somewhat on the path to maturity is that I actually enjoy interacting with certain Tarholes. I'm not sure that would be possible if Dean Smith were still coaching....

Although as a sign that I'm not nearly there yet, would you consider calling it on a certain day UNC Chumpel Hole?


Absolutely Captain Hate,

Whatever makes you happy!

But do you mind if we also periodically call it Chumpel Triangle and Chumple Pentagon, etc, as I don't want to offend any of the other Platonic solids.


don't want to offend any of the other Platonic solids.

Now that's worth waking up for.


Personally, "offending any of the other Platonic solids" was the farthest thing from my mind when I awoke to this beautiful day.
Good Morning to All!


JM, was that the last of the flicker thread from the cruise, and what about that idea of an issue from all the well adjusted people on the cruise. I took your advice about a Mean Girl's themed reference piece on the election, but it seems every source already decided Sarah is Regina, (the witch played by Rachel McAdams)not Mrs. Norbury, the slandered math teacher played by Fey.
surprising that she did as well among white women, as Dick Morris pointed out, but that was among the more working class group than the trendy suburbanites; which there will alas be more of by the next election; by their own decisions.


The whole effort to ban religious (or supposedly religious) symbols for the holidays is kinda weird in that the banners themselves continue to use the word "holiday" without any apparent awareness of that word's meaning.


PD: lol. The PC police are so goofy! I suppose if it were written thus, "Happy Holy Day" they would really be scrambling.

Mark Steyn pokes fun this morning at Amazon.

Don we now our vague apparel - fa la la la la lah

I love how these idiots twist themselves into pretzels not to mention anything Christian.


use the word "holiday" without any apparent awareness

Banning Christmas trees and such may be less about taking offence as expressing hostility. A poke in the eye probably should not be criticized for not poking both eyes in the interest of consistency.

JM Hanes


I seem to remember a grassroots campaign aimed at halting migration to San Antonio with the motto: "San Antonio -- Hell on Earth!" But I suppose that pesky "San" puts it in the off limits column, doesn't it?

I haven't driven downtown in my neck of the NC woods since Thanksgiving, when the holiday decor is usually installed, but I think we're still rednecks here.

Would it improve your Xmas spirits to know that the Atheist Sign was stolen from the Christmas display over in Olympia, WA?

Exit, laughing!


PD, one thing to keep in mind about people and their word awareness is that more people every day are taught by people who have been taught by William Ayers and those who believe like he does. I doubt if there is a lot of time spent on learning about words that involve holy days.

JM Hanes


Victor Davis Hanson argues for inoculation by Latin:

Four years of high-school Latin would dramatically arrest the decline in American education. In particular, such instruction would do more for minority youths than all the ‘role model’ diversity sermons on Harriet Tubman, Malcolm X, Montezuma, and Caesar Chavez put together. Nothing so enriches the vocabulary, so instructs about English grammar and syntax, so creates a discipline of the mind, an elegance of expression, and serves as a gateway to the thinking and values of Western civilization as mastery of a page of Virgil or Livy (except perhaps Sophocles’s Antigone in Greek or Thucydides’ dialogue at Melos). After some 20 years of teaching mostly minority youth Greek, Latin, and ancient history and literature in translation (1984-2004), I came to the unfortunate conclusion that ethnic studies, women studies—indeed, anything “studies”— were perhaps the fruits of some evil plot dreamed up by illiberal white separatists to ensure that poor minority students in the public schools and universities were offered only a third-rate education.
Alas, I fear he's shouting into the wind. Does Hanson get much play outside of conservaitve circles? I see him from time to time on the History Channel when they're recreating ancient battles, but that's about it.


'The Landmark Thucydides', a Crawley translation, with new maps by Clark University and an introduction by Hansen, is excellent.


Hansen's own book, 'A War Like No Other' also looks to be fun, but I haven't read it, yet. Busy with Bemelman's 'Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep' right now. Thirkell next. Gallie last. Needless to say, I'm seeking escape.


The real disaster for the Liberal/Left in the last 8-years was not that George Bush was religious, but that Bush's religion was not the Liberal/Left's approved religion; the Religion of the Self. They now have their new apotheosis in Obama, a man whose professed faith is plain to see -- through.

The Religion of the Left


IN our stable of columnists, I'm thinking of replacing O'Reilly or Call Thomas with Victor Davis Hanson.

Any thoughts?

And Clarence Thomas with Leonard Pitts. But I'm really looking for a sound classical liberal voice instead of an American Liberal voice.

Soylent Red

A War Like No Other

Excellent book kim.

Also, "The Peloponnesian War" should be required reading to graduate from university. Athenians and Spartans were up to the same old stuff we're facing, more than 2000 years ago.


SBW, As you know Jane and I are wild for Steyn.
I also like Sowell and think Fred Thompson is the best spokesperson for federalism.


To Amazon:

re: "Twelve Days of Holiday" sale

It's "Twelve Days of Christmas," revisionists. Amazon, thy name is laughingstock.


Doh! And Clarence Thomas with Leonard Pitts.

Clarence PAGE with Leonard Pitts


Thanks. I'll see who syndicates Steyn and Sowell for newspapers.

Rick Ballard


Townhall thoughtfully provides a nice list (scroll down a screen or two) of columnists who might meet your criteria. City Journal's editor list provides additional choices.

I find Theodore Dalrymple's description of life (well, OK, death) in progressive hell to be instructive. Sowell on economics, VDH on historical perspectives regarding the correct and incorrect uses of power and Dalyrymple on the description of the destination of the progressive Road to Perdition would be my choices.

Rick Ballard

Galen and Blankley on politics. Both have a good sense of humor and both are very well grounded.


Oh, yes, Dalrymple.


"I thought it would be safe," Freedom From Religion Foundation co-founder Annie Laurie Gaylor told CNN earlier Friday. "It's always a shock when your sign is censored or stolen or mutilated. It's not something you get used to."

Right. Put up an attack sign, then be surprised when the sign is attacked. O the horror.

Disclaimer: I'm not condoning theft.


SBW, Congratulations--looks like you'll be replacing Hillary with Caroline Kennedy..HEH


JOM videos.

First I laugh my ass off, then I'm in tears, and last, I'm in love.

Back to the yard work...


Clarice, so tell me, should I be grateful? I mean, it might have been Andrew Cuomo. Besides, I don't think it's a done deal. There are so many other weak choices to consider.

Before Hillary is approved by acclamation by her peers is the time that complimentary trial balloons are lofted to stroke people who will never be seriously considered.

The sad thing is that for three hundred years, back before Martin Van Buren and Governor DeWitt Clinton, and the Articles of Confederation, New York politics gave new meaning to bad taste.

I mean, I can sit down and have a very pleasant conversation with Chuck Schumer, and turn around and see shadows of the most incredulous things that have been done.

This is an entire class of people for home government is like a video game -- played with no sense of consequence.


I think they think no one dare campaign against her and really I find that offensive. They thought the same of Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and Steele proved them wrong--he ran hard against her and won..and even then she had held a previous post and was running only for Lt Gov.

Patrick R. Sullivan

Sarah Palin seems to be able to combine skinny and happy pretty well. But, it's nice to see the economists catching up with the song writers:

Sunny Side of the Street

Put On a Happy Face

Charlie Chaplin's 'Smile'

JM Hanes

I'm sure the historic(al) nature of Caroline Kennedy's campaign will carry the day, Clarice. Kathleen! doesn't hold a rhetorical candle to Caroline! Who really knew anything about K.K. Townsend till she emerged as an adult? Who can even remember C. Kennedy's married name?

JM Hanes

Let us not forget that Caroline wrote a book about the Constitution, so she'll pass the current experience test with flying colors. Camelot, even absent sundry charitable ventures, would surely suffice in the Hope 'N Change department. She might even have a couple of public/private partnerships in her political pocket.


I remember. It's Schlossberg. And she has so much money that she needn't bother fund raising--like Bloomberg or Corzine--politics is certainly a rich peersons' plaything.


I doubt if there is a lot of time spent on learning about words that involve holy days.
Not unless there's a religious component to Tet.

sbw - you could probably do worse than picking a few choice passages out of Thomas opinions or dissents. In fact, if you are running O'Reilly, you are doing worse.

Thomas' stuff is probably public domain, too. I don't think one can copyright anything written by the government, though that may change(.gov).


When they arrest the guy in Washington State who stole the Atheist Sign, will he have to put his hand on the Bible and swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me God, or could he instead go off on some nihilistic rant about who's truth, what is truth, etc?

SBW, I vote Victor David Hanson. His book "Carnage and Culture", was excellent, plus years ago Instapundent posted a photo of him photoshopped onto an album cover by the TeenyBopper rock band "Hanson." Sorry I can't dredge that up, but he ought to be considered just for that gem.


VDH was top on my list, too.

He fills a yawning gap in this generation's understanding. It's a yawning gap because any time anyone begins to describe what happened more than 24 hours ago, they start yawning.


So what 12 days is amazon indicating, ya think?

The 12 Days of Christmas are Dec 25 through Jan 6 -- all shopping is done before they start.

Advent has 25 days this year (evening Nov 29 through evening Dec 24th).

I would think that they would pick the Octave Before Christmas. That gets them the 7 O Antiphons. That does seem to be the popular religion this year.


Thomas' disent in Kelo is worth reprinting and anything by Judge Janice Rogers Brown--in fact, you could enlighten your readers with a column of stuff by those two judges, Robert Woodson, Thomas Sowell--noting they are rarely mentioned by other media but represent Blacks as much as the race baiters the media pimps for.


Amazon's reply:

"Hello from Amazon.com.

Please accept our sincere apologies why we don’t list the word Christmas on our website. Our intention in referring to Holiday is to give ordering guidance for all the holidays, not to exclude other faiths.

Again, please accept our apologies. We value your business and hope you will give us the opportunity to serve you again in the future."


VD? The yawning gap is how dems use the commune.


Thomas Collins

For new columnist, sbw, I vote for Sowell. All of the suggestions are great. You mentioned you were looking for a voice of classical liberalism. Sowell, I believe, fits that bill perfectly.

Of course, I would never say anything against Steyn. He is a fine writer. Besides, Boston's Financial District is within reasonable driving distance of Central Mass., so I am not going to say anything to bring the wrath of a Steyn fan upon me. :-)))

hit and run

To state the obvious, I wish sbw would just up and write and publish columns he himself has written.

Not disrespect to Steyn, Sowell, et al., but reading sbw is as elucidating as anything else available.


He is a joy to read. Of course, he should give hit a features column.What would it cost him? A case of beer every know and then?

Thomas Collins

I agree about sbw, clarice, but I'm sure sbw won't take it as a sign of disrespect if I mention that he is not the only one on this board whose writing is worth reading. I recall reading some stuff by that lady with the initials CF that's pretty good stuff.


**every Now and then***


Shucks, TC..


"Not disrespect to Steyn,"

Every American who believes in America needs to read the latest Mark Steyn article at Atlas Shrugs:

"Mark Steyn: Jews get killed, but Muslims feel vulnerable (hat tip Larwyn)

Greater Mumbai forms one of the world's five biggest cities. It has a population of nearly 20 million. But only one Jewish center, located in a building that gives no external clue as to the bounty waiting therein. An "accidental hostage scene" that one of the "practitioners" just happened to stumble upon? "I must be the luckiest jihadist in town. What are the odds?"


The article also has a link to The OC Register which has the original article.


You are very kind. Indeed, TC is absolutely correct that JOM blog entries and comments are a source of insight, inspiration, and good humor. Exchanges at JOM help focus on what is important and hone thinking about it. I regularly clip and save or email.


Yes Pagar, Pam's got Stevie Wonder and DW Griffith on Abe Lincoln, too. Check out the Humphries flute at 6:05.


Don't miss Richard Avedon's 'Portrait of Power', either.

And HillBuzz has Krampus and Perchten.


Walter Williams is on a level with Sowell, Steyn and Hanson. And he really knows how to simplify for us hoi polloi.


I first became of Hanson, through a Book TV segment about "Carnage and Power" shortly after 9/11. He deliberately without raising
the voice once, made the reason for fighting
the 'war on terror' come alive, making powerful analogies to the Kamikazies and the courage of the American fighting man. He was kind of an informal advisor to Dick Cheney, along with the masterful Bernard Lewis; he made the arguments from history, classical, European and US; one of the places he had the ability to impart this wisdom to was the US Naval Academy. Still a Democrat, he's been one of the fewconsistent
voice on the need to continue the war, he's been critical on spending, but not one to denigrate the President's efforts, and he was one of the talent scouts who picked out Sarah on a Weekly Standard cruise. He was once even on the masthead of the Miami Herald's editorial page; that mistake never happened again.


Speaking of Hanson's work, Who Killed Homer? (co-authored by John Heath) and Bonfire of the Humanities (co-authored by John Heath and Bruce Thornton) are good, though depressing.


I do not know how to use the twelvesky Gold ; my friend tells me how to use.

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