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January 20, 2009



I agree. Now TM can you contact Typebad and get the "next" "preview" thing turned off and give us an inauguration thread. Thanks


TM this site has become unworkable due to some type pad jiggering..Can you set it to automatically post updates every few hours to a general post on the inauguration or something? After about 5o comments it is impossible to navigate.

Tom Maguire

Your wish is my command. After I preview it...




This is ridiculous Tom, this is the pre
Gutenberg Bible style of blogging, this is almost as bad was when I gave up PeopleSoft because among other things, it wouldn't accomodate Haloscan. you know I've recorded '24 but I haven't watched it yet, so busy was I with posting and dealing with this
cliffhanger of Previously(on Just One Minute)/Next. I think we need to call in Chloe or whoever the designated tech head is this season,to unscramble this thing.


Personally, I can't stand the President as School-Marm-in-Chief ... and neither can my wife, which says a lot about how that actress is portraying the character.

Also, call me Ishmael, but this is Effing Jack Bauer ... I mean, damn, you'd think that the FBI, the President, various heads of intelligence agencies would be aware of his oevre.

The Man Killed Dennis Hopper, for god's sake.

That's got to count for *something*.


For Tom:

In the future, we'll all live on Bauer Time

Jack Bauer's Watch:


This must be the slowest "24" of them all.


Dennis Hopper is a Republican or he used to be anyway.

Thomas Collins

Now, even "Preview" doesn't work. When I click "Preview," I get a screen with no comments. Am I doing something wrong?


I never heard this before ..

Although few people seem to realize it, one out of every ten light bulbs in America is now powered by a former Soviet weapon.


Even a "last" would be a godsend at this point.


Hopper is a Republican. but .... He's not the only one.

They're trying too hard to make the Dorky Tech Guy look bad. The misdirection is obvious.

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