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January 31, 2009


Danube of Thought

In the age of cell-phone cameras, Facebook and YouTube, you gotta watch out.


If he's a pothead, he'll probably have to give up swimming and run for President.


Google’s Internet search service malfunctioned for nearly 55 minutes Saturday morning, upending users around the world with search results that carried false safety warnings and Web links that did not work. The company acknowledged Saturday that all searches produced links with the same warning message: “This site may harm your computer.” Clicking on any of the links led to an error message stating that the desired site could not be reached.


Not even him--that guy's arm is not as long nor is chest proportioned as Phelps.
Just some "dope" going-hey, you look kinda like that swimmer dude! Bitching!


Whew, TM< glad you cleared that up. I read the story and wondered if The Olympics was really like high school..

Doc Holiday

Would explain his eating habits and social retardation.

On the bright side, he can now train for olympic couch tatering in his momma's basement while watching Cheech and Chong.


Terrible drug. Absolutely fills the emergency rooms and morgues.

Charlie (Colorado)

Not to mention the convenience stores.


back in the day, you would find syringes and labeled bottles of all sorts of interesting stuff in trash cans in the Olympic Village. Usually near the East German, Cuban, and Bulgarian dorms.

Actually, Phelps is now handicapping himself to make the odds more fair for his competition.....on the first leg he pretends he's a submarine or dolphin.


That doesn't look like a bong to me. It looks exactly like the device respiratory therapists have patients use following surgery to keep pnuemonia at bay. It expands lung capacity.

Musicians (wind players) use similar devices to increase and control wind flow.


...without the flame, of course.

Elroy Jetson

I think we can forgive Phelps for a little transgression. All he has done all of his life is train for races. I'll cut him some slack. Who cares?


OT, but Leftard straining real hard to excuse Daschle and um the Left's culture of Corruption:

Memo to John Hinderaker: Abramoff Associate Boulanger Pleads Guilty By: Jane Hamsher Saturday January 31, 2009 5:02 pm

Before the wingnuts start screaming about Tom Daschle as a symbol of Corruption, Democrat Style, people like the Powertools better do a through search of their own archives.

Yay, Janey. That's the ticket. Do a list and see if Dems or Republicans win, start with pedophilia, sweetheart.


Hypocrisy watch on a paper maiche' puppet

“If a Bush appointee got rich off of Wall Street in this climate, had a chauffeur from one of his fat cat cronies, had unpaid taxes that amounted to more than what most people make in a year, and then the administration tried to fix it behind closed doors. Democrats Jane Hamsher would call for his head and would demand ‘accountability,’”

WAPO comment Jihad on Little Debbie and oh, is J Rosen available? He said this sort of thing was ripe and legitimate for people to raise. Is Rosen scheduled for a WAPO web Q and A on this?


Would all you posters who commented up above kindly step over to your right against the wall and form a single line. We are doing a random urinalysis today, so please fill up the cup handed to you by Sergeant Friday to at least the half way line, and then hand it to the Nurse on your way out. Thank you for your...cooperation.

Tom Maguire

Not to mention the convenience stores.

LOL. I was making an emergency run for milk, coffee and salsa and was utterly knocked off my precision schedule by that particular manifestation of the drug culture. Troubling.

E. Nigma

Could it be that Michael Phelps' career is "Up in Smoke"?


Scene from the 2012 Olympic 100M Freestyle Finals:

On Your Mark!

PHELPS: Mark? My name is Michael ...


Pal2Pal (Sara)

That doesn't look like a bong to me. It looks exactly like the device respiratory therapists have patients use following surgery to keep pnuemonia at bay. It expands lung capacity.

That was my first thought too. He lives in Maryland, doesn't he? It was in Maryland, at Johns Hopkins, that a doctor told me to go roll a joint as the best medicine he could recommend for the continuing nausea I was having after my stomach surgery back in the early '90s.

I also had a doctor at Scripps in San Diego recommend pot to help control my son's hyperactivity, ADHD, which Phelps also suffers.

Personally, I'd rather be around someone who smokes pot than who drinks. I've never heard of some bully beating his wife and kids while stoned, whereas we hear daily of stories of disgusting drunks doing so.


Pal2Pal (Sara)

Obama Dozed, People Froze


You gotta put down the duckie.
. . .
Yeah, you gotta leave the duck alone.


End of SuperBowl Thread


please fill up the cup handed to you by Sergeant Friday

Oooh! I am so tempted to miss the cup!


Man, if only he was running for president. Look what smoking pot did for Obama!

Rajbir D

I feel bad for the guy if his career gets ruined. He better not be banned from 2012 Olympics. I'm pretty sure he's not going to stop, but damn... don't do it in public.


He has a history of alcohol issues as well. A DUI charge a few years back. He has ADD issues, so I image he is obsessive about any behavior, both good and bad.


Remembering things from another lifetime..

If that's a bong he's pulling on, why isn't there any smoke in the cylinder?


HillBuzz has an excellent take on this subject with a discussion of pedestalism and segues to Jackie O and Barack O.


Some sports icons are "heros" and some are "closet bums": it's just tooooo bad that Phelps turned out to be an "out-of-the-closet bum".


RooR perc!!!!!!!!!!! Nice glass. I heard that every time you take a bong hit, God kills a kitten... and it causes typhoid.... herpes, too!


I'm disgusted. I'm so tired of people saying weed is o.k. I was in college during the late 60's and early 70's. I didn't see anyone improve on this crap and in fact know some long time users who are now having SIGNIFICANT memory problems. I also saw too many who didn't stop at weed and ruined their lives and in one case OD'd. I've NEVER SEEN ANY PERSON WHO REGULARLY USES ANY DOPE IMPROVE THEMSELVES OR WHATEVER THEY DO THROUGH DRUG USE....NEVER.

Michael Phelps is off the podium as far as I'm concerned. He now stands as an example to all young people that being a DOPE HEAD is o.k. as long as there's no competition.



I'll judge this guy when I have my 8 gold medals.


Yeah, if you want to be a pothead in private fine, just as long as you can go out there and win the gold for your investors. Phelps did what he was paid to do - win the gold - nothing more nothing less.
He's a perfect role model for today's culture - one thing in private and another thing in public. Phooey on Phelps and the Olympics.


...'its unethical" according to whom?

as for your comments, IloneE-

i dont know where you went to school, but i know people who smoke weed who
1. work for congress
2. are producers at major television networks
3. design equipment for the US Army
4. work for non profit organizations doing humanitarian work
5. teach high school, middle school, college and special needs
6. are lawyers
7. serve as social workers
8. provide urgent medical care as DOCTORS

so dont tell me im a 'dope head', when you dont know me, you judgemental fool


Say, j, is it true what I hear that Purple Kush will allow you to do all the odd numbers above, and, and that Sideshow Bob, on a good day, enables all of them?

di butler

The dude has spent his whole life training and competing. If he is not a big-time user, then I am not too worried about it. He is young, and he let off some steam. I hope he has the sense to do it in private, if he does it again. That said, I am sure some people will get a rod up their rear, and decide he can't endorse their product, anymore. Stupid move, Phelps. Gotta make the $$ when you are young and able.


It was stupid because he wants to make money off from his image. He went to a party full of people he didn't know and indulged in activity that would harm his reputation. He isn't that young.
It was a horrible business choice for him, if nothing else.


Hey J -
1. Most people who work for Congress - ??
Well we are now sinking in a big hole of debt thanks to that group and their staff and advisors
2. Wow Television producers - that's a group of geniuses judging from the garbage they have on the screen
3. Not sure who these "designers" are but perhaps you'd like to let us know what companies they work for. The US Army does experience tragic situations relating to malfunctioning EQUIPMENT.
4. We have an overload of NON-PROFIT employing those who cannot work in the private sector pulling down salaries that don't equate with the miniscule amount of work they do. The only ones that actually give most of their money back in humanitarian work are FAITH BASED.
5. FORGET EDUCATION - The US is dropping ever lower compared to other industrialized countries with respect to education at all levels. The NEA is completely responsible for our 2 generation of Trophy idiots who are unemployable - LIKE YA KNOW? They are now working on 2 more generations to fill their minds with crap and a total inability to THINK FOR THEMSELVES.
6. LAWYERS - WELL THAT'S THE BIGGEST LAUGH YET. Most can't even write a proper letter so forget briefs or contracts. Their entire raison d'etre is BILLABLE HOURS. Ask ANYONE if they feel the last legal work they had done was WORTH THE FEE or up the quality they expected??!!
7. Social Workers? We are in crisis with Social work all over the U.S. BILLIONS poured into this black hole and still THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS FOR CHILDREN AT RISK.
8. MEDICAL CARE AS DOCTORS? Ask the same question if most people are happy with their medical care? Are the doctors even cognitive of who they are and what their problems are without referring to a chart. Have they made mistakes with your care in the hospital the last time you or a loved one required hospital care??

Yes J - you certainly have pointed out the groups that have benefited from SMOKING DOPE.

You seem to be trying to justify your own use and fail to see how it's negatively affected YOU.


watch him spark a fatty with the olympic torch in 2012.

seriously. this isn't news.


End Thread links ...






Daschle Down

Generals in Revolt

Tax Reform


Give me a break. The worst drug in the world is alcohol... add car... add gun....

leave the guy alone.... pot should have been legalized years ago.....
it is not a war on drugs, it is a war on people...
and pot is not the problem

meth is!!!!!!!!!!

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