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January 29, 2009



The hypocrite in chief.


I believe he has lived in Chicago and Boston longer than Hawaii.

I call it Oval Warming.


good find, tom. FWIW.


Remember who else liked to keep those fireplaces going full blast all the time? Nixon.

As for the Obamas' penchant for fancy foods, didja notice his personal chef is moving from Chicago to join the present chef at the WH to cook The One's favorite arugula?

Captain Hate

Perhaps this is Zero's attempt to demonstrate that he isn't Carter v.2.0


Pres. Nixon also would sometimes have the fireplaces on and the air conditioning on at the same time, since he liked fires so much.


That's pretty ugly of Nixon. At least he didn't compound it with global warming nonsense.

Danube of Thought

Off-topic, but this is too good to pass up. The City of Baltimore is suing Wells Fargo for targeting inner-city blacks with subprime loans, leading to foreclosures and the loss of tax revenues to the city. Apparently several such suits are pending around the country. Did anyone doubt it would come to this? LUN

hit and run

In fairness to Obama...http://afp.google.com/article/ALeqM5h-wpxs1Re-8vx2Zk5xnYygW1W67w>his quote in the campaign was:

We can't drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times

OK, we all know that the presidential motorcade is what…http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/topdown/detail?&entry_id=35027>yeah, chock full of SUV's. but his personal vehicle is not. It's merely a "truck based" limo.

We were just last week regaled of his http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090124/ap_on_go_pr_wh/inauguration_top_chefs>exotic eating habits, but until we see specific menus or portion sizes, how do we know he's actually eating as much as he wants?

And now we learn that he is NOT hypocritical about keeping his home, the White House, at 72 degrees.

Because it sounds more like 75-76.


As a carbon offset I dam well expect Axelrod to set his t'stats at 40 Degrees.


I like it warm, too. But because I pay my own energy bills, I wait until my nose is running and my husband is crying to turn the heat on.

Of course, we keep hearing how everyone wants to be just like the Obamas, so be prepared for surge in energy use.


Wait a minute. This is the same guy that basically called DC'ers pussies for not handling a little snow? In Chicago they just tough it out or some such blather?

Well then. Good morning.

Hey guys/gals - I'm having my dinner tonight and I am thinking I will add a meat entree to go along with the salmon risotto, wine braised seafood, salad and french bread....

Any sugestions (6 persons at dinner)??? I'm thinking a tri-tip roast or london broil?


How typical of PBHO to bash schools for closing on bad weather days because of concern for children at bus stops or walking to school, while using taxpayer dollars to create a sauna in the oval office for his personal comfort.


According to this web-site, orchids require temperatures of 75-80 degrees. LUN


The agencies at Congress, their pets, are in trouble. Obama is hiring his own people to do what the agencies usually do. So, they're afraid he'll close the CIA and lay off other agencies that are expensive and can have their work done by non governmental organizations. Afghanistan and his pals making money there, his advocacy for the war and how successful his pals were at making money- has scared the agencies and Congress is in the process of improving monitoring.

The station chief looks like a problem for Obama. Algeria and Egypt are close pals and they're mad. The CIA is a problem again and maybe it's a good idea to shut them down. Bush hold overs are problems. Clapper is a perfect example; he ran the NGIA that was just created by Congress because the weather is a national security problem. Gates had to hire him back because Congress wanted him hired and Congressional toys(agencies) like the NGIA are being threatened.

Obama is moving his own people into traditionally agency jobs. So, why hasn't he closed the CIA and other agencies that are a waste of money? He'll probably do this after his people settle in. Congressional toys are closed and he's okay with Congress again, no loan problems.

Obama's leadership is already costing. It's nice he likes it hot since he is from Chicago and the weather is from there. If he gets rid of agencies he's like Kennedy, putting his pals in. Kennedy was shot in the head. So, like, if the Algerian and Egyptian women just died of some mysterious disease it would fit nicely. The 'Russian poisonings' should ring a bell. We can run around saying it was CIA.


That contrasts rather nicely with his comments about his daughters' school closing due to an ice storm whereas Chicago schools never close. I guess 'flinty Chicago toughness' doesn't include the Oval Office.
From http://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/Obama-Scoffs-at-Sidwells-Snow-Closing.html article by Jim Iovino:
...Obama said he would have to instill "some flinty Chicago toughness" into Washingtonians..

"When it comes to the weather, folks in Washington don't seem to be able to handle things," he said.

Old Lurker

I like it warm too. Since I pay my own bills with my own money and since I can, I keep the damn thermostat wherever I like it. And (don't tell Clarice) I keep my outdoor pool in DC heated year round as well. I pay the spot rate for the natural gas I consume and have considered it simply a market deal between me and the gas well owners, both of us possessing the facts necessary to form the contract.

All of this used to be legal but I guess those days are numbered.


Been listening to the radio. I don't know how you listen to the "economic" news without feeling like you're being headed for the metaphorical "cattle cars".

Thomas Collins

All this personal stuff about Zero is interesting, but what I really want to know is where in the White House does he go to sneak his cigarets. We can't have the POTUS freezing outside while smoking!

Thomas Collins

And TM, while you're on the personal angle, please find out which Chicago bookie is getting the most action from Zero and his friends on the Super Bowl. That type of info interests me more than what herbal dressing the Zero crowd swizzles on their arugula salad. :-))


Hi Enlightened,

The salmon risotto is really lovely, as all of Clarice's recipes are, but it is quite heavy; almost a meal on it's own. One of our favourite winter dinners for guests is Beef Tenderloin with Roasted Shallots and Figs - LUN. It's easy to make for a crowd and mouth-wateringly delicious. Just whip up some garlic/buttermilk mashed potatoes and buttered green beans to go with it and you're set. And you'll have time to visit with your guests while it's all cooking.

Hope you have a wonderful dinner regardless of what you decide to make.


What I don't understand is, if he's cold why doesn't he just keep his suit jacket on? Or wear a thermal silk undershirt or something?

Thomas Collins,

Bet you any amount of money he takes his smoke breaks in a bathroom somewhere and blows the smoke out an open window. And/or he has some kind of portable air filter working. He can't risk being seen leaving for smoke breaks - too embarrassing.

It will come out eventually, and be dismissed as yet another "distraction."

Heh, just as I was typing this, I got an email about a smoking cessation class offered each semester on campus (I work at a university). LOL


What an idjit... I suppose that he was too busy to notice that school children in most of northern Illinois didn't pay too much attention to his inauguration. Their teachers were scrambling, since it was their first day back in school after the six-day weekend created by bad weather on Wed-Fri the previous week plus the MLK holiday on Monday.


"Mr. Obama, who hates the cold, had cranked up the thermostat"

Another follower of Al Gore who does as he does (large carbon footprint).


The annoying thing about the "Washingtonians need to toughen up remark" is that Obama claims to be Mr. Smart Infrastructure, yet infrastructure is exactly the difference between DC and Chicago that he doesn't appear to get. Cities like DC that don't get much snow, don't spend money on the equipment and manpower to deal with it, nor should they.

Typical Obama - lecture others on concepts you don't understand, then refuse to lead by example, then crack jokes about the people you've gone out of your way to lecture and scold.

hit and run

It won't be long until, forced by the heat, we see the pics of Obama ripping off his shirt in the Oval Office to show off his pecs moobs.


Lighten up on Obama-dude. The "Washingtonian's need to toughen up" was lighthearted banter. You know, the stuff that, used against the President, will get you axelturfed.

JM Hanes

Neo linked to an article about the Justice Dept. preparing to defend John Yoo, but I thought a paragraph at the end of the story deserved its own headline:

Obama has tapped an Oakland, Calif., lawyer, Tony West, to head up DOJ’s civil division, which has primary responsibility for such cases. West hasn’t played a vocal role in the debate over detainee policy, but he was one of the lawyers for John Walker Lindh, the so-called American Taliban caught in Afghanistan.
As a rule, I don't fault lawyers who defend folks accused of heinous crimes, but when Obama has made a career of symbolism, you've just got to shake your head over this one.


will get you axelturfed

Well, I guess Axelrod needs something to do in that "small but strategically located office next door to his boss." When he is not being the go-to guy when Obama doesn't know what to say and texts him on the Blackberry for help, that is.


Astounding, well not really, so he will he prosecuted in part, by the attorney who tried to let this terrorist go free.


Narciso, I read it that Yoo would be defended by the attorney who tried to let the terrorist go free.


I guess so, sbw, that only makes it a little better, Yoo, shouldn't have to be
defended, from any such charge, he should be given a medal for doing this tough job,
the idea that Johnson & Lederman and Cannon,
want to dismantle this whole structure, to win points with the Europeans just makes me sick. On the one hand, we have the house GOP slam down the stimulus, as far as they could, but now the Senate is settling for a bill with a higher price tag is that right.


If I were Yoo I'd ask for other counsel or bring my own. Just saying.


Oh my god. It's hardly been a week, and he's already had his "let them eat cake" moment.


Not only a let them eat cake moment, but he served $100 steaks at his dinner celebrating the passage of the Porkulus Bill.


MaObama just said at his press conference that he is rooting for the Steelers; because, they campaigned for him (Franco Harris) and... the owner was a contributor. Oh, but he likes Kirk Warner because he is "closer in age to me" and it is a cinderella story.

Well that settles the question of what it takes to get his support doesn't it? Plus, we can't have two Cinderellas at the ball, can we?

BTW, by my count every single sentence included a reference to himself: "my policies," I, me, etc... he is not going to be able to avoid taking the blame on his watch. His ego won't allow it...and everyone stroking that ego is feeding the perception in their efforts to show how "smart and caring" he is...

Thomas Collins

Let's hope he confines his bathroom smoking to cigarets, Porchlight! :-))


If I were Yoo

Only Yoo is Yoo though you may say who is Yoo but we know Yoo is not you as Yoo is and you aint.


Is Yoo? Yes, Yoo is.




It won't be long before 'Great Leader' fatigue sets in. The populace will move on; he won't. I feel sorry for him. Cigarettes will be small enough solace.


I suspect Bush was energized by the contrast between his press image and the substance of the hard and brilliant work he was doing everyday. I suspect Obama will be discouraged by the failure of the press and of events to yield to the sorcery of his apprentice endeavours.


Vewy funny, Bowis..


Yoo's the guy on first base?

That's right.


Pledging allegiance to MaObama is coming to a public school near you...

It's happening in Nevada...

At least three of the five classrooms have an overhead projector and as the children stand to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, the teacher turns on the classroom overhead and a full body image of Obama, with six U.S. flags behind him, comes up about 4 feet away from the flag that hangs on the wall. The screen is apparently around five feet by six feet.



Wow, he's no longer opposed to the American flag? When did that happen?


When Versace embroidered his face on them,Jane.

E. Nigma

Can torchlight parades be far behind?

That's not funny, that's sick. :)


the new Democratic motto:

"Do as I say, Not as I do"


That's pretty ugly of Nixon.
Pre-energy crisis, what's the big deal?

Danube of Thought

Look, you gotta pardon me for this one, but it's cocktail hour out here. For those of you who miss Dubya already, LUN.

By God, it's great!


Dot, I went and got my husband to watch that one! Thanks, but it sure made me miss the cowboy.


If you haven't already, slip over to Hot Air and watch the video of the standing ovation W got in Waco at a basketball game. It sure made me sad to see him looking so old and worn out. But it also made me happy to see him smile so much.


he served $100 steaks at his dinner celebrating the passage of the Porkulus Bill.

Who's paying for these? Us?


Sue: I don't think he looks "old and worn out," I think he looks "old and very relaxed."

Go, W! We miss ya already.


He looked relaxed, happy but definitely worn out. I hope he gets his groove back after he has time to relax. It must be weird for him knowing what he knew a week ago is still out there and he has no control over it. I wonder how you decompress from that?


No, he doesn't look worn out, but he probably can't help show a little concern what this crew has done in a week, to undermine everything he did in 8 years.


Okay, that's 2 against 1 on the looking worn out, but he still looks worn out to me. ::grin::


DoT, that was awesome.

Sue, I do think he looks worn out, but I hope a few months of R&R will help with that.

Very nice video - sure made me glad to see them so happy.

the new Democratic motto:

"Do as I say, Not as I do"

What on earth is new about that? Jeez, I'm 61. It's been that way for decades.

hit and run

Well, TM, talk about shirking leadership.

There's a thief on the Yankees.

http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/blog/big_league_stew/post/Derek-Jeter-finally-admits-stealing-part-of-old-?urn=mlb,137634>The captain, no less.

Jeter's getting the Geithner treatment of course, unlike the http://gothamist.com/2008/09/23/cops_arrest_yankee_stadium_vultures.php>18 fans who were arrested doing what Jeter did without consequence.

I Blame Obama.

richard mcenroe

Honest Tea? Dear God, the Freedom Fries are back.

In other words, in the Obama Administration honesty is on ice...

Soylent Red

OT, but highly relevant nonetheless...

Hope and change? Newd irection? Taste the rainbow?

Norks say "Not so much."

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