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January 19, 2009



Thanks Elliot. I'll let him know. Are the visas inside the subs....


"I think he has an odd combination of longevity and long-windedness that passes for wisdom in Washington."

I can't be the only person laughing at how Joe's wife seems to suffer from the same foot-in-mouth problem that he does. But this is revealing about how much thought went into the selection process. As though Biden is such a superior intellect that he should have the privilege of just picking his own position in the administration.

And speaking of going to the gym, I may have to stay away the next few days (or for four years?), as the big screen TVs there are foiling my efforts to avoid all Obamadoration. All I could see were CNN captions like "Dream fulfilled". It's as if the folks from Disneyworld are writing their copy.

Rick Ballard

Palin is on with Beck on Fox right now.


*a Republican*


I just read that Bush will not pardon Libby.

I'm quite simply stunned. I don't think I'll ever forgive GWB.

How are all of you? I've missed the JOM gang, but have been very very busy with family stuff.

Captain Hate

He can't take ridicule, and it's a weakness that should be exploited.

My biggest disappointment in the sham "Maverick's" campaign was that he didn't continue the jabbing that had Obastard clearly off his game (assuming a sub-featherweight can honestly be assumed to have anything remotely resembling a "game") early in the campaign and had him sounding like a stumbling buffoon. I truly believed that McCain could've provoked a complete meltdown in the debates, but the Arizona stumblebum was completely inept during all of them, as a parting knife-thrust to conservatives everywhere.

Surely if we see this as a weakness, "pros" like Axelrod can as well, yet nothing is done. I'm pretty sure Putin recognizes it as well


Hey Verner, good to see you again.

I won't give up hope until W's no longer in office.


Hi, Verner. You've been missed.
I am not flabbergasted, but I am terribly disappointed in this report.



I think they're hidden within Typepad software. You click a certain button and what was once innocuous is at once a visa.

Minor discovery: If you've clicked on the "next" button, you get a page number in your url (e.g., "...monday-morning/comments/page/5/"). If you replace whatever # you have with a high number such as 100, you will be taken to the last page of comments.


No guts Clarice. Very Disappointed.

But at least hScooter won't serve any jail time. and I'm sure his many friends are making sure he is well employed, as a man with his talent should be.

And as for the rest....

Valerie who? Doesn't seem like Obama wants to touch those two with a ten foot pole.

Wonder if Hillary will put them somewhere at State?


You click a certain button and what was once innocuous is at once a visa.

Does this procedure work for American Express?


I don't know how he's supporting himself these days. He still has an enormous legal bill to be paid and until very recently was doing his community service which the feds nastily made the worst possible--emptying garbage cans, etc. instead of using his considerable talents.

Cheney has balls. I hope he put the right finger up and sends a big check to pay off the lawyers and does so publicly with a this was nonsense statement.

BTW the court just confirmed today he(Cheney) has the right to decide which of his papers should be saved for the archives or not..
I hope there's one saying "Fitz is a prick" and that he specifies it is to be made public.


A study in contrasts: LUN

When the Clintons left the White House in January 2001, the former first couple took with them more than 50 gifts -- including a chandelier, flatware, and paintings -- valued at nearly $200,000.

The Bushes, however, borrowed from furnishings that already existed within the White House collection, said Sally McDonough, press secretary to Laura Bush.

"Mrs. Bush...will go back to Texas with only those items that belong to her," McDonough told FOXNews.com.

Don't you just love Sally McDonough...


BTW the court just confirmed today he(Cheney) has the right to decide which of his papers should be saved for the archives or not..
I hope there's one saying "Fitz is a prick" and that he specifies it is to be made public.

Yeah baby


He can't take ridicule, and it's a weakness that should be exploited

What could be more ridiculous than a person who is soon to be the President of the USA spending many many dollars to avoid showing his birth Certificate?


O.K. This Previous/Next blows.

Anyway, to Answer janes question on body hair waaaayyyyyy up above, the only guys that I know that would shave chest hair, would be metrosexuals and porn stars, and I don't personally "know" any of either one. I think it shows an unhealthy preoccupation with ones self and ones personal appearance, but, heck, what do I know?


Palin is on with Beck on Fox right now.

Nuts, I'll have to find a link to it.


I listened to a reporter from ABC radio say today that they (security) were watching right wing groups closely. He then corrected himself to say far right wing. Do Ku Klux Klan and Aryan Nation members really vote republican as a rule?

Captain Hate

Don't you just love Sally McDonough...

If GWB employed her instead of dipstick McClellan, there'd be a lot more trees alive today and Soros would have more space in his warehouse of useless garbage


Do Ku Klux Klan and Aryan Nation members really vote republican as a rule?

They seem more like Kucinich voters to me.


Po, I will save you from reading about Michelle's eyebrows which, oddly enough for someone who wants to stay employed, are discussed by one of her make-up people.

Gratuitous speculation about Botox, Jack Nicholson and Nicole Kidman.

Don't LUN

Rick Ballard

"Do Ku Klux Klan and Aryan Nation members really vote republican as a rule?"


I believe that question is best addressed to Senator Robert Byrd. He has the background and experience to provide an answer. Unless today is a 'bad' day. You just never really know with dementia.


Sad and petty, but not surprising. She parlayed Mrs. Alaska, to be midrange singer
after a quarter century, Sarah became governor and a vice presidential candidate, and a possible presidential candidate with tens of millions of followers; with a reputation and a moniker that extends into the deepest of the Russian steppes; the Huntress or Okhonitsa. Ironically, this comes on the heels of a very gracious attitude toward the incomingadministration, on the Glenn Beck program. This is exactly the kind of attitude, that had Carney,Stein & Ruedrich watching their back. Classy, Barry, really classy.


I think W would kick Obama's ass, mentally, physically, and spiritually

I can't imagine having a beer with the One, but as an optimist I hope for the best.


Just think if Barry had spent that 45 minutes a day, like maybe, working in the Senate, or visiting wounded troops in Germany.


I know he's busy, but PUK needs to fire up some lyrics for "pagination", and leave Carly Simon out of it.

Took away my preview tool, eh? I'll get you...


But I though "Puff Daddy" said there were no black people in Alaska, and certainly no crime, I'm flabbergasted. As for one on one, either shooting hoops "Barracuda" remember, or practically any other activity she would outclass him. Look she has a real job and real responsibilities, both to the State, and to her family. She has drawn a sizable group of followers, across 'the fruited plain' My understanding is that she'll be at some event on the 29th in New York (according to Liz Smith) and she'll be at the winter meeting of the NGC and CPAC
I don't think she'll take this in your face snub too seriously, although a few more like
that and the "Mama Grizzly" will come out again


So now preview doesn't work either!!!


What a lousy day this has been. No pardon of Scooter and no way to possibly enjoy this blog until TM does something to fix it.


All right, we went from Typhus Pad, with Preview, to some other form of plague like manifestation; boils, perhaps, this is much


I can't believe 80% of the country approves of Obama. That many republicans feel good about him?


The preview trick has failed. Now what?


Read the latest polls carefully. I caught a troll on PW yesterday spouting that 70%+ nonsense... the actual poll didn't say "of eligible voters" or anything like that...it said "of those polled." Sleight of hand... and they think we are fools and won't notice.


They were able to prop Clinton up with poll numbers for eight years, and surely they'll have Obama's up in the stratosphere for the next four at a minimum, but I just don't see how they can possibly do the same with Michelle's.


Some one a while ago gave the following tip (of course I can't look it up to give proper credit!!!!):

In the url where it give the page number, put in a number like 100 and it will take you to the last page it the thread. It seems to work:

Example: http://justoneminute.typepad.com/main/2009/01/monday-morning/comments/page/100/#comments


it - *in* the thread

Rick Ballard

"The preview trick has failed. Now what?"

Kludge v2 (per Elliot)

1. Click "Next" at bottom of first comment page

2. After /page/2/ loads, highlight the http// line at top of page by double clicking.

3. There is a number beside /page/ (currently 6 on this last page), type in 9 or 10 before the number.

4. Click the --> next to changed address. This will take you to the last page.

5. Beathe deeply, cleansing the lungs in order to cleanse the mind. This will inhibit the multiplication of TyphusPad microbes which are known to cause rage and finally utter madness.


Hey, I just learned something newsworthy, if true. Dick told me that Richard Neil is the new chairman of the House Ways and Means. I asked him about Rangel and he said he's already been replaced.

I don't know if it's true, but....


Who are the kids that got to go to the Jonas Bros./Miley Cyrus concert?


Anyway, to Answer janes question on body hair

What kind of girl do you think I am, anyway. Twasn't me, but that's okay.

Oh and Dick's source was Dick Neal himself.

Captain Hate

They were able to prop Clinton up with poll numbers for eight years

My favorite stat from the 90s is that Slick never got 50% of the popular vote. Every time some dweeb would tell me what a *great* natural pol he was I'd respond "Yeah so great he couldn't get half the people to vote for him against Bob ****ing Dole"


I can't believe 80% of the country approves of Obama
If he can win over half of what's left without alienating any supporters, he'll tie Bush's summit.

And we know how that turned out.


Rick Ballard,

It must have been your tip that I read earlier. Thank you very much for your help.

Conga Fury (Juno REactor)

Obama will cost the US everything and he's okay with his wife saying she respects us then



I'm dissappointed with the Libby outcome, not just for its policy implications going forward or the fact that the verdict was 'two travesties of a mockery of a sham' as Woody Allen's Fieldish Mellish, would have put it;( an editor who worked with Woodward was on the jury; another was a Huff Po poster, how'd that book turn out by the way)but it's yet another sign of how he eschewed those who were truly loyal like Libby and he kept on a sniveling weasel like Mcllellan, I guess you were ultimately right, Rick, dissapointingly so. Poppy ended up a better judge of these things.
Maybe because of his intelligence background

One tries to reserve a bemused attitude to the all the backstabbers, fakers,charlatan, who have in a style of Suetonious, have chosen to try to rise, by stepping all over
the Governor, I'm kind of all 'outraged out'
at this point, nothing would surprise me
anymore. Well I was actually a little surprised that Wyclef Jean, didn't have the typical put down of her, when Greta
interviewed him, he was impressed that she had gone about something without the usual backing, typical of said ventures. Whether sincere or not, he shows more judgement than three fourth of the entertainment industry.

Rick Ballard


It was Elliott. I was typing this one up while you posted your recollection of Elliott's suggestion. Hopefully the two together will provide sufficient info.

It's amazing that TyphusPad still exists, given all the bad wishes made for it.

Perhaps TM is fiddling with the controls, trying to fix the TyphusPad update. It should be a box, filled automatically by the update which needs to be unchecked.


Thank you Elliot.

Soylent Red



Thanks to Elliott for the pagination trick!

May I submit this little lyrical rewrite, to the tune of "(Keep Feeling) Fascination" by the Human League, as our mental musical accompaniment this evening.

If it seems a little time is needed
Decisions to be made
The good advice of commenters unheeded
The best of plans mislaid

Just looking for a new direction
In an old familiar way
Please bring us back the old comment section
So we can scroll all the way

And so the conversation turned
Until the sun went down
And many workarounds were learned
On that day

Keep reading pagination
Frustration burning
All day long
Keep reading pagination
Looking, clicking
Moving on

Well the blog may need some
Preferences to be unchecked
Tomorrow Obama's inaugurating
Please Maguire don't neglect

Keep reading pagination
Frustration burning
All day long
Keep reading pagination
Looking, clicking
Moving on

JM Hanes

Here ya go, bad:

The Space In-Between

Gotta love those Post-Contemporary Interventions.


By the way, I didn't catch all of it, but some sources seem to indicate that Glenn Beck seem to have botched the interview; maybe a little too much sympathy doesn't work in these situations, neither does sneering contempt. She did fine, keeping an upbeat and hopeful tone, although outlining
areas of disagreement. That's why the whole
Marybeth Blackburn stunt ranckles somewhat
in this context. It's not surprising that Zuckerman's sometimes truther friendly Daily News, would chose to air that story.
Anchorage, NY; there seems to be a commonality there. Yes it got under my skin, just a bit. Daddy, there was a rumor somewhere, that she's looking to accept stimulus funds to help build the pipeline; any truth to that.


I really must have done something to screw up my Karma. I’m human, but have tried to live a good life. I posted previously that my cable and internet access was out for two weeks during the 2000 election (and I was living in Florida).
Now, I'm living through this horrendous typepad mess during the coronation.


Oh, lordy, C.R. you SOOOOO have my sympathy. Is this the pits or what?!!

I will never get to see Beck, because it comes on when I am at work.

Any JOM reviews that I missed due to previous/next hell?


Yeah, C.R. I can't believe it's the last evening JOMers can chat together while Bush is still President, and the blog is screwy.

Maybe this Previous/Next thing is a symbol of some sort.


Porch: you mean the Pod People have taken over the mind and body of Tom Maquire?

We are in big trouble. Anybody (hello, Clarice, JMH, Jane) up for starting a new blog?


I blame Obama.... the pixels are in revolt over the unnatural order of the universe.



I thought Sarah was fine. I’ve never warmed to Glenn Beck, and don't understand how he has been elevated to this rank. Sarah needs to find a way around all of this in order to get her ideas across. And, I will argue with anyone who finds her discussion about Trig disingenuous. It is so true that that special needs children have much more to teach us about us about humanity than we have to teach them.

Rick Ballard

The other Kludge is to open tabs for all threads, go to the last page of comments on each thread and just refresh from there.

That might actually be the simplest solution.



Interesting, but I was looking for something not in the chorus, hence the Carly Simon reference.

How I could possibly complain about something I can't even do, well , that's pretty nervy of me, so I'll just keep quiet, but not about my observation that PUK is awfully shy during his "normal" hours.

Just concerned.


Just a speculation, but TM may be getting hit up for server space for those "eventful" threads, like cookbooks and such.


C.R. I was at WDW the last week of the 2000 fiasco and screaming at the CNN (no Fox at Disney) biased commentators and their lies... it was kinda surreal.. Fantasy Land during the day and Pinocchio politics at night...


cable and internet access was *were* I'm so weary of my many typos this weekend.

Depressed Atlas



Centralcal, Porchlight, Bad,

Thank you for your sympathy.

Stephanie - I was relegated to NPR in 2000!


That's what I thought too, C.R, he seemed kind of off focus. Frankly she laid down the same markers at the RGA meeting, which the party in it's 'infinite wisdom' chose to ignore, mostly with regards to the auto bailout. Allah, the guest pundit, who wouldn't leave, is trying to put an overly friendly spin on it; he's being taken to town by some of the C.v P. guest bloggers in the comment section And you're right, people who even try to criticize the discussion of Trig, should be struck with moose antlers, repeatedly. I recall how I teared up when I saw that picture of her cradling Trig, while the silly words about her popularity or contempt raged on last week. First to be struck, Mike Huckabee, with caribou hooves if need be; not so much for that as for his stupid comments to Esquire and previously the Politico.


A powerful documentary about a teacher from Iowa who performed an experiment with her third grade class, the day after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. A Class Divided

Rick Ballard


IMO - Beck botched the setup. Too long, too maudlin, too self directed, too much simplistic 'patriotism' without even a cursory laying of foundation. Palin spoke much too quickly - she's going to have to polish her speed of delivery and get the pat stall spiel that is a precursor to answering questions down.

There was nothing substantive involved because Beck tossed substance aside and pitched Bromide Seltzer schlock. That type of "interview" requires a measured level of patter that takes a lot of practice. I was surprised that Palin didn't have a smoother line.


Mike Huckabee is jealous, pure and simple. And I liked the bit about the moose antlers.


Daddy, there was a rumor somewhere, that she's looking to accept stimulus funds to help build the pipeline; any truth to that.

No way she'll get it. That would legitimately help our energy problems, create tons of jobs, and help our energy security. No, no, no. Windmills and Unicorn farts it is.

I’ve never warmed to Glenn Beck, and don't understand how he has been elevated to this rank.

Says a more about the depth of the field than about Beck. He's O.K., but he gets tiring.



I did a bit of googling and didn't find anything regarding the TransCanada-AGIA pipeline getting federal funds. It is such a large project, I'd be surprised if it didn't. Most of the complaints seem to come from the oil majors and their allies that didn't like the fact that they won't get Alaska gas tax free.

The oil majors reaction to Gov. Palin is odd to me. Those guys have to realize that they are nothing but a caterpillar to the watermelons' ichneumon wasp. If they were to cooperate more and complain less they could all get the AGIA pipeline built quickly and (with steel prices dropping and other projects being idled) cheaply.


Tomorrow all.

Alarm time, nite all.


C.R. you were left with NPR, that could lead to 'a scene of unimaginable violence' to refer to Bloom County's reaction to "Don't
Worry be Happy". CNN is only marginally less toxic like Chicken Pox, to MSNBC's small pox.

For all his misteps, failures to communicate through this minefield of lies and distortion, I'm really going to miss this President, more so as we see the gap widen between what is projected about this incoming administration and what is the reality. Maybe I'm 'grasping too tightly at straws', (that's crossing a metaphor or two) trying to the rush the governor into the gaping abyss. It really dawns on me now, at an emotional level, what a horrendous miscalculation others have made
(I still feel confident with my vote)The recent extravaganzas in Baltimore, & Philadelphia and D.C.; specially at the Lincoln monument, have really served to punctuate this sentiment. I never thought that those forces which my grandfather called the hidden power, what Ignatius calls the 'puisse occulte' would triumph in such a way in my lifetime, to induce such a frenzy of hatred upon otherwise level headed people


So, like, pixels and fields mean your seeing funny cause of a painless migraine and it can't be the ONE HOBO and his pals 'cause it's painless?

Pipelines are bad 'cause the government doesn't pay the natives for the oil they take as a universal payment, so, probably, a bad idea and Canadians like their gas expensive anyways and THE ONE HOBO refuses to deal with the natives for the oil 'cause he wants to oppress like anyone else and he's gonna. So, pipelines would be different?


I’ve never warmed to Glenn Beck, and don't understand how he has been elevated to this rank.
Lotta names could substitute for "Glenn Beck" in that sentence.

Good news: We may be as little as 1461 days away from the Historic First Time Ever in History that a black guy gets tossed out of the presidency. (Less, if Rezko, Blago, Richardson, or Hillary decide to stage Obamadämmerung).

Bad news: Even so, Zero's ex-presidency could stretch past 2050.


Rich, I don't get it either, Exxon, Conoco, seem to be living in a dream world thinking they can pick and choose their allies. That's not remotely close to the truth; this incoming crew would nationalize them as much as provide any kind of logistical support, and they'd have popular support for it. It seems they want to make Peak Oil a self fullfilling prophecy; it's not a bug it's a feature, as the statements of Obama, Chu, Holdrem, Salazar and the actions of the likes of Biden seem to indicate. You're right, Po, why provide funds for worthwhile
projects which would bring us one step closer to 'giving the finger' to Petro-oligarchs the world over; when we can just inflate our tires and throw money into Pharaonic projects with no purpose. The comment came from one of the more obscure
bloggers on the CvP blog.

Rick Ballard

Oil majors invest in projects which take up to a decade to generate returns. The gas up in Alaska isn't going anywhere and restricting supply does not impair earnings. The majors could squash the Peaker premise any time they wanted to but they don't.

It really hasn't hurt their earnings, has it?

Alaskans would like royalty checks, the majors would like to squeeze the royalty just as hard as they can with their political vise. It's an interesting situation - not at all like Texas where the oil men pocketed the pols early on and kept them in their pockets right through this morning. Palin is a threat to the majors in Alaska. That's not a good thing.



Dogzilla(without You) / the only thing i need - a sunzilla

Earnings? I guess it wasn't the ONE HOBO's loan criteria thing, but Congress just saying no to peak oil like Ukraine says no to the EU, I mean Russia.

Inaugurations and sealing off bridges:
Plame and her doctor should probably stop killing Als with the plague. Oh gee, it's already spread to another country....... LU/


Palin is a threat to the majors in Alaska. That's not a good thing.

Isn't it interesting that doing what's good for the country could be dangerous for a National politcian.


OK: Here is what I believe to be the scoop on the hellish Next/Previous, and I'm afraid it's not good news.

I was going to offer folks a temporary home over at Quasiblog, only to discover that they've been busy bees over at Typepad today. Early this evening, I was able to test a comment on one of my old blogs. I went back to see if they had "upgraded" everyone to paginated comment threads, only to find that comments are completely locked out on all my various blogs.

That's not the problem here, but it's one I've had before, and Typepad has known that they've got buggy comment software for a long time. I checked my security settings, and it appears they've decided that pagination is the fix!

They have now limited comments per page to 50, with a default setting of 25. You used to be able to leave the maximum number box blank if you wanted unpaginated threads. You can't save any change to your security settings now (like unchecking Typekey authentification) without specifying 50 comments or less per page.

I suggest that everyone here, and any one else you can recruit, register your outrage on the SixApart Contact form. As a Typepad client I've done just that via Help ticket. Even if my assessment is off, it won't hurt for them to know just how much users hate segmented threads. Why even have a search function? There's a big difference between a bandaid and an upgrade, and this step backwards, is looking like a final straw to me.


Well I guess that makes some twisted short term sense, but in the long term, it's pure bollocks, specially with an unfavorable political environment, any series of disruptions anywhere in the world, from civil wars to hurricanes, could spike prices up to the magic $200,00 a barrel; with serious economic and social repercussions. They'd rather feed Chavez's Russian monkey on his back, the Janjaweed, or the BEND rather than explore off these very shores.

Glenn Beck was interesting at the beginning, but he very quickly devolved into the easy conspiracism of George Noory and kindred spirit on short wave. Even his take of Islamic fundamentalist's goals were
deeply pessimistic, talking of the "Perfect Day" of mass attacks, that we could do nothing to stop, that was 2006. Kind of undermining any positive message they were trying to send, It got worse in 2008; actually he became a parody of Howard Beale, in "Network" after he is let in on the secret of multinational business, Karl Rove, ate his lunch, Sarah's probably hitting her spokesperson, McCallister with the antlers, saying what's wrong with him, why did you book me there. With such an 'auspicious' start I probably won't be tuning in too often.

So did I some up how most people here feel about the outgoing administration, with some elaboration of my own, maybe I'll miss Cheney most of all, look at the pale, loquacious simulacrum they've replaced him with. It's probably practically impossible to be as clueless as Slo Joe, yet he's somehow managed it,

JM Hanes

And guess what? I had to sign into my Typepad account on a newly formatted page advertising the benefits of Typepad profiles -- which are automatically derived from your Typepad account whether you want one or not. They are apparently now used for every purpose under the sun all over the Typepad universe, thus the reincarnation of Quasiblogger. I've really had it with that outfit. Any recommendations for a blogger of modest skills would be much appreciated.

JM Hanes

Yet another great feature of pagination! Where once you could link to an individual comment, the comment URL simply drops you onto the first page of the thread.


Can we keep the pagination ,but get the hobo trolls off the dang screen, is that a deal.

It's a distressing thought Po, but then again how much oil money went into the McCain/Palin campaign after Aug. 29th. It does beg the question why aren't there more independent oil producers, the lack of the oil depletion allowance is certainly a factor; more extensive regulation of all facets of energy development shepherded by the likes of Cass Sunstein? This begs a wider point, why aren't there anymore substantive conversations along these lines
on energy, defense, foreign policy, general principles of constitutional jurisprudence. Too much is devoted to Lou Dobbs, the Mexican/Chinese are taking our jobs, the quagmire/depression hope change of MSNBC, and a smattering of actual fact, financial jibber jabber and the latest serial killer/
(sorry Greta)plain crash/celebrity snafu.
I know this is a no-frills blog with no bells and whistles, probably didn't help our case in the Weblog awards, but
seriously, Andrew Sullivan, being considered for anything besides possibly
pre-frontal lobotomy. Maybe this explains the troll infestation here and at Protein Wisdom


This begs a wider point, why aren't there anymore substantive conversations along these lines
on energy, defense, foreign policy, general principles of constitutional jurisprudence.

Because to develope informed opinions on these things takes WORK. It's so much easier to just say that Bush is stupid and Cheney is evil. In order to have a substantive conversation you first have to acknowledge that there are differing points of view. In other words, people's eyes glaze over. We'll see if people are more interested in 4 or 8 years.


You're right, Po, it's denunciation and self abasement disguised as intellectualism. If someone asserts something like the following statements it's ipso facto true; if it's said with enough authority and repeated enough. "the US and France did kick out Hezbollah out of Lebanon; would have been a surprise in 2006." That was the kind of fatuous lie, that made me doubt Slow Joe's sanity, yet it was all repackaged on SNL and then onto Youtube, as harmless fun, while the
'incurious' Tina Fey as Douthat would put in another context, mouthed either distorted
lines,"I can see Russia from My House" or that insulting remark about marriage and unwilling teenagers, as her own when she never said it. Of course, actual snafus like campaigning in '57 states' and hello, Sunshine, Florida" where conveniently dropped down the memory whole. That is of a par with the perversion of history I saw yesterday on the mall.


What about the stuff Ace uses... minx or mu.nu or whatever it is? His site usually only gets weird when he frags it himself... or whatever Goldstein uses?

JM Hanes


Oddly enough, I discovered that the Hobo's LUNs generally lead to articles that are actually worth a look/see.


This begs a wider point, why aren't there anymore substantive conversations along these lines on energy, defense, foreign policy, general principles of constitutional jurisprudence.

They aren't "real" to people. I think it has to do with a Gramscian "ethic" that has infused our culture and an Americanist comsumerism which demands instant gratification.

And to cheer you up.

And for the euro bulls. How is it that the euro is going to "supplant the dollar" when Spain and Greece are in trouble, and Ireland is going through a full banking meltdown?

JM Hanes

I neglected boris' comment about the advertising above, which may have a lot more to do with the new pagination than trying to ignore their own buggy software. One of the nice things about a single thread on this end (aside from a usable search function) is that once a discussion really gets going down the page, the sidebar distractions disappear. That's a problem on the advertising end which pagination quickly solves, and it's probably being packaged as money maker for the blogger.

In any case, that's it for me on the tech end. I need to go back to getting in shape for snarking my way through the rest of the inaugural activities.


Dunno what's going on over at TCM...during the Rapture tomorrow they're running The Fountainhead, a Reagan movie, and A Face in the Crowd (imdb plot summary: An Arkansas hobo becomes an overnight media sensation. But as he becomes drunk with fame and power, will he ever be exposed as the fraud he has become?)

Ayn Rand, Reagan, hostility to the media, hoboes...I think Robert Osborne is reading this blog!


And I can feel the excitement, dictators and terrorists around the world are going to rejoice, and America's liberals get to have their group hug.


I guess our host is testing us to see what our "angry mob mentality" is under stress.
Tomorrow, the One, will be the World's ONE!
All will be otay! Posting will be back to normal, the sides will stay in line and on message. The wormy republicans will come out of the floors and walls and we will smush them as the bugs they really are. And we will celebrate the survivors, our tribe will be able to regroup, revamp and revitalize the unaffected who live for the government wiping their butt and giving handouts.(Now, Nancy, we know you are trying to give it all up-it's just not as exciting being on top) Tomorrow is the first day in our quest for the republican "golden ticket"..bon chance, mes amis! Long Live George W Booosh!

hit and run

Good morning!

We have awoken to a soft blanket of white powdery snow, which means two things.

First, the kids will miss the official school inauguration party to celebrate the removal of the E from O's PEOTUS title.

Second, Global Warming really doesn't fear mocking The One.

"What kind of man is this that even neither the winds and nor waves obey him!"

JM Hanes

Wow hit, thanks for the heads up! I just looked out the window. We've got warmening! I'm going to go outside in my bare feet right now!


Morning guys.

It's a new day dawning I guess - everyone is all about reconciliation. That should carry us thru the next 15 hours or so. After that I won't hold my breath.

JM Hanes

It's beautiful out there! The snow is silky soft and light as air. I may have to record the festivities and get my camera out instead. I wouldn't dream of upstaging the MSM by opining on what Obama "needs to do" in his inaugural address, so I'll just pass along what I'm expecting (really), before I head off to the wintry wonderland. Just in case someone is making odds.

Obama has given so many speeches, at such great length, that there's not a lot left to say. So I'm thinking we'll get a lot of urgency of now.

All history has culminated (and is vested) in Obama. This is the pivotal moment when we both break free from our past, and finally begin to fulfill the promise that our founding fathers (and native American fathers....) envisioned. Lincoln brought us half way there. MLK did his share. Now it's up to us to finish their work. Which will definitely take work. Because the world is falling apart around us in every way, and perfeccting our union ain't going to be easy. I expect he'll only tip his hat to JFK.

We will drink at the fountain of hope, and thus renewed, we will answer Obama's clarion call to service. We must take responsibility for our future, and be our brothers' keepers too. Whether he'll be crass enough to tell us boomers that we are So Not Cool is a tough call, but we'll certainly hear about a new generation, along with a new everything else.

There will be the obligatory Kumbayah, but his loftiest rhetoric will be his most insubstantial. My expectations for this speech are not really very high. It will sound far less pedestrian than it actually is, and will give the MSM plenty of lovely phrases to embroider with admiration. But this is not a warm and fuzzy venue and I suspect his suasion may well suffer for it. I doubt we'll hear anything likely to supplant "Si, se puede" as Obama's signature in the public imagination.

BTW, we are all Obama today, if we wanna be. And with that, I'll hit Post, so that TM can immediately start up a new Inaugural thread.

hit and run

Well, at the risk of committing previous/next apostasy, it does have one benefit for me.

On my BlackBerry, if a thread gets over 300 comments, the page just stops loading. I am shit out of the discussion.

And for whatever reason, you folks don't stop commenting, waiting for me to get home and on my laptop.

But having paginated threads means no page ever has more than 50 comments, so I can keep up.

I take this as confirmation of my long held belief: It really is all about me!


Good Morning JOMers.

Jane-Have a Great Show today.

It's going to be tricky to avoid anything media related today, but I think I can do it. For the children.

Ralph L

Not enough snow here for snow cream. Oddly, it coated my car under the carport.
Last week, the Catholic church near me put up little white crosses around their permanent anti-abortion memorial (looks like a tombstone). Now they're almost invisible.

hit and run


I am shit out of the discussion.

You do know that the BlackBerry keyboard has two characters per key, and generally figures out what letter is correct as you type, while you just have to give a cursory glance for any mistakes.

And yes, the "i" and the "u" share the same key, hence the profanity above, when I clearly meant shut.

But why would it default to shit first rather than shut?

Whatevs, I like the way BlackBerry programmers think.

But I should make a mental note of this particular one so as to avoid it in work emails...

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