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January 31, 2009



Wooooooooo!! Ms. Bad...what joyful news! Never give up--I, one of many, pray for your continued blessings and witty, badA--
posts! Hugs to you and your family!


Ooh, thanks for the link from the General Eik(I like Eik)enberry thread, Boris. Now I can hopscotch all over.


Thanks Glenda, your daughters and Galveston remain our prayers.


Bad--Mr. Bad, family and friends does not come as as a surprise to anyone--it shows!



Obama also noted that the U.S. provided technical assistance to the Iraqi electoral commission, as did the U.N. and other international groups. He didn't, however, mention the U.S. troops that patrolled the country — away from voting booths — while the new Obama administration in Washington considers a new strategy for the unpopular war in Iraq.

The AP sounds like they're criticizing this lapse in acknowledgement. Well, well, well...

Had to remove the link to get through the spam filter.


Boatbuilder, I am really blessed. Many people with my prognosis live with those who are not supportive or encouraging. One person says her family is ready for her to die so they can get on with they're lives.


Hurrah for bad! Just came home to the good news. I am so happy for you and your family. Couldn't happen to a nicer lady. I will continue to pray for you, but tonight you get a special toast.


Thanks Porch, and drink one for me. I mostly just sniff wine these days (headache issues from even a sip) and enjoy the very rare margarita.

Which is sad because my doctors told me to enjoy moderate drinking, especially wine.



bad,I'm glad !


From Texas Darlin What the Republicans and the Democrats are Saying…

Among the Democrats, Senator Kent Conrad of North Dakota said Friday about the $900+ Billion “Stimulas Package” passed by the House this week:

I’d have a very hard time voting for what came over from the House.…”

Check out what the republicans said:

"And 55% of Republicans, according to a new poll, think that the GOP should be more like her:"

From their Hope is on the way post.

It looks like we still have some work to do to get that figure to 100%.


Thanks PUK, no cure yet but the longer I can hang on, the better the odds.


You betcha,bad.In the meantime sprinkle tumeric on your food or eat some French's cheapo yellow mustarfd every day (it has tumeric in it) and broccoli sprouts.


Sorry about the wine, bad. I will add a little extra to my prayers for you that the headaches go away. :)



That's obscure? Pshaw!

I thought you were going to say Minix or something. :-)


"no cure yet but the longer I can hang on, the better the odds."
I think I can speak for all of JOM,in absolutely forbidding you to do otherwise.

Barney Frank

It's a lot better being a badass than a sadass, I'll bet. :)
Congratulations bad!
My wife and you must be on the same schedule. It's been two years this month since she finished chemo. Went from cancer throughout her thoracic skeleton to no measurable cancer, which just like bad, is a miracle. They don't ordinarily do scans for breast cancer but measure a blood protein intead to see if it is active. It should be below 32. Hers was over 400 when she started chemo and is now between 18-22 every quarter.
Bad and my wifey are both in the badass club, cause that's what it takes to keep it at bay, along with a bit of a divine miracle or two of course.
Long live the badasses.


A Wild Turkey toast to the two badasses tonight.


So happy to read that, bad.


Pretty apparent that Bush didn't use the IRS as a weapon against the Democrats.


Well, Barney, that's more good news. And we're glad to hear it. (Especially this week when everything else seems so horrid, it's good to know our friends are well.)


Hey, bad, I think you should consider yourself JOM's #1 vice (especially good when you are being so delightfully bad.) And, like sex and drugs and rock n roll, we have no intention of giving you up. ;-)


An interesting report on the unreliability of eyewitness testimony.



Barney, that is such wonderful news about your wife!!

Thanks everyone for your encouragement and prayers and especially for drinking in my place!! I don't want to contribute to the economic issues by purchasing less booze.

I don't have a problem consuming wine when it's cooked in food, which is often. Interesting...


FreeBSD. That's obscure? Pshaw!

I thought you were going to say Minix or something. :-)

For a virus writer, it is obscure. Linux has about 5% of the desktop market, give or take, and FreeBSD is about 1% of Linux. Not worth writing anything malicious for such as small chance of success.

David Govett

People on the Right, have you learned nothing in the last 40 years? Neither integrity nor logic matters to the Left. The only thing that matters is power, the more total, the better. Let me repeat for slow learners: Power is not everything to the Left; it's the only thing, however attained, however held. Now we can talk.


FreeBSD is about 1% of Linux.

I guess you could pump up that stat by counting Mac OS X systems as being based on FreeBSD. In some respects, I prefer FBSD over Linux, but in years past when I ran it I was never able to get X working. Building X was no problem as I was apparently the only person on the planet who liked imake, but configuring the runtime was a different matter. Maybe it was something about the machines I was using.



I'm not really that concerned with the numbers (and for servers the percentage for both Linux and BSD would be much higher). Also, the only remnant of FBSD in OSX is an old version of userland. That's not really enough for it to count.

I'm surprised you had issues with X11. Did you install from ports? You really should on FBSD.

I've not had many issues with X over the years, and I've run a dual monitor configuration with Xinerama for over five years. There have been some irritating bugs since moving to xorg from xfree. Those were primarily in the underlying code, and were not OS-specific.


mac osx is mach, not bsd. (And one of the splits between Avi and the rest of the CMU guys is that they wanted more integration/compatibility with bsd than he did. Had several long conversations with the author of RARP on this -- I ended up modifying an LKS packet sniffer to serve up RARP packets from a NeXT because it was impossible to build packages such as RARP under NeXT mach while it was trivial under CMU mach.)


Congratulations, bad and Mr. bad, Barney and Mrs. Barney! As I'm writing this, I have a huge, badass grin on my face.

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