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January 22, 2009


JM Hanes


The kicker in that article is the last paragraph. Picturing Nancy Pelosi anywhere near that stage is nauseating.

Soylent Red

Less than four days and the mask is already slipping.

Piss off the people who made you. Well played, sir. Well played.


Ok, DoT, you managed to confuse me...

The possible classifications for Gitmo inmates:

1) Lawful combatants

2) Unlawful combatants

3) Non-combatants

Ok, I thought that all of the non-combatants (guys who got picked up by mistake) were released very quickly, within the first six months or so after the start of the Iraq operation.

Lawful combatants (Iraqi and Afghani regular army guys) never got shipped to gitmo in the first place, and if they were held as POWs they were held for just a few days/weeks and released long ago, since their governments are now US allies.

Which leaves unlawful combatants. I thought that of the thousand-or-so unlawful combatants, 3/4 have been released simply because they are considered low-level and only moderately dangerous so they can be released in a bid to mollify the unhinged left.

So, these 60 prisoners who can't be "sent home". You say that they are not unlawful combatants. Really? Do you know how many are lawful combatants, and how many are noncombatants?


Well, keeping the love alive - and the obviously masterful foreign policy Bambi is implementing - Assad calls Bambi's bluff and wants meetings with no preconditions.

Bambi's gonna need Thumper PDQ.


...nevermind - wrong thread

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