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January 22, 2009



One law professor, Ken Katkin, wrote a small "brief" concluding that, actually, Condi Rice was Acting President in the period between the time 12:00 passed and the time Biden took his oath. Interesting theory, if moot. LUN.


Ya know, it's interesting. Bush went out of his way not to rescind Clinton's executive orders, even the ones that were directly hampering energy policy. His excelleny, B Hussein Obama has wasted no time undermining the workings at Gitmo, which have been declared legal. I'm sure there's more to come. Emperial presidency, indeed. Projections is a bitch.


I think all the GITMO stuff is gonna come back to bite O in the ass. Assuming his ass can be bitten, of course. Does the Messiah have a glass ass?


Well, Jane, I think by his actions dissing President Bush and his directives, Barack Hussein is setting some baaaadddddd precedents that could come back to bite him big time if we really had a good opposition party in this country.

Emperial Presidency, unitary executive, indeed. That has been the Liberals wet dream. Now Barry has it. Will it be as good when he wakes from the dream, or will his pants just be wet?


About the Black sites, Taranto reminds of
this prophetic line from "A Few Good Men"
released back in 1992, when the last round
of liberal messianism was rampant:

" Jessup: "Wait. Wait. I've got a better
idea. Let's transfer the whole squad off the base. Let's--on second thought,
Windward. The whole Windward division, let's transfer 'em off the base. Jon, go on out there and get those boys down off the fence, they're packing their bags. Tom!" [The orderly comes in from the outer office.] Orderly: "Sir!" Jessup: "Get me the president on the phone, we're surrendering our position in Cuba." Orderly: "Yes, sir!" Jessup: "Wait a minute, Tom." [The orderly stops.] Jessup: "Don't call the president just yet. Maybe we should consider this for a second. Men,"

Of course, Gitmo would serving as aholding pen, for inconvenient Haitians,Cubans, and terrorists for the last decade and a half or so. JM you forgot to credit, that Idipped
into Orrin Judd's News stash to bring us the sterling genius that is Naomi Wolf. God help us they're taking her seriously, the worse thing that can be done to a bad idea; a precept that Morgan Freeberg has remarked on. The scary thing is that Lederman and Johnson, are Naomi Wolf with slightly
'better' legal credentials

Old Lurker

Has TM said anything at all about rescuing us from Typepad hell? Does he not realize this will without a doubt destroy the JOM community in time? This is NOT helping my funk at all...


On the economic front, since the media at home, is still playing the "Big Slobbering Love Affair with Barak Obama" so more sober perspective must be found abroad, and imported like samizdat. He seems to have your perspective on it, PeterUK:



I guess they couldn't find Abe Lincoln's Bible for "Take II"


Multiple oath taking just to be sure of being president--- sounds like an SNL skit about Hillary.

Old Lurker

OT or course, but let's talk about me. :-) Speaking of my funk...I raised my point in economic terms yesterday, and we spoke of tipping point changes that might make the future in that arena bleaker than some anticipate. For the record, two other themes developed here yesterday support my angst.

RB, AB and Matt (am NOT going back to that thread to confirm the writers...sorry if I attribute wrongly) were enlightening as they discussed how societies develop the rules by which they operate..."Bridges" was the term they used. Surely becoming unteathered to the bridge that has supported our society for hundreds of years is another "change" that undermines economic security/opportunity too...adding to the "what's different this time" problem in the markets.

(Not wanting to start down this particular road, but a line in WaPo today buried in the story about the National Cathedral's Inaugural Prayer Service - a big deal concluding inaugurals since Washington's - quoted a Canon of the Cathedral who "rewrote" some prayers from the Book of Common Prayer to make them more appropriate for the times. Now there's food for thought...)

And then there was the very practical discussion about the emerging "two sets of rules" that Jane correctly observes seperates us from our overlords. Geithner just being the latest. THAT is is such a factor in the brand of Euro-Socialism that we launched ("affirmed" I guess) here day before yesterday. All those systems from the softest of socialisms to the hardest of communism function only based on the reality of dual sets of rules. When we confirm Geithner, we are confirming that reality here, and to me that public an acknowledgment of dual rules is a very big deal.

There I go. Brooding darkly all over again.

Cecil Turner
"We believe that the oath of office was administered effectively . . ."
Lame. How hard is it to admit they didn't comply with the pertinent section of the Constitution?
Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

I'd far prefer the incoming President's staff avoid insulting our collective intelligence, and show a little respect to the document he's supposed to be "preserv[ing], protect[ing] and defend[ing]" rather than pretending the verbiage doesn't really matter. I'd also point out there is no doubt whose responsibility this is . . . and there is nothing in there requiring it be read correctly by anyone but the President. Good on 'em for the do-over, though.


I'll repeat something I said on Tuesday. It is odd that Obama didn't simply say the Oath correctly, regardless of what Roberts said. Obama was a con law professor, I'll bet you money he practiced saying the oath, and his pointed hesitation after Roberts spoke the oath implies he knew Roberts had said the oath incorrectly, yet he repeated it anyway.

Old Lurker

"con law professor"

Did we not expend huge amounts of electronic ink bank in the day debunking "professor", using "lecturer" instead?

LOL Bad!

Old Lurker



Do any of you idiots know what date George Washington took the oath for the first time?

Look it up and shut up.


Old Lurker, I meant to put "professor" in quotes and neglected to do so. Therefore:

THWACK to me


Speaking of THWACK, I just saw a headline about the President's Beast and my thoughts immediately went to his wife --- which is wrong.


Patti Blago was fired from her $100,000 job. LUN


A lecturer who didn't insist that his students actually be cognisant of the major civil rights cases that led to Plessy and ultimately Brown, as long as Derrick Bell, critical studies Marxist apologist was abstracting the cases. See this is the the greater thing, it may be an expression of what Barney called his narcisism. A carelessness of awareness of the times, we live in. That Inaugural Speech will really not empower anyone, it is too dour. Reverend Lowery's follow up was disgraceful,
divisive and out of place, sadly this was probably Elizabeth Alexander's best work. Snubbing the Heroes ball, being so quick to close the clandestine interrogation sites, GITMO, to offer a sacrifice to Planned Parenthood on the Mexico City. I take no pleasure in saying this, he is myPresident, and his decisions will impact everyone in my life. I wasn't expecting much, yet he always delivers the dissapointment. Roberts made a small error, but in retrospect considering Obama's role in flipflopping yet finally voting against; it seems ironically apt


Patterico: LUN

I pretended that I had made an error in my favor on my 2001-2004 tax returns. Then I sent myself a letter which pointed out that I had made errors on my 2003 and 2004 tax returns — the same error I had also made in my 2001 and 2002 returns. I then tried to see whether I could figure out that I owed the money on the earlier returns as well as on the returns for which I had gotten a letter, given that I had made the same mistake on all four returns.

I determined that it was quite easy to know that I’d made the same mistake and owed money. I also determined that it was tempting not to pay the money, because the statute of limitations had passed and I couldn’t be prosecuted.

The results of this experiment revealed that the “me” of my hypothetical should not be trusted with hundreds of billions of dollars.

Science is a thing of beauty...

Danube of Thought

"Do any of you idiots know what date George Washington took the oath for the first time?"

Who cares?

Every so often TM seems to acknowledge that this Typepad thing is a problem, but I doubt that he appreciates the magnitude of it, and if he's discussed any possible ways around it I missed that discussion.


Hey Rahm, go cut off some more fingers.


I would guess, March 20, 1789; maybe we should go back to the old traditions. pre
1933. I know I shouldn't encourage the troll. by the way Rahm was it the Deli or the Israeli Army, where you lost your finger.

Danube of Thought

From the infallible Wikipedia:

"At some point during his high school years, while working at an Arby's restaurant, Emanuel severely cut his right middle finger. He sought medical attention only after suffering severe infection as a result of the wound, resulting in the partial amputation of the finger.

"Emanuel was encouraged by his mother to take ballet lessons as a boy and is a graduate of the Evanston School of Ballet. He won a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet but turned it down to attend Sarah Lawrence College, a liberal arts school with a strong dance program."

Danube of Thought

Maybe Rahm and Ron Reagan can do a recital for us.


Will the Gitmo peeps have a right to call witnesses in their legal proceedings --unlike poor Blago?

Amused bystander

Well DoT, talk about taking a turn for the worse.


Which one will turn backwards in high heels?


Obama's family is the one (that we know of) that uses RuPaul's designer...

Just sayin...


someone's video caught Hillary Clinton mouthing the words to the oath of office, but with her name....and then she broke down and cried....

The next morning, she decided she would wear nothing but upholstery as Secretary of State


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