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January 17, 2009



So, did you fix the glitch TM? Cause we really really really need you to.

hit and run

TM's got a peaceful, easy feeling...


If the AFC team wins, does that mean the stock market will go down again? Better root for the Eagles


Good morning all-

I'm going to repeat my self, it's a regular heat wave here, over zero!

John Kass was interviewed last night. Preview's up, not the whole tape. I'll pin it up, when it's out. (LUN)


I am sooo looking forward to some pagination today.



What did you think of the interview?


Looks like a lovely day here. I swam half a mile yesterday (the air was nippy but the water's heated) and plan to do at least that much today.

Got my groceries, made a big batch of chili for lunches, started two loaves of bread (one for the hostess who invited us to dinner tonight).

I really noticed the difference between city and suburban grocery stores yesterday. Stores near my home tend to be small and carry fewer cleaning supplies and processed or partially processed foods..I was astonished at how much prepared and partically prepared stuff of every kind--from cookies to condiments--there are here.

(I am hooked on the chipotle ranch dressing Publix carried but I can't find at home. If you see it anywhere give it a try.)

Big news is that in 2004 Schumer sponsoreded an earmark which may have led to the Hudson River crash , a Canadian Geese protection measure, and NRO rubs his yappy face in it.


Author John Mortimer has died. I so loved the Rumpole books, and the TV series starring Leo McKern. I often found them inspiring when my own legal career was frustrating.


Kass trusts Valerie Jarrett and believes Obama will keep Fitz where he is.


Long Live Horace Rumpole.


Only saw the preview, that's why I'm waiting for the whole thing...

hit and run

I finally finished listening to http://dickandjane.agincourtmedia.com/>Fun With Dick & Jane.

Best 51 minutes of my year so far.

Jane, you are a national treasure.


Over at NRO also, Byron York has another column about Geithner. Watch this chicanery. Apparently Geithner has claimed to be unaware that he hadn't made the payment. Note that this is not the same as saying he believed he'd made the payment. He is taking this course instead of admitting to believing that he didn't owe the money.

Now, that's world-class nuance. I wouldn't trust him with one of my nickels and we're giving him a trillion dollars. Hey, that's twenty trillion nickels. Pretty soon we're talking big change.


I love the Rumpole series, too. And the actor who played him was made for that part.

Depressed Atlas

"Apparently Geithner has claimed to be unaware that he hadn't made the payment."

We are so screwed.


Thanks Hit,

You really are so full of it.


Gosh, Kim, that latest Geithner dodge sounds familiar--I remember --Clinton's "That's our Sandy"..when Berger's pals played down his theft and destruction of classified docs to keep them from the 9/11 Commission--The he's so brilliant and important but absent minded and careless.

Worked once as we know. Let's see if it's a card that can be used again.



Would you put a LUn for the Schumer/geese thing?



OK, this irony will allow me to make it through the day. If Geithner is failing to make expected retirement contributions, and if he willingly risked exposure as a tax cheat, then he's been skating on thin financial ice. What better man to pilot the ship of finance through the parlous waters ahead than someone who's faced huge waves in his own little rowboat?


It'd be kind of ironic if the poorest of the poor make it through the forthcoming hard times by learning to poach Canada Geese. They are proliferating almost as dangerously as Ice Bears.


I was really upset yesterday, reading around, to see that Geithner is probably a "slam dunk," because the wussie Republicans will likely confirm him.

But, later, I thought, why not? Let all the crooks Obama selects get confirmed. It should make for a scandal filled Presidency, which in turn will make the MSM have to work all that much harder trying to hide. Maybe, just maybe, they can all go down with the liberal ship together.


http://planetgore.nationalreview.com/post/?q=YmMwMDdjODc1MzczNGIyOTZiNTA5NzZlNGJkOWUzOTY=>Schumer for Jane

Yesterday Sweetness & Light lists the steps one must take under these regulations to kill a Canadian goose in NY..It's really unbelievable--and I'd read it outloud.

He's got the pdf to prove he's not making it up.


Schumer can argue that his bill was an attempt to abate the problem. Definitely a story there, that can be haggled over by all sides. Give bread and circusses and a goose in every portal.


"Honest, officer, I know I was cleaning my over-under, outside, in the bushes, near this pond, but I really didn't think it was loaded. Twice. Can you grab that one, thank you."

peter (us, not uk)

Some idiot composed a song based upon phrases from Obama's acceptance speech? How nauseating. LUN


Clarice: Canadian Geese

Clarice, my wife advises me that yesterday one of her students pointed out that while they may be Canadian they are "Canada Geese." The American Ornithological Union confirms it.

BTW, nice little aside that you were swimming. We are resting in our flannel nightshirts, nursing our second cup of coffee, fortifying ourselves with steaming steel-cut oatmeal, looking over a snow-covered frozen lake watching ice-fishermen hunker down to watch football on battery-operated TVs in their shanties at -10 degrees.


Is Obama watching a tennis match?


Thanks for the Canada geese correction, sbw.

It's a bit breezy here and not balmy..just nice enough to swim if you, like I, quickly cover up with a thick robe or warm up suit on the run back inside.

Anyway, what's the point of being south in the winter if you cannot taunt those who aren't?

hit and run

You really are so full of it.

Yes I am.

Full of love and adoration.

Clarice, any signs of the oceans having receded since the last time you were there?

ONE HOBO Half Way House

Obama has an album with speeches and singers at the inauguration, MTV, cable, Disney, etc. He's making 100s of millions, so the 200 million taxes pay for the inauguration is worth it for him. He can also use his wife and family for cash too and later his wife can inherit that seat in Illinois or maybe one of his kids can be President or that seat in NY.............

Ooooh, Wilmington and the whole family? Weather.


Maybe he sent the payments through PayPal. hey that's as good an excuse as any, considering my recent experience. By the way, with all these hangups, you think I'll still be able to sign up for this
conference, and get a ticket, I'm getting
a little doubtful. Also is there anyone I should get in contact with, this is the first time in the big city.

Rush said something, referring to theFannie Mae fool/mole running the McCain campaign, blaming the anti-immigrant sentiment on the loss, well at least he didn't blame Palin (Sarah) Sometimes he feels he's the only RINO, and I concur as do most of you. Most people at the local and state level, really don't impress. I had kind of vainly thought as you go higher
well the quality must improve. No it turns out the air just gets thinner.

As you can kind of see, I can't afford to be a Republican, much easier for me go with the flow and be a Democrat. But I'm not a go with the flow kind of person, like
Rudolph they rarely let me in their 'reindeer games' and when they did I wasn't really that impressed. I found this
'overclass in 'invitro', what I saw of it, to be as pampered, arrogant, abusive and not as brilliant as they portray themselves.
(Sound familiar) There were exceptions to the rule, but sadly not enough for a control group. There you go Clarice,
tormenting those even slightly north of you.

Rich, I had forgotten about Ghawar fields still being offline, what that enough to kick prices to the $147.00 level. Then again, demand has fallen off 60-70%, that seems unsustainable. Oh great show Jane, although I wanted to strangle Dick by the
45 minute mark for completely missing the point. I'm sure that's a common sentiment at times. You should have printed out the list of companies from either the CNS story or Yahoo, I bet you he would accept the latter but not the former.


look at it in a positive manner. In Rooshia, they would have had a pogrom against geese by now.


The Waterbury paper LUN refers to this as the Chrid Dodd bear markert--a phrase I think we should steal and use.


Hit, I see no discernible difference in the depth of the Gulf.

narciso, it's your own damned fault as far as i can see...quit whining. Two very generous people offered to fund you because you wanted to remain anonymous, I suggested paypal and you chose to use an old account without apparently checking to see if you remembered how to access it. Or, is it the normal processing time that you missed?
You really must get more practical and spend a bit more of the whining and pessimism time figuring out how to navigate thru these things.

I have no doubt this will be resolved if you put some intelligenteffort into it in time for you to go. Why not contact CPAC and explain and find out for sure that you can sign up late..I rather think they'd allow that.

When and if you can do this, I'll do my best to meet up with you.


Oh, boy - it took me all morning to catch up on the threads. Am I the only one having a panic attack over Soylent's request that we photograph our prepared recipes? I don't have a digital camera, except on my cell phone - but it is lousy. So now I guess I have to go shopping on Amazon and get one - or upgrade my cell phone.


You're right, Clarice, I'll stop whining now, you have all been more than gracious in everything you've done. Apologies all.


narciso will now reveal to you that he's been posting from Nigeria.


cc, Verizon's new Aromaphone will capture the odor, too, so consider that option.


I have a working paypal and always need money. 80,000+ and I don't need anonymity or anything else. Want the account?

I don't the narc can make Wilmington in time, but it's like the weather; planes, back sinking. Keywords 'Slowly and in stages' 'use twitter and facebook.'


lol, Kim - both of your posts!!!!


Use [email protected]. The limits aren't important. I can work it out with paypal.

'Not tax deductible, but you may live longer.'

Danube of Thought

I feel duty-bound to report that it's 78 and sunny in Coronado. I can also report that the ocean appears to be at precisely the same level as when I moved here for the first time in 1948.

I don't give the Ravens much of a chance but I kind of like Arizona over the Iggles.

And John McCain is making me very ill.


Good, narciso. I don't mean to be harsh but that attitude is harmful to you.
From first to last breath life is a struggle and the interesting and engaging challenge is to find meaning and happiness anyway.

Rick Ballard

"Rich, I had forgotten about Ghawar fields still being offline, was that enough to kick prices to the $147.00 level."

The Ghawar retrofit/rework was announced in '03-'04. By itself it should not have been enough to bring supply/demand so perilously close to equilibrium. Toss in a delay on the Baku pipeline, damage to the Thunder Horse rig in Katrina, some explosive fun and games in Nigeria and viola! Peak Oil today.

It was all and always has been pure BS, using annual depletion rates of 6-10% which have proven and continue to prove to be ridiculously high. It also completely discounted the Caspian fields which are being held off market through bribery of ENIL and Kazakh officials. The Oil Drum propagandists spun a good yarn and Rogers and Goldman Sachs played their "qualified" investors and clients like a harmonica.

I won't speculate as to what the "real" price of oil should be because a 'world' price is about as useful as a 'world' temperature. I will say that a drop of another 40% for a few months wouldn't surprise me in the least. World storage is bursting and I don't see why demand should pick up at all for at least six months.


"And John McCain is making me very ill."

He always does that to me too! Are you watching him on TV?


It looks like Rahmbo is coming out of hiding just in time for the Inauguration - talking to Stephanopolous on Sunday.


"From first to last breath life is a struggle and the interesting and engaging challenge is to find meaning and happiness anyway."

Where can I find a complaint form ?

hit and run

I feel duty-bound to report that it's 78 and sunny in Coronado.

That was the temperature here this morning.

Oh, wait. I mean, it was somewhere between 7 and 8 when we woke up.

I'm not complaining. I've barely gotten out of bed this morning, what do I care what it is outside?


It looks like Rahmbo is coming out of hiding just in time for the Inauguration - talking to Stephanopolous on Sunday.

I bet Steph (or Streph as I first wrote) doesn't ask one question about his play to pay offer to Blago.

If the O Inauguration/trainride/baloney is going to be the background noise on the TV for the next 3 days, I am about to discover music.


Rick B--Peter Coy over at Business Week has stolen your line on Zombie Debtors:-)

JOM is becoming a Force!


For those who remember Saigon before Sen Kerry's friends renamed it in honor of their hero, RBO has the latest on hero worship in the USA.

Washington, D.C., is to be renamed — Obamagrad.



Kim LOL on your remarks.Have to admit same thought went through my mind.Hope you understand I am not the Jean from previous wars. What is everyone doing on Tues.to avoid the ugly truth,or am I the only one to try to have no TV time that day?


jean: luckily I have to work Tuesday and we don't have a TV at the office!!

I only want to see Michelle at the Ball(s) anyway, to see how she tops her election night dress!

Depressed Atlas

"What is everyone doing on Tues.to avoid the ugly truth,or am I the only one to try to have no TV time that day?"

Early with Clinton, my family banned me from watching or listening to him/them at all. During Bush, the ban was extended to all MSM blather and most Reps too. (DoT re McCain perfect example.)

Why bother upgrading to digital TV; leave it alone and the problem solves itself when the old sets go dark.

Now I just lurk here and have never been happier.

But as I said upthread...we are screwed.


"What is everyone doing on Tues.to avoid the ugly truth".

Why ,what is happening Tuesday ?


Forgotten from the Bush Legacy is his appointment of John Miller, a former Republican congressman, to be America's antislavery czar.


Well sadly its no football for me today. This morning it's chaperoning a Lego League Robot Science Competition for 5 hours, and then this evening, because you rabble-rousers have driven me to it, I'm concerned citizen collecting petition signatures at the local Safeway to get a Homeowner Tax Cap on the next ballot. So beware JOM readers as there may be unexpected consequences from your favorite Blog-reading addiction.

Also yesterday was the warmest January 16th in Anchorage History, so Global Warming must be true. Huge Williwaw winds whipped through over the last 2 days, some approaching 100 MPH, and raised our temps from the minus's to the mid 40's. Most of the snow melted and turned our streets to ice covered fields of bumper-cars. Schools were closed 3 days in a row for that. Not to worry though, by Monday it's supposed to be back to zero.

Pal2Pal (Sara)


Obama Plans to Break the Law as well as Take Orders from Chicago


I hope Biden didn't lose the cunducter's job for him. He just said on national TV that when he was running late, Biden would call the conductor and the conducter would make something up to stall the train til Biden got there.

What a guy!!



I listened to the rest of "Fun with Dick and Jane" and overall I think you did really well. There is one thing that I found annoying with Dick, though, and you should prepare for it: he interrupts you all the time. You don't do that to him, and the net effect is that he sounds like he is trying to roll over you verbally. It is a lousy way to hold a conversation.

I'd suggest that after an interruption you do a few things. First time, just give a pregnant pause before you respond to his interruption. Next time, give the same pause, and then ask "may I finish?" or some such phrase. The third time, just keep on talking until he backs off. Most people do -- they are just used to people deferring when they speak. If you keep going, be prepared to talk for thirty seconds or so while he is going, until he does back off. He will.

I'm glad I don't have to talk with him as you do. He may be a decent fellow, but I would want to grab him by the collars and shake, with the incessant interruptions.


I suppose I can try to accept that Gaithner didn't fully understand what he was supposed to do about self-employment taxes, given the complexity of the code (but he did have an accountant, apparently).
What I find baffling and troubling is that he was making early withdrawals from his 401K. Isn't this guy a high-flying, highly compensated financial wizard? Why the hell is he doing what any ordinary joe knows is a really stupid thing to do--unless he was really desperate about something? Maybe somebody should ask him what caused him to do this. (Did he go all in on the Pats to win the Super Bowl?)
Also--I can attest with absolute certainty that the waters on both the east and west coasts began receding sometime this morning, then began rising approximately six hours later. Ending up roughly where they have for the past several centuries.

hit and run


WASHINGTON – It is an honor carried out by the soldiers of the Army's oldest infantry regiment: to salute the departing president as he leaves the nation's capital, while helping welcome his replacement.

Stricken with a cancer that's rare in the United States, it is an honor that Lt. Col. Jaime Martinez almost missed.

"This is a lethal cancer. Tumors grow in your head and neck and there is no easy way to attack it," Martinez said, who credits the doctors at Walter Reed Army Medical Center with saving his life. "They got me back in the fight in 100 days."

On Tuesday, Martinez will command hundreds of soldiers from The Old Guard, who stand watch daily at the Tomb of the Unknowns and bury the dead at Arlington National Cemetery, as they carry out their duties at the inauguration of a president.

Radio in hand, Martinez will guide his intensely polished and practiced soldiers through record-setting crowds to each assignment, ensuring they're in place to carry the nation's colors to the Capitol in the inaugural parade, and later, at the many inaugural balls.

Among their other ceremonial duties Tuesday: standing watch at Andrews Air Force Base to salute George W. Bush as he boards a military plane and leaves Washington behind.


I hope Biden didn't lose the cunducter's job for him. He just said on national TV that when he was running late, Biden would call the conductor and the conducter would make something up to stall the train til Biden got there.


I thought the exact same thing. Then I had to turn it off. I just can't bear it.

There is one thing that I found annoying with Dick, though, and you should prepare for it: he interrupts you all the time.

It's a big complaint that I hear constantly from all our listeners. They also tell Dick and he does the same thing every week. He says "time-out" and then steamrolls me. It's very frustrating, but I'm not convinced I can stop him. I've tried a lot of things. Amy is convinced that it makes people want to hear more of me which is good for the message, but sometimes I really want to deck him. Since it's his station, I can't.

hit and run

I think the interruptions make Dick seem like a, well, his name is illustratively graphic, isn't it?


I suppose I can try to accept that Gaithner didn't fully understand what he was supposed to do about self-employment taxes, given the complexity of the code (but he did have an accountant, apparently).

Read the article LUN before you decide the tax code was too complicated.

I share your concern about his early withdrawl of retirement funds. In the article you will learn that the only reason he had an accountant look at one of his returns was to file an admended return because he originally reported a contribution to a pension plan but didn't make it. The accountant was given no supporting documentation. To say the return was reviewed by an accountant is a stretch.


Dr J,Hit,

Leave a comment at the site of the podcast that says something about the interruptions. I sent the link to Dick today so I'm sure he will read them. I'm not sure it will help, but it probably won't hurt.


Jane, would you please link the podcast site again? Thought I added it to my favorites but can't find it now. So sorry...

Rick Ballard


There's absolutely nothing complex about the SE tax nor is there nor has there been any question as to the duty of an American employee of the IMF to pay the SE tax on money earned in the US. Mr. Geithner is a liar, a tax cheat and a fraud. While many members of the incoming Obama Administration share these attributes due to the complete lack of character of the man who will be inaugurated on Tuesday, Mr. Geithner has the rather singular attribute of also being so damn dumb that he was easily caught. We will find, over time, that other cabinet members are as dirty or dirtier as both the President-elect and/or Treasury Secretary-designate and lying tax cheat Timothy Geithner.

As we go forward, it is my hope that JOM commenters will hew to the words of MLK and judge the members of the incoming Obama Administration by the complete lack of content of their character rather than by making superficial judgments based upon their obvious communist leanings or deficiencies in their appearance.

I'm sure that Red Jugears and Comrade Bulldoggy would appreciate your consideration in that regard.


I just can't bear it.

Me neither, Jane. Is anyone watching the circus on Tuesday? I plan to boycott all day (and maybe for the next four years). I am loath to go to work and listen to the Obamorons babbling about it all day, but I consider it a civic duty to not wuss out.

Btw I've been busy and haven't gotten a chance to hear your radio show yet, but am looking forward to listening!


(1) If he does that because he's afraid he'll forget the point he was making, suggest he write it down while he's waiting his turn.
(2) If he does "time out" because he thinks he's the ump and must control the play, bring a whistle with you and tell him the next time he pulls that stunt you'll blow it thru his entire presentation.


Jane, I listened with earbuds and the voices are very clear. I think Dick sounds like Barney Frank (not ours) with better enunciation.

Dick also seems somewhat reasonable and if he got the facts he might switch sides become more moderate. He just won't go there-- I mean where the facts are.

You make your points beautifully.


In Maoist China, during one of the Five Year Plans, Mtt (MZD?) got it into his fool murderous head that sparrows were harming the crop production, and almost all the sparrows in the country were eradicated by hand. At least according to Mao, the Untold History, LUN


I don't think he withdrew from a 401k, he just failed to make a planned contribution.

Thanks, cc, and jean. Please rest assured, jean, that I think you are as delightful as the jean on the other thread. I had no quarrel with her; she reminded me of you. I didn't like that the moderator disemvoweled my all time favorite commenter, Spurwing Plover, who kept chirping away anyway. Disemvoweling means removing all the vowels from someone's comment. It makes the speech surprisingly disabled. It becomes incomprehensible, at least for me. And SP has a marvelous schtick. I believe the censoring was temporary. I don't much read there anymore.


Sorry, my bad. That was Mao, the Unknown Story by Jung Chang. great but scary read.



The link is under my name.

Thanks Caro. I think Dick has been a democrat so long, he has no idea what that means anymore.

Clarice, I do have to try not to get fired. A whistle could be a deal breaker.


Kim, the early withdrawl from a retirement fund is a separate issue from his amended tax return because he changed his mind about making a pension contribution.

The amended tax return involving the pension contribution is fodder for discussion because of his claim that an accountant had reviewed and concurred with the faulty return regarding his SE taxes. The accountant filed the amended return with no underlying documents and dealt only with the pension contribution.



It will be great fun to at some point subpoena O's blackberry and discover that Scarlett Johannson is running the country. I look forward to it.


I see, bad. So did he do both? A failure to make a planned contribution and an early withdrawal, too. Like I said, if all these 'innocent' mistakes are in his favor, who are they, and he, trying to kid? We innocents?


As we go forward, it is my hope that JOM commenters will hew to the words of MLK and judge the members of the incoming Obama Administration by the complete lack of content of their character rather than by making superficial judgments based upon their obvious communist leanings or deficiencies in their appearance.

Rick, is anyone creating a site where one can go to get info on the complete lack of content of their character? Everytime we see one of the names, it seems someone is adding to our knowledge of just how much is lacking in their character.

For example, yesterday Bad (I believe) posted a new story about Carol Browner from a link to Wizbang. Apparently the American taxpayer has already shelled out a considerable amount of money due to her lack of character-in addition to a new law designed to prevent the damage she was doing while at EPA under Clinton.

According to a story done by TIME magazine (written in February, 2001), what amazingly has not come to light recently regarding Ms. Browner was her involvement in the then festering racial problems at the EPA while she served as Administrator. These problems eventually lead to passage of the NOFEAR Act (the National and Federal Employee Anti-Discrimination Act of 2001), which held federal agencies accountable for tolerating discrimination and stifling workplace whistleblowers.

After sending a letter to Administrator Browner outlining the "crude and ham-fisted treatment" she was getting from the "good-old boy" network at her agency, Coleman-Adebayo went to court, where a jury found Carol Browner's EPA guilty of discrimination, awarding her $600,000 in damages.

As word spread thorough the EPA, more workers came forward with similar complaints regarding discriminatory treatment from white supervisors. Anita Nickens, an EPA specialist, and the only black present during a visit of Mrs. Browner, was told to clean the toilet prior to her arrival. Afterward, the rest of her white co-workers bragged about it.

150 employees explored filing similar lawsuits against the EPA at the time Ms. Browner was in charge.

I can't think of a single person Obama has put forth as a member of his group that doesn't have some kind of character problems. Some, of course have more than others. I think we need a site where as soon as a name surfaces, one can go there as find out as much as possible about what they have done previously.


Disemvoweling means removing all the vowels from someone's comment. It makes the speech surprisingly disabled. It becomes incomprehensible, at least for me.
Dpnds n th wrds frm whch th vwls r rmvd.


Jane, Ask him if he wants 30 second TO or full minute. remind him that John Wooden always said that the first who called TO was losing and would lose game. Call Time in as soon as possible.


OK, Jane. Why don't we all send whistles to the station saying we're sick of Dick's "time out" hogging of the show and ask them to give you the whistle to call him out of bounds?


Hit and run, I had the pleasure of staying in the Hotel Del Coronado for a few days a couple of years ago. Coronado sure is a nice part of the world.

Pal2Pal (Sara)

Aaah, the Hotel Del. When I was still working, we used to have lunch there 2 or 3 times a month.

JM Hanes


I plan to watch the whole gory spectacle. Maybe do a little snarking, if TM goes with an Inauguration thread. In fact, let the snarking begin with the Welcoming Ceremony at the Lincoln Memorial, starting in approximately now.

Will Obama welcome the masses to Washington, or welcome himself? The suspense -- and the symbolism! -- is killing me. Obama kicked things off with his arrival yesterday by train, which stopped to pick up Joe Biden on the way. Lincoln's cortege has been thrown into reverse, and the newly reunited country will rejoice as Abe is reincarnated on the steps of his own monument -- where he will merge with the resurrected MLK.

On the rhetorical front, we're expecting O to combine government of/by/for the little people, (who can use the convenient $5.00 drop boxes provided by FEMA) with the aspirations of the Civil Rights Movement coming to fruition before our very eyes. MLK and Lincoln prepared The (Chicago) Way for the One, who is an American Dream Come True. At this, the most pivotal moment of all time, we must commit ourselves to making that dream come true for every American and every benighted soul on earth. We may not get there tomorrow, because it's more complicated than the people who voted for Obama really understood, but everyone has something to contribute, especially patriotic folks earning more than $200K.

We doubt that Obama will lay explicit claim to Reagan at this world historic revival, but he will certainly claim that it is morning again in America. The only thing we're not sure about is whether it will be the invocation or benediction which confirms that where once we peered through glass darkly, now we see. On Tuesday, when PEBO finally takes the pledge, his commencement address will expand our horizons, and the press will testify to this dawning of the Obama Age. On Wednesay, Senator Burris will propose A Bill to Reset the Millennial Calendar to AB and PB.


"Dpnds n th wrds frm whch th vwls r rmvd."



Kim, they are definitly two different issues. He failed to pay an early withdrawal penalty which was found by the audit and was then paid plus interest.

The amended tax return is discussed because the reality of the matter was different than the story put forward by the transition team.

I'm interested in knowing what he was doing with the money from:

1. The early withdrawl of retirement funds

2. The money that was originally intended for the pension fund

3. The SE taxes he failed to pay

4. The money recieved from IMF for taxes he did not pay

5. The deductions he wrongfully claimed.

Insider trading, paying off credit card bills, blackmail, etc.??

We're being told the guy is a genius but the evidence so far says he is either not so bright, dishonest or both.


can we all hope that Fitz comes out with something really juicy on Illinois politics in the next couple of days?

Score to date:

Bill Richardson - DNP. Under Grand Jury investigation.

Hillary Clinton - just waiting on something Bill did to explode like a cheap cigar trick.

Rahm Emmanuel - deep, dark secrets yet to be revealed

T. Geithner - Mathematically & Ethically challenged Sec Tres. Just what we need! But he's "brilliant".

Carol Browner - some strange associations

Leon Panetta - one word "Clueless"

Eric Holder - still has some 'splainin to do. Ethically challenged AG.

Yep, change you can believe in.......


ll bgts

hit and run

Peter, that's DoT, not me, who lives in Coronado. I do have a niece in San Diego, but personally have never ventured further south than Costa Mesa, whilst in CA. I do hope that changes, as we keep threatening to talk about planning a chance to discuss a possible means of determining if we can make a trip to see our niece. So far, not much action on that front, though.


Obama may not lift stem cell limits
Politico, by Carrie Budoff Brown
PHILADELPHIA – President-elect Barack Obama signaled Friday that he might not use his executive authority to reverse Bush-era limits on stem cell research, but instead might wait for Congress to change the policy. Obama pledged during the campaign to lift the restrictions, and political observers had expected him to move swiftly to reverse President Bush’s 2001 executive order – most likely with his own executive order. But the president-elect suggested Friday that he would wait


via drudge:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Authorities on Friday arrested a U.S. man on suspicion of threatening to kill President-elect Barack Obama based on statements he posted on a website about UFOs and aliens, the Justice Department said.

luciferian hobos at work..



LOL Clarice. The dude is trying to leave no fingerprints. Same ol' same ol'....


Jane might say there's no reference to her God there.

Obamgrad zombies?


I forgot gambling as a possibilty for Geithner's rash dash for cash...


"lcfrn hbs t wrk.."


Oops, apologies for leading anyone astray. Today is Saturday! Obama is waving from the Lincoln Memorial train this very moment. The Biden stop is coming up, where Obama will mark the occasion with a pre-welcome opening Speech. The official Lincoln Memorial Welcome will take place tomorrow.

You'll be happy to know that the press is fully engaged. David Gergen actually just brought up President Bush's "Go Shoping" moment! [No doubt Obama will transcend that kind of crass commercialism by appealing to America's better angels for sacrifices which will really hurt..] Anderson Cooper talks about the significance of Katrina. Helluva retrospective guys!

David Gergen invokes the struggles over which FDR triumphed.

Thank heaven for commercials. Thank heaven my water pipes thawed out after our 5° cold snap last night.


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Danube of Thought

Sara, if you are ever coming to the del Coronado for lunch again, I absolutely insist you let me know, and we'll meet you there.

I have Tivo. I will spend Tuesday watching recordings of Forensic Files, 48 Hours Hard Evidence, City Confidential and the best program on TV--Pardon the Interruption.

Just went down to a little pier that sticks out into the bay from the Coronado Marriott and waved goodbye to my great-nephew (a brand-new Ensign) as he departed on a six-month deployment aboard USS Preble. It was a picture postcard of a day as she glided past the San Diego skyline.

Danube of Thought

Tom Maguire, will you for God's sake lift this curse of the Previous/Next tab?

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