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January 19, 2009




it'll be Bush's fault that Iraq's WMDs found their way into AQ's camps

OBL and AQ have been working on chem and bio weapons since the mid-1990's. The Clinton defense of the al-Shifa bombing was in part the potential for chemical weapons development. Clinton Administration officials in the 9/11 report defended the action.

JM Hanes


"I do not see this "end" thing with the new tab."

That's really a shortcut. You can scroll down the page to the "Next" link.

What cathyf is suggesting isn't really as complicated as it sounds when you have to write out steps. It means a little more work initially, but really speeds things up once you've set it up. It's a way of using your back/forward browser buttons instead of clicking Next/Previous.

The second part just explains how to get back to where you were before you posted a comment. You have to back up past the preview page(s) you used when you were composing and posting it.

Coping will take time no matter how you do it, but it would help if TM could change the page limit to 50 comments instead of 25.



What is your advice for 401K accounts? It sounds like what is left will continue to dwindle or be completely taken over by our dear leaders.

I just can't wait until tomorrow when the ONE tells me I have to be more responsible, work harder, sacrifice, obey the laws, pay my taxes, raise my child to be productive to the state, volunteer more, be an achiever.

Only to be rewarded with being called greedy and selfish for not wanting to give more to the failed experiments of the left.


Rich that wasn't my point. I was cueing up what the prog talking point WILL be... your point is understood on the right side of the blogosphere and will be irrelevant to the left side and the MSM. The only "truth" that will get to the masses is the false message.

I know the history and background... these fools will go down choking in a cloud of sarin that history is what they say it is and it is Bush's fault dammit...


Right, jmh -- I have a particular talent for taking three paragraphs to describe a series of mouse actions and button pushes that will take you two seconds. Sorry about that!

And what I didn't say... If you set up your page with series of tabs, with a JOM thread on each tab, then when there are more than one active threads going on, you can cycle between them. So you get to the last comment showing on the page, and hit Next if there is a Next, or refresh the page to see if there are new posts. While that tab is (re)loading, click on another tab, and start reading where you left off that thread. When you get to the end of that tab, his Next or reload, and click on the first tab, which should be finished (re)loading by then, and then finish reading that thread, etc.

Since the "Recent Comments" links are all broken, you need some other way to keep track of the break between comments that you have read and not read. If you set up a page with the last however many recent comments as might be active, then you can round-robin between the tabs, and use the "Recent Comments" as a pointer to which tabs you need to go refresh to see a new comment there.

JM Hanes


Your particular talent is for figuring out how to do it! There's really no way to avoid lengthy explanations. Somebody is guaranteed to stumble over any little detail you might leave out, no matter how intuitive or trivial it might seem, and you'll end up having to explain it anyway, probably multiple times too. I just tossed in a sign post at a point where I paused for a moment myself.



Sorry. You're right that'll be the prog-msm talking point, but I'm not sure how much it will sell. We've be very lucky and security officials have worked very hard over the last 7 years, Obama's team doesn't stack up.

And in other news is the UK in jeopardy of having their banks evaporate like Iceland?


Clarice-I'm late to the game, but I agree - Europe is toast. However, Europe may be saved by Scotland. I went there this past summer, and there's a local clan at the Scotsman Lounge in Edinburgh, that has a pledge all over the walls and on t-shirts, that says (I paraphrase) "As long as there are 100 of us - we will fight the Brittish and oppression"!!!

Loved the Scottish people, but didn't much care for the London people!!

Saw my first 'full blown burqa' at Heathrow. It was very, very disturbing....


Cathyf's and JMH's instructions are just fine--it was the "follower" who skipped a step.

Was intrigued by this typepad.com thing since I purchased an account a few months back.
I got to this help page with an explanation of the "preview" situation and this is what I found:

Announcements & Known Issues

There is a known bug with the Other Accounts module set up in the Author Profile. We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Some users are experiencing issues with the comment form on their weblogs. We are working on this currently.

A new Compose Editor has been released for most users. More information: http://kb.typepad.com/id/1267/. Unable to Insert a Link? Highlight the text first. More information here!

So I'm thinking that Rick B's workaround may work once again as soon as it is fixed.

I set up the tabs as Cathyf described and that works just fine but if I'm getting weary I tend to get lost in the threads/tabs thicket.


Now I see that I have some sort of ID under my name but does not show up before--interesting.

Cathyf--I didn't know that the right arrow key was the "end" key until I looked closely. It doesn't work on the computer I'm using and tried to figure out if there was something in Preferences that needed to be checked. Could not find anything there--but all of this has been very educational:-)


I am going to try to link to a comment on another thread. Here goes.


A new day is dawning. We now have a Cheshire Sun. The latest spots are getting more and more ghostlike, such that they'll disappear by 2015. A researcher named Bill Livingston is measuring the magnetism within the spots and it is on a decline curve to zero in 2015.

We are cooling, folks, for how long even kim doesn't know.


Elect Obama and the sun goes out of my life.


The sun is not dying, just going somehow dormant, and really, only minimally so. The magnetism of the solar cycles will still continue and surely the spots will eventually return to visibility. Just what effect all this will have on the climate is unknown, but, of course, it is suspected to be cooling.

Pere Solaris, Pere Solaris
Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?
Sonnez les matines,
Sonnez les matines.
Din, dan, don.
Din, dan, don.

Captain Hate

While they’re not Division I schools, they beat St Martins and Concordia before their first game with Howard. Granted beating a Division 2 and an NAIA team is not a big deal, but I am accurate.

Those aren't considered games on the team's page linked from MSN.com and wouldn't be taken into account by the NCAA if they were considering them for the tournament, which they won't be. Maybe you'll be proven correct on the worth of the coach but for now the glass is less than half full and he's of interest only because of his the media's fixation on all things Barry. I'm not sure how committed Oregon State is to the basketball program anyway, since they're primarily a football school who for some reason is able to get over on USC.



Did you have to work the page number into the URL manually?



Have a great show today.


"It's not President!"


Jesus Christ. This inaugural is bigger than any Nuremburg rally. No sense of restraint. FDR, to his great credit, cancelled the Inaugural balls and got down to work in the depths of the Depression. This guy? No amount of excess is too much.

Did you all see Olbermann last night? Great fun. Everyone who is a Bushie must be prosecuted and sent to Liberal Gulag, lest we govern from the Fruit of the Poisoned Tree forever.

Trust me: There will be show trials! The pursuit of Bush's war cabinet is relentless and the Democrats want revenge for losing those two elections.

Obama is clever. He will say: "I can't control the activities of the Special Prosecutor and the Congress..." as he goes about the fields picking daisies.


glasater -- I have a mac laptop, and my four arrow keys turn into "home", "page up", "page down" and "end" when I hold down the "fn" key.

(Which sucks because that's on the far left while the arrow keys are on the far right, so I need two hands. But I'm whining and just too lazy to look up how to fix that.)

Old Lurker

Screw this. It is just too hard to read these threads now. I will go elsewhere. Too bad since I was hoping to be among friends for this eventful day.


Elliot, I think you've got it....


Old Lurker, welcome!!

Old Lurker

Thank you, bad. You wouldn't know, but you are one of my old friends...love your wisdom and wit.


Thank you, Old Lurker. What a lovely thing to say.


Please someone set up a backup site somewhere and let me know where it is. I can't stand this any more.


We could go overwhelm Althouse.


JMH tried to set up things at her blog, but found out she would have similar issues as we are having here.

Certainly, TypePad has found a way to drive away users of their product from here on out. (Hint, Hint, Tom M.)

Captain Hate

Sec9, I think you're bang on with that again.

I hope the attendees of Nuremberg West are as put out as we are with this POS typepad.


You guys can go to Fun with Dick and Jane if you want. I can start an Inauguration post.



Don't leave! The workaround mentioned in previous threads of just going to the second page and inserting a high number in the URL
(for example, replacing the "/2/" in "http://justoneminute.typepad.com/main/2009/01/the-gaza-war/comments/page/2/#comments" with a "/100/") is not that much trouble, at least if what you mainly want to do is get to the end of the comments.

Meanwhile, e-mail typepad to add a "Last" link, and e-mail TM to see if he can increase the number of comments per page.


All of those ceremonial open doors in the cold surely have an enormous carbon footprint.


Too hard. I'm going to dick and jane until this is worked out or we automatically have new threads every few hours.


I posted and Inauguration Day thread over at FWDAJ (LUN). Don't feel compelled to go there, but it's there if here gets too frustrating.

JM Hanes


Moving to Fun with Dick & Jane would be great fun -- especially as you'll be on air, right? Do you have an internet connection at the studio.

There are a number of other JOM bloggers who might be willing to play host for a day. I can only post 4 links per page, and will go down my unfortunately incomplete list on this computer. There's:

Sara's Pal2Pal
Rick Ballard's Flares into Darkness
hit & run's VIMH

JM Hanes


Charlie at Explorations
BobS at Getting Paid to Watch
M.Simon at Power and Controldoesn't seem to be coronation blogging.

Who's missing?

JM Hanes

Well, if the goddess is going, I'll check out the weather at Fun with Dick & Jane too.

JM Hanes

Uh oh. I tried to leave a comment at Dick & Jane, but it disappeared into a blank page, and didn't show up when I checked back on the Jane's Inauguration thread from my original link. Whassup, I wonder?

Did you try it Clarice?


Oh dear


Two new threads this morning and no mention of previous/next by TM.

I understand the frustration but it will really suck if we're all in different places today.


I think FWDAJ is working now, if we get stuck.


"However, Europe may be saved by Scotland."

Scotland is the most socialist and state dependent country in Europe.The country is totally reliant on English taxpayer's money,it has a higher percentage of those monies spent on its population than England.
Sorry to burst your Braveheart bubble,but it is Comrade Braveheart nowadays.


Mine's missing. I spend most of my time here, but maintain a blog at blogs.rny.com/sbw

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