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February 17, 2009



Weakness and corruption in central government has gone viral.


The world's press has documented Hillary as a liar. Do world leaders have any confidence in her statements as they meet? And she represents Obama.

Good grief.


Everybody seems to be ignoring a root cause. Saudi money to madrassahs. Watcha gonna do about dat, O Boy?


I don't know about these last two, yet, but 'end of thread' ain't workin'.


Gibbs says Obama will lay out his plan for Afghanistan soon.

Will that be before or after Geithner's revelations....


As usual, Hanson, sums it up on both the domestic and foreign fronts


I'm still simmering over Obama's promise last week that Geithner's plan would be laid out 'in great detail'. Hogwash. Now was it a deliberate lie, knowing there was no detail? Was it an ignorant lie, believing that the plan would be detailed? Or was it a stupid lie, believing that there was detail when there wasn't. None of these choices is confidence inducing. Send in the clowns, indeed.


Another policy unravelling under WonderZero. There seems to be a pattern developing this past month.

I wonder if he breaks out the columns from the Dem Convention and a praetorian guard for the signing today.


It's distressing, but sadly not surprising except for how quickly it's going


Then there is the other little problem of getting troops supplied. With the Taliban/al Qaeda in virtual control of the two main overland supply routes, the US is working with a very slender logistics tail that can be cut. This requires not only the bottom-up approach, but the lateral-oblique approach that would be worthy of any hopeychanginess... not that the current POTUS can find his policy with both hands on his backsides. I took a page from the last successful western general to go through the area and reformulate what to do... not that anyone cares about that.

As far as I know this is the first President to not care about a declared war of the US and divert funds from fighting to domestic concerns. That is not the way to win a war, and if war spending was supposed to be the thing that saved the US economy from FDR's depredations, then why is it, exactly, that we aren't fighting more heavily and wasting money in that, instead of trying to go socialist on the banks, auto companies, etc.? Apparently we are trying to lose the war and the Nation from the inside... and just where are all the chickenhawk crowers, these days? Signed up yet, the lot of them?

Silly, me... that would mean sticking to stated principles oneself instead of castigating others for not having ones you support. Almost like they were hypocrites, or something and could never do anything positive for the Nation. Poor dears, needing a Nannystate to care for them with such sweet arsenic...


One is reminded with the whole Chuchill bust brouhaha, than young Winston fought and reported on the fight against the Mullah of Malakand, in the Swat Valley, 111 years ago
(re; Charles Allen's God's Warriors)


I was listening on the Radio, about what the Taliban rules, now being imposed in the Swat Valley, and previously in Afghanistan are like. Women must wear burkas, they can only be outside with a male relative, they
can not be seen from a balcony, upper windows should be blocked, so they cannot be seen. Their voices should not be heard, and no high heeled shoes, that might alert
men to the their presence. These people need to be kickstarted into the 20th Century, and I have just the candidate to do it. Instead we have a pampered African Luo prince, who seems to take these social
arrangements for granted.


Can't let this thread die without a reference to the Sultan of Swat.

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