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February 04, 2009


Captain Hate

Pelosi Galore: Cracking the glass ceiling of submediocrity.


what an idiot....another in a long line of malapropisms....very scary for our country....


Pelosi should give up her private jet as an example to all of those awful business execs.

Although I see why no one wants her behind the wheel. She's either

1) heavily medicated or drunk
2) off her rocker
3) really stupid
4) lying
5) all of the above


And the ones Obama gives you, never do anything at all.

Danube of Thought

Remember when she declared the war in Afghanistan "over" about three years ago?


And if a billion is a million million, why, this guy's back taxes could carry us all. Maybe he is too big to fall. But, for sure, keep him in the private sector where he can make the big bucks and big connections sans rules.


I think we should compile a sacrifice list for Washington, in light of this crisis. I'd start with no limosines, no private jets, no bonuses and the return of bonuses particularly at Fannie and Freddie.

WE can circulate it to our congresspeople.

I also want mandatory audits for every elected official and every person retiring from elected office for 10 years.


I think the botox has migrated to what brains she ever had and froze each and every cell.


While we're having fun at Nancy's expense, let's not forget the idiocy that brought her to be third in line to the Presidency.
And on a more serious note, a breakdown by Dab yn Hughh (sic) on how our strategic position was undermined in Central Asia, thanks to the Cigar Store Indian at the Naval Observatory, the carcass Sarah had
to drag to the finish line with a Snow Machine, and his goofy Sancho Panza.


The deeply sad aspect is that those are the very same 500 million who, fighting for the U.S. alongside the French, drove Hizbollah out of Lebanon, just last month. Their homes were lost during Katrina, along with the other 3 billion whom GWB killed in the superdome.

Charlie (Colorado)

I'm actually inclined to cut Nancy a little slack on this, although it's mostly with a sense of "so what else is new?" resignation. First of all, I don't think she's used to dealing with little bitty numbers like 500,000 -- they're busily trying to spend $850 billion, 1,700,000 times as much. Nor do I think she really has much grasp that a million is a lot bigger than a thousand, and a billion a lot bigger than a million.

Besides, there seems to be a running notion that numbers don't mean anything except as bludgeons. Think about the times you've heard "unprecedented unemployment" for an unemployment rate of 7.2 percent -- or how much emphasis the fact that job losses actually slowed according to ADP, and were adjusted downward for December. Still, AP says the economy "hemorrhaged jobs." Oh, and the reports that the greatest number of people were unemployed ever. (Left out, the number of people available to work is also the highest ever, and the number of people with jobs is also at or near the highest number ever.)

There's a story that some cultures only have a few words for numbers, like "one, two, three, lots". Nancy, and most of the press, is a little more sophisticated; they can mostly handle simple arithmetic. But I suspect to Nancy, "million" is just a word that means "lots."


LOL pauli


She was already accounting for the 200 million illegals she thinks Obama's policies will attract.

Old Lurker

"I think the botox has migrated to what brains she ever had and froze each and every cell."

Does Botox do that too? I thought it was just hair plugs.


Kind of a postscript, to that long thread involving Andrew Warren, the CIA guy who
'missed it by this much' getting promoted
to the CTC, or at least the Near East Division, and the larger consequences of same.


One can imagine the reaction if Sarah Palin said something that dumb. It would make headlines and be divulged relentlessly everywhere. Olberjerk would devote an hour to it, Larry King would have a panel discussing it, Letterman would have a field day. But the MSM will ignore it and focus on Michelle's descriptions of White House life to schoolchildren.


You forgot barefoot journeys of penance,acts of attrition,wearing polyester suits,fasting and founding institutions for the poor.


What's the phrase, that applies here, oh, yes' "Palomino". God almighty, this kind of stupidity, and will attribute it to a
lack of innummeracy (not a mistake over three decimal places)But just like Joseph
Biden's memory? or President FDR going on TV to give his Fireside Chat, are you sure
you only repeated one year, and plagiarized
only one class; it will be forgotten by all but the usual parties.


This is the same lady who wants more poor folk to get abortions because it would save the government money. She's kind of a American Marie-Antoinette.


Ben, you'll be pleased to know that Pelosi Galore is headlining Drudge and the picture is worth a look.


Take it easy on Nancy. She's busy recassifying natural gas as "not a fossil fuel". She repeated that idiocy 5 times on MTP just a couple of months ago. Don't forget that contraception is stimulus, as well.

The re-definitioning of society proceeds apace.


This is absurd: LUN

$500K spent on Dem caucus retreats

From the link:

Democrats spend the most money, however, on transportation.

Since 2005, the caucus has chartered an Amtrak train to ferry members to the Kingsmill resort. It costs roughly $70,000 each year for the Amtrak charter. Democratic aides argue it’s necessary so that members can spend time together and not end up taking separate cars and arriving at staggered times. Traveling by train also helps ensure the safety of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who is second in the line of succession to the presidency and requires constant security detail. In this case, the source said, security helicopters fly above the train.

In 2003 and 2004, the caucus used chartered flights and rented cars and buses to transport members to the Nemacolin resort in Woodlands, Pa. The chartered flight cost more than $10,000 and the buses were $6,500, but the hassles weren’t worth it: One year, a Democratic aide recalls, the buses broke down and closed down an entire highway.


You should give Pelosi a break,she can't count because sh only has three fingers on her right hand


She looks like a zombie.


The latest podcast of Fun With DIck and Jane is up.





Well folks,you have got an aristocracy.No reason why they shouldn't be as batshit crazy like the ones here.

Dr Head

Maybe Pelosi has a thing for snakes. Not as a warning device or a lure, but a substitute for 'their world' where no one can sue for assaults.LUbones

As far as the spy and the pictures have you thought it may be doctored or he's drugged. There's always something like a MySpace picture. They're five now.


I have a weird question that I've been pondering for weeks. Are most of the the commenters that we don't recognize the same person under different names. They all seem to use the words "Hobo" and "Lucifer" and always start in the middle of the thought where we weren't around for the beginning, and for the most part make no sense.

Or is it me?


Nancy Pelosi, the 2nd Most Dangerous Female in America.

Right behind Jamie Gorelick.

Captain Hate

I'm hoping that we're mature enough as a society that the jug-eared punk and monument to excesses of cosmetic surgery won't set back the gains in civil rights for each of the groups they purportedly represent. But the placement in extremely high political offices of two such incredibly vacuous members of these groups suggests we aren't.


I always figured they were computers, and just took words from the thread and synthesized them in some odd manner. The scrambling of "LUN" is always amusing.



Kind of reminds me of the free-association comments of Carol Herman. LOL


Charlie: Think about the times you've heard "unprecedented unemployment"

I regularly take the time to edumacate AP's editors on that... Repeat after me: putting absolute numbers in historical context using a chart turns information into news.


It was a simple slip of the tongue. She was thinking of the $500 million she got Star Kist.


MSNBC is reporting- and this will shock some of you- Wells Fargo being scolded into canceling its Las Vegas retreat has a financially detrimental effect on the hotel they'd booked.
Imagine that. People being scolded to not spend money hurts the people who need that money spent.

Rick Ballard


Before you complain about this - what have you not done or not spent in order to protect capital? Do you have plans to not go somewhere or not buy something in order to prove your patriotism? Are you advising your neighbors to sit at home in the dark in order to preserve precious capital?

The President is asking every good American to pay attention to capital preservation. The only way this can be fully achieved is by reducing our spending to the bare minimum on survival needs. I'm certainly willing to give the President's advice a chance to succeed. (I'm going to classify my internet connection as a survival need for the time being.)


I hope the retreat's CEO doesn't make more than $500K/yr. Looks like they're gonna be needing a bailout.


Pelosi has commited the ultimate mortal sin--she is costing OBAMA points in the polls with her idiotic tax-payer rape plan otherwise know as the "recovery" package.

Y'all noticed Jim Cooper saying that the O team was encouraging dissent against the freespending congressional mistress.

Bottom line--BO don't need her anymore. She is a liability.

I would simply love it if she got dumped for a bluedog.


The Star Kist saga. Did wonders for Samoa.


The Executive Pay Proclamation sure didn't do the Dow any favors.


Clarice, it's appropriate for Pelosi to be a zombie since her partner in crime is a mortician. Notice how he screwed up the embalming.

Verner, the idea of being raped by Pelosi gives me all kinds of icky sensations.

Dr Head

Bad is a man?


I'm not surprised MSNBC is worried about Vegas. Harry Reid probably gave Chrissy a call.

Or Andrea...It a looks like he is doing her embalming as well.


Dr. Head, not recently....


Seriously verner, another instance yet again, of 'these goggles they do nothing"
Which brings to mind, the strangerealization
that we are drifting dangerously into a "Simpsons" style paralel universe, it seems. Pelosi, the botoxed Mayor's daughter with the tuna touch, Reid, the card sharp from Searchlight Nevada, The mormon in Vegas, Biden is well too strange for words to adequately describe, although Buckley's latest came close, before his satirical gifts were undone by Sarah's presence, and well as for the one, he has me looking back at McCarry and Drury, and not in a good way. So it looks like the original stimulus is going the way of the "Norwegian Blue" parrot, but everything else is coming up snakeyes,



Obama's the one who has screwed up. He keeps it up he must not want anything passed from the Congress. Don't worry, she'll train him in how Congress works, and the levers of power she has at her disposal.


AP is reporting that O told the schoolkids and their teachers yesterday that he and Michelle were "just tired of being in the White House." LUN


AP has an article NOT linking Judd Gregg and Abramoff. LUN

A failure to act, and act now, will turn crisis into a catastrophe and guarantee a longer recession, a less robust recovery, and a more uncertain future," Obama said in his prepared remarks.

He's playing on our fears!!!!!!


Bad, it's about time.

I've been tired of him and Michelle being in the White House for over two weeks.


lol bgates, I'm ready for them to be gone as well.


Jim Geraghty wonders why a task force on the middle class doesn't include anybody from the middle class. Like Joe the Plumber.. LUN

"A failure to act, and act now, will turn crisis into a catastrophe and guarantee a longer recession, a less robust recovery, and a more uncertain future," Obama said in his prepared remarks.

Talk about hubris. Who, even among Democrats, believes that Obama can "guarantee" what "will" result if the porkulus bill goes down?

Sheesh. He doesn't even have the modesty, or wisdom, to couch his words. We're in for a long four years with this d.b.

Barney Frank

Are most of the the commenters that we don't recognize the same person under different names.

On a different forum I used to post at, a very well respected psycho therapist diagnosed eerily similar posts as the product of a schizo-typal personality.


Newsweek is now shilling for Obama, blaming the Republicans, of course.


Newsweek is now shilling for Obama, blaming the Republicans, of course.

Posted by: matt | February 04, 2009 at 04:27 PM

Yes it is... Obama's base is getting unhappy:

http://www.newsweek.com/id/183204>Losing Control
Obama needs to reassert command of the agenda in Washington

It includes this little gem:

The reason Obama is getting so few votes is that he is no longer setting the terms of the debate over how to save the economy. Instead the Republican Party—the one we thought lost the election—is doing that.

And this is even more telling:

When you are dealing with a stimulus of this size, there are going to be wasteful expenditures and boondoggles. There's no way anyone can spend $800 to $900 billion quickly without waste and boondoggles. It comes with the Keynesian territory. This is an emergency; the normal rules do not apply.

But the public isn't hearing about that all-important distinction right now.

Is this even supposed to be journalism any more? I don't see anything tagging this as opinion. It's outright political advocacy. Newsweek should have to put a header on their cover and every page of their website: "Official Organ of the Democratic Party."

Amused bystander

BAD: But, man! is she bad!


Which organ, ranger?


Which organ, ranger?

Posted by: clarice | February 04, 2009 at 05:47 PM

I think you know...

Captain Hate

I would simply love it if she got dumped for a bluedog.

In San Francisco? Dream on; the best chance would be for a challenge on the other side like that Sheehan witch. Speaking of ugly Cindy, how come not one of her media enablers has sought out her opinion on Barry's wonderful adventures in Pockeestahn?

btw, this is the third time I've tried to post this with this wonderful piece of software.




A little humor from Ben Smith:

"They are attached to their teleprompters over there in the West Wing, evidently even for the bill signings. They usually keep them out of the pool camera's line of sight though."

Good grief, Obama even defies parodying - he really needs teleprompters for everything! (Has anyone checked the master bedroom?)


When you read that Newsweek article, you can just feel the frustraition. 'We won it all, and we still can't get what we want!'

Hey, dude, maybe you're losing cause your ideas suck. Or, maybe, you should have tried to figure out if this guy could actually do the job before shoving him in the office. Its got to be one or the other... or maybe both.


He's playing on our fears!!!!!!

Heh, it's in the name of Socialism, so, it's all good.


Heard today that Congress passed a 32 BILLION dollar extension to the S-Chip Program. A few more of those babies and we won't need no stinking stimulus. Does ANYBODY worry about deficit spending? We are already in the tank, to the tune of a few Hundred Billion next year, and they have the Gall to ADD 32 Billion, while asking for the military to give up 11 Percent? Did I wake up in some alternate universe?


The refrain from the Rolling Stones song, seems apt; "You can't always get what you want, but if you try real hard, you might just get what you need" Pobrecitos, I say.


Pofarmer: Uh, yes you have. It's the Golden Age of Obama. We must deal with it.


Actually the quote is even worse than that since she is claiming that is the job loss per month.

In a year that will be 6 billion jobs or about the population of China.


the Republican Party—the one we thought lost the election

It turns out there were elections for several offices in November. Every Republican in the House of Representatives won theirs.

Cap, the suggestion is that Pelosi might be dumped as Speaker.


In a year that will be 6 billion jobs or about the population of China.

Well, that could be pretty close for China.


How do you gauge the robustness of a recovery, anyway?


I think they have miscalculated a number of factors, purging the last of the NorthEast liberal Republicans, Shays, in part because he had called attention to the GSE scams, emboldened the GOP, making them realize there's nothing to lose now. I think the example of Sarah, perservering despite the vicious campaign waged against her, also was
a factor. The scale and nature of this
'stimulus' bill, recriminations over being
forced toward supporting the TARP, plus the disingenuous promoters of the message, all turned the tide here.

Charlie (Colorado)

Jim Geraghty wonders why a task force on the middle class doesn't include anybody from the middle class. Like Joe the Plumber.

They're not doctrinally trustworthy.


It's hard to keep track of these things, but here's a reminder for Nancy:

A million has six zeros in it,
A billion has nine zeros in it,
And the White House has one zero in it.
But he's the biggest zero of them all.

Captain Hate

Cap, the suggestion is that Pelosi might be dumped as Speaker.

Ahhhhh, sorry for the confusion.

Since the MSM shills for that bim so flagrantly, somebody's gotta put that on You-Tube

But I suspect to Nancy, "million" is just a word that means "lots."
When the LHC had the accident last spring, there was a newspaper report that "a ton" of liquid helium had spilled out of the target. Hubby and I were speculating as to how the journalist could have come up with such a silly number -- our guess was something like a poor translation of the equivalent of "sh**load" from some language other than English.
Alan Peters

Glad to see some of you visit http://antimullah.com as I was going to put up my tuna Mafiosa article but someone in England beat me to it.

Lots of new stuff, including contacts for every senator and their staff went up today,

BTW, the site has eight sections and the "noiri" blogspot stands for "no islamic regime (in) iran"

Here is a good analysis of the the orignal non-stimulus package Nancy Pelosi had HER staff put together without input from anyone else in her party - what a disaster!



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