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February 10, 2009



How many people think that everything in this bill will really be one time spending?


It used to be that refreshing the page would bring up the latest comment. That's not been happening for the last two days.


Clicking on the thread doesn't always give the latest comment, but until very recently refreshing the page would. Now, not.


That seems to be a function of traffic, kim. Usually I get posts when they are timestamped. My problem is that when I try to refresh all of my tabs at once, oftentimes several of them will come up without the formatting -- no green background, no 3 columns.


Ah ha ha ha ha.

Obama Economic Adviser Took Citigroup Jet to Democratic Convention


kim, tacking ?cid=x right after the .html seems to get the latest comments loaded for me. Replacing .html and anything after it with /comments/page/99/ works, too, and cathyf says that's better for search engines. For this thread:

First method.

Second method.


It may be that neither of those last-comment methods has anything to do with loading the latest comments, but it seemed like they had when I tried if after not seeing recent posts.



You are on the last page of the comment thread so it wouldn't appear to move. On the search engine indexing, on of the problems I've had in the archives is that some pages in longer threads don't show up.
One thread I looked at with about an 8 page comment thread, comments on pages 3-7 didn't appear, and looking at the cashed version seemed to only pull about half the thread.

Very odd these "upgrades" that Typepad is doing. And I wonder if the crooks that run Citigroup are feeling a bit suckered now-they flew Pres. Obama around in their jet, now they are public enemy Number #1. Great find.


JM Hanes-

As soon as that "public-private partnership" language leaked, I started to think about those great articles you wrote. I wanted to write more because I think pointing out what Geithner is planning from what he said at the press conference would make a great article for AT.


Anybody that thinks they are trying to fix the problem is fooling themselves. This is their opportunity to grab as much of the private sector as possible. If they fix it, the lose their chance. No, we've already begun to slide down that slippery slope as the say.


Romney is missing a big chance to open his yap.


Using ?cid=x goes to the most recent comments like preview used to.

The /page/N/ version didn't back when I was testing the two.


until very recently refreshing the page would

Depends ...

If the page address ends with ?cid=x then refreshing it should bring up the most recent.

If you have been using the >> then the address you refresh may not.


boris, I only use the "/comments/page/N/#comments" urls for my addresses, and when I refresh them, they almost always get me up-to-date content. The advantage that they have for me is that when I use those and Refresh, my cursor doesn't move -- all new content is drawn on the page, but at the end of the refresh my cursor is returned to my previous location, so I can pick up where I left off.

In a second I am going to hit Preview, and then Post. After this comment finishes posting, the url will be a mal-formed attempt to get to the top of my post, and since it is malformed it will have the whole page displaying but it will be at the top of the comments rather than at my new comment. I am going to right-click on the browser's Back button and roll back 3 lines to

Then I'll hit Refresh on that page, and ignore the other page with the malformed url that typepad produced. After the Refresh, I will be at the right place...

hit and run

If the page address ends with ?cid=x then refreshing it should bring up the most recent.

Agreed, but especially with the judicious use of the word "should".

Last night was a fairly extreme example of a fairly common occurrnce...that typepad sometimes delays a posted comment from appearing.

Sometimes you'll see people put up two comments because typepad "ate" the first one, only to have it appear later. Last night you saw several people put up comments with just the word "test", trying to jolt typepad from its slumber. As for me, I tried deleting cookies, installing a new browser, restarting my laptop, all to no avail.

I was at the mercy of the whims of typepad which apparently had a reason to want me to stay up until 1 am.




Using ?cid=x I could see your post and Hit's. From there I did a << and >> to get to:

Where neither your comment nor Hit's was visible.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Tom could solve the whole comment problem if he would install the new Typepad SUPER COMMENTS, but for some reason he is ignoring the suggestion. I sent him and email and have twice mentioned it in bold in the comments.



I waited for a new comment to appear on one of the treads I monitored using ?cid=x. When matt's appeared on "polling the stimulus" I immediately constructed a preview link to that thread using:

and matt's comment had not yet appeared.


The thing I see, boris, is that if I click on a link that points to

(for example, I use the back button to go to page 2 and hit the ">>" link) then I do NOT get a page refresh unless some significant time has passed. It is clearly coming out of cache, too -- it loads instantly, rather than the pattern I expect. If I hit Reload, though, it almost always really reloads -- it takes awhile, and gives me several seconds of the green-background JOM title bar, followed by a wait at the top of the comments, finally at the end the page jumps down to my current location. What I see if I go up and set the page number to a big number (10000, 99, 999, whatever) and then hit return in the url field is that the big number instantly changes to be the page number of the last page of the thread. And then, whatever rule it uses to decide whether to Reload or to get it from cache, it applies that rule -- and if clicking on >> wouldn't get me a reload, then using the big number won't do it, either.

The interesting thing that I'm not sure whether I am seeing is this scenario... I post, and then I use my back button to return to what was the last page before I posted. An hour has gone by since I last refreshed that page, and the last post on the page has a timestamp of an hour ago. My post was a few seconds ago. So I hit refresh. What I expect to happen is that at the end of the page load my cursor will be at the bottom of that post that's from an hour ago, my post will be at or near the end of the thread, and any and all intervening comments will be in between. And perhaps there will be a new page started, and my comment is on the next page somewhere. Ok, that's what happens almost every time. Now I think but I'm still not 100% sure that I'm not imagining it, that on very rare occasions the refresh will get SOME but not ALL of the new comments.

But, typically I've got 8-12 JOM tabs open, and I hit refresh and go read another tab while the load is chugging along, so, no, I'm not really sure that is ever really happening. As opposed to me just getting distracted and losing track of what I did and where I was.


Can we agree these programmers aren't deserving of stimulus funds?

Either way, cid=x, comments/page/99, neither of these hacks are able to get to the latest comment unless you page down to it, even if it does get to the last page. The geniuses at TypePad obviously never checked the Recent Comments links to see if they even worked, and I found a TypeKey blog post from 12/07 that indicated the problem existed from at least then.


And, unbelievably, they never clicked on a post and tried the link to see if it actually went there from a different page.


Yeah, Extraneus, I'm just amazed, too. I mean I've released some software with some how-the-heck-did-we-ever-miss-that bugs, but nothing like this mess they have made of typepad comments. They have urls for individual comments in three places -- Recent Comments list, under the timestamp on the comment, and generated as the last step when you post a comment and it tries to redirect you to your comment. All three became broken with pagination, and they apparently didn't even notice any of them. I mean I would have been more sympathetic if they had made some "fix" that didn't work, or if they had removed the broken links underneath the timestamps and/or the names in the Recent Comments. But they didn't do anything.

Freaking amazing...

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