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February 11, 2009



Didn't I hear that POS POTUS claim that all the economists agreed with him?


Good morning to all!
Can someone point mt to that longest sentence from the Stimulus bill that Sara (I think) posted the other night. I was telling my neighbor about it and now I can't find it to show him. Thanks


I'll bet it's on her website.


Once Obama breaks all the fingers on the invisible hand the bruising and dislocations will become apparent.


As I promised yesterday (or always said, you pick) Sec Geithner will be along shortly to explain this is great detail and we can only have one Treasury Sec at a time so I'm not going to answer questions about it.

(I haven't seen such a good move since my husband told all the staff of the Senate Permanent Investigations Subcommittee (when he was named chief counsel) that his door was ALWAYS open to them and immediately thereafter directed his Secretary to lock that door and not let anyone in.)


So he's THAT guy!


Kim, thanks, I keep forgetting Sara's blog, and of course it was there.

Speaking of bruising, everyone needs to take a look at the post Sara has up now concerning the Muslim woman who was lashed for being raped. It is sickening.


Pagar, she may be victimized again if she is conviced by a "concerned" advisor that her only redemption is to become a suicide bomber.


Transparency -- oh PILF TALF


concerning the Muslim woman who was lashed for being raped.

I didn't read the post but that is SOP in Iran.

Sara (Pal2Pal)


Kim is right. I have it HERE.


Michael Sherer (WH correspondent) at TIME's Swampland:

Swampland - TIME.com

Wednesday, February 11, 2009 at 10:45 am Bailed-Out Bankers Talk Responsibility Posted by michaelscherer

Before Rep. Barney Frank's House Financial Services Committee. Watch live here.

UPDATE: Best question so far comes from Frank: "If in good times you were told you were not going to get bonuses, what part of your job would you not do?"

Let's play "in how many ways is that blog post horrifying?".


Thanks, Sara, I found it on your blog thanks to Kim reminding me. I guess the good news is I forwarded it and your blog address to 8 others. None of which have any experience with blogs to the best of my knowledge.

Jane, IMO, the problem is the law in the countries, not the country itself. The real problem is see is the Western nations don't seem to think it can happen in their system, but it can, once the Muslin laws get established.


Maybee, I think it's normal to use personal experience as a guide toward how others will act.


If in good times you were told you were not going to get bonuses, what part of your job would you not do?
[Sigh]. Congressman, if I were informed that my compensation would be drastically lowered, I would probably look for other work.

Same thing you would do if your income were restricted to your salary, minus the junkets, gifts, raises for your boyfriend at Fannie Mae, bribes, and so on.


I want someone to ask Michael Scherer, who thinks this is a good question, what part of his job he would not do TIME paid him minimum wage.

I'd also like someone to ask Barney what part of his job he would not do if he didn't get $1.8 million in campaign contributions every 2 years.
What a Populist Pandering Gasbag.

Pal2Pal (Sara)

Someone just posted the following on Twitter:

t Wilmington station now... Crowds of people w signs. "Biden, why ain't you ridin?!" Scores more in sackcloth and ashes. Sad.

Anyone know what this is all about?

JM Hanes


If you want to write something up, feel free to use as much of my stuff as you like, whenever. I'd be thrilled to see someone make use of it. I'll never do it myself, because it's like pulling teeth to revisit anything I've written long enough to edit it down into manageable, digestible pieces. It usually just gets longer when I try -- and there's always that next windmill on the horizon.


Speaking of transparency, at the RBO Blog we learn, at least one of Obama's key advisors has apparently found a way to get paid for what may or may not be a secret mission for Obama or someone else:

As we reported February 9, 2009, David Plouffe, PSBHO’s presidential campaign manager, arrived in Azerbaijan the day before in what was described by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty as a “surprise visit“.
Plouffe’s meeting with about about 50 people was closed to the media.

Remember that paper that no one ever found that Obama was supposed to have written while enrolled in Columbia?

In 1989, Brzezinski quit his job at Columbia University where he taught since 1960 to work on Ukraine’s independent status plan. This marks the beginning of his compromise to prevent the resurgence of Russia as a superpower.

Did you catch that? ZBig taught 1960 to 1989 at Columbia University. Barack Hussein Obama graduated from Columbia in 1983 with a degree in political science. Hold that thought.

Speaking of Obama:

He barely mentions Columbia, training ground for the elite, where he transferred in his junior year, majoring in political science and international relations and writing his thesis on Soviet nuclear disarmament.

It doesn't seem to me that transparency has came to our foreign policy changes. Why can't the American public be allowed to know what plan Obama cooked up in the 1980s regarding Soviet nuclear Disarmament?



in the UK today, sharia law is practiced in large communities of Muslim immigrants throughout the country. they simply ignore British law in most cases. It's as if it's already a country within a country.


If in good times you were told you were not going to get bonuses, what part of your job would you not do?

Meanwhile, Congress recently raised its own pay.


And here in Wisconsin, the state Assembly has an automatic pay raise as well, just like our Congress. So they don't even have to vote on it each year -- which would make it more, you know, transparent.


Matt, IMO, England and much of Europe is already past the point of no return on sharia
law. Now it is creeping into America. There is no way, I can see that the Muslim money system can be implemented except under sharia law. Harvard University is one of the biggest groups pushing Islamic finance, and Harvard is also the source of many of our current administration's education. I fully expect to see this administration push for acceptance of more sharia influence in America.

Jim C.

"The most important thing in restoring market confidence is transparency... once they can fake that, they've got it made."

It's all done with mirrors and projectors (onto Obama's blank slate).

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