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February 23, 2009



TM: your end of thread link should be (for now):



That kind of temperature will ruin the antique furniture and artworks.Perhaps the could put him a trailer on the lawn?


Show me the Cert, you Fraud.


It's just an excuse to stop wearing the flag lapel pin he was shamed into wearing. Cardigans=no lapels=no flag lapel pin.

Mister Snitch

"You could grow orchids in there.”

Lotta hothouse flowers in this administration, huh?

Sgt Bazz

He's turn back the thermometer a tad, but only enough to have the warmers that heat his Wagyu steak compensate for the lack of heat.


Is that sweater made from wool from (gasp) flatulent sheep? Or is it polyester from (groan) oil wells. Or is it cotton or ramie from (omigod) monocultured fields. You can raise the temperature of a room simply by harnessing the leftist cognitive dissonance in Brownian motion.


I've always thought he was cold...


I think someone ought to send him a Vero Possumus-emblazoned Snuggie™.


If he doesn't inject some confidence back into the market soon he'll have no rich people to soak with exorbitant taxes.I hope you noticed Baltimore police have arrested the ACORN nuts who broke into a foreclosed house ..


He looks about as comfortable in that sweater as I would in a hoodie and sagging prison dungarees. What are all those little bulges under that oversized sweater, air conditioned underwear?


Meanwhile the Dow is down another 200....investors just don't have the same confidence in "hope and change" as the Obamabots.


Yes, Kim, and what's the latest on the birth cert lawsuits?

PS - I wonder if he's smoking on govt property.


The IBD tells it like it is....in the article "Is it any wonder the market continues to sink?"

It starts out:

"Last Oct. 13, in trying to explain why the market had sold off 30% in six weeks, we acknowledged that the freeze-up of the financial system was a big concern. But we cited three other factors as well:

• The imminent election of "the most anti-capitalist politician ever nominated by a major party."

• The possibility of "a filibuster-proof Congress led by politicians who are almost as liberal."

• A "media establishment dedicated to the implementation of a liberal agenda, and the smothering of dissent wherever it arises."

Also there is a neat graph correlating the drop with Obama's rise to power...



everything seems to be about appearances with this clown. I'm sue he has staffers monitoring every media outlet and major weblog to see what we're making fun of. That in addition to his pollsters gives him his talking points for the day.

"be seen to be doing something" seems to be the watchword. As to his stimulus bill, it was simple payback to all the crooks who helped him get elected.

40 acres and a mule.....


Darn it all, I see we still have the highest gas prices in the country. Wish we could figure out where they get the stuff out of the ground.


BR, sorry, I've not kept up. TexasDarlin' blog usually is up-to-date but it won't load for me now. The last I heard, a number of lawsuits were wending there way through the process, with Obama's team still spending a fortune stonewalling. I think there'll be Hell to pay, someday.

As it is, it is a simmering controversy, that is bound to gain increasing prominence as the disillusionment over his misrule spreads. I really don't know where he was born, but neither does anyone else, and I consider it at least possible that even he doesn't know. There were lies told within that family, I've little doubt.


Thanks TM!!! What an honor!!

I'm wearing Nike...


It's an enduring mystery to the folks at the AD News isn't it Flynn, and the posters
are even more clueless. Yet they endorsed
Obama, over someone they actually knew, although I don't quite see the reason for such a relatively large disparity; could ir coordinated action by the Majors. Are they that stupid and shortside; sorry rhetorical


Ben, yes, and conversely, the rise in the price of gold since January - the place investors go when the market is doomed. It just hit $1,000 per ounce.

Mogambo Guru has a great one today: Gold in the Art of Bread Consumption. He's always sooo funny, but speaks simple truth.

PS - maybe Obama's agenda is to help the Gold Dinar.


Heaven forbid he should use a space heater to warm the area he's in without spending a fortune to make everybody else uncomfortable. Anybody who had to work to pay the bills would know how to stay warm without using excessive amounts of costly energy...


Liberaland had a copy of a live birth document.
I had one of those but was denied a passport until I got a real birth certificate. Apparently at the time I was born these were issued by a doctor attesting to a Midwifed birth. Not a State document.
BTW I am so proud. Colmes won't let me register to comment on his Blog (liberaland)


Ditto, space heaters work well. So do long-johns, UNDERARMOUR, etc.


"Is that sweater made from wool from (gasp) flatulent sheep?"

Or the flatulence of a woolen mind?


James Sinclair's 2002 article The Gold Dinar.

Last line of Fatwa from "Al-Fath Al-'Ali Al-Maliki":
"The return to the payment of zakat in gold and silver is an essential part of the reestablishment of Islam."

Quote from Sinclair's article:
"Those are serious words and should not be taken lightly. You see, the establishment of a gold-based currency is rebellion against the IMF as it is distinctly forbidden under IMF rules. The advent of the Gold Dinar would be the "Nadir" of the IMF & World Bank.

"These are uncharted times. I believe that the Islamic Nations are quite serious about this and that in some form, it will happen on schedule or sooner. Now we can add a "Nuclear Wild Card," an independent gold-based Islamic currency to the 5 elements for a long-term bull market in gold."


Interesting isn't it Narciso. We drill it out of the Arctic Ocean, we pump it a thousand miles to a Tanker ship, who sails it a further 2000 miles southward, where after refining its sold for 80 cents less than when we refine it locally. My head hurts.


My heads hurts, too.

Watching this looting of the treasury fiasco on Fox reminds me of a ship of pirates. They really should dress the part with peg legs, eye patches (Nancy's gets two), hooks and parrots.

Then we name them:

Black Ears Obama
Long John McCain
Queen Nip & Tuck Pelosi
Captain Harry Hook Reid


Up is down, black is white, Biden is stimulus czar, whaat, as Jon Stewart would say. Or in the immortal words of George Constanza; "for the love of god, somebody please make it stop"


I'm sure the good folks of Valdez would like to have a refinery added to the ambiance.


Are there any refineries in Alaska? I'm wondering if the extreme cold might not make wintertime refinery management a ticklish business.


ben, that IBD article is a wonderful compendium of the disastrous first thirty days. I found it yesterday through RealClearPolitics.


Daddy, where is the nearest refinery? Do they have to ship it out, refine it, and then ship the refined products back?


Something really good may yet come out of these financial fartfools hoisting themselves on their own peturds.

Obama's mentor raided Asian currencies, which gave rise to Malaysia's Finance Minister writing these uplifting words in 2002:

"52. Of course the Gold Dinar can be a trading currency, for all countries, not necessarily Muslim countries. But Muslim countries are in the best position to demonstrate the viability of the system. They are in a position to manage their economies rationally and in the process show the world that they are capable of growing with stability and in peace. And this will do more towards countering oppressions by their enemies than the futile violent retaliations."

Sinclair's conclusion:

"Mark my words. It is coming and it brings good times, not the four horsemen now looked for as the specters coming over the hill. The ascendancy of gold will be hard fought but will be finally embraced as now popular central bank tools of interest rate manipulation and monetary aggregate expansion are destined by their own definition to fall flat on their political faces. It is amazing that out of Islam comes what will save the Western World's economic system. I am certain that Divinity, whatever He, She or It is or is not, has a unique SENSE OF HUMOR and loves Infinite Variety."



Bad, in the Dec issue of the VFW Magazine they have an advertisement for some really nifty little space heaters. If you buy the Amish made mantle, you get the space heater free. They don't use page numbers on their Ads, but it's easy to find. Just read the Final Salute Page to Our 66 heros who died in Afghanistan and Iraq during the period listed, then when he turns the page it'll be right there. I understand he doesn't qualify to get the VFW magazine even through it is free to those who earned it. However I suspect there is someone in Washinton that he could borrow a copy from if he wanted.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Another excellent article by Francis Cianfrocca at Red State.
The guy is a treasure.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

And good sense on Citi, BofA and receivership from John Hussman.


Maybe this is what put a chill down Obama's spine:

http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0209/19206.html>Obama's challenge: A nation of Santellis

That's the headline story at Politico right now!


Obama is actually having a Mr. Rogers moment....now boys and girls, can you say Porkulus? I think you can!


I'm pretty sure I saw a bottled water on Obama's desk. I know he drinks bottled water at events away from the White House, probably for convenience sake, but expected he would be more eco friendly at his desk.

In most cases, bottled water is just municipal tap water in an expensive, plastic bottle.


Just shows that Obama can't even make an executive decision to keep himself comfortable without caving to the polls..


We are destined to repeat ourselves, only in tighter and faster cycles. I offer this: George W (although I miss him) was kind of like Nixon in the sense that 1. he was not a true conservative although he was labeled a fascist by the press; 2. was hated for making difficult but ultimately correct foreign policy choices and; 3. made bad domestic decisions by straying from core conservative economic principles. The national response to Nixon is of course. . . CARTER. Now we have to have four years of hyper-Carter.


Via Instapundit, this is interesting.

http://campaignspot.nationalreview.com/post/?q=ZTAyYTk1NWVlOThhZDUyMGU1YTJhYTNjOTNlYzU2MTU=>Meltdown on MSNBC: The Leg Tingle Is Gone?

Closing quote:

Matthews: "I thought 8,000 was the floor, and it looks like 6,000 is the floor. People are angry, I'm getting angry."

To paraphrase Event Horizon: When you broke the laws of economics, did you think there would be no consequences?


Ranger, Chrissy's just realizing he didn't get the "sell" memo back on Nov. 4th.


bad, DC water is terrible tasting ..


"Yes, Kim, and what's the latest on the birth cert lawsuits?"

Just show us your college records. Curious how O listed his citizenship for college aid.

Jim Ryan

From Ranger's link:

Matthews: "He seems like Barney Fife to me."

I evoked Fife to describe Obama here a few days ago. Gotta be something to it. Give ol' Barney a narcissistic disorder and a course in persuasion and NLP and you get pretty darn close to O.

We're definitely on farce now. Too bad the tragedy part will come back in spades soon.


"Matthews: "I thought 8,000 was the floor, and it looks like 6,000 is the floor. People are angry, I'm getting angry."

Hell hath no fury like a frontman scorned.
Honeymoon over,and they didn't get round to the sex.


Chris Matthews, the market genius, knows the market floor. Hah!


Clarice, I don't want the oceans to keep rising, and the ice caps to keep melting.


Nah! Chrissy just wants Obama to redistribute Republican wealth. When his own (and the wealth of other Liberal fatcats gets re-distibuted - which it is, natch) then, it's a whole other story.

They don't see themselves as slum dogs. They see themselves as millionaires. How Obama threads that needle is up to Voodoo, I guess.


One wonders where all the money is going that is being pulled out of the market.


Wow, we're really discussing the temperature of the White House thermostat? This makes me laugh. What a silly thing to focus on -- though the idea of some reporter trying to assure us of "Obama's commitment to reducing global warming" et cetera is pretty hilarious.


Why do I get the feeling you didn't even read the discussion? You oughta be in the Administration, as clueless as you are.


cathyf,daddy..There are 2 refineries on the edge of town (Valero & BP) and they are both completely shut down for 37 days(started Feb.5)There's your price problem,maybe.
clarice: Are you feeling better? You must stay well to organize our community on St.Jane's.I'm so scattered about the markets, could this spiral be something other than cause and effect?


Bret, you must know this is just a proof of the insincerity and the hypocrisy of his
pretense to 'share in the sacrifice' by keeping his thermostat at 80, while we have to keep at 72 degrees. It's been a little over a month and I'm scared skittles(decode that if you wish) Yes the stimulus passed on a party line vote, yet there's more of this coming down, like the candy factory in the I Love Lucy episode, nationalization of banks by the people who brought us to our knees, the dismantling of our forward position in South Asia, open rapprochement with the Syrian Baathists, 'trial balloons to the Castro duarchy, capitulation to the Sauds, at the NIC. What else can possibli
go wrong.


MoDo piles on

Oh, but the title of her column: "Dark, Dark, Dark"

Subconscious "darkie" racism?


I saw Bill Ayers drinking a bottled water during an interview with Alan Colmes.

Doesn't he know that petroleum products are used in the creation of those bottles?

I think Halliburton holds the patent....


PD, I am aghast!!! How dare she.


bad, I was stunned that Colmes committed some journalism by actually going out and interviewing someone. Good for him. Now if he'd learn how to ask some decent questions and not get played by the answers of the interviewee.


That actually wasn't too bad a column, much to my surprise. At the rate the Emperor is shedding clothes, it'll be full monty by April Fool's Day.



I particularly liked how Colmes gave Ayers the answers to his question.


Colmes looked much less Skeletor-ish. What's he drinking, smoking, popping...?


Whoa, mel, Santelli is taking off into the stratosphere; he claims the White House is threatening him. Details at Memeorandum.


My husband asked if he had a facelift.


I thought that was obvious days ago when Gibbs talked about not knowing what street Santelli lived on. Thugs, fools, clowns, liars, shitheads. I better stop now.


Sue, who? Santelli?


Read this and check out the LUN:

1. PURPOSE. This Directive:
a. Reissues DoD Directive (DoDD) 1404.10 (Reference (a)) under a new title to establish the
policy through which an appropriately sized subset of the DoD civilian workforce is preidentified
to be organized, trained, and equipped in a manner that facilitates the use of their
capabilities for operational requirements. These requirements are typically away from the
normal work locations of DoD civilians, or in situations where other civilians may be evacuated
to assist military forces where the use of DoD civilians is appropriate. These employees shall be
collectively known as the DoD Civilian Expeditionary Workforce. Members of the DoD
Civilian Expeditionary Workforce shall be organized, trained, cleared, equipped, and ready to
deploy in support of combat operations by the military; contingencies; emergency operations;
humanitarian missions; disaster relief; restoration of order; drug interdiction; and stability
operations of the Department of Defense in accordance with DoDD 3000.05 (Reference (b)).

Is this for real or a hoax?

"Contingencies" can ean anything you want it to mean.

Linked Under Name


Sue meant Colmes. I'm the one ranting about Santelli.


Ah, ok. I should have gotten that.

"Restoration of order," eh, bad. They'd better give them bazooka training.


That's the schutzstaffel, bad.



One of the commenters at Think Progress says Santelli needs to get over himself he isn't that important. He is important enough that the President's press secretary calls him out by name at a press conference. I need to stay away from lefty sites. The weirdness there makes my head hurt.

Rick Ballard

The JOM community contains some fine legal minds. Do any of them believe that the civil portion of RICO can be brought to bear upon ACORN? I saw a comment at Ace which hypothesized that it could be but I would prefer to hear it from someone here.

If it is possible to go after ACORN with a civil RICO suit I'm sure ready to volunteer my time to do anything that might help a case. Right down to licking envelopes and stamps.

If we get 'em, it could finance St Jane's - we wouldn't need the damned tourists.


His youth volunteers for America will be the brownshirts. He's even already demonizing Jews, see Rocco and narciso on the Lehman thread about Freeman.



Sorry. I should have been clearer. I was talking about Colmes.



It isn't a hoax. The left was going crazy when Bush was still in office over it. I'm sure it's all good now.


It's gonna get even wierder, Sue, as they realize that they've put their hopes for change on a cipher, a fraud, a clown, a thug, a fool, a shithead, blah, blah, blah. I better stop now.



I don't think that is going to happen. They are well and truly 'et up with him as my old grandma used to say.


I have my hopes, Sue. With a few more Santelli episodes, and a change in tone in the press, along with continuing economic hardship, the thoughtful leftists are going to start recognizing what we already have. Truly, there are a lot of Pumas who saw it right along with us. With any luck, his support will dwindle to the far left, and he's betrayed them, too. There is a chance of a massive failure of public confidence. It wouldn't be surprising, either, because there is no there there to be confident about. The only there there is something to fear. We are a sophisticated polity; we just haven't acted like it for years.


I think you crossed the threads, there Kim, that was the Pakistan thread, not the Lehman
thread. The problem is even if that is so,what do we do then, to mitigate this damage

Rick Ballard


MoDo and Chrissy get paychecks which, at bottom, are funded by advertisers. You know, the advertisers who are slashing ad purchases to the bone.

Who is going to hire Her Flatulence when the NYT folds? If nobody wants ads for Chrissy's spew, how does it affect his take home pay? It ain't like he's got any draw to begin with.

I hope Santelli keeps it up. The growing anger in the general population can be turned on Obuffoon fairly easily. It's nice to beat on bankers for a while but it's a lot more fun to beat on a clueless President (and his party).



after they've lost public support and still hold the reins of power, how do they enforce their will?

Oh, never mind...

Still armed, thankyouverymuch.

And I live a quick five minute drive from the nearest Acornville. I do not want "visitors".

Tomorrow night's speech on "sacrifice" ought to be interesting.

Today was rough. Santelli, unfortunately, didn't "get the message" last week. He'll be visited tonight or tomorrow AM on the way to the floor. Nice little chatting to, before they fire him. Which is next, by the way. If he doesn't take it all back, and I mean all the way, by going "to bat" for the administration, the pressure to dump him will be enormous.

Rahm's panties must be in quite a twist. He gets vengeful when that happens. Going to be ugly.

I haven't slept more than a couple of hours a night for weeks. I think this is coming to a head. They either pull it off in the next few days or they are done. The Santelli response has caught them all off guard. I hope they trip on the way to the podium.


Yep, Rick, and the beating up on his party gives me hope for the next Congressional elections. I'm beginning to see a way clear, but oh, boy, the trials between now and then.


I haven't slept because, I fear, the nationalization balloon that keeps getting floated is not just for Citi and B of A, but for a whole bunch more than you might imagine.

I'm going to go wrestle with the sheets again. Maybe this time I'll win.


Her Flatulence

I just spewed grapes.


With any luck Fitz is still monitoring this crew. With even more luck, Fitz can be an honest man.


jeeez Mel


It's nice to beat on bankers for a while but it's a lot more fun to beat on a clueless President (and his party).

I'm afraid this President is gonna wanna beat back-hard. Could be instructive, definately dangerous.

Mel, I think you're right. There seems to be a general sense, even among the press, that this is all going too fast.


You know, the advertisers who are slashing ad purchases to the bone.

I remember clarice going crazy over this during the conventions, when Vanity Fair was being catty about the cost of Cindy McCain's clothing.
As if Vanity Fair doesn't exist on the advertising revenue from the companies that sell Cindy McCain-wealth people Cindy McCain-price clothing.


Fast is one of the Alinsky rules... move too fast for your opponent to counter attack all your moves at once.

There are so many moving parts (and parts that require grease) that I hope their machine suffers major damage... sabots anyone?


Does Alaska have any refineries?

Thanks Glenda for listing 2. Wikipedia lists 6, Kenai, Valdez, Kuparuk, North Pole twice and Prudhoe, but I am sceptical. This recent story about problems and possible closure of the state's largest refinery is disturbing. Again your guys questions have exposed my ignorance and I see I have a new Alaskan topic I need to educate myself on. My list keeps getting longer and longer and longer.


Here's the second link that didn't work above.


yes, that was always that came to mind, who buys advertising for Vanity Fair, which has become the P.M. magazine of the 21stCentury,
if money is tight, the same can be said for the other entertainment/fashion/
press who so systematically promoted Obama, I was going to say another word, but I caught myself.

Flynn, I always check the notes for any wikipedia entry, but you're probably under
capacity, at this point anyways, even though
the downturn probably reduced that. Of course, the people at the AD News never get the main point, it's because that there has been no permits for refineries in 31 years that we're in this problem in the first place.


Rick, there is a civil RICO case pending against ACORN.. Blackburn heads a 501(c)(3) group,the Buckeye Institute, that brought it:http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/why-arent-the-feds-using-rico-to-go-after-acorn/2/>RioRICO


Gallup reported ...

Bush had a 62% approve/21% disapprove (net +41) for February 19-21, 2001.
Obama has a 63% approve/24% disapprove (net +39) for February 19-21, 2009.

Given the error in the polls .. about equal.
This doesn't say much for the guy who didn't have a contentious transition.

Other than leaving behind 6-year-old software, did Team Bush leave the "O" keys ?

Mark Turner

Chris Matthews is getting angry? At Obama? Really? Or will he just say it's all Bush's fault and be angry at him?

Captain Hate

everything seems to be about appearances with this clown. I'm sue he has staffers monitoring every media outlet and major weblog to see what we're making fun of.

In case that's true: Have another cigarette, you jug-eared clown, so you can die early like your whore mother with a muslim fetish and the deadbeat lowlife who may have been your father.

I offer this: George W (although I miss him) was kind of like Nixon in the sense that 1. he was not a true conservative although he was labeled a fascist by the press; 2. was hated for making difficult but ultimately correct foreign policy choices and; 3. made bad domestic decisions by straying from core conservative economic principles.

Regarding point 2, GWB never did anything as disasterous as what happened when the US helicopter took off from the embassy with the Vietnamese hanging from it (although maybe that happened under Ford; still Nixon led up to that). I was ashamed to be an American that day. On point 3, GWB never did anythig as disasterous as wage and price controls, one of the stupidest economic moves by a President ever. Although D'ohbama has partially done it.


Remember when I told you guys that the Dems would drop the "Global warming" poo as soon as they gained power---LUN thanks to Drudge.


Can't read it, verner, but Carol Browner is still planning to virtually criminalize carbon on April 2. I have hopes you'll be right about the carbon business, but I suspect the Europeans will come to their senses before we do. The Russians, the Chinese and the Indians already have come to their senses, but hope to use the precious conceit of a western elite to hinder the West's productivity. Interesting times. Especially Old Sol.

We're all Rick Santellis, now.


Here's the man I want for President: Alan Keyes - video on Obama's presidential illegitimacy and financial lunacy.


Well, dang Kim. sorry about that...try it now.

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