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February 24, 2009


Amused bystander

OMG! My eyes!!!
Give us a warning next time, please!!


Good heavens! Are those two cute kids HIS?


You know, I consider James Carville to be one of the few truly evil men in politics today.


If that cute girl in the middle is yours,TM, congratulations..and good luck on constructing that moat around the house.

Thomas Collins

Mardi Gras in New Orleans, TM? I would have figured that would be too sedate for you. Where are the photos of you cavorting in Rio at Carnival???? :-))


Carville is less evil than some. At least you know he's a snake.


I love Carville because you know he is spinning, and he knows he is spinning. There is no reason to believe what he says, so you can just enjoy watching the gears turn as a kind of performance art.


Fresh faced younguns are a sight for sore eyes.

Gorgeous kids.


I suppose I could enjoy the art more if it hadn't involved the absolute destruction of so many women who had done nothing more than catch the attention of Bill Clinton.

Tom Maguire

Mardi Gras in New Orleans, TM?

Not this year but I had a blast a few years back.


Hey, TM!! Party on...

I suppose I could enjoy the art more if it hadn't involved the absolute destruction of so many women who had done nothing more than catch the attention of Bill Clinton.

Oh, there is that. That was evil (and largely ignored).


Wasn't it Frank Langella, as Nixon, in the Frost interviews, who said, "If the President does someone, it is NOT illegal."


Ok, the Alcohol And Eighteen thread has something really weird happening on it. The first post on page 2, by Donald, loads as the page loads, but then disappears as the page finishes loading.

Don't be surprised by a complete typepad meltdown starting anytime as they scramble to fix the little bug and in the process completely blow up typepad.


Carville is actually a pretty nice guy. Hate his style and his politics.

He, Mary and the kids all recently moved to New Orleans.


My kid was at Mardi Gras as well.

She said the very best sign for getting beads was the one her friend produced...


Well, at least she didn't flash her boobs for tiny cheap bits of purple plastic on a string...at least, I hope she didn't--I certainly didn't raise her that way.

Look, if she did, I never ever ever want to know about it! OK LOL.



Roux, I think their kids are at Sacred Heart, a great school that some of my old LSU friends attended.

JM Hanes

I've known some eccentric folks, but if you want seriously off the wall, you want New Orleans. They just take the crazy back indoors after Mardi Gras. They cut their verbal teeth on spinning tales, and to know 'em is to love 'em despite yourself.

Carville is one of the few reality based Dems around. When all the rest of them were busy persuading themselves they were losing elections because they weren't willing to get down in the gutter with Republicans, Carville's group was singlehandedly taking an uncompromising look in the mirror. If he and Matlin can make a go of it, there's hope for America!

It's Paul Begala who makes my skin crawl.


cathy, I don't have time to fix it right now, but that's the narcisolator being overactive, not typepad. It sees posts by innocuous new guy Donald and thinks it's found crap from loathsome troll Don. If you know any javascript, you can edit the file yourself, otherwise I'll get to it tonight.

JM Hanes


Thanks for the photo! It's great when you can finally sit back and watch what your kids do with their lives, isn't it? Not that the surreptitious mentoring ever really ends -- Quasidaughter has a couple of socialist years to go, alas! Looks like JOD'r is fully engaged, with one of those million mile smiles, to boot. Seems like just yesterday....


Ahhh... I see... Is that really a javascript problem? Or does the regexp syntax on

knownTrolls[3] = 'Don';
need adjusting?

(I never really learned regexp very well -- I know a few basics, that's all.)

JM Hanes

Yo, TM:

According to Typepad, you can add numbers to Comment Pages!

JM Hanes


I've been using your suggested end of thread formula, which has worked pretty reliably from the start. I've been typing in "99" into the second page URL, although the evil 666 seems a lot more appropriate.


Apparently, Advanced Template users (who don't include me, alas) have to manually alter their templates with the Pagination Code -- which makes me wonder if it can't also be altered back out, no?

If that link and the page number link above aren't persistent, you can hit the Support Page, search on pagination and use the links to "Comment Feed and Pagination Updates for the Individual Archives Template" for the page numbering code. "Pagination Updates for the Main Index Template" also has pagination code, although it may be mostly the same stuff. I'm sure there's lots of Typepad code to be found by searching on "Advanced Templates." Basic templates are for illiterates like me.

Unfortunately, their new Basic WYSIWYG "editor" sucks too -- with totally inconsistent glitches (like morphing fonts and spacing) from one post to the next. Woe betide the soul who alters a blockquote, because the formatting freezes out paragraph breaks and produces such a mountain of code in the HTML editor, that I can hardly even distinguish the text anymore. Unfortunately, I don't want to move till I figure out how to export my blogs in full. Needless to say, they don't seem to make that easy for the novice.

Just for grins, I chose WYSIWYG for the license plate on my car :-)


There is no reason to believe what he says, so you can just enjoy watching the gears turn as a kind of performance art.

I can't enjoy it. I think he's the sand in the gears. He grates on me to an unendurable extent.

Double that for Begala. :-)


Well, the 17 year old girl shot is in stable condition. Let us pray.

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